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Explanatory Notes on Casting EU and Original Characters and on Handmaidens, Nabooians, Etc., in My SW AU Series YOU BECAME TO ME

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This document essentially contains the contents of five of my LJ entries pertaining to casting choices for EU and original characters, my handmaidens and Nabooians, and etc., all of which I thought...

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My reupdated cast of SW characters (EU, original, and otherwise), part one

As I know I’ve said before in other places on the LJ, I essentially came to SW as a five-year-old child given a VHS tape of what would become known as A New Hope, and so, even though I am a writer and not a visual artist by any means, SW tends to exist for me as an odd amalgamation of visuals and sound (including music) and written words. I generally don’t precisely intend to create characters of my own or to visualize EU characters based on specific actors/actresses/singers/other famous real life people, and yet somehow this is almost always what ends up happening with me. At some point in the creative process, either through deliberate thought and searching (in the case of handmaidens meant to approximate the appearance of their sworn lady) for just the right face to attach to a name to make the character real to me, timely made suggestions from other SW fans, or sheer pure dumb luck, I always seem to end up with a very clear, very specific picture of every character tucked away in my head, and almost always that picture is closely based on the memories I carry about of some real world person or another. Thus, to help readers get a clearer handle on just what’s going on in my head as I’m writing, I’ve attempted to compile a list of the real life models for various EU characters, original male & female characters, and other such characters (whose appearances are not necessarily set in stone by a definitive appearance in canon) I have or will be writing about in my SW AU ‘verse at some point. This is the most recent result of that attempt.

Note: Normally I wouldn’t include pics of the drawings of the characters in the EU, since I consider them less reliable than written physical descriptions (especially in the case of characters who change appearance quite a bit from one source to another, depending on who did the artwork), but I think, in this case, that it’ll help explain a few choices, for some of those who were interested enough to make a suggestion and who may’ve gotten that suggestion taken for somebody else.

Please note: If there is an next to a person, it’s because I’m trying to draw attention to that particular entry, usually either because there was some question about whom to cast or else because I will also be casting someone else in that person’s immediate family, even if said family members don’t appear/aren’t named in either the canon or the EU. If there’s a + next to an entry, it’s because I have not even a clue who I should cast and am hoping to get some help still, please!!! And if there is a # next to an entry, it’s because I’m not convinced the person I’ve chosen for that character is the best choice and would also please really appreciate some suggestions, too! If is next to an entry, it’s because I’m either extrapolating characters based on extremely scant info in the EU (and so these characters are really only tenuously connected to the EU) or else because I’ve created another character to companion someone who exists in the EU. In other words, anything with a + or a # next to it would likely benefit from some input, dear readers, while items with or ** are just slightly unusual entries.

Note: When in doubt, go by what’s on this updated list (i.e., the most current version of the list in existence) rather than any of the previous incarnations of the same list (as originally posted in the winter and spring of 2006/2007)! There are changes made to the list every time it is reposted!!!
OY! Possible spoilers for some stuff in my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio (formerly the big fat WiP) and for works not yet written, savvy?

Please also note: In some ways, some of the decisions I’ve made while retailoring this version of the monster list of cast SW characters have been influenced by talks I’ve had with or by things I’ve observed within the SW AU fanwork of the following individuals: so_out_of_ideas, is co-creator of the AU SW ’verse usually referred to as either One Path or The Kenobi Way, an Obidala SW AU saga that’s one of the absolute best written, most well thought out, most lovingly created and intricately detailed, most true to the spirit of SW and the heroic soul of GFFA and the message (of hope and good triumphing over evil in the end because of the hopes and dreams and perseverance and sacrifices of good people) carried by the film saga, most engaging/entertaining/thought-provoking SW AU sagas that I’ve ever come across in my life. Just as cariel opened my eyes to (and therefore my brain to plot bunnies involving) the many possibilities inherent in the forming of ties of friendship (or more) between handmaidens and the famous Team and to the ways in which handmaidens might be trained and could potentially be used by their sworn lady, those two wonderful SW fans have single-handedly made me fall in love with the character who was, frankly, number two on my SW shite list, just below Sidious/Palpatine and just above Tarkin on my personal list of people the GFFA would be entirely better off without - the person who happens to be none other than Padmé Amidala Naberrie. (They are Obidala shippers, and can make me completely believe that those two are good together and wonderful for each other, despite the fact that I’ve been shipping Obi/Ani since I was like five years old, so trust me when I say that they’re good at what they do.) They would prefer not to have anything to do with slash couples like Obi/Ani or Qui/Dooku, and their understanding/vision of the relationships among the characters in question is such that I completely understand why, but other than that, their grasp of the SW characters and the way that the GFFA is set up and works is sometimes eeriely close to what I think/believe, and, despite the fact that I am something of a canon-based slash writer/extrapolator as well as a what I consider to be a regular canon-based het writer/extrapolator, we get along and chatter about all kinds of things that later tend to percolate in the back of my brain and spawn new ideas - which is entirely what’s happened regarding certain of the casting choices for some of the characters included on my monster list of SW characters. (For example, though I was already in the process of creating the character in question, after learning who’d been cast to play an older Padmé in the One Path ’verse, I knew without question who needed to be the Padmé-in-Sola character, and they’ve graciously allowed me to use that character even though she plays their older Padmé.) So basically, what I’m trying to say is that if anyone ever wonders if I’m influenced in my casting choices by other SW fans (aside from my wonderful idea beta, cariel and her frequent co-writer bloodraven77, and frequent co-creators aruna7 and so_out_of_ideas!


(This number does not include the entire list, given the lj’s restrictions involving character/words limits. The list will continue in the next post.)

1) Michael York as Master Tholme http: / images .wikia. com starwars/images/f/f4/Tholme.JPG (All he needs are green eyes and longer hair!)

2) Vanessa Williams as Jedi Master T’ra Saa http: / images .wikia. com starwars/images/7/7a/TraSaa.jpg

3) Rhiana Griffith as Étain Tur-Mukan (cross the two hair shades to get the proper mix for Étain)

4) For those who are curious, Étain Tur-Mukan’s son by Darman (clone commando RC-1136 http: / starwars /wiki/RC-1136 of first Theta Squad and later Omega Squad), who came to be known as Venku Skirata or Kad’ika http: / starwars. wikia. com/wiki/Venku_Skirata in the EU, is (especially as an adult) modelled on Robert Beltran

5) Oded Fehr as Talon Karde http: // starwars.wikia. com/wiki/Image:KarrdeNJO.jpg (for when I get that far)

6) Peta Wilson as Callista http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:CallistaGam.jpg (go with the darker Mina hair and give her gray eyes)

*7) Scarlet Johansson as Khaleen Hentz (just dye her hair dark purple, make her eyes greener, and give her the belly tattoo) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:Kh2.jpg

*More than one person suggested Mila Kunis for this role, but I see Khaleen in my head as very pale. While Mila has the right kind of darker hair and eyes (well, eye, since she has one green eye and one blue eye) for this character, I honestly think she’s better suited for the character I’ve chosen for her.

8) Gary Dourdan as Nick Rostu http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Nick_Rostu

9) Jason Isaacs as Aristocra Chaf’orm’bintrano (Formbi) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Chaf%27orm%27bintrano (with typical blue skin, black hair, and red eyes of the Chiss)

*10) Sharon Stone (though with green eyes) as Jenna Zan Arbor (of which there is not a good picture anywhere I know of, as she is described as blonde in the EU books but drawn as a redhead in the comics)

*I had an excellent suggestion come in for Jenna Zan Arbor after I’d already decided on Sharon Stone, but the suggestion was just so darn good that I’ve decided our friend Jenna needs a daughter. So. Morana Zan Arbor Omega, the daughter of Jenna Zan Arbor (and Granta Omega) will, as an adult, definitely be modeled on a light-eyed version of Hudson Leick, the American actress best known for playing Callisto in the long-running tv series Xena: Warrior Princess. If she ends up figuring in what I’m going to write early on enough to still be a child and I feel like she’s important enough to that part of the story to need to be modeled on someone then, too, I may also model her on a young Drew Barrymore (circa Firestarter). And just so y’all know, Jenna had fraternal twins by Granta Omega, and the boy, Valdis Zan Arbor Omega, is modelled on a (relatively) light-haired version of Jonathan Rhys Meyers

11) Cillian Murphy as Xanatos http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Xanatos

12) Jonathan Rhys Meyers (only with very black hair) as Granta Omega, Xanatos’ son http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Granta_Omega

13) Robert Pattinson as Ferus Olin http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:Ferus_Olin_Jap.JPG

14) Rebecca Romijn as Admiral Ar’alani http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Ar%27alani (imagine a cross of Mystique and Mystique when she reverted to “normal” human form in the third X-Men movie, with the normal Chiss characteristics)

15) Angelina Jolie as Asajj Ventress http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:VentressDarkJedi.jpg (just mentally shave her head, make her eyes very blue [as I believe they have been in some role or another she played], and give her Asajj’s pale skin, and presto! Asajj.)

16) Meryl Streep as An’ya Kuro, the Dark Woman http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:DarkWomanCGI.jpg http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:DarkWomancomic.jpg

17) Anne Hathaway (as oppposed to the child, as played in the films by Keira Wingate) as Ryoo Naberrie http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:Ryoopromo.jpg (Doesn’t Anne look similar to Sola http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Sola_Naberrie to you?)

18) Morena Baccarin will be the grown-up (as oppposed to the child, as played in the films by Hayley Mooy) Pooja Naberrie http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Pooja_Naberrie

19) Ioan Gruffudd as EU character Darred Janren http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Darred_Janren

20) A young Fanny Ardant as Padmé-in-Sola (and y’all will just have to wait for the sequels to know more about this character!)

#21) Clive Owen as Jedi Master Ry-Gaul http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Ry-Gaul

#22) Kelly Macdonald as Soara Antana http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Soara_Antana

#23) Adrienne Wilkinson (with very black, very curly hair to go with those blue eyes) as Olee Starstone http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Olee_Starstone

24) A very androgynous (y’all will understand why I’m specifiying that, later) Keanu Reeves as Tru Veld http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tru_Veld

25) A young Sean Connery (with eyes that are so dark blue they appear black in some lighting) as Roan Shryne http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Roan_Shryne

#26) Sigh I suppose an almost brunette David Wenham as Garen Muln http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Garen_Muln since no one really looks like Ewan except Ewan . . .

*27) A very auburn-haired Cole Hauser as Geith http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Geith

28) Celina Jaitley as Lorana Jinzler http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Lorana_Jinzler

29) Aidan Gillen as Dean Jinzler http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Dean_Jinzler

30) I’ve decided not to meddle with the fact that Michonne Bourriague has been used as the model for (and has had a brief cameo as) Aurra Sing http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Aurra_Sing though I wish I could justify replacing her with Tilda Swinton . . .

*31) I have, however, definitely meddled with Mara Jade. I’ve never liked the look of the person they modelled her on. She just doesn’t say “Mara” to me. She’s a little too soft, I think. (Though she’ll do just fine as Mara’s as yet unnamed mother, I think.) I originally thought that Moira Shearer, with her dancer's figure and flame-red hair and beautiful blue-green eyes (which were probably more green than blue), would be an excellent Mara, but then aruna7 and so_out_of_ideas cast Kate Walsh as their Mara, and I got an evil plot bunny. So . . . picture Moira Shearer Mara’s grandmother, Jemara Jaiden Nuenno, the daughter of Yannis Kitsou Dooku and Jocasta Nu (note: I can only find one picture of a younger version of the actress who plays her in the films, Alethea McGrath http://www. prisoner-online. com/Characters/po_character_dotf.jpg and it looks like she has either very light brown/russet or reddish hair to me. The SW Wiki says that Jocasta has blue eyes and white hair. Therefore, please picture Jocasta, if you will, when young as blue-eyed and either russet or red-haired! And assume that she ages so rapidly over the course of about fifty-ish years more because of her brand of near-humanity, not because she necessarily dabbles too much in the Sith arts at some point and is aged rapidly thus, okay?) and Mara Jade as Kate Walsh, only with hair that starts out strawberry-blonde as a child and darkens to a shade of red just a bit lighter than Kate's generally near-auburn hue and definitely jade-green eyes!

*Thus, Shannon Baksa McRandle has been cast as Mara Jade’s mother, tentatively named Arica Jade. Oh, and by the way, I’ve tentatively modelled Mara’s father, Timothan Jade, on what I imagine a younger, non-bespectacled http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Timothy_Zahn Timothy Zahn would look like. (Yes, I am insane. But at least I’m entertained!!!) Also, don’t be too surprised if there end up being more Jade children (daughters) running about bearing strong resemblances to Samantha Bennett, Heidi Shannon, Edie Mirman, and Kath Soucie (or if I can’t find actual pictures of these women who’ve all lent their voices to the role of Mara Jade, then variants of Shannon Baksa McRandle based on the different hair and eyes colors I can see in various pictures of her) and with names like Senni (or maybe Karinna), Marellis (or maybe Claria), Lianna, and Chiara.

32) Melinda Clarke as Shira Elan Colla Brie http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Shira_Brie

33) A young Julia Stiles as Darra Thel-Thanis (for purposes of flashbacks) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Darra_Thel-Tanis

34) A young Alan Rickman as Jorj Car’das http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jorj_Car%27das

#35) I suppose a young Ralph Fiennes as Chas Uliar http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Chas_Uliar but if anyone knows of a fellow with very green eyes and sort of sandy hair, I’d be more than willing to reconsider

36) Charlize Theron as Dama Whiteson Brunk http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Dama_Whitesun_Brunk

*37) Hilarie Burton as Macoolia “Coolie” Whiteson (to whom I’ve given the proper name of Macoolia, to explain the nickname of “Coolie”) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Coolie

38) Katee Sackhoff for Siri Tachi http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Siri_Tachi (who is never drawn in the EU to reflect the tomboyish aspect of her personality that is stressed so much in the written EU)

39) Eric Bana (with very black hair) for Lorn Pavan http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Lorn_Pavan

40) Portia de Rossi for Darsha Assant http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Darsha_Assant

*41) Naveen William Sidney Andrews and Sendhil Ramamurthy have both tentatively been cast as two of Lorn Pavan and Darsha Assant’s as yet unnamed children. Other children have not yet been cast, as I’ve not yet made up my mind how many children they shoud have, though I get the feeling it may end up being two boys and three girls.

42) Orlando Bloom (possibly with black hair, but maybe just dark brown like it already is) will be Jax Pavan http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jax_Pavan

43) Harley Jane Zozak has tentatively been cast as Jax Pavan’s mother, Lorn Pavan’s first wife, Siena (whose maiden name I am semi-arbitrarily making Zozykia) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Siena_Pavan

#44) I suppose a younger version of *Andrew Keir for Raith Sienar http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Raith_Sienar

*If not Andrew Keir - who I’ve tentatively chosen primarily on the basis of the fact that he’s a contemporary of the actor who plays Tarkin in ANH - I may just say hell with it and use Wayne Pygram http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:Young_Tarkin.jpg who plays a younger Tarkin in RotS.

45) Anthony Hopkins for Nasdra Magrody http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Nasdra_Magrody

46) Grace Kelly (slightly more platinum blonde) for Margolis Mingla (Cray Mingla’s mother) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Margolis

47) When I get that far, Cray Mingla http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Cray_Mingla will probably be a brown-eyed and very platinum blonde Ingrid Bergman

48) Vivian Wu will be the grown-up (and I suppose the girls who played the younger version of her character in The Pillow Book can stand in as younger versions of) Roganda Ismaren http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Roganda_Ismaren

49) Daniel Henney will be Lagan Ismaren http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Lagan_Ismaren

50) The mother of Lagan and Roganda Ismaren (I am leaning towards the name Zehiya Ismaren and making the fathers of the two children different individuals encountered during her missions as a Jedi Knight or Master) will likely be modelled on Zhang Ziyi

51) Keegan Macintosh will be the child and Brad Pitt will be the model for an adult Nichos

52) Santiago Cabrera (with some interesting facial and body tattoos) is A’Sharad Hett http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/A%27sharad_Hett

53) I’ve tentatively cast (a very bald) Arnold Vosloo for Sharad Hett http: / images .wikia. com starwars/images/8/8d/Hett.jpg

54) I’ve also tentatively cast Harriet Walter for Sharad Hett’s wife, K’Sheek Hett http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/K%27Sheek

55) Dakota Fanning (imagine her at the age of 14ish with white hair and eyes, since Hanna is an Arkanian) as Hanna Ding http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hanna_Ding

56) Gwyneth Paltrow as Serifa Altunen http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Serifa_Altunen

57) Michael Hurst (with much longer hair) as Jedi Master Dass Jennir http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Dass_Jennir

58) Anthony Stewart Head as Jedi Master Lo-Jad http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Lo-Jad

*59) Rachel Weisz as Jedi Knight Sia-Lan Wezz (of the infamous pink lightsaber! And yes, I know she’s technically supposed to have blue eyes, according to the EU, but she’s also been reported as dying two different ways and of living to join the Rebellion, with a Jedi Knight named Dorn Tavers, under the banner “Remember Alderaan!” in the EU, so the EU’s not exactly infallible, you know? If they come out with info on Tavers in the EU that convinces me he’s a real Jedi who actually survived the Jedi Purge, I’ll probably end up casting him, too) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Sia-Lan_Wezz

*To account for the two Sia-Lan’s in EU, I’ve decided to give her a fraternal twin who looks rather like her and whose name is Sianna-Lan. I’ve cast Sianna-Lan as Alanna Ubach

60) Gina Torres as Shadday Potkin http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Shadday_Potkin

61) Bryce Dallas Howard (just imagine her with slightly redder hair and a little bit younger, about 14ish or so) as Scout (Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tallisibeth_Enwandung-Esterhazy

62) Billy Campbell as the grown-up Pax Chizzik http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Pax_Chizzik

63) Marina Sirtis as Tolk le Trene http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tolk_le_Trene

64) Michael Douglas as Jos Vondar http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jos_Vondar

65) Kirk Douglas as Admiral Erel Kersos http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Erel_Kersos

#66) I suppose a very young Paul Bettany as Kornell “Uli” Divini http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kornell_Divini though if anyone has a better suggestion I’ll be happy to switch. I just can’t think of anyone suitable for Uli . . .

67) An extremely white-platinum-blonde Kim Novak with green eyes will be Winter http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Winter

68) Just pretend Tom Felton really is tow-headed and has blue eyes for purpose of imaging Bruck Chun (before his death at the age of 13ish) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Bruck_Chun

69) A younger Tobin Bell for Vox Chun http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Vox_Chun

70) A younger David Morse for Kad Chun http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kad_Chun

71) Jared Leto as the grown-up Aalto (a youngling from the Jedi Temple who, having decided to leave the Order and join the MedCorps after the death of Bruck Chun, will eventually return to the New Jedi Bendu Order as a strong candidate for Knighthood) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Aalto

72) Pete Postlethwaite as Jedi Master Ali-Alann http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Ali_Alann

73) Helmut Berger as Bog Divinian http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Bog_Divinian

74) Lisa Edelstein as Astri Oddo Divinian http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Astri_Oddo

75) Henry Cavill will eventually be the grown-up Lune Divinian http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Lune_Divinian

#76) I suppose Eric Dane will do for Didi Oddo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Didi_Oddo

77) Johnny Lee Miller (one of the few people I’m not casting based on looks) will be (in makeup/costume/prosthetics) Dressellian Jedi Reeft http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Reeft

**78) A golden blond Ewan McGregor (you’ll have to use your imagination a wee bit here, folks) as Owen Cei’am Kenobi http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Owen_Kenobi

**For those who’re interested, the father of the two Kenobi boys will also be played by himself, with very dark hair (probably that shade of brown that practically is black or else actually black)

(Hmmmm . . . can y’all tell I love Ewan?)

79) Halle Berry (one of the few people I’m casting based on voice rather than looks) will be (in makeup/costume/prosthetics) Mon Calamari Healer Bant http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Bant

80) Martin Csocas (with longer, dark hair) will be Tnani Ikon http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tnani_Ikon

*81) Bethany Joy Galeotti will be a grown up Honi http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Honi

82) Susan Sarandon will be Clee Rhara http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Clee_Rhara

83) Daniel Day Lewis will be Sano Sauro http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Sano_Sauro

84) Meighan Desmond (with properly altered eyes, so as to appear green and gold striped) has insisted that she’s Tahl (for puposes of flashbacks, etc.) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tahl

85) I’ve (semi)arbitrarily cast Kim Basinger as Garm Bel Iblis’ Ahem (semi)estranged wife, Arrianya Bel Iblis http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Arrianya_Bel_Iblis

86) George Clooney as Corellian Garm Bel Iblis http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Garm_Bel_Iblis

87) Mimi Rogers (she can always cut her hair short when she gets older, after all, or decide keep it longer in my AU than it’s portrayed as being in the EU) as Irenez (whose last name I’m rather arbitrarily making Handon) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Irenez

88) Uma Thurman with black hair and violet eyes (since there aren’t a lot of extremely tall women with black hair and violet eyes running about) as Garm’s chief aide, Sena Leikvold Midanyl http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Sena_Leikvold_Midanyl

*89) I’ve tentatively cast Gilad Pellaeon, who is blond and brown-eyed and fairly slight and who would be only about twenty-eight at the time of the RotS era (so please don’t tell me that Pellaeon is Derek Jacobi, who is a very fine actor indeed but not for someone as young and dynamic as our boy here will be, especially since I’ve not a clue what this real life actor looked like when he was this young) as Heath Ledger. On all the SW boards, when discussion revolves around this character, it involves him in his role as the “Old Man of the Empire,” in the NJO-era and so on, while I need someone fairly young but charismatic and smart and flexible and able to learn and adapt who could believably become someone who will still be as high up, at least militarily speaking, as Pellaeon is in the EU, which is why I finally decided Heath was a good choice for Gilad http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Gilad_Pellaeon

+90) I’m leaning towards casting Gloria Stewart (think the older version of Rose in Titanic) as the several-hundred-years-old “time-loose” brown-eyed, white-haired Dathomiri witch Mother Rell http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Rell though I’m still open to other suggestions!

91) Barbara Babcock will be Augwynne Djo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Augwynne_Djo

92) Dina Meyer (with auburn hair and I suppose red eyes if/when she is a Nightsister) will be an adult Gethzerion Djo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Gethzerion

93) A young Frances Fisher will be an adult Barukka Djo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Barukka

94) Marg Helgenberger will be an adult Kara’Teel Djo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kara%27Teel

95) Gillian Anderson (definitely with the red Scully hair) will be an adult Allaya Djo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Allaya_Djo

+96) I suppose a younger version of a lighter, slightly more ginger-haired Saffron Burrows might work (but I’d really love to know if anyone can come up with someone else who’s sort of ginger-haired [brownish-red but fairly light], brown-eyed, and obviously athletic) for an adult Teneniel Djo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Teneniel_Djo

#97) If I ever get so far as to get to her, I suppose a gray-eyed version of a slightly more rusty-haired Penny Drake will work for Tenel Ka Djo too http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tenel_Ka_Djo

+Please note: I will be adding a lot more Dathomiri characters at a later date, as I actually get things written up to that point in the story in the sequel(s)! However, I haven’t finished doing my research yet as to who lived during what era when it comes to the Dathomiri and, since very strong Dathomiri witches seem to live longer than most standard humans, it makes things a wee bit more difficult, since most of the really famous Dathomiri are adults closer to when Luke and Leia would be. One clan is going to consist mostly of women with red or rust-tinged hair, so suggestions of athletic or just very strong women with red (or who would at least look natural with red-tinged) hair would be extremely appreciated, but that’s just one clan out of many. Another will likely be dark-haired and/or Asiatic in appearance (so I can cast people like Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, Maggie Q, Zhao Wei, Anita Mui, Gong Li, Hikaru Utada, Rinko Kikuchi, Chiaki Kuriyama, Yumiko Shaku, etc., as Dathomiri). When I work out just who I’m going to be working with, Lucy Lui and Lucy Lawless (and probably Demi Moore and Julie Dreyfus) are going to be some of the first women I cast as Dathomiri witches. Anyone know of any other majorly butt-kicking female warrior-types (besides Buffy and co.) who would be good Dathomiri witches? I’m seriously going to have a whole lot of them in the sequel(s), though most will be fairly minor characters.

98) Alexis Bledel (with dark red hair) will eventually be a grown-up Astarta http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Astarta

#99) Eric Johnson will eventually be a grown-up Isolder http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Isolder

#100) Justin Hartley will eventually be a grown-up Kalen http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kalen

*101) Naomi Watts (think King Kong) will eventually eventually be the consort of a grown-up Kalen, Lady Elliar http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Elliar

#102) Maureen O’Hara will be Ta’a Chume http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Ta%27a_Chume (who needs a given name), I suppose, though a part of me wants to reverse her and her mother . . .

#**103) Marcia Cross will be Ta’a Chume’s mother, Ni’Korish (who needs a full name)

#**104) Rebecca de Mornay (with very pale blonde hair) will be Ni’Korish’s (i.e., Ta’a Chume’s mother’s) bloodsworn sister (something like a handmaiden and a sister crossed) (who also needs a name)

#*105) Lily Cole should probably work as Ta’a Chume’s half-sister (who also eventually willl need a name) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

#*106) I think a young Donald Sutherland (with light brown hair) will do as Ta’a Chume’s brother-in-law (who also eventually willl need a name) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

#**107) Damian Lewis (yes, with the red hair) should do as Ta’a Chume’s half-brother (who also eventually willl need a name) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

#**108) I suppose Cameron Diaz will do as Ta’a Chume’s sister-in-law (who also eventually willl need a name) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

#109) A young Rutger Hauer should do as Ta’a Chume’s consort (and the father of Kalen and Isolder) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

#110) Miranda Otto (yes, with red hair) as a niece of Ta’a Chume and the older sister of Alyssia (who I’m making a daughter of Ta’a Chume’s half sister), Chelik http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Chelik

#111) Rose McGowan (with that lovely dark red hair) as a niece of Ta’a Chume, the youngest sister of Chelik (who I’m making a daughter of Ta’a Chume’s half sister), Alyssia http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Alyssia

*112) If I ever get that far, a young Annette O’Toole should work fine as an unnamed daughter of Chelik, convinced by her aunt Alyssia to try to assassinate Prince Isolder in the NJO series (I just need to figure out a good name for her, is all) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

#+*113) Scott Grimes as a nephew of Ta’a Chume, son of her half-sister??? http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

#+*114) Kiefer Sutherland as a nephew of Ta’a Chume, son of her half-brother??? http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hapan_Royal_House

+It is entirely possible that I will be adding a lot more Hapan characters at a later date, as I actually get written up to that point in the story in the sequel(s)! Keeping in mind that Hapans are particularly known for their beauty and for being the descendants of smugglers, if anyone would like to suggest individuals who’d made excellent Hapans (especially some blondes and redheads), I’ll take notes and keep the names in my files for later on!

I know pretty much without a doubt that Eric Stoltz and Emilie de Ravin and Jayma Mays and Gene Tierney and Hayden Panettiere and Sean Bean and Kenneth Branagh and Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk and Cate Blanchett and A. J. Cook and a rather blonde Nicole Kidman (among others, probably including Jensen Ackles, Kristen Bell, David Anders, and Ali Larter, who’ll likely conspire with my muses to kick my arse and kill me dead if I don’t cooperate and give them something to do) are going to make appearances among the Hapans, but unfortunately I can’t really say a whole lot more about their probable characters without spoiling people, so . . . Shrugs, a bit helplessly Y’all just might want to keep in mind that there are a lot of redheads and blondes among the Hapan royal family, okay?

Speaking of which, again, if anyone has any blondes or redheads to suggest for roles as Hapans, or any extremely strong women to suggest for Dathomiri, I keep a running list of people to use as models for new characters and so always appreciate getting suggestions!

P.S. Can I please get someone to confirm for me that Palpatine was (in his human form, of course) a red-head as a young man? I have it in my head that he was a red-head, but I want to make sure I’m not just imagining this before I make any possible casting choices related to this information.

To be continued because the LJ says the whole list is way too big to post in just one piece . . .


My reupdated cast of SW characters (EU, original, and otherwise), part two

If readers will kindly keep in mind all of the explanatory notes at the front of the first half of this list, I would dearly appreciate it, since the LJ claims I’m over the word limit, when I try to repost them here!

Please note: If there is an next to a person, it’s because I’m trying to draw attention to that particular entry, usually either because there was some question about whom to cast or else because I will also be casting someone else in that person’s immediate family, even if said family members don’t appear/aren’t named in either the canon or the EU. If there’s a + next to an entry, it’s because I have not even a clue who I should cast and am hoping to get some help still, please!!! And if there is a # next to an entry, it’s because I’m not convinced the person I’ve chosen for that character is the best choice and would also please really appreciate some suggestions, too! If is next to an entry, it’s because I’m either extrapolating characters based on extremely scant info in the EU (and so these characters are really only tenuously connected to the EU) or else because I’ve created another character to companion someone who exists in the EU. In other words, anything with a + or a # next to it would benefit from some input, dear readers, while items with or ** are just slightly unusual entries.

Note: When in doubt, go by what’s on this list (i.e., the most current version of the list in existence) rather than any of the previous incarnations of the same list (as originally posted in the winter and spring of 2006/2007)! Changes are always made to the list when it is reposted!

OY! Possible spoilers for some stuff in my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio (formerly the big fat WiP) and for works not yet written, savvy?

Please also note: Again, in some ways, some of the decisions I’ve made while retailoring this version of the monster list of cast SW characters have been influenced by talks I’ve had with or by things I’ve observed within the SW AU fanwork of the following individuals: cariel and her occasional co-writer bloodraven77 (who, as I’ve been recently informed, is largely resposible for the initial creation of Sabé Nabish and is the voice of Anakin Skywalker in all of the Dormékin AUs that have been co-written by her and aruna7 and so_out_of_ideas. So if anyone ever wonders if I’m influenced in my casting choices by other SW fans (aside from my wonderful idea beta, fancyspinner, of course, and those fans who made specific suggestions for particular characters, way, way back when I was first trying to make my original version of this monster list), then those people should know that I try to acknowledge fanon whenever possible, and so need to look no further than the always gracious and willing to share cariel and her frequent co-writer bloodraven77, and frequent co-creators aruna7 and so_out_of_ideas!


(This number may, of course, end up increasing.)

#**115) Angie Everhart (yes, with fairly auburnish dark hair and a very good tan) as Bail Organa's sister, Alaina Organa Antilles (wife of Raymus Antilles)

#*116) Alexa Davalos (with nearly black hair and a nice tan) should work as Bail Organa’s half-sister, Celly (this sounds like it’s probably a nickname and so I’ve come up with a more SWish given name for her, namely Aracaelia) Organa http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Celly_Organa

#*117) Julia Roberts (with her red/cinnamon hair and a very good tan) should work as Bail Organa’s half-sister, Rouge (this sounds like it’s probably a nickname and so I’ve come up with a more SWish given name for her, namely Ruaighne) Organa http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Rouge_Organa

#*118) Catherine Zeta Jones (with black hair) should work for Bail Organa’s half-sister, Tia (this sounds like it’s probably a nickname and so I’ve come up with a more SWish given name for her, namely Adrastia) Organa http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Rouge_Organa

#*119) I need someone very tall (tall enough to be convincing as a father for Jimmy Smits, y’all), dark, and handsome to play Bail Organa and Alaina Organa’s father (for purposes of flashbacks/comparisons) and I’m in a terrible quandry about who to cast! PLEASE help!!! The only person I’ve liked for the role (as he’s both tall enough and has lovely dark hair and is just someone I happen to like and can picture in the SW ’verse easily enough)is Goran Visnjic but sometimes I wonder if he’s too fair-skinned to convincingly play Bail’s father and if I should possibly cast someone else! If I do use him as the model for Bail’s father, I’m tentatively planning to name him Prestid Organa (since apparently only his wife is ever named in the EU). http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/House_of_Organa

#*120) I’ve decided to make Mazicia Antilles Organa http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Mazicia_Organa Bail Organa and Alaina Organa’s possible mother according to one specific interpretation of a specific source material in the EU http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/House_of_Organa (and, in my AU, their stepmother for such a short period of time that they instead refer to their father's third wife as their second mother [which is an equivalent term for stepmother]) Penélope Cruz, with very dark auburn hair, instead of the dark brown or black that she usually has Penélope Cruz, with very dark auburn hair, instead of the dark brown or black that she usually has. Of course, if someone can think of a better person for this role, I won’t have to use her twice as a model for an EU(ish) character . . .

*I’ve read conflicting reports that the Alderaanian Ascendancy Contention was either a bitter feud between House Organa and House Antilles over which family had the proper claim to the throne or a legal argument between three different viable contendors for the throne. Into this, there’s also the EU claim that the name of the Queen of Alderaan prior to Breha (in the time leading up to the Clone Wars) was one Mazicia Organa. To make room for all of these potentially conflicting details, I’ve decided that Mazicia Antilles Organa will have married Bail’s father, Prestid Organa, after her younger fraternal twin sister, Zamille Antilles Organa (tentatively cast as Sofia Milos), perished tragically in an attempt on the Queen her sister’s life (probably not very long after giving birth to Alaina. I have a feeling there will have been another child or children born between Bail and Alaina and perhaps even before Bail, but I haven’t worked out all the details yet on that to my satisfaction. In any case, though, Bail and Alaina are the only living children of Mazicia’s younger twin sister, Zamille, and of Prestid Organa, at the time of the prequels), that Mazicia will have unfortunately been killed before she could have any children of her own, and that Mazicia and Zamille’s younger fraternal twin siblings, their half-sister (Rehuria Antilles Metonae, tentatively modelled on Paola Turbay) and half-brother (Bail Antilles himself), will actually be the mother of Corla Metonae’s husband (i.e., this Antilles girl, Rehuria, married a Metonae boy [Katon Metonae, tentatively modelled on Eddie Matos] and died in the process of giving birth to Nivego Metonae [tentatively modelled on Nestor Carbonell], the man who would eventually marry the Antilles girl who would become the mother of Corla Metonae, i.e., Shashai Antilles Metonae) and the father of Breha Antilles, Raymus Antilles, Deara Antilles, the unnamed in EU/canon (they’re just horrible about naming parents and relatives, if they aren’t a direct part of the EU or canon, in SW!) mother of Corla Metonae (i.e., my AU character Shashai Antilles Metonae), and the AU Antilles baby of the family, a girl I’ve named Kimeila Antilles Retrac (and modelled on Salma Hayek). If I’ve done this correctly, it means that the Antilles family, the Organa family, and the Metonae family should all, arguably, have claim to the throne of Alderaan, but that the death of Rehuria Antilles Metonae at the time of the Alderaanian Ascendancy Contention could conceivably narrow the field from three immediate contendors to the throne to two (resulting in both the decision to make Bail the Crown Prince and, in a way, helping to lead up to his eventual highly politically charged marriage to Bail Antilles’ daughter Breha).
*In order to more easily keep track of Bail’s family, readers might want to keep the following in mind: in my AU, Bail is born roughly in what would have been 69 BBY (if events had fallen out as they do in canon, that is), with Alaina being born in what would have been ~46 BBY. (Their mother, Zamille dies late in 44 BBY, and their father, Prestid, remarries in 40 BBY, wedding Mazicia and then losing her late in 38 BBY. [I’ve interpreted the EU notation that Mazicia was Queen of Alderaan in the time leading up to the Clone Wars as meaning the time around the Stark Hyperspace War, which is sometimes lumped in with the galactic civil war leading up to the establishment of the Empire in the EU due to Palpatine’s tendency to rewrite history.] Prestid then remarries again in 35 BBY, to Alessya Retrac, who has Celly, Rouge, and Tia in ~32, 30, and 28 BBY.) Bail and Alaina’s deceased brothers, Declin and Valyn, who can be pictured as a young Adam Rodriguez and a young Danny Pino, would have been born in roughly 50 BBY and 48 BBY and died (with their father) late in 28 BBY (not long after Tia was born), and their deceased sister, Merisol, who can be pictured as a teenaged Alana De La Garza, would have been born in roughly 67 BBY and killed in 52 BBY.
*In order to more easily keep track of Raymus Antilles’ family, readers might want to keep the following in mind: in my AU, there are five Antilles children, Shashai Antilles Metonae, Breha Antilles Organa, Deara Antilles, Raymus Antilles, and Kimeila Antilles Retrac, all born to Bail Antilles and a Kybella Arshaia Metrac Antilles, who is tentatively modelled off Ana de la Reguera. (Two of those children, Breha and Raymus, are canon characters, while Deara is a fairly recent addition to canon, and Shashai is my way of explaining the unnamed Antilles woman who is supposed to be the mother of canon character Corla Metonae. Kimeila is entirely my own creation.) According entirely to my AU, Shashai was born in ~67 BBY, Breha in ~54 BBY, Deara in ~51 BBY, Raymus in ~48 BBY, and Kimeila in ~44 BBY. The large gap between the birth of the first Antilles girl and the other children is mainly due to the fact that Bail Antilles took his Senatorial duties extremely seriously, with an added complication from a bad miscarriage in roughly 63 BBY that made Kybella unwilling to attempt to have other children for a time (until a bad scare wherein Shashai was nearly killed by an out-of-control landspeeder while on her way to school late in 56 BBY made Kybella once again want very much to have more children).

**121) I’ve decided to make Celly and Rouge and Tia Organa’s mother http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/House_of_Organa Alessya Retrac Organa (who I’ve made Bail’s second mother, or step-mother) be Alex Kingston (think ER)

#*122) I’ve decided that a young (~mid-twenties) Salma Hayek (probably with her lightest natural skin tone and very black or at least almost black hair) should work well as the youngest of Raymus Antilles’ sisters (who I’ve named Kimeila Antilles Retrac). Please note: this is NOT the Antilles girl who is the mother of Corla Metonae!!! I’ve changed my mind about the number of children Bail Antilles has and made it five instead of three since I started making this list.

#*123) I’ve tenatively named Kimeila Antilles Retrac’s husband Chardis Retrac and modelled him off of a young (~mid-twenties) Rodrigo Santoro

#**124) I’ve given Eva Longoria dark reddish-brown hair instead (not red enough to be auburn, but with reddish highlights when the light hits her hair at a certain angle) and made her the eldest of the Antilles children, Shashai Antilles Metonae, and the mother of Corla Metonae http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/House_of_Antilles

#**125) Again, the husband of Shashai Antilles Metonae (and, thus, the father of Corla Metonae) is tentatively modelled on Nestor Carbonell and named Nivego Metonae http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/House_of_Antilles

#*126) Shashai Antilles Metonae and Nivego Metonae’s twin sons (the little brothers of Corla Metonae) are tentatively modelled on fifteen-year-old versions of Michael Trevino and even more tentatively named Jathis and Lustairn Metonae.

#*127) I’ve also given Melina Kanakaredes a nice tan (and let her light eyes be a trait she inherited from her father) and made her Deara Antilles http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Deara_Antilles the unwed and somewhat stand-offish middle sibling semi-estranged from the Antilles family.

#**128) I’m considering Gerald Bulter as a future love interest for Deara Antilles http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/House_of_Antilles (because I’m crazy like that, actually, and it makes sense to me, since Rodrigo Santoro is the model for the husband of one of her sister’s, in case you’re wondering), tentatively named Tyralde Metrac.

#129) I’ve decided to cast Charlie Hunnam (with the essentially white hair he had in Cold Mountain, normal skin-tone, and very bright, very green eyes) for Ob Khaddar, the husband of Sheltay Retrac (who is Bail Organa’s “second-mother’s youngest sister“ and therefore the youngest sister of Celly and Rouge and Tia Organa’s mother) and father of Winter (from whom she gets her pale hair). I considered a few others (Heath Ledger in his very pale blond stage with green eyes, Robert Redford with whiter than golden blond hair and green rather than blue eyes), but decided it would be easier to visualize the correct whiteness of hair and paleness of eyes on Charlie Hunnam for Ob Khaddar http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Ob_Khaddar

**130) I’ve decided that Aishwarya Rai (doesn’t she have gorgeous gray-green eyes?), with skin as light as it naturally goes and some red in her dark hair (not quite enough to make it auburn, but enough that you can see the red is in it) should work well as the mother of both Alessya Retrac Organa (Bail’s second-mother, which makes her the maternal grandmother of Celly and Rouge and Tia Organa) and Sheltay Retrac. I’ve named her Ysleena Retrac.

*131) I’m considering Antonio Banderas (with very dark, probably black, hair) for the father of Sheltay Retrac and her sisters and therefore the husband of Ysleena Retrac. I’ve tentatively named him Arijendro Retrac.

**+132) As I need to cast at least one other sister of Celly and Rouge and Tia Organa’s mother and the mother of Sheltay Retrac (tentatively named Ysleena Retrac), since my Bail specifically thinks of Sheltay as his “second-mother’s youngest sister” (meaning that his father’s second wife has more than just the one sister), I’m thinking that Roselyn Sanchez and Eva Mendes should be good choices. I’ve tentatively named them Elynis and Devenda Retrac, but that could change.

*#133) For purposes of flashbacks, I’ve decided that Penélope Cruz (only with very dark, probably black, hair) is going to be the mother of Mazicia and Zamille Antilles and tentatively named her Queen Nellinda Servano Antilles http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/House_of_Antilles

*#134) For purposes of flashbacks, I’ve decided that Nellinda Servano Antilles’ husband, Crown Prince (during the course of his marriage to her) Bailen Antilles (father of Mazicia and Zamille Antilles by her and of Rehuria Antilles Metonae and Bail Antilles by her younger sister), will be modelled on Eduardo Noriega

*#135) For purposes of flashbacks, I’ve decided that Bailen Antilles’ second wife (the mother of Rehuria Antilles Metonae and Bail Antilles), tentatively named Nesanna Servano Antilles, will be modelled on a blue-eyed version of Mónica Cruz Sánchez. Please note that the Servano line ended with Nellinda and Nesanna, when they both died without passing on their family name, and, furthermore, please note that the Servano family actually originated from a blending of the Organa and Antilles households several thousand years prior to the prequel era.

**136) My AU character of former Jedi Master Kylea Santeri (the combination nanny and tutor hired by Alessya Retrac Organa for Aracaelia, Ruaighne, and Adrastia Organa [Celly, Rouge, and Tia]) has tentatively been cast as Sônia Braga

137) A definitely blonde (like in Sin City) Brittany Murphy should do for a grown-up Cassa Veila (who needs a maiden name) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Cassa_Veila

*138) Jesse McCartney (who has naturally blond/amber hair and green eyes, as far as I know) will most likely be the grown-up Tryst Veila (as I’m drawing a complete and utter blank for any other guys with light hair and vivid green eyes) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tryst_Veila

*139) If I ever get far enough into the story for the children of Luke and Leia to start figure into things, then odds are that Marley Shelton (think Sin City with those shocking green eyes) will be my model for the grown-up Tahiri Veila http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Tahiri_Veila

*I know that Hayden Panettiere seems to be a favorite choice for Tahiri nowadays (and has been pretty much ever since that show Heroes started running two falls ago), but even though I’m pretty sure she has naturally green eyes and blonde hair, she just doesn’t strike me as, well, hard/tough enough for Tahiri. If someone can convince me that she is, I’ll consider using her for Tahiri instead and substituting Marley for Danni Quee, who is also a blonde with green eyes. The thing is, though, that Tahiri doesn’t have a set height in the EU whereas Danni does, so height is also a factor in deciding who would work best as a template for whom. Speaking of which -

140) Hayden Panettiere is doing double duty in my SW ’verse. In her lightest blonde, fair-skinned mode, she’s a Hapan noble (and I won’t say more for fear of spoilers), while in her more golden/amber and well-tanned state she’s kind of taken over my brain as Danni Quee http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Danni_Quee

141) Speaking of getting that far, odds are Jacen Solo (no Darth Dumbarse allowed!) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jacen_Solo will be Jared Padalecki (and yes, you can most definitely thank/blame aruna7, and so_out_of_ideas for this! Lol!)

*142) I’m tempted to follow in the footsteps of aruna7 and so_out_of_ideas and cast Anakin Solo as Jason Behr, but his eyes are really the wrong color and he just - well, he's so well built that I have a hard time picturing him as a more slender teenaged Anakin. So he'll probably end up being someone else of significance in my AU. I think Kevin Zegers has the right facial features, but his eyes are the wrong color. I've thought about Alex O’Lachlan, but I'm not sure what color his eyes really are. If Gregory Smith's hair didn't seem almost gingery to me, I'd likely cast him (just look at that face and those eyes!). (Though if Elijah Wood weren’t so small, I swear I’d cast him in an instant, just for his dark hair and disconcertingly blue eyes.) Anakin means a great deal to me, so I’ve been having a very hard time finding someone who really clicks for me as Anakin Solo. (If someone would just point me in the direction of a real world actor/musician/other such famous person who has icy blue eyes and very dark hair and who looks or who as a teen looked like this illustration of Anakin http: / images .wikia. com starwars/images/1/1e/Anakinsolo.png then I’d be completely and utterly happy/satisfied!) So I’m not really sure who I want to use as a model for this part, though I’ve tentatively cast James McAvoy as Anakin for at least the moment (though if James has his way about the person he wants to be, then I may end up saying the heck with it and pretending Gregory Smith’s hair is near-black) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Anakin_Solo

*143) I’ve had it in my head for a long time that Eliza Dushku would be the perfect kick-arse Jaina Solo http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jaina_Solo and I’ve never quite changed my mind about this. However, others who’ve since been suggested and considered for the role who have not been cast as handmaidens and/or who will likely play other significant roles in my SW ’verse (and I’m afraid that, once again, I can’t say much of anything else for fear of spoilers, though I will say that readers may very well find some familiar faces among the Dathomiri!) include: Meghan Ory; Isla Fisher; Liesel Matthews; Jessica Bishop (yes, from the fan films. No, I haven’t actually seen the fan films. I was just told about them); Alyssa Milano (another one who’ll be doing double duty in my AU ’verse, and another I can’t say a whole lot about without spoiling people); Olesya Rulin; and Soleil Moon Frye.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to clarify right now that I most assuredly do NOT foresee the Solo twins ending up with the people they end up with in the EU in my AU series. Jagged Fel and Danni Quee are already an established couple in my head (which is entirely due to a plot bunny that bit me quite hard one day after talking with aruna7 about something), which means that no long term relationship between Jagged and Jaina will ever work out. I don’t know if my Jacen is even going to live long enough to actually have children, at this point, but if he does, I do know that it won’t be with Tenel Ka, though I can’t exactly explain why without spoiling people. Let me just say that it has to do with the fact that the Hapan royal family shares a bloodline with someone very important in my SW AU and leave it at that, for now. Zekk frankly freaks me out in the EU, but he hasn’t said a lot to me yet in terms of my AU, so I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen with him; obviously, though, Danni and Jacen are out as a potential couple. Basically, I’m not sure about a lot of what’s going to be going on with some of the characters that far ahead in the future of my SW AU just yet, but I do know absolutely that Anakin and Tahiri are the only ones who’re going to be an established couple in my AU series in essentially the same way they are in the EU. Please try not to get upset with me about such changes to the EU! This is an AU series and there are going to be a heckuva lot more Jedi (and allied) kids running about in that generation and thereabouts who’re going to be growing up under materially altered circumstances from those present in that general timeframe the EU, and it would be unrealistic to expect that everyone in the EU that far down the line from the major changes in galactic-wide events that occur in my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio (and derail almost all of the plot of RotS) could still come about and be so much like they are in the EU that they’ll still end up making all the same mistakes and choices they do in the EU.

Speaking of which, let me make it clear right now that I am not attempting to cast Ben Skywalker because certain changes that I know are going to occur in my AU series preclude the existence of there ever being a Ben Skywalker who’s the son of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. This is not meant to be taken as any kind of judgment upon the character as he exists in the EU. (Hey, if I were going to write someone out of existence based on the EU, it would be Jacen the idiotic Sith Lord who’d be getting the boot, not the rather naive and hero-worshipping Ben.) It just happens to be a fact based on some things that I know about my characters that y’all don’t and won’t until I get a lot further along in the process of writing my series, okay?

END SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*144) Unless for some insane reason I decide that Jania actually does need to be with him (in which case Milo will not be playing this person), Milo Ventimiglia already is Jagged Fel. (Sorry, aruna7 - please don’t kill me! I swear I’m not trying to make your head explode!) If I do decide Jaina will end up with Jagged, then Jagged will likely end up being played by not by Milo but by Jason Behr

*145) It seems rather as if Zekk http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Zekk is going to end up growing up to be a very green-eyed (I’m told his eyes are actually essentially green, in real life) Raoul Bova (and again, aruna7, please don’t kill me! I’d had him lurking in the back of my head for a while for Kyp, but then I found out it’s become fanon to think of Kyp as Billy Zane, in more of the NJO-era EU-oriented fandom circles, and I thought, well, you know, dark hair, green eyes, absolutely gorgeous . . . hey, that’s Zekk!)

*146) Because I am entirely evil (and the thought really amuses me, for some reason), I’m extremely tempted to say that Kyp Durron should be Adrian Pasdar, but I’ve tentatively decided to make a grown up version of Kyp’s older brother Zeth Durron instead (remember, this is for an AU series!) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Zeth_Durron

*147) Since Jaina is suppposed to have a thing for men with green eyes and Kyp’s eyes change from brown to green, depending on the EU source you go by, I’ve tentatively cast a very green-eyed (as opposed to a naturally brown-eyed) Skandar Keynes as a young Kyp Durron and a similarly green-eyed (rather than naturally brown-eyed) Billy Zane (it’s a fanon thing, evidently. Don’t ask. I’m not sure I get it, entirely, but I’d prefer not to be shot, and I actually do like the actor somewhat) as an adult Kyp http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kyp_Durron

148) A very young (early twenties) Aidan Quinn will do nicely as Dillian Pressor http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Dillian_Pressor

149) A very young (early twenties) Nicole Kidman (with redder than blonder hair, please note, as I have a feeling that a blonder Nicole Kidman may be popping up on Hapes, if I can’t convince her she doesn’t need to) should do nicely as Athyn Pressor, Dillian’s wife http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Pressor_family

150) After the character’s had a chance to grow up a bit more, Daniel Radcliffe should work fairly well for Jorad Pressor, the Pressor’s eldest child (who’s only about twelve around the RotS timeframe) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jorad_Pressor

151) After the character’s had a chance to grow up a bit more (she’s only about ten or elevenish around the RotS timeframe), Mila Kunis will be perfect for what I have planned for Katarin Pressor http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Katarin_Pressor

152) Amy Adams (with red hair, please note. Doesn’t she remind you of Nicole?!) should do for Rosemari Pressor, when she’s an adult anyway http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Rosemari_Pressor_Tabory

#153) If I ever get far enough in the story for Rosemari to become a Tabory and have a child, Jamie Luner (with red/auburn hair, mind) will probably eventually do for an adult Evlyn Tabory http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Evlyn_Tabory

**+154) If I ever get far enough into the story for Rosemari to become a Tabory, I’ll need someone with the last name of Tabory to marry her, someone who will result in a child with auburn hair and blue eyes. Any ideas, anyone? I’m fresh out of ideas for redheads who don’t have brown eyes. Of course, if all else fails, since Rosemari is a redhead, her husband (last name Tabory, first name not yet decided upon) could be a brunette, I suppose . . . Huh. Maybe I’ll just cast James Marsden, name the guy, and say the heck with it . . .

155) I like Hugh Jackman for Jobe Keely http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jobe_Keely

156) I think Michael Chiklis would be a good Brace Tarkosa http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Brace_Tarkosa

157) I think Thomas Kretschmann (King Kong comes to my mind, personally) would be a good Sivv Rhishian http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Sivv

158) I think Jewel Staite would be a good Zhandral Mosh (hey, Zahn didn’t specify a gender!)http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Mosh

159) I think Renée Zellweger (probably a medium blonde, like she generally is) would make a good Troileisia Grassling (hey, Zahn didn’t specify a gender!) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Grassling

160) Personally, I picture Mitch Pileggi as Jedi Master Justyn Ma’Ning http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Justyn_Ma%27Ning

161) I think a fairly young Mark Harmon would be an excellent Jedi Master Evrios http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Evrios

#162) I think a young Pierce Brosnan (like when he was in Remington Steele) with a very good tan and very little to no accent (sorry! Rak’s Corellian, after all!) would work fairly well for Dubrak “Rak“ Qennto (unless of course somebody knows someone else who’s about two meters tall in his boots when he bothers to stand all the way up and tanned with dark blue eyes and wavy black hair) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Dubrak_Qennto

163) I started out thinking that a Rachael Leigh Cook with auburn hair and very dark honey-colored skin could do double duty and make a good Maris Ferasi http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Maris_Ferasi but I suppose that maybe an even tanner version of a young auburn-haired Victoria Principal would work, unless somebody else wants to suggest a tall woman with auburn hair and honey-colored skin I haven’t cast as someone else already?

+164) I’ve tentatively case Mark Sheppard as Kinman Doriana (who’s a rather short, nondescript man whose only memorable feature is his shocking green eyes). Just imagine Mark a wee bit shorter than he actually is, dressed to fade into the background, with startlingly green eyes instead of his naturally brown ones, okay? http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kinman_Doriana

*165) As for Revan Maloch, I’m proud to annouce that I’ve finally manged to cast him (with aruna7’s help!), something I was beginning to fear I wouldn’t be able to do! (Of course, it’s my own fault, as, since there’s no real description of him in the EU/canon because he’s always in those blasted robes with the mask, I had to make up his appearance, and I’m the one who decided he was extremely tall - well over six feet - with pale blond hair so fair that it’s nearly simply white, very dark, coopery-colored skin, extremely light eyes sea-green, and a sharply defined, angular, chisled face.) Anyway, if y’all will do me the favor of mentally adjusting your picture of Hrithik Roshan so that he has the proper white-blond braid down to his waist (his eyes already are green, really, so far as I’m aware), then you will be seeing Revan as I pretty much now see him! http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Revan

*166) After some thought, I decided that Tilda Swinton is the Jedi Exile http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jedi_exile

+*167) The SW Wiki says that Kal Skirata may’ve been modeled off of Ed Harris. Does this sound right to other people??? http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kal_Skirata

#*168) I was thinking that Peter Fonda might make a good Walon Vau, since he kind of has a thin build and long face and I can certainly picture him being a sonuvabitch . . . http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Walon_Vau

169) Since Mandalorians are supposed to be adopted from all over, I think I can logically get away with mixing accents for them. In which case I’m thinking of casting Brendan Gleeson (because I thought he was very believable as an aging warrior in Troy) for Cort Davin http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Cort_Davin

+*170) I don’t know who to cast for Besany Wennen, who’s a dark-eyed blonde who’s supposed to be almost disturbingly beautiful. I’ve thought of Maria Bello and Elle Macpherson (when blonde) and I’m not sure I like either. Please help! http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Besany_Wennen

+*171) I have no idea who’d make a good Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik. I wondered about a young Anthony Michael Hall for a while, but I just don’t know anymore. Help would be appreciated! http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Bardan_Jusik

#*172) Despite her rather fierce appearance (complete with what appears to be a blue tattoo of some kind on her forehead and rather short hair) in the picture I’ve seen of her from the EU, I’ve picked Isabelle Adjani for Jedi Master Fy-Tor-Ana, who also goes by the name Solace, as she seems entirely appropriate for the name of Solace and I rather suspect that the fiercer appearance came about in direct reaction to a narrow survival of Order 66 and the start of the Empire. However, I don’t really know anything about this character from my own reading (outside of research) and I can’t find a good written description of her anywhere, aside from what’s on the Wookieepedia, so if anyone have a better idea, then I’m certainly willing to listen! http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Fy-Tor-Ana http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Solace

*173) For puposes of flashbacks, please picture either a blue-eyed or a gray-eyed (with raven-black hair and blue eyes as Alek, and bald with blue Sith tattoos, gray eyes, deathly pale skin, and a slightly more bulky physique, due to his body armor, as Malak, according to the SW Wiki) 2m tall version of Timothy Olyphant for Darth Malak http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Darth_Malak

*174) Also for puposes of flashbacks, please picture an oddly ageless/youthful (despite her gray/white hair) Mae West with longish, straight hair (with side locks in traditional bindings for a female of Miraluka descent) as Kreia http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kreia (i.e., Darth Traya, the Lord/Lady of Betrayal). And this is somewhat spoilerish, but in my AU, Kreia is (by her father) the youngest half-sister (tentatively cast as Anita Ekberg) of the Jedi Sage Master Krynda Draay http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Krynda_Draay (who is, by her mother, the elder half-sister of the Miraluka Jedi Knight Shoaneb Culu http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Krynda_Draay%27s_sister and http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Shoaneb_Culu [tentatively cast as Carole Lombard]) as well as the fraternal twin sister of Arren Kae (tentatively cast as a very blue-eyed and blonde Veronica Lake) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Arren_Kae whom she killed near the Mandalorian Wars for refusing to join her in becoming a full-fledged Sith Lord/Lady. For those interested: Kreia and Krynda Draay’s shared mother (a wandering Jedi Master tentatively named Rienda Kryak and modelled on Jayne Mansfield) is human norm (and Krynda takes after her mother, genetically and physically speaking); Krynda Draay and Shoaneb Culu’s shared father (tentatively named Cudrai Aludyn and modelled on a blond http: / www . imdb. com name/nm0000056/mediaindex Paul Newman) is Miraluka (as is Shoaneb Culu’s mother, tentatively named Chyendra Macrul and modelled on Diana Dors); and Kreia takes after her father, who is Miraluka (and tentatively named Kolrum Ronarle and modelled on Troy Donahue).

*175) Though her five elder, identical, and fully Echani half-sisters (the so-called http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Handmaiden_Sisters Handmaiden Sisters of Atris) would taunt Brianna http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Brianna by claiming that her mother, Arren Kae, had given her face to her daughter, the truth is a little bit more complex than that. The identical white/platinum blonde, pale/blue-eyed five eldest of the Handmaiden Sisters - daughters of senator and general Gælin Yusanis of Echani http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Yusanis (modelled on a white-blond, pale/blue-eyed version of Tab Hunter) and his lawfully wedded wife (tentatively named Regitta Obrib and modelled on a pale-eyed and platinum blonde Betty Grable) - are a blending of their parents, and so are all identically modelled on an extremely physically fit, platinum blonde, pale/blue-eyed Jean Harlow (and all have a distinct dimple in their chins, thanks to the cleft chin of their father). Brianna, as a blending of her Echani father and her half-human and half-Miraluka mother, resembles a blending of them, and so is modelled on an extremely physically fit, platinum blonde, pale/blue-eyed Lana Turner with no dimpled chin from her father - hence, the accusation that her mother gave her her face.

*By the way, I keep specifying white/blond and/or platinum blonde for hair and pale/blue-eyed for various Echani individuals because there is a slight conflict between EU sources that state (or portray) that certain individual Echani have blond(e) or platinum hair and blue eyes and other EU sources that claim that the Echani all (as a near-human species) have silvery white hair and silver eyes. http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Echani By combining aspects of both sets of descriptions, I am hoping not just to compromise between the two, but (hopefully) to also hint at the fact that, even as early as the Mandalorian Wars, the Echani were already beginning to show signs not so much of failing, as a species, but of gradually but inevitably disappearing into the greater volume of (basically) humans spread throughout the galaxy. Due to the established habit of this near-human species of marrying or otherwise mating with various Force-sensitive humans and near-humans (whose connection to the Force gave them physical abilities and skills that made them masterful artists of the fighting fields and, thus, worthy to be the wife/husband or leman of an Echani warrior-artist), the process was already beginning by which the Echani would eventually shed that which marked them out most obviously as a distinctly different variant of near-human - the starkly colorless white skin, shockingly pale silver eyes, and brilliant silvery-white hair that mark all Echani as Echani. Even among such supposely pure-blooded Echani as the famous Yusanis and his eldest five daughters, hints of other colors had already begun to mix themselves amongst the rather limited (monochromatic) Echani genetic palette - hints of yellow and gold mixing with silvery-white in the hair, flecks of blue crowding out the otherwise silvery-gray hue of the eyes, etc. The Echani did not so much disappear from the galaxy (as is most often assumed/believed to be the case, their culture/society/species wiped out or otherwise assimilated wholly by force by either their Mandalorian rivals or hordes of vengeful Sith led by a victorious Revan) as they slowly and deliberately mixed themselves into the larger mass of humanity throning the galaxy, thus cleverly disseminating their culture and beliefs (and their highly renown martial prowess) amongst literally dozens and dozens of other human and near-human societies/species scattered throughout the known galaxy. Therefore, despite the popular belief (circa the time frame of the prequel era) that the Echani are no longer an extant species, the truth of the matter is . . . slightly more complex.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to clarify right now that Corran Horn is not going to exist, as such, in my AU. Or rather, there will be a son born to Nejaa Halcyon’s son about a year after the end of the Clone Wars, but it won’t exactly be Corran Horn. My muse likes to make things difficult, you see, and it’s declared that Nejaa Halcyon doesn’t die like he’s supposed to (according to the EU) and actually survives to father a second son right around the time when his son would’ve been having Corran, according to the EU. So, for the sake of clarity, let me just note that Nejaa Halcyon (the Jedi who’s secretly married with a son and who gets along famously with Anakin in the EU novel Jedi Trial) lives in my AU, that his first son, Valin Halcyon (renamed Hal Horn in the EU to protect him from Jedi hunters), gets a baby brother literally right before he becomes a father, and that this baby brother is named in honor of Rostek Horn, the man who watched over and took care of Halcyon’s secret wife and son during the many long years he was unable to openly acknowledge them (family being forbidden expressly by the Jedi Code) (and who, in the EU, wed Halcyon’s widowed wife, Scerra, and adopted his son, Valin, and gave them his name in order to hide them from the Imperials and other Jedi hunters). The son of Valin Horn, who will be born in my AU a few months later than Corran Horn would’ve been born in the EU, will be named Corran Halcyon, and will grow up with Lhorian Halcyon pretty much as if they were brothers instead of uncle and nephew. So. Two characters will exist where Corran Horn existed in the EU, and neither one is going to be exactly like Corran, though they will certainly share some characteristics with him. Okay?

END SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued in the next post since the LJ claims that I’m over the word/character limit when I try to include the next batch of characters here!


My reupdated cast of SW characters (EU, original, and otherwise), part three

If readers will kindly keep in mind all of the explanatory notes at the front of the first half of this list, I would dearly appreciate it, since the LJ claims I’m over the word limit, when I try to repost them here!

Please note: If there is an next to a person, it’s because I’m trying to draw attention to that particular entry, usually either because there was some question about whom to cast or else because I will also be casting someone else in that person’s immediate family, even if said family members don’t appear/aren’t named in either the canon or the EU. If there’s a + next to an entry, it’s because I have not even a clue who I should cast and am hoping to get some help still, please!!! And if there is a # next to an entry, it’s because I’m not convinced the person I’ve chosen for that character is the best choice and would also please really appreciate some suggestions, too! If is next to an entry, it’s because I’m either extrapolating characters based on extremely scant info in the EU (and so these characters are really only tenuously connected to the EU) or else because I’ve created another character to companion someone who exists in the EU. In other words, anything with a + or a # next to it would benefit from some input, dear readers, while items with or ** are just slightly unusual entries.

Note: When in doubt, go by what’s on this list (i.e., the most current version of the list in existence) rather than any of the previous incarnations of the same list (as originally posted in the winter and spring of 2006/2007)! Changes are always made to the list when it is reposted!

OY! Possible spoilers for some stuff in my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio (formerly the big fat WiP) and for works not yet written, savvy?

Please also note: Again, in some ways, some of the decisions I’ve made while retailoring this version of the monster list of cast SW characters have been influenced by talks I’ve had with or by things I’ve observed within the SW AU fanwork of the following individuals: cariel and her occasional co-writer bloodraven77 (who, as I’ve been recently informed, is largely resposible for the initial creation of Sabé Nabish and is the voice of Anakin Skywalker in all of the Dormékin AUs that have been co-written by her and aruna7 and so_out_of_ideas. So if anyone ever wonders if I’m influenced in my casting choices by other SW fans (aside from my wonderful idea beta, fancyspinner, of course, and those fans who made specific suggestions for particular characters, way, way back when I was first trying to make my original version of this monster list), then those people should know that I try to acknowledge fanon whenever possible, and so need to look no further than the always gracious and willing to share cariel and her frequent co-writer bloodraven77, and frequent co-creators aruna7 and so_out_of_ideas!


(This number may, of course, end up increasing.)

#176) I think Jonathan Rhys-Davies (without his Welsh accent, if you please) jpg would make a pretty darn good Booster Terrik http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Booster_Terrik

177) I think Claudia Black (with jet black hair and blue eyes, natch!) would make a good Jysella Terrik http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jysella_Terrik

178) If/when I get that far, I think a young Carrie-Anne Moss would be good as a grown-up Mirax Terrik (Horn) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Mirax

#*179) Again, Nejaa Halcyon is supposed to die the same year that the Clone Wars (civil war) ends, and, yes, he’s supposed to be about seventy-one when he dies, according to the EU, but recall that Qui-Gon Jinn was about sixty when he died and was probably considered to be rather weathered from his trials (having lost his first Padawan, etc.), and don’t freak out when I note that a rather vividly green-eyed Hugo Weaving with Elrond hair (well, it’s long and worn like Elrond’s, but it’s a bit lighter in hue, actually, closer to the color of Agent Smith’s or to what I usually see on Hugo normally) has crawled into my brain and taken over as Halcyon. I can’t explain it. It just is. Trust me on this. Nejaa Halcyon is an emerald-eyed version of Hugo Weaving.

#*180) As far as I know, there’s really no description of Nejaa Halcyon secret/forbidden wife and Valin Halcyon’s mother, Scerra Halcyon, anywhere in the EU, and so, because the choice visually makes sense to me (and, as she’s actually American, folks, Maid Marian aside, which means that she can easily be a Corellian) I’ve randomly cast Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, because she seems to have the right kind of coloring, considering who her son and grandson are (so if anyone can think of someone better, please let me know!) http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Scerra_Halcyon

#*181) Rostek Horn http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Rostek_Horn is the one who takes Scerra and Valin in after Nejaa Halcyon’s death, in the EU, and there’s no real description of him in the EU, either. And I’m just too brain-dead to come up with anyone who strikes me as being Rostek Horn of the Corellian Security Force, except maybe Mark Harmon (and yes, I know, this means I’ve got two of him running about, but this one is noticeably older than the other - he’s over sixty and not really Force-sensitive to speak of, around the time Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith takes place - that other one is way out in what amounts to the outermost fringes of Chiss territory, and this one is pretty much retired, which means he’s playing a rather limited role).

#*182) My brian has rather vehemently insisted that Michael Weatherly with Halcyon green eyes (and hair that’s closer to brown than blond with maybe just the barest wee bit of a reddish undertone to it, if he’s out in the sun a great deal) is Valin Halcyon (evidently, it’s the whole Corellian Security Force background making me think of cops that makes me keep seeing Michael when I try to picture Valin). Keeping in mind that there’s not a really good description of the man in the EU and that his life’s going to be a lot different in my AU than it’s depicted in the EU and that people who’re strong in the Force tend to age noticeably slower than others, is there anyone who thinks that Michael won’t do for Valin? http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Hal_Horn

#*183) There’s no real description of Valin Halcyon/Hal Horn’s wife, Nyche http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Nyche_Horn in the EU either, that I know of. So I’ve just kind of randomly taken a barely five-foot-tall (and rather brightly blue-eyed and slightly darker brunette than she generally seems to keep her hair) version of Laetitia Casta and made her Nyche Halcyon because she seems to have the right kind of coloring, considering who I’m going to use as a model for her son, and I can imagine her with an American-sounding voice easily enough (to fit in with the American accent of other Corellians), since I’ve no idea what she sounds like in real life anyway.

#*184) I have a feeling I’m eventually going to regret this (and in fact, I’d rather vehemently avoided doing this earlier), but somehow or another I seem to have gotten stuck on the fact that Corran Horn in the EU is said to be rather short - at least as short as Tom Cruise, in fact - and the coloration is basically right, and he can do the American accent, and, well, my brain is apparently a traitor. So. A green-eyed Tom Cruise is now officially Corran Halcyon http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Corran_Horn Please note: Corran really is only about a year younger than Luke and Leia, even though his father (Valin Halcyon) is spoken of in the Clone Wars-era EU novel Jedi Trial pretty much as if he were still only a child.

#*185) I originally wanted to use him for a different Halcyon, but I think a green-eyed version of Viggo Mortensen (probably with a fairly tanned complexion and with darker brown hair with perhaps just a slightly bit of a reddish cast to it if it starts to bleach out from being in the sun a long time) will also work well as Lhorian Halcyon.

186) Ah. Almost forgot. For puposes of flashbacks and etc., think Peter O’Toole (in Troy especially) for Jorus C’baoth http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jorus_C%27baoth

187) I finally found a good person for Quinlan Vos! Jason Momoa of Stargate: Atlantis fame is bloody well perfect! All that’s required is to lose the facial hair, make the rest of the hair a true black, and add Quin’s yellow/gold stripe across the face just under the eyes. Do that and by gum you get Quinlan Vos! http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Quinlan_Vos

188) Quinlan Vos and Khaleen Hentz’s son http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Korto_Vos Korto Vos, will grow up to be Alexis Cruz.

189) I’m pretty sure Jason Court is going to end up being Kyle Katarn http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kyle_Katarn

190) I’m pretty sure Angela Harry is going to end up being Jan Ors http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Jan_Ors

191) Jason Behr might just end up being a non-Ssi-ruuk enslaved and brainwashed Dev Sibwarra http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Dev_Sibwarra

*192) Ydra Kilwallen Sibwarra http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Ydra_Kilwallen_Sibwarra may end up being played by Amanda Anka.

*Ydra Kilwallen’s “husband” is never explictly named in the EU (aside from the last name of Sibwarra). The feeling I’ve always gotten is that she was either expelled from the Jedi Order (rather than willingly leaving it) or that she left for personal reasons before being Knighted. I am somewhat arbitrarily having her leave before being Knighted because she’s pregnant and wants to marry the father and would be forced to give up the baby and father and probably sent to the Service Corps otherwise. Since Amanda Anka’s husband is Jason Bateman, then the father of Dev Sibwarra (whose name I’ll come up with eventually) is going to be modelled on Jason Bateman.

193) I picture Dooku’s aged Master http:// starwars.wikia. com/wiki/Thame_Cerulian in the Jedi Order, Thame Cerulian, as a very Galdalf-ish Ian McKellan.
194) I picture Dooku’s nemisis (while at the Jedi Temple), Lorian Nod http:// starwars.wikia. com/wiki/Lorian_Nod as Frank Langella (just adjust mentally for the appropriate age, for all of the various times he interacts with Dooku, Dooku and Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, etc.) with a blunt nose dusted with freckles “like a dense constellation of stars,” as an adolescent, and with eyes that fit the EU description of being “a dark piney green with amber lights, like a forest shot with sunlight.” Note: Lorian in my AU is not blond, except for when he dyes his hair to try to escape his past)!
195) (I’m probably going to regret this thought, but . . . ) Drew Barrymore is almost perfect for Gaeriel Captison http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Gaeriel_Captison isn’t she?

Please note! Before anyone asks me why I haven’t listed Mitth’raw’nuruodo or his brother Mitth’ras’safis when I have listed Formbi and Ar’alani, well, all I can tell you is that the muse has pretty much already spoken in regards to those two. The brothers have already established themselves in my mind as extremely tall, athletic, classically handsome, all but palpably charismatic, intelligent young men who just happen to be Chiss and so have blue skin, glowing red eyes, and extremely black (the kind that is so dark it looks blue-black) hair. If you were to combine the body types of the three most recent actors to portray Clark Kent (Superman) and imagine the results as Chiss, then you’d have a pretty good idea what they look like. They sound nothing like any of those people, but that’s basically what they look like. And yes, I know, Thrawn is supposed to be around Obi-Wan’s height, according to the people at Lucas Licensing. No offense to them, but they’re not exactly known to get little details like that right even when they have an actor’s given height to go by. Luke is consistently said to be shorter than Mark Hamill actually is. And the last time I looked, Jaina’s official height as of The New Essential Guide to Characters was still listed as only being 1.49 meters (something like not quite 4’9“), even though she clearly should have grown quite a bit taller than that (as of about the time of the NJO series). So. My Thrawn and my Thrass are somewhat taller than indicated, with Thrass being the taller of the two. And I don’t think it’s really possible to convince the muse to recast them in any way, at this point. Sorry! You can blame the cover for Outbound Flight if you’d like. http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Image:Outboundthrawn.jpg Thrawn always appeared in my head as someone who’d been a warrior and kept himself in good shape to keep his edge honed. The depiction of him in the artwork has only solidified this impression (minus the widow’s peak) for me, not only for him but for his brother, too.

And this is a bit of a spoiler for part of the third book of my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio, but the two young men/boys who appear to Anakin and to Bail in dreams and warn them about the possibility of people who’ve been locked away by Sidious somewhere needing to be found before time runs out are based on Michael Gray Gubler and a fellow who started out being based on Nathan Halliday and ended up becoming a very young Michael Biehn instead.

And this is a definite spoiler, but . . . it looks like Qui-Gon and Shmi’s daughter, Shachaimma Srimahala Skywalker-Jinn Lars Trishaiva, is going to be modelled on Brooke Shields, and that her husband, Murti Parsarais Trishaiva, will be modelled on Josh Lucas. Murti’s parents, Ulynndia and Senchee Trishaiva, should be pictured as (late forties/early fifties) Glenn Close and Uwe Ochsenknecht. Shmi Maakaruna Skywalker Lars’ parents should be pictured as a dark-haired Paul Newman and a dark-eyed (specifically, brown with green flecks) Joanne Woodward; the kind slave master who wished to free Shmi, Pi-Lippa Sarvathi, should be pictured as a frail/sickly Sakina Jaffrey, while her youngest son, Loucester Sarvathi, should be pictured as an extremely tanned, young James Denton; Aika Mariet Lars should be pictured as a young (early twenties, at the time of her death) Angela Lansbury; and Aika Lars’ younger identical twin sister, Ytessia Mariet Sedarman, and her husband, Cliegg Lars’ best friend, Harleigh Stigurn Sedarman, should be pictured as Angela Lansbury and Everett McGill (both in their early fifties when sent Shachaimma to foster), while their fraternal twin children, Ylenda and Ceanynn Sedarman, should be pictured as a young (early twenties, when Shachaimma is sent to foster with their parents) Molly Parker and Peter Sarsgaard.

Oh ye gods and wee fishes, I’m going to eventually have to cast all of the Rogues, at some point, aren’t I? Head-desk

TBC in separate posts for handmaidens and Nabooians, since the LJ claims I’m over the word/character limit!


Revamped list of handmaiden characters cast and other notable Nabooians, part one

For upwards of a year now, I’ve taken suggestions from people, looked through fashion magazines (which I normally eschew like the plague) and browsed various onlines sites that have wallpapers of models, singers, and actresses, “borrowed“ actresses/characters from other films/tv shows I know, searched through the Wiki looking at pictures of actresses and child actresses (looking for actual teenaged actresses to play Apailana’s handmaidens and some of Padmé’s earlier handmaidens), and in general wracked my poor wee brain trying to come up with real life people to use as the visual templates (read: models) for OFCs and EU handmaidens while the storylines for the canon handmaidens grew by leaps and bounds and gained new twists every single time I turned around. In this time, I’ve come to the following conclusions: no one may ever look exactly like someone else, but little tricks like cosmetics (including hair dye, contacts, and cosmetics), clothes, and attitude can go a long way towards making people who only look a little alike look pretty much the same in other people’s eyes; there are a lot more fake blondes and redheads in Hollywood and etc. than I ever would’ve guessed, which makes it extremely hard to find people who actually are brunettes and not just hiding behind a dye job; after awhile, all people start to look alike to me; internet pictures frankly suck for trying to tell if people have dimples or not (especially chin dimples) while magazine pictures suck for trying to tell if people have cheek dimples since most models are not encouraged to smile/laugh in their pictures; and the GFFA apparently has cosmetic/plastic surgery as well as normal surgery, which means that all of the really inconvenient things like obviously different noses and ears and probably dimples too could actually be fairly easily “fixed,“ if the handmaidens thought it was necessary. So nyah!!! (In other words, I’m tired of doing this and some of the possible handmaiden models are growing stories of their own whether they look a lot like their sworn lady or not so it looks like I’m going to have to wing things just a tad no matter how long I scruntinize these blasted pictures.)

PS - Just so y’all know, I have no bloody idea who some of these people really are or what they actually do in real life, so if somebody happens to be something freaky in real life or to have bad connotations for you because of a role played or song sung or whatever, please keep in mind that these are just the visual (and sometimes vocal, if I know what they sound like) models for the handmaidens. Please don’t be tempted to conflate the visual models with the actual characters! I might borrow a talent for acting/impersonating/etc. from some of these people, but the truth is that once I get my (figurative) hands on them, they are my characters from that point forward, alright? I reserve the right to do any/all of the following to my visual templates once I get ahold of them: change the age of a real life person to make her a better match for a handmaiden and/or bring someone back from the grave at a certain age to make her work as a visual model for a handmaiden; make cosmetic alterations (some permanent, others via various SWish cosmetics and dyes and such as a part of the storyline for that particular individual. And some made to the actual model before I even start writing about that handmaiden in order to make her look more like her sworn lady to begin with so that she won’t have to, say, wear color contacts and dye her hair her entire life as a handmaiden), including changing such things as eye color, hair color, skin tone, dimples, height, etc.; and in general either disregard actual real life talents or even bestow particular talents whenever the muse might deem them necessary. In other words, while these characters may start out with some pictures and a general idea of what the life of a handmaiden for a Nabooian Queen or a Senator from Naboo is like, by the time the muse is done with them, odds are that if a person were to try to actually cast some kind of film based solely on what I’d written for these characters, then some of the actual real life people I’d started with to help create these characters would likely only be considered semi suitable at best for the roles they’d actually helped to inspire. I do tend to be more visually-oriented than I probably should with SW because I came to it first through the OT films, as a child, but once my muse gets ahold of somebody, that person is frankly never the same. And apparently I’m not the only writer who’s like this, or why else would the heights of characters in the GFFA occasionally be listed officially as being different from the real heights of the actual actors/actresses who’ve played them in the films?

PPS - You might also want to keep in mind the ages of these characters when you’re trying to picture them for yourself. Apailana was only twelve (though I’ve put her much closer to thirteen, to make it a little bit more plausible for her to not be the youngest elected monarch in Nabooian history) when elected Queen. Padmé had just turned fourteen when elected and had been in office for roughly half a year before the Trade Federation invaded Naboo. Since no age is given for her in canon or EU that I can find, I’ve decided that Jamillia was not quite sixteen when elected (which would put her at about eighteen, maybe eighteen and a half, in AotC, and almost twenty-two during RotS), because she looks/sounds older, to me, than Padmé and Apailana do when they are Queen. My point being that some of these characters are going to be barely teenaged girls, which means that they’re still going to be growing into their bodies, including their facial features. A woman can and generally does change a whole heck of a lot between the pre-teen years and the twenties or thirties. I’ve tried to keep a basic rule of thumb for an acceptable age range for all handmaid(en)s (consisting of four years to either side of the sworn lady’s actual age), so unless a greater age difference won’t interfer with a handmaiden’s decoy duties or there is an actual emergency that precludes abiding by the general rule of thumb for the range of age for a lady’s sworn handmaidens, all handmaidens should be within four years of age (to either side of that) of their sworn lady. But some of these girls are literally going to be girls. So please don’t cling too tightly to your current vision of certain of the visual models, who may actually be in their twenties, thirties, forties, or even older right of this very moment in time. Okay?

PPPS - My attachment to the handmaidens has been reinforced a great deal by a Christmas present from a wonderful online friend by the name of aruna7, a genius of a vidder who, along with so_out_of_ideas, is co-creator of the AU SW ’verse usually referred to as either One Path or The Kenobi Way. People, this AU saga is one of the best, most well thought out, most lovingly created and intricately detailed, most true to the spirit of SW and the heroic soul of GFFA and the message (of hope and good triumphing over evil in the end because of the hopes and dreams and perseverance and sacrifices of good people) that’s carried by the film saga that I’ve ever come across in my life. These wonderful SW fans have single-handedly made me fall in love with the character who was, frankly, number two on my SW shite list, just below Sidious/Palpatine and just above Tarkin on my personal list of people the GFFA would be entirely better off without - the person who happens to be none other than Padmé Amidala Naberrie. They are Obidala shippers, and, when I am reading or watching their work, they can make me completely believe that those two are good together and wonderful for each other, despite the fact that I’ve been shipping Obi/Ani since I was like five years old. So trust me when I say that they’re good at what they do. They would prefer not to have anything to do with certain slash couples in the SW ’verse, and their understanding/vision of the relationships among the characters in question is such that I completely understand why, but other than that, their grasp of the SW characters and the way that the GFFA is set up and works is sometimes eeriely close to what I think/believe, and, despite the fact that I am something of a canon-based slash writer/extrapolator as well as a what I consider to be a regular canon-based het writer/extrapolator, we get along and chatter about all kinds of things. aruna7 knows that I think the women in SW are underrated and underwritten and made me a beautiful fanvid for the women of the SW films for Christmas, and I will be the first to admit that, though a lot of my mental framework for Nabooian culture and the way that being a handmaiden works was already in place and a lot of my handmaiden choices were complete as of late last winter/early last spring, I’ve still been influenced (if in no other way than a reinforcement of my love for all the characters of handmaidens and all the strong women of SW) by receiving and watching (and adoring!) her vid. So again, if anyone ever wonders if I’m influenced by other SW fans (aside from my wonderful idea beta, fancyspinner, and also cariel, who’s let me “borrow“ and modify some of her ideas specifically for Dormé and Sabé - which I consider to be a part of fanon lore in that particular AU neck of the fandom woods and therefore extremely important to acknowledge in my AU neck of the fandom woods - including some that she developed with her occasional co-writer bloodraven77 - who, as I’ve been recently informed, is largely resposible for the initial creation of Sabé Nabish and is the voice of Anakin Skywalker in all of the Dormékin AUs that have been co-written by her and cariel), look no further than those two!

*Note: The name listed beneath each actress/model/singer/etc. is the tentative name of the actual character she will be acting as the visual (and sometimes aural) model for, though some of these names might change as the characters are being finalized.

*Please also note: Some handmaiden names are obviously a result of me screwing around with the name of the real life person who’s acting as a model for that character. Some are a result of me taking an English word or name and francophying it or otherwise latinizing it (yes, I took French in high school and undergrad. No, I never was all that fluent. If it’ll help, just consider the latinate/vaguely franchophilic names an odd result of traditional, non-Basic based Nabooian names having been translated from Basic - the language of SW - into English, okay?). Some were randomly pulled out of the air and may or may not be based on my knowledge of what specific words mean in other languages or on names taken from various different branches of mythology and/or folklore worldwide. And some I fear may also be influenced by having listened to a lot of Elvish during the process of making one of the earliest versions of this list (due to a LotR marathon with some good friends) and, thus, been prompted to remember much more of Tolkien’s made-up languages than I ever though I would’ve been able to without referring to my copies of the books. If anyone catches anything too jarring or weird or non-SW-ish, please drop me a line explaining so and I’ll do my best to fix it, okay?

Okay. And now, without further ado, I bring you *the handmaidens and handmaids!

*For more on the difference between handmaidens and handmaids, see my nattering on the subject in my post http: /polgarawolf.livejournal. com 97633.html on the differences between Sabé Dahn and Dormé Tammesin and Dormé Jaffa and Sabé Nabish of cariel and cariel and bloodraven77’s AUs and then please keep in mind that most people outside of the handmaid(en)s themselves are unaware of that difference and so tend to use the terms interchangeably!

OFC and EU handmaidens who have been cast (tentatively, at least) will be played by the following:

For *Padmé:
(Keeping in mind it’s Natalie Portman, born Natalie Hershlag on June 9, 1981, brown hair and eyes, 5’ 3“ [1.60 m])

Note: In addition to the canon handmaidens: Sabé Dahn, Rabé Ciardha, Eirtaé Liusaidh, Saché Dusanka, Yané Cashillé, Cordé Moriah, Versé Rhisiart, Dormé Tammesin, Moteé Babesne, and Ellé Senka.
Note: Versé is technically a canon character; unfortunately, though, Versé is played by an uncredited actress and her face is never clearly seen in Attack of the Clones. Due to the fact that I believe Versé and Cordé are a couple (in my AU vision of the GFFA) and due to the fact that some of the promo pictures released for AotC included Natalie Portman’s stand-in, Holly Stringer, modelling the gown that Cordé wears, I’ve modelled my Versé on Holly Stringer. Interested parties can find pictures of both up at the wonderful Fit for a Queen website http: / www . rebelshaven. com SWFFAQ/corde.php
Note: It is currently specifically stated in Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith Book III: The Promise of a New Order that Padmé has “lost” 80 handmaid(en)s/handmaid(en) trainees (a number that includes such canon handmaidens as Versé and Cordé, by the way), plus 50 of those she lent Sabé while Sabé was interim Senator, plus the 30 she lent Jamillia towards the end of Jamillia’s reign, when her own ranks of handmaid(en)s and trainees were utterly decimated by the Separatists. That adds up to 160 handmaid(en)s Padmé “lost” over the course of her life as Queen and then Senator, though only 80 are listed as primarily among the ranks of just her handmaid(en)s. Readers should keep in mind that “lost” should be taken literally as handmaid(en)s who are definitively thought to be deceased, and therefore does not include those who are still living or still at large (or merely vanished), even if they have been so badly hurt in the line of duty that they are comatose. In other words, Padmé actually engaged more handmaidens over the course of her life as first Queen of Naboo and then Senator of the Chommell Sector than she lost.
Note: Padmé always retired (sometimes by simply removing the individual in question from active duty as a guardian/chosen companion and shifting her, by request of that person, to a teaching or recruiting position within the Palace or the training headquarters for new handmaidens, or to a more clerical or medically-minded position elsewhere within the royal court or the administrative support staff for the Senator) those of her handmaid(en)s who were badly hurt enough to have serious health issues as a result of their wounding or to need to be fitted with replacement limbs. If there is a next to a person below, that individual has either been retired (and not killed while performing nonactive handmaiden duties) or else is considered missing or at large (whereas ** designates the somewhat problematic status of the EU handmaiden Dané Cashille), and the same hold true for handmaid(en)s shared between Padmé and Sabé. Readers should also please keep in mind that all of the ten canon handmaidens for Padmé except Cordé and Versé are still living at the time of my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio.
Note: At some point, I also hope to get people listed by their schools/classes and the specific ranks they achieved, as handmaid(en)s, so folks will know which girls were originally in training and were serving as handmaid(en)s together, and which ones would have been high on the list of those considered to be able to act as a decoy for their sworn lady (be she a Queen or a Senator).

1.) Alessandra Martines
Sureé Mitaren

2.) Alexandra Lydon
Jhamé Allydon

3.) Alexa Vega
Ellessé Veganis

4.) Alexis Dziena
Lexé Ziena

5.) Alyson Stoner
Acharé Alstone

6.) Alyssa Milano
Alyssé Varless

7.) Amanda Bynes
Anadé Boranys

*8.) Amber Tamblyn
Joané Aldon

9.) Audrey Hepburn
Audré Jannarc

10.) Benedetta Valanzano
Etté Zirach

11.) Carey Mulligan
Cyranné Namarciln

12.) Christina Ricci
Crissé Ricanté

13.) Christina Ulloa
Risné Lhoanu

14.) Ellen Page
Pagé Elldon

15.) Emily Browning
Emmé Harwood

16.) Emily Mortimer
Emilé Fain

17.) Erica Carroll
Rishé Carric

18.) Erin Sanders
Tioné Skyon

19.) Felicity Jones
Jeanné Tallon

20.) Francesca Neri
Neithé Narrun

21.) Francesca Rettondini
Cescé Laconis

22.) Gal Gadot
Aideé Gardia

23.) Hailey Anne Nelson
Tyché Norick

24.) Haley Ramm
Remmé Hileagh

25.) Heather Stewart-Whyte
Ahngé Kinrin

26.) Heidi Marnhout
Marnné Charica

*27.) Helena Bonham Carter
Hellé Carrid

28.) Hila Marin
Hillé Mitarne

29.) Holly Valance
Crué Drydin

30.) Ilanit Levi or Levy
Ilané Levisk

31.) Ildiko Ferenczi
Ydanné Nadin

32.) Jacinda Barrett
Cendé Andlin

*33.) Janeane Garofalo
Jehanné Falora

34.) Jasmine Trinca
Myné Trincette

35.) Jena Malone
Maitané Aldona

36.) Jennifer Ehle
Numé Cirbhan

37.) Jennifer Hall
Jenanné Nureen

38.) Jessica Rose
Rosé Ganesa

39.) Jillian Ann
Tillé Levesan

40.) Joanna “JoJo“ Levesque
Essé Seltrin

*41.) Jodelle Ferland
Roché Jodelle

42.) Julianna Rose Mauriello
Zoé Maurello

*43.) Julie Benz
Benetté Jedarla

*44.) Juliette Goglia
Lietté Gaillen

45.) Kali Rocha
Liché Nadina

46.) Katarina Hyde
Tapasé Naydine

47.) Kay Panabaker
Aviné Bakrin

48.) Kelly Monaco
Caecé Mellano

49.) Keren Michaeli or Michael
Chaelé Kenrun

50.) Keri Russell
Astarté Russe

51.) Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Verité Drayden

52.) Laura Harring
Auré Selloinne

53.) Laura Marano
Gwené Maranno

54.) Lauren Graham
Ghanimé Laurelle

55.) Lavínia Vlasak
Laviné Lavask

56.) Leela Savasta
Savvé Laleeta

*57.) Lena Katina (as Dané, the EU red-haired, green-eyed handmaiden in training during TPM)
Dané Cashillé

58.) Lesley Anne Warren
Leslé Kinrun

59.) Lindsey Labrum
Lydé Dabrum

60.) Maria Menounos
Marané Glenhaven

61.) Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Betté Steadhart

*62.) Maura Tierney
Mauré Tiernne

63.) Meital Dohan
Meité Dohann

64.) Michelle Monaghan
Miché Morlann

*65.) Mili Avital
Vitalé Mille

*66.) Minnie Driver
Minné Debarum

67.) Miranda Cosgrove
Aimeé Lecosse

*68.) Missy Peregrym
Lissé Regryma

69.) Musetta Vander
Amusé Tiern

70.) Natalia Oreiro
Niobé Lorlan

71.) Natalie Wood
Lavné Harenka

72.) Nirit Bakshi
Nirasé Damkin

*73.) Nora Zehetner
Nevé Rhetner

*74.) Norah Jones
Gytalé Shankara

75.) Paula Trickey
Aparré Trincet

76.) Rebecca Gayheart
Becké Gayheart

77.) Sally Field
Trillé Lebaran

78.) Samantha Ivers
Salamé Iventha

79.) Sandy Bar
Sendé Barran

80.) Sarah Brown
Sarré Dabarum

81.) Shailene Woodley
Shelanné Glenn

82.) Shannen Doherty
Chandé Tydhenn

83.) Sheeri Rappaport
Sallé Apportte

84.) Shonda Farr
Ashalé Tyden

85.) Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Lilleé Selkin

86.) Stephanie Romanov
Lietté Rotarin

87.) Tara Platt
Sabellé Lyden

88.) Yamit Sol
Amité Sellon

89.) Vanessa Marano
Nanné Maranno

90.) Victoria Justice
Justé Talant

Possible handmaids shared between Padmé and Sabé while Sabé was interim Senator and Senator for Naboo, during Padmé Amidala’s reign (including only those killed en route to or from or while in service to Sabé):
* indicates an individual who has either been retired (and not killed while performing nonactive handmaiden duties, though possibly hurt badly enough to be comatose) or else is considered missing or at large.

1.) Abigail Mavity
Abbé Arminta

2.) Adriana Lima
Drianné Bellima

3) Alexandra Hedison
Alyndé Lecria

4.) Amelia Warner
Alashé Lymedia

5.) Ana Paula Arósio
Rosalé Deola

*6.) Anna Belknap
Ammé Beldenn

7.) Anne Bancroft
Adellé Lebanca

8.) Ann Rutherford
Larré Threnos

9.) Arielle Kebbel
Ryllé Ebbelos

10.) Bérénice Bejo
Beré Niejo

11.) Bianca Kajlich
Gracé Blanche

12.) Brenda Bakke
Selèné Acria

13.) Camryn Grimes
Cammé Terrian

14.) Carmen Electra
Litarré Scothanya

15.) Clara Bow
Lariné Canglyn

16.) Danneel Harris
Dannalé Cashile

17.) Dorothy Lamour
Mioné Denarad

18.) Elena Anaya
Lené Lucria

*19.) Elizabeth Lackey
Laché Lematta

20.) Elizabeth Perkins
Addé Petrina

21.) Ellie Harvie
Lytrishé Mattia

22.) Eva LaRue Callahan
Evé Callad

*23.) Gina Gershon
Ashmé Gersou

24.) Gina McKee
Jyanné Kremic

25.) Hadar Ozeri
Lomé Amarith

26.) Hedy Lamarr
Heddé Lemarrin

*27.) Hunter Ansley Wryn
Chassé Ansleigh

28.) Izabel Goulart
Maguiné Sobellum

29.) Jane Russell
Janellé Larusse

*30.) Jennifer Connelly
Satoillé Neshara

*31.) Jessica Ashworth
Lucissé Gynisha

32.) Jessica Bowman
Calyndé Lamarith

*33.) Jill Hennessy
Dynjoré Kinvaunyra

34.) Juliana Paes
Ariné Nethriel

35.) Julieta Rosen
Spiranné Livaus

36.) Kari Wührer
Kieré Taldean

37.) Karina Lombard
Lipanné Lethrial

*38.) Klára Issová
Lichné Revanaugh

39.) Laura Fraser
Dalené Naumi

40.) Lucila Solá
Solenné Lucilja

41.) Lucy Clarkson
Rocillé Lucelia

42.) Lucy Hale
Lubeccé Sobella

43.) Luján Fernández
Lujeané Naldean

44.) Mary Alyce Kania
Alycé Kyrania

45.) Michelle Duncan
Micharlé Nyrania

46.) Michelle Harrison
Anishé Cynthas

47.) Moran Atias
Ahrumé Aelmas

48.) Navi Rawat
Gintaré Mairead

49.) Noa Tishby
Rhé Mayumi

50.) Oleysa Rulin
Olyssé Rulynds

51.) Olivia Williams
Marinné Haileagh

52.) Orly Ben Garti
Shashé Mhavash

53.) Scottie Thompson
Taché Scothan

54.) Shiva Rose
Arré Guireg

55.) Sophie Vavasseur
Avèlé Froiden

56.) Stacie Orrico
Silmé Orricco

57.) Tay Blessey
Tailynné Roiden

*58.) Teryl Rothery
Tèrlené Aiseryt

59.) Valentina Cervi
Ellené Varliss

60.) Yasmine Bleeth
Yasmé Tuilinn

For Jamillia:
(Keeping in mind it’s Ayesha Dharker, born in 1977, black hair and brown eyes, 5’ 1¾“ [1.57 m])
indicate handmaidens loaned by or shared with Padmé or co-opted from among her guards (resulting in an end count of 10 from the guards, 30 from/with Padmé, and 40 of her own). Readers should note that, though the bodies of four of her handmaid(en)s were never found, they were nevertheless considered undeniably lost, and that these individuals are marked *

*1.) Aarti Chhabria
Aarté Briache

*2.) Aditi Govitrikar
Ricara Goditha

*3.) Ahana Deol
Ahanna Muinelle

4.) Amisha Patel
Amesha Patelle

5.) Amrita Arora
Anshara Urora

6.) Amrita Rao
Amrita Raodin

* 7.) Andrea Corr
Corea Hannica

8.) Antara or Antra Mali
Vera Runapama

*9.) Anupama Verma
Arupé Velasic

10.) Arthi Agarwal
Ashura Garitha

*11.) Asin Thottumkal
Asyné Kalthom

*12.) Arzoo Govitrikar
Athellé Goditha

13.) Ayesha Takia
Aesha Ytaika

14.) Bipasha Basu
Bashté Pashu

15.) Bhumika Chawla
Umika Sattva

*16.) Caroline Corr
Linné Hannica

*17.) Carrie Ann Nagy
Eruanna Naggina

*18.) Charmy Kaur
Candida Nemanna

*19.) Cynthia Falabella
Cirana Bellora

20. ) Daisy Bopanna
Chenoa Guritha

*21.) Débora Falabella
Akaré Bellora

22.) Deepal Shaw
Anathia Mizra

*23.) Deepti Bhatnagar
Didé Nagarra

24.) Deepika Padukone
Nemé Peduka

*25.) Denise Fraga
Mahiné Darsanka

26.) Devayani
Videva Yatri

27.) Dia Mirza
Vadna Midria

28.) Diana Hayden
Ithilla Torechay

29.) Divya Bharti
Ballana Divarti

*30.) Emmanuelle Chriqui
Meiré Kemen

*31.) Esha Deol
Eshé Muinelle

*32.) Gayatri Joshi
Eshtara Joshi

*33.) Genelia D’Souza
Genelia Shonza

34.) Gopika
Gopika Anatha

35.) Gracy Singh
Beinna Linde

36.) Gul Panag
Naegga Mae

*37.) Hansika Motwani
Hansiké Sagara

*38.) Hrishitaa Bhatt
Lunadé Risheta

*39.) Isha Koppika
Ishaka Athanost

40.) Kajol
Luthena Thanoste

41.) Kangana Ranaut
Anganna Moraut

42.) Kareena Kapoor
Arathé Kaporun

44.) Karisma Kapoor
Lotheena Kaporun

*44.) Kathleen Garrett
Gwenna Minasam

45.) Kavya Madhavan
Kavia Haven

46.) Kelsey Chow
Aesa Fadoin

47.) Kira Clavell
Crista Faidoin

48.) Konkona Sen Sharma
Sharma Lakonea

*49.) Lesley Nagy
Erulissé Naggina

* 50.) Lexa Doig
Lexina Berio

* 51.) Lindsay Price
Lakmé Terkin

*52.) Mahnaz Afshar
Carinthé Mier

53.) Malaika Arora
Anara Malik

*54.) Mallika Sherawat
Allimé Sheratta

*55.) Manisha Koirala
Manisha Corrial

56.) Manju Warrier
Melea Arjunn

*57.) Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Maera Nanethil

*58.) Maya Maron
Amaya Lathron

59.) Meera Jasmine
Meera Nephura

*60.) Melissa Ponzio
Laerissa Wilwarin

*61.) Mia Maestro
Anima Othura

62.) Minissha Lamba
Minisha Sosuna

*63.) Monisha
*The only one of just Jamillia’s handmaids to survive her reign.
Monissha Kynaran

