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Takamiya obviously enjoys driving Izumi insane.

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by MEG

Not mine, otherwise
Reiji and Naoya would have
been naked a LOT SOONER than
they were.


He knew it was going to be one of those days when Takamiya looked up from his breakfast with an enlightened expression and said, "I should call you my creampuff!"

Izumi briefly considered banging his head against the table, but Takamiya got irrationally upset at that sort of display of fustration. "Why?"

"Mmm..." said Takamiya, still in his happy little perverted world, "No, you must be an eclair."


"I'm serious!" said Takamiya, looking sad. "You're my eclair!"

Izumi twitched. "Takamiya..."

Takamiya picked up an eclair. "Look," he said, "It's crusty on the outside, and long, and ..."

"...," said Izumi, suddenly horribly certain where this conversation was going to end, and that ending would be 'him on the table being eaten'. Before meeting Takamiya he'd been able to have perfectly rational conversations while eating bananas. Or popsicles. Or cucumbers, for God's sake. Now Takamiya was obviously about to ruin another food for him. He worked at a cafe. He couldn't afford to turn bright red at the sight of -- oh GOD, did Takamiya have to lick the powdered sugar off that thing like that? "TAKAMIYA!"

"The outside isn't very sweet," said Takamiya, thoughtfully. "But you wouldn't want it to be, because the inside" -- he took a careful nip off the end and licked at the cream -- "is so sweet and delicious."

Izumi knew for a goddamn fact that before he had met the perverted idiot sitting opposite to him and licking cream off his lips with an expression of blissful innocence, his body had never behaved like this. It was embarrassing. It was -- really hot, watching Takamiya practically go down on that stupid eclair, and he'd never been so glad of Takamiya's insistence on a neatly laid table, with cloth and everything. Ever.

Takamiya laid the eclair down and got up.

"What are you --" he began, for the sake of form.

"I want something sweet," said Takamiya.

It was so going to be one of those days.
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