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Chapter 2 : My Crush's Cash Diet

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Lost in a world of material delight..

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Chapter 2 : My Crush's Cash Diet

I bit my lower lip as I walked the endless hallway with books and pens in tow. A few students were left in the classroom when I got out, and the others went straight to either the cafeteria, campus grounds or the library. I stopped in front of my locker and dumped my stuff inside the metal cabinet. Then, I slammed it shut and locked it with my safe combination.

After having to deal with the monsters in my locker, I worked myself towards the cafeteria to buy myself a sandwich or something. Then I was planning on going outside for a nice lunch with nature.

I approached the canteen and walked towards the counter with the freakishly large cafeteria lady behind it.

"What'll it be?"

She asked in a low voice, which was her normal voice, strangely.
I leaned my head to the right and shifted my weight to my right foot. I searched my lefthand pocket for my money and asked for a normal ham and cheese sandwich and some juice.

As I was nearing the exit to the cafeteria, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hi Kate!"

I heard an ever-so familiar voice call out to me. I spun around quickly and realized it was just Mong. Oh my God!It was Mong!
I turned red instantly and brought myself to ask, "Hi Mong. What's up?"

He gave me his trademark boyish smile and relieved my shoulder of his grip. His black, rimmed glasses fell to the bridge of his nose as he looked at me with his eyes.

"Nothing much. Wanna join me and Miggy for lunch?"

He invited. I was silenced for a little while, cause this was an invitation to eat lunch with my crush and my crush's best friend. Haha, oh, I didn't mention that, did I? Yeah..I have a freakishly huge crush on Mong, and it's been since foreverrr.

"I---I uh..sure!"

My plans for lunch were ruined since something came up. Mong came up.
Mong removed his eyes from me and turned away, waving one of his arms to call Miggy's attention.

"Where are we gonna eat lunch?" I asked.

"Oh, depends. Where do you want to eat lunch?"

"Uhm..actually, I was planning on going outside."

"Cool. Let's just wait for Miggy."

He answered me. So, I was still going to have my plans for lunch. Only with Mong and Miggy. Boy, this would be so perfect if it was just me and Mong. But, I think Miggy already knows about the crush..I have no clue. I hope not.

Miggy approached us with a brown paper bag clawed in one of his fists.

"Hi Kate, Mong.."

He barely said, panting. Mong slid the double-door apart and swayed his arms in a waiter's manner. "Ladies first."

I nodded my head and smiled, walking through the door. He winked an eye at Miggy who looked at him angrily. "I'm no lady, Mong!"

Mong gave him a laugh and followed after with both his hands behind his head. His baseball cap-covered head.

We found a nearby oak tree and decided to sit below it. It was probably there since 2000 BC or something. Whatever. I was never good at history or anything related to it.

Miggy stuck his hand inside the brown paper bag and pulled out a water canister and a green plastic bag. Mong just stood there, his body slanted and rested by the tree as he watched the students frolicking on the grounds.

"Mong?" I asked, tearing open the plastic that contained my ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.


"Aren't you gonna eat lunch?" He looked at me and smiled, then turned his head back to the sight he has been looking at.

"Haven't you heard, Kate?" Miggy stopped, putting down his sandwich. "Mong is "saving" for something."

"What something?"

"Dunno. I just feel like I have to." He answered us both, continuing his gaze on the school grounds. I've always known Mong as a hardworking and conservative guy, but not eating lunch to earn money for something you don't even know is dumb.

I punched Mong's right leg which was right beside me. After that, he bent on one knee and rubbed the spot where I punched him.

"Idiot. Don't deprive yourself of food."

I laughed, sinking my teeth into the slices of wheat decorated with ham and cheese. He looked at me with an eye closed, as he pushed his glasses back up with one finger.

"Kate." He forcefully said, gripping my empty hand. "This is something I feel like I have to do."

I stopped chewing for a moment and removed my hand from his, trying to half my sandwich. He looked at me puzzled, and before he was given the chance to talk, I gave him the piece of the sandwich I had cut off from the whole.

"Kay, but make sure that it doesn't have anything to do with malnourishment."

I laughed, gazing upon him as he looked at the sandwich I stabbed into his hand. He looked at me and thanked me for the sandwich.

"Mong, next time, you should think of bringing something from home." Miggy added, flinging the brown paper bag he had been carrying around for the past twenty minutes we've been together.

"Yeah, except I only thought of earning money today, so I didn't really get the lunch from home.."

"You should plan about your thoughts." Miggy joked, burying his teeth into the sandwich he had been eating for the past ten or something minutes.

"For the first time, I agree with one of Miggy's advice pieces that don't make any sense." I laughed, finishing my sandwich. I could have sworn Miggy tried to hit me, but then he might have ceased it cause he knew I was a girl. Haha. Being a girl does have its advantages.
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