64.) Namitha
Athrea Kaporrun

65.) Navya Nair
Navia Devapana

66.) Nayantara
Nyana Tarma

*67.) Nikki Reed
Tathara Kitirin

68.) Preeti Jhangiani
Parija Gianni

69.) Priyamani
Xenedra Prymani

70.) Raasi
Luina Rassi

71.) Raima Sen
Raimé Senuna

72.) Rakhi Sawant
Kinna Rakhisa

73.) Rambha
Umisha Rambhda

74.) Rani Mukherjee
Caranna Senka

*75.) Reiko Aylesworth
Roakké Nebaké

76.) Riya Sen
Ariya Senuna

*77.) Sharon Corr
Shari Hannica

*78.) Shohreh Aghdashloo
Shellé Thalion

* 79.) Tamara Taylor
Tammara Nathron

*80.) Yael Hadar
Loa Ruvanale

For Apailana:
(Keeping in mind it’s Keisha Castle-Hughes, born March 24, 1990, brownish hair and eyes, 5’ 1“ [1.55 m] when last measured [though this may have changed since then])

1.) Alanis Morissette
Allana Rossette

2.) Alexa Nikolas
Alexa Kolan

3.) Alicia Keyes
Liscia Anthea

4.) Alicia Ziegler
Adella Zienna

5.) Alizee Jacotey
Jemiera Alize

6.) Alyson Hannigan
Tatharia Heiligweide

7.) Allison Scagliotti
Lamoria Lyotte

8.) Amber Benson
Adité Bensonne

9.) America Ferrera
Amishea Fererra

10.) Annabeth Gish
Béatta Gishna

11.) Bianca Collins
Bóana Arjuna

12.) Bree Turner
Anassa Denarath

13.) Brooke Burke
Shebharra Lecharan

14.) Claire Danes
Clara Daulette

15.) Claire Forlani
Clarinda Laforin

16.) Daniella Alonso
Banba Karde

17.) Danielle Fishel
Delia Fishelle

18.) Evangeline Lilly
Estia Valingel

19.) Fairuza Balk
Fairuza Balsam

20.) Galit Giat
Stellinda Giatte

21.) Hilary Swank
Lakshma Mymann

22.) Ivana Baquero
Evanna Belledine

23.) Jaclyn Friedlander
Shea Fernin

24.) Jeanette Biedermann
Merrila Chanchala

25.) Jennifer Beals
Bella Vadné

26.) Jennifer Love Hewitt
Carra Ahnita

27.) Jessica Alba
Lyxé Barakis

28.) Jessica Szohr
Zhora Nahnita

29.) Jiah Khan
Khandra Guerrera

30.) Jill Wagner
Amrita Dubier

31.) Julie Adams
Lydella Nasonne

32.) Juliet Landau
Lietta Bensonne

33.) Juliette Lewis
Laruna Lechette

34.) Kashmira Shah
Shamira Khash

35.) Katherine McPhee
Vidarra Talsonne

36.) Kirsty Gallacher
Lucina Gallach

37.) Kristen Alderson
Ahura Eldersun

38.) Kristen Stewart
Sionna Kirste

39.) Lacey Chabert
Candia Lachette

40.) Lalaine
Chloina Aulette

41.) Lizzy Caplan
Alenda Nachetta

42.) Maggie Gyllenhaal
Rigana Gyllen

43.) Malese Jow
Malessa Joenhall

44.) Mandy Moore
Moira Maugritte

45.) Maria Flor
Flora Marin

46.) Mary Lou
Marria Lebraun

47.) Meredith Scott Lynn
Satissa Lyndelle

48.) Michaela Conlin
Laika Milenon

49.) Michelle Trachtenberg
Matta Tentrachelle

50.) Milena Govich
Milenna Govinda

51.) Miley Cyrus
Maianna Cydelle

52.) Myleene Klass
Amesha Myman

53.) Neha Dhupia
Nona Dhepia

54.) Nikki Cox
Asta Kinach

55.) Patricia De Leon
Latricia Lelyon

56.) Q’Orianka Kilcher
Shmé Myman

57.) Rachel Luttrell
Teyla Lathsian

58.) Rachel McAdams
Bridda Aspasia

59.) Raquel Castro
Rjanya Cedcen

60.) Rebecca Hall
Nuritha Tham

61.) Rini Bell
Nellina Cydel

62.) Robia La Morte
Rebetha Sedsin

63.) Rosario Dawson
Sioné Karrde

64.) Shannon Elizabeth
Anshara Elenador

65.) Suranne Jones
Sesha Rannesur

66.) Taís Araújo
Sinnara Lithast

67.) Taylor Dooley
Leila Temsin

68.) Thandie Newton
Verra Kinock

69.) Thora Birch
Thanna Bréthil

70.) Vanessa Ferlito
Vanda Wilwarren

For *Sabé:
(Keeping in mind it’s Keira Christina Knightley, born 26 March 1985, brown hair and eyes, 5’ 7“ [1.70 m])
This will be in addition to Jedi Bendu Knight Sia-Lan Wezz (per Obi-Wan’s suggestion), whom I’ve already cast Rachel Weisz (born March 7, 1971, brown hair and eyes, 5’ 7“ [1.70 m]) for, as it happens. A second Jedi, tentatively named Tricia-Ahn Vesque and played by Patricia Velasquez http: / www . imdb. com name/nm0892383/ born January 31, 1971, black hair and brown eyes will be accompanying Sia-Lan Wezz. Please note that entries with * next to them are handmaidens who will be inherited from the last two training classes of handmaidens meant for Padmé.

1.) Ada Nicodemou
Addé Demao

2.) Alessandra Ambrosio
Corynné Nyndas

**3.) Ambra Angiolini
Ambré Linnas

4.) Ana Alexander
Alvé Arjenn

**5.) Anna Paquin
Ché Llacharn

**6.) Ashley Judd
Juddé Biensonne

7.) Bar Refaeli (or Refa’eli)
Annoné Nadh

**8.) Becky (Beki) Griffin
Faillé Sternlowe

**9.) Boti Bliss
Bhakté Gayhart

**10.) Bridget Moynahan
Briganté Moinahan

**11.) Carla Gugino
Carré Guginna

12.) Cristina Scabbia
Claré Asthira

13.) Danielle Burgio
Diellé Nastira

**14.) Famke Janssen
Maighé Meharrion

15.) Filippa Hamilton
Resté Lipama

16.) Holly Marie Combs
Merré Joodia

**17.) Jennifer Garner
Jenné Gerfinda

**18.) Jennifer Morrison
Missé Kevarydd

**19.) Jorja Fox
Chloé Alaunos

**20.) Josie Maran
Joisé Marrana

**21.) Kate Bosworth
Lanné Jamdarien

**22.) Katie Holmes
Joilé Kincaer

23.) Kathleen Robertson
Cathé Chielle

24.) Leah Cairns
Margé Carnair

25.) Lucy Cohu
Lyssé Rolide

26.) Marisol Nichols
Soleé Mariche

27.) Michelle Branch
Chellé Lebran

28.) Neve Campbell
Nanevé Salinge

29.) Nicole DeHuff
Noreé Daclenn

30.) Paige Moss
Varuké Antinec

31.) Paige Turco
Ymoré Gailena

32.) Patricia Heaton
Raborné Cardyb

33.) Paulina Porizkova
Painné Zikova

34.) Rachael Henley
Luchré Wensief

**35.) Rachel Bilson
Richellé Caerkin

36.) Sela Ward
Salomé Ward

**37.) Selma Blair
Selbé Mykrish

**38.) Sophia Bush
Sephoné Andsyn

39.) Sophie Winkleman
Susanné Vensieve

**40.) Susan Ward
Susé Warde

For Dormé:
(Keeping in mind it’s Rose Judith Esther Byrne, born July 24, 1979, brown hair and eyes, 5’ 6¼“ [1.68 m])
*This will eventually be in addition to two Jedi bodyguards/teachers, Annasharia Kyminda (Simone Bailly, unknown height and birthdate, brown hair & eyes) and Réaldia Hurcanys (Frida Betrani, born 17 January 1977, brown hair & eyes).
Please note that entries with ** next to them are handmaidens who will be inherited from the last two training classes of handmaidens meant for Padmé.

1.) Alexandra Maria Lara
Ainé Landria

2.) Ali Landry
Allé Laindra

3.) Alicia Coppola
Mirymé Clardian

4.) Amy Acker
Amané Tavkin

5.) Aurelie Claudel
Aurylé Ledilla

**6.) Brooke Bloom
Brissé Landrya

**7.) Camilla Belle
Mearé Bellan

8.) Camille Natta
Callé Milladen

9.) Carly Pope
Carlé Pepainnée

10.) Chyler Leigh
Lioné Chyler

**11.) Clea DuVall
Valcé Dula

12.) Delta Goodrem
Harlé Garellia

**13.) Emma Caulfield
Auyanké Faulde

**14.) Erin Cahill
Marté Novaren

15.) Emily Robison
Yruné Ranwin

**16.) Irène Jacob
Veronné Semonda

**17.) Iyari Limon
Isté Lymon

18.) Jessica Biel
Iambé Beldine

19.) Julia Ormond
Karindé Fyncandimon

20.) Kate Beckinsale
Ishtarré Sallienne

**21.) Lena Headey
Brighé Nunarnia

22.) Liza Weil
Arissé Rikinni

23.) Marguerite Moreau
Anammé Margritte

24.) Marisa Tomei
Rissé Tomerias

25.) Martie Maguire
Lynoré Lanwin

26.) Natalie Dormer
Solynné Nadula

**27.) Natalina Maggio
Majhé Talena

28.) Paget Brewster
Avé Pagette

**29.) Rachael Leigh Cook
Merlé Talsun

30.) Sabrina Ferilli
Fairiné Sabrill

31.) Sarah Paulson
Marlé Hyringa

32.) Shiraz Tal
Tallé Rhizula

33.) Shiri Appleby
Shiré Lappybé

34.) Sofía Vergara
Sophé Vegaran

**35.) Tamsin Egerton
Tammé Edgerton

36.) Taylor Cole
Tierré Celn

**37.) Thalía
Nynné Alíath

38.) Vanessa Marcil
Vandé Marciln

39.) Victoria Beckham
Vianné Toriac

40.) Zooey Deschanel
Lànivé Navkina

In the eventuality that more handmaidens are killed (and they always seem to be, the poor dears!), new handmaidens for Sabé and for Dormé will be:

