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I was so scared about those shaddows that I had to sleep with my blankets over my head. Even my parents noticed how white my face was, so I just had to tell them I watched Shutter again. Of course they fell for it, they had to, I couldn't tell them whats I saw.

The next day I decided to call my friend Carra, I could tell her anything and she won't think i'm insane.

Ring, ring, ring...

"Hello?" Said a voice on the other line.

"Hey, Carra, it's me Sisongo!! I said quite glad she was home.

"Oh! Ok, so whats up?" She said a little concerned cause I always called her when something was wrong.

I told her about when I got out of the shower, the being watched thing, and the two shadows. At first I thought she'd burst out laughing but, she didn't. She kind of made a little joke out of it, which was whats we always did.

"Well, maybe the first shadow was Tobi! Wouldn't be surprised if the Akat dared him to look through your underwear droar(SP?). The feeling of bein' watched was probaby your Gaa-kun!!"We kept on joking about it for hours.

We then finaly said good-bye so we could get some dreaded home work done. When I was done my dreaded work I looked at the clock, it was 9:21. I put all my work back in my back-pack and isgned onto my computer. I looked on my MSN but no one was on, and there weren't any new Akatsuki pictures on photobucket. I put my MSN to "be right back" and decided to take a shower. I grabbed a towel, locked the door, and turned the shower on.

"Stupis eye liner." I grumbled as I triend to get it all off.

I failed as usual and got into the shower when it was warm enough. I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner and all the other stuff we girls do in the shower. I stepped out and dried my hair and wrapped a towel around me. I slowly opened the door and peeked out to see if the shaddowy figure would be there. The room was empty so I walked out and got dresses into my soft pink pajamas and went to bed.

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