1.) Adriana DeMeo
Syainé Darmas

2.) Carolyn Murphy
Santé Carophy

3.) Catherine Bell
Aparé Cathelle

4.) Claudia Cardinale
Laudé Runali

5.) Connie Nielsen
Conné Surada

6.) Diane Lane
Dauné Lathea

7.) Ellen Pompeo
Etané Pompelle

8.) Elsa Benítez
Elsé Pompello

9.) Emmanuelle Vaugier
Rueé Nuelle

10.) Erica Durance
Asuré Durencia

11.) Frances O’Connor
Ycanné Nasurada

12.) Hayley Atwell
Salché Galoa

13.) Holly Dignard
Sabotté Airegdos

14.) Jean Simmons
Claramé Brethil

16.) Jolene Blalock
Merené Parthudh

16.) Karima Adebibe
Karimé Anathia

17.) Katherine Heigl
Sallé Therhine

18.) Kristin Davis
Astaré Kirst

19.) Kristin Kreuk
Anarthé Creuk

20.) Lesley Fera
Pené Ferara

21.) Liz Vassey
Shé Vasselly

22.) Lola Glaudini
Nadé Glaudina

23.) Marion Cotillard
Vicharé Cortilla

24.) Miri Bohadana
Mandé Satvia

25.) Monica Allgeier
Alnicé Nedallin

26.) Olivia de Havilland
Liveé Romisra

27.) Parker Posey
Okitté Sasuna

28.) Rhona Mitra
Roché Mitara

29.) Rosanna Lavelle
Lethé Athelle

30.) Sarah Buxton
Sadé Teirne

31.) Sasha Alexander
Selemé Pasha

32.) Sharon Haziz
Caidé Cantna

33.) Sherilyn Fenn
Fionné Sherrun

34.) Stana Katic
Katiné Roald

35.) Stephanie Venditto
Demmé Valen

36.) Talia Balsam
Terèsé Balsom

37.) Tanya Memme
Ytarré Noalde

38.) Torri Higginson
Rianné Weir

39.) Winona Ryder
Lakshmé Nona

40.) Yael Abecassis
Larimé Nediad

1.) Anita Caprioli
Doré Diadlu

2.) Ayelet Zurer
Aeré Sahvna

3.) Barbara Stanwyck
Akané Gadsil

4.) Bette Davis
Naduré Ravid

5.) Bonnie Bedelia
Glenné Bharat

6.) Chandra North
Crissé Vaselly

7.) Charisma Carpenter
Cesté Sorada

8.) Cindy Crawford
Cindé Crawlin

9.) Claudette Colbert
Nuré Cennan

10.) Cléo Pires
Iauné Dolen

11.) Cobie Smulders
Cedé Saphris

12.) Emmanuelle Béart
Siomé Keithel

13.) Emmy Rossum
Rommé Sessum

14.) Faith Hill
Adé Hillburne

15.) Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Angé Giornova

16.) Jamie-Lynn DiScala Sigler
Sandé Dilynn

17.) Jamie Silberhartz
Jamé Scalynn

18.) Jennifer Jones
Serté Mesoda

19.) Jordana Brewster
Odané Carrophy

20.) Juliette Binoche
Vianné Candimon

21.) Kayla Ewell
Haruné Ivanneth

22.) Keeley Hazell
Keelé Hazlitt

23.) Kelly Brook
Kellé Lerusse

24.) Krista Allen
Cassé Larusse

25.) Lillian Gish
Sharmé Gilith

26.) Mischa Barton
Raché Namisch

27.) Moira Kelly
Laithé Darshana

28.) Nicoletta Braschi
Besné Inina

29.) Olivia Hussey
Nimué Rowanne

30.) Paula Garcés
Atté Poella

31.) Ruth Frendo
Athé Narima

32.) Sandra Hess
Sandé Hessra

33.) Sarah Douglas
Tamaré Garlotte

34.) Sarah Shahi
Carré Savitra

35.) Shalom Harlow
Phoebé Harlome

36.) Shania Twain
Chrysé Sassomynn

37.) Shannyn Sossamon
Ashonné Sassomyn

38.) Summer Phoenix
Caisé Nharima

39.) Teri Hatcher
Sylvé Avale

40.) Yasmeen Ghauri
Inanné Meena

REMINDER NOTES FOR HANDMAID(EN)S IN GENERAL: Readers should always take care to mentally adjust for age differences for those used as physical models for handmaid(en)s (i.e., any difference between the current ages of the actresses/models/singers/etc. who are still living and the characters they are being cast as). Padmé, Sabé, Dormé, etc., range in age from about 13-15.5 in the time frame for the AUs I have planned and/or written that take place during The Phantom Menace, about 23-25.5 for Attack of the Clones, and about 27ish-29ish for Revenge of the Sith. Jamillia is ~16 when elected Queen, about 2.5 years prior to Attack of the Clones, while Apailana is almost 13 when elected Queen, about 1.5 years after Attack of the Clones, turning 15 during the events of my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio. Handmaid(en)s are almost always within four years of age (on either side) of their sworn lady (be she Queen or Senator), though some exceptions have been made during times of extreme crisis (mostly for Jamallia), so they will range mainly from their extremely early teens (with a few rare “tweens” of ~11-12) to their early thirties across the canon prequel era. Similarly, readers should mentally adjust for any differences in height between the real physical models used and their actual characters, as handmaid(en)s meant to be able to literally stand in for their sworn lady. Natalie (Hershlag) Portman is about 5’3” (1.60 m), whereas Padmé Amidala’s official height is listed as 1.65 meters (which translates roughly to ~5’5”). Keira Christina Knightley (who, remember, was a still growing, very young teen when she filmed TPM) is currently about 5’7” (1.70 m), while Sabé Dahn’s official height is listed as 1.65 meters. Rose Judith Esther Byrne is about 5’6¼” (1.68 m), though Dormé Tammesin’s official height is also listed as 1.65 meters. Now, there are ways to disguise and/or even out height differences between a Queen or Senator and her handmaid(en)s that will minimize all but the most obvious differences in height (for example, arrive at the average height for all ladies involved and then assign individuals shoes with soles/heels specially designed to allow each individual to always reach or closely approximate that height and then hide or camouflage the shoes with long skirts. Or for a more permanent solution, use carefully calculated does of specially designed, individually genetically tailored cocktails of growth hormones or inhibitors to either encourage or limit growth to a specific height based on the calculated final adult height of one’s sworn lady), but for simplicity’s sake, unless otherwise specified in my work, readers should assume that handmaid(en)s are (one way or another) no more than an inch or two to either side of their sworn lady’s height (irregardless of the height of the actual physical models used for the specific characters), that Padmé Amidala’s adult height is perhaps a hair over 5’5” and therefore just a bit over 1.65 meters (about 1.651m, to be a bit more precise), while Sabé is about 1.7m or ~5’7” as a fully grown adult, and Dormé is just a wee bit shorter than Sabé but still closer to 5’7” than to 5’6” and therefore more like 1.69m (or maybe even almost 1.695m) than 1.68m. For Jamillia and Apailana, well, Ayesha Dharker is about 5’1¾” (1.57 m) and Jamillia’s official height is also 1.57 meters, so I imagine most of her handmaid(en)s are between about 5’ and 5’3” (~1.525-1.60m), but I haven’t been able to find a recent enough height measurement for Keisha Castle-Hughes (saying she’s like 5’1” [1.55 m] when she’s about 13 is all well and good, but the girl’s 18 and a mother now, and it’s not improbable to imagine she could’ve grown some more in her teens) to be satisfied as to her actual height, and she’s still young enough as I’m writing her to be considered a growing girl, so I’m going to assume she was about 5’ when elected, is about 5’1” or 5’2” at the end of my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio (which fits with the official listed height of Apailana, of ~5’ 2” or 1.57m, at the time of her death, at the age of about 14-15ish), and will probably be a little bit taller (5’4” or 5’5” [1.626m-1.651m] maybe?) as a fully grown adult. I would also please like to ask readers to keep in mind that a lot of the casting choices were made based on still images found on the computer, after receiving various recommendations from readers, friends, and coworkers intrigued by the notion of casting minor characters for fanfic set in an established universe like SW. It’s extremely difficult to tell what color some of these individuals eyes really are in these pictures and I’ve had to guess on more than I’d like to (and the prevalence of the use of colored contacts lens hasn’t helped matters any). Also, clever dye jobs and the tendency for many actresses to play different characters with different hair colors and/or to go blonder than they really are in real life also complicates things, when it comes to trying to decide what shade an individual’s hair really is and whether it’s darker, lighter, has more red or golden highlights, is naturally straighter or curlier, etc., than the person the individual’s character is sworn to serve as a handmaid(en). If I’ve made any mistakes when it comes to the natural eye color, hair color and texture, etc., of an individual, I would dearly appreciate being given notice about it and being sent a picture or a link to a picture of the individual in question that shows where and how I’ve gone wrong. Otherwise, please just assume I’ve done the best I can, and that the SW equivalent of hair dye (color crawlers, etc.), curlers or straighteners, colored contacts, cosmetics, etc., have been put into use to make the handmaid(en)s look more like their individual sworn ladies, as already described in several of the stories written about some of the handmaid(en)s for Padmé Amidala.

If the previously posted list of handmaidens seems excessively long, please keep in mind the following:

1.) I may change my mind about certain choices, if presented with someone better or if the muse decides that it didn’t like a potential story-line and decides to throw it over in the pursuit of something else. I have also included some extra possibilities on the off chance that the muse decides that someone fits another role better. In other words, some of these people may end up getting shifted from one part of the overall list to another or else used as visual models for different people altogether (maybe even people who aren’t from Naboo) before all’s said and done. I’m just trying to keep track of all of the possibilities and sort them as I can, right now.

2.) Padmé was Queen for eight years after having become persona non gratia to the Trade Federation and its allies, including a certain rather vindictive Sith Lord, and then she went on to be Senator for five going on six years afterwards, three going on four of them during a galactic-wide civil war started by said Sith Lord and his tools, including the Trade Federation and its allies. And the Trade Federation and its allies tend to be the kind who hold grudges and who tend to believe that places/people who’ve been problematic in the past will continue to be problematic in the future and so should be treated as enemies at all times. That includes not only the young Queen who helped to foil their plans for Naboo, but Naboo and all of its peoples (human and Gungan) as well. And you may want to keep in mind that these are the same people who plant a bomb that takes out two of Padmé’s handmaidens and who knows how many Nabooian personnel at the beginning of AotC and who also use a very nasty form of biological warfare to essentially wipe out an entire colony on one of Naboo’s moons during the Clone Wars. These are not the kind of people who care a great deal about innocent bystanders or collateral damage, folks! Also, it should be noted that Padmé “shared” handmaidens with Sabé while Sabé was working for her as the interim Senator from Naboo for the Chommell Sector, after Palpatine’s election as Supreme Chancellor, and then as the elected Senator, when the term she was finishing for Palpatine had run its course. This led to a somewhat higher rate of loss, as the handmaidens were essentially running twice the risk, working for two different ladies, both of whom were hated by the Trade Federation for having pulled off the deception that led to the Viceroy’s capture and helped hasten the end of their occupation of Naboo.

3.) Jamillia may have only been Queen for four years, but about half of her term was also during the above mentioned rather nasty galactic-wide civil war. Also, it’s been noted in my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio that she lost every single fully trained handmaiden she had, save one, before the end of her term, and that, by then, handmaiden teams had been increased in size from the ten originally planned for when Captain Panaka agreed to revive the tradition after Padmé’s first election as Queen to twenty. The muse has informed me that, after only a few largely unsuccessful attacks over the course of her four-year term, back-to-back-to-back attacks literally wiped out Jamillia’s entire coterie a few months before her term ended (which caused some last minute scrambling to find and promote enough women - most of them largely untrained, some of them from among the ranks of handmaiden trainees meant for Padmé - who’d be able to at least pretend to be her handmaidens until the end of her term) and then a bomb meant for the then Princess of Theed (Apailana) essentially took out Jamillia’s rebuilt coterie right before the election, with the rest being absorbed back into the ranks of Padmé’s handmaidens afterwards (and, later, perishing in her service). Hence, the rather high number of handmaidens and borrowed handmaids listed.

4.) Apailana may’ve only been Queen for about two years, but it’s been noted in Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith that the reason handmaiden teams have been increased from the ten originally planned for when Captain Panaka agreed to revive the tradition after Padmé’s first election as Queen to twenty fully trained handmaidens on hand and ready for duty at all time is due to the fact that, by then, attacks have begun to take handmaidens out in groups. According to the muse, that means anywhere from two or three at a time all the way up to a full training class of twenty. (Yeah, I know, I know. I’m not particularly happy about it either! But you know what they say about war. And Naboo’s war started like Obi-Wan and Anakin’s did - not with the events of AotC, but with the events of TPM. Keep these things in mind, please, before you protest.)

5.) It is now customary for the Queen of Naboo and the Senator from Naboo to have backups/replacements constantly in training, due to the high volume of handmaiden losses over the course of the war and etc. There is almost always at least one full class of new handmaidens being trained both per Senator and per Queen, with those who have completed their training before they are needed being rotated out through the Royal Naboo Guard and/or used as relief for tried and tested handmaidens who may very well need a bit of downtime. Thus, in addition to the twenty always on staff per Queen and Senator, the Queen and the Senator will generally have another four, eight, twelve, or more fully trained but largely untried handmaidens who are essentially on call for immediate promotion to full handmaiden status if needed. This is yet another precautionary measure, in large part necessitated by the increasing violence of the Clone Wars.

Oh, and by the way, before anyone panics, thinking that I’m going to be writing stories for every single handmaiden, please rest assured that I have no intention of trying to write extensively about every single person who passes through my AU GFFA. My handmaid(en)s absolutely are not, in any way, shape, or form, intended to be redshirt characters, but they are the last line of defense between all enemies and their sworn ladies, and many of them either gained their posts in the aftermath of a thwarted attempt to conquer their planet, during a very nasty galactic-wide civil war, or in the immediate and somewhat chaotic aftermath of said civil war, the ending of which myriad very nasty people are going to be taking . . . issue with. As with Jedi and other such combat-trained personnel, there is a certain tendency for them to die as soliders and protectors of others. Given the brutality of the war and the sheer number of losses suffered, I’m afraid that most of these girls/young women simply won’t be much more than either names on a memorial for the fallen and/or faces/names on personal lists of the lost mentally kept by the survivors or else supporting/background characters who pass (often quite briefly) through the lives of the other main characters. Still, despite that, I fully expect that anywhere from a handful to a dozen to twenty of them at the very least per ruler and/or Senator of Naboo (given that Padmé has ten handmaidens named and actively present - however briefly - in the canon plot of the prequels, with eleven named/actively present if you go by the EU) will be getting a short story that in some way touches on events in the newly completely trio or will work as either additional background for or even a part of the rewrite of TPM that I’ve got planned. Some of the others will likely end up with short stories of their own after the trio’s sequel(s) get written. (Maybe.) Others will end up having a lot of their personal stories explained in the prequel(s) I have planned for my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio, which are to take place during the time frames covered by TPM and AotC in the canon. And other such characters still will probably just receive what I’ve come to think of as character sketches, which is, in essence, what amounts to a compressed outline for what could be a longer work, where important scenes from a character’s life have been boiled down to quick responses to a given set of writing prompts. (Readers wishing to see an example of such a character sketch should consider “Snapshots of Padmé Amidala’s Life, After ObiWan” http: / www . and the AU version of the Dormé from my AU series who is in “Dormé in Darkness” http: / www . please!) I may or may not eventually devote the time needed to sketch out each individual handmaiden/Nabooian character in a way that involves much more than a small set of connected ficlets based on an extremely limited set of prompts. We’ll just have to see how things go, when I get around to the actual prequels/sequels . . .


Now, as for Nabooian characters in general:


For Apailana:
Current Queen’s First, Lyxé Barakis: Jessica Alba
Current Queen’s Second, Sioné Karrde: Rosario Dawson
Current Queen’s Third, Shmé Myman: Q’Orianka Kilcher

The first handmaidens chosen for Sabé include:
Ché Llacharn: Anna Paquin
Maighé Meharrion: Famke Janssen
Missé Kevarydd: Jennifer Morrison
Chloé Alaunos: Jorja Fox
Lanné Jamdarien: Kate Bosworth
Joilé Kincaer: Katie Holmes

The first handmaidens chosen for Dormé include:
Cissé Hannieca: Audrey Tautou
Merlé Talsun: Rachael Leigh Cook
Brighé Nunarnia: Lena Headey
Marté Novaren: Erin Cahill

Captain Moiré Novaren: Elizabeth Hurley

Captain Novaren’s mother and father, Catárren Marchei and Roshan Navaren, have tentatively been cast as Judy Garland

Apailana’s mother, Ashæru Adrasteia: Vaitiaré Bandera
Caishé Adrasteia, Apailana’s little sister: Keisha Castle-Hughes (~1 year younger and without cinnamon highlights)
Apailana’s father, Graelynde Adrasteia: Dougray Scott

Sharuke Zyanya, father of Ayesha Jamillia Zyanya: Shahrukh Khan
Mahuri Dixdi Zyanya, mother of Ayesha Jamillia Zyanya: Madhuri Dixit

Sabé’s father, Callume Nabish: Callum Blue
Sabé’s mother, Elynna Dahn Nabish: Romy Schneider
Siraphé Dougraessa Dahn, Sabé’s maternal grandmother (and the person who raised her): Magda Schneider
Sabé’s maternal grandfather, Alenn Dahn: Sam Neill

Note: The following list of names will make a lot more sense once people have read the stories/character sketches I’ve written for various Nabooians, especially for the relatives of Padmé Amidala and for her handmaidens during and just after the canon timeline for TPM!

Pooja Naberrie’s little friend, Feyd Janra, can be pictured as a young as Kevin Zegers

Gwené Maranno’s parents, Lucidé and Darniss Maranno, as Eric Close and Vanessa Britting

Nanné Maranno’s parents, Belluna and Sammase Marano, as Rob Lowe and Vanessa Britting

Rosé Ganesa’s (half)aunt, Jissae Ganesa-Asheera, as Rachel Shelley

Maitané Aldona’s older sister, Sabitha Aldona, as Megan Fox

Zoé Maurello’s (baby) brother, Jarrisen Maurello, as Jonathan Jackson

Aideé Gardia’s baby brother, Kason Gardia, as Matthew Rhys

Etté Zirach’s foster sister, Lehari Nhaven, as a Ava Gardner

Dhabis Naldona, first cousin of Emmé (Naldona) Harwood’s father, as Tom Payne

Emmé (Naldona) Harwood’s foster parents, Ullamé and Dallone Harwood, as Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott

Emmé (Naldona) Harwood’s brother, Davin (Naldona) Harwood, as Liam Aiken

Betté Steadhart’s unofficial foster sister, Amilla Alcroft, as Vanessa Hudgens

Amilla Alcroft’s sweetheart, Darvis Kolan, as Ian Somerhalder

Ellessé Veganis’ aunt, Myria Veganis, as Angela Mounsey

Ellessé Veganis’ foster parents, Nyda and Argise Larminta, as Linda Emond and Dylan Baker

Ellessé Veganis’ foster brothers, Taymore, Reis, Emonn, and Mitcha Larminta, as Curtis Holbrook, John Jeffrey Martin, Matt Caplan, and Spencer Liff

Anadé Boranys’ sister, Lahura Boranys, as Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Camryn Boranys as Lee Ingleby, and Ellindra Ghende Boranys as Megan Dodds

Shelanné Glenn’s foster parents, Atessia and Corban Nepascia, as Nia Vardalos and John Corbett

Shelanné Glenn’s foster brothers, Dilyne, Kieras, Shaunn, and Connla Nepascia, as Will Wheaton, Casey Affleck, Kieran Culkin, and Emile Hirsch

Dané Cashille’s mother, Anicé Cashille, as Roma Downey with naturally straight, vivid auburn hair and hazel-green eyes

Yané Cashille’s mother, Roanna Cashille, as Roma Downey with softly curling chestnut hair and dark brown eyes

Dané Cashille’s father, Diete Russe, as Richard Jordan

Yané Cashille’s father, Eonnes Skyon, as James Watson

Dané Cashille’s older sister, Silviana Cashille Nejanis, as Silviana Mangano, and Silviana’s husband, King Gryna Ullætto Nejanis of Grizmallt, as Jürgen Prochnow

Dané Cashille’s twin baby sisters, Lissai and Alyviam Cashille, both as a decidedly red-haired (and I suppose blue-eyed?) Laura Burton

Yané Cashille’s older sister, Channeia Cashille, as Sean Young, Yané’s little brother, Constanoin Cashille, as Jason Dohring, and Yané’s little sister, Sabithal Cashille, as Lana Likic

Versé Rhisiart’s older sister, Ansia Rhisiart, as Paz Vega

Note (semi-spoilerish): The character modelled on the twin sister of Lindsay Labrum, Anise Labrum, is not a handmaid(en) due to the fact that she, as the elder of the two characters, felt obliged to carry out various familial obligations and so refrained from joining her sister in swearing vows to the Queen as a handmaiden. After the death of her sister (protecting someone she thought was the Queen but who was actually only a decoy Queen), she became very embittered, and so will likely figure in one of the trio’s sequels as a bad guy or an accessory/tool of some sort. I’ll sort out a name for her eventually.

Note: Somewhat like it is here on Earth (only with fewer darker-haired individuals overall), roughly eighty percent of the human population of Naboo is naturally brunette - about forty-five percent have brown hair and about thirty-give percent have hair that is naturally truly black. Of the twenty percent of the remaining human population, perhaps five percent are true blondes, while the remaining fifteen percent are either redheads or else have enough red in their hair to be auburn or strawberry blonde rather than brunette or just blonde. Blondes and redheads are rare enough that it often strikes people as odd that, of the past ten Princesses of Theed, only Padmé, Crissé (Christina Ricci), Jamillia, Astarté (Keri Russell), and Apailana were or are brunette, while Ellie (Madison Lloyd), Chanté (Anna Chlumsky), Shesha (Bonita Granville), Solei (Jane Asher), and Quianna/Kylantha (Evan Rachel Wood) all were or are either blonde (Ellie, Chanté, Kylantha), redheaded (Solei), or (in Shesha’s case) some mix of the two.


**Ellie Skye: Madison Lloyd (it may help to visualize Gemma Ward for the grown up Ellie)
*Chanté Cielle: Anna Chlumsky
*Shesha Grandin: Bonita Granville
Crissé Ricanté: Christina Ricci (who later became a handmaiden for Padmé and died in that capacity)
Ayesha Jamillia Zyanya: Ayesha Dharker
Astarté Russe: Keri Russell (who later became a handmaiden for Padmé and died in that capacity)
**Solei Rishima: Jane Asher
Keiana Apailana Adrasteia: Keisha Castle-Hughes
*(Kylantha) Quianna Alcmene: Laura Prepon

*Killed in office (served approximately nine months, and one year, and three months, respectively).
**Injured while in office badly enough to need to retire from office in order to recover (after not quite a full two-year term, and after approximately seven months, respectively).
*Kylantha is the name given in the EU for the Queen of Naboo after Apailana, meaning that this is a regnal name (like Amidala and Jamillia and Apailana all are) that hasn’t been earned yet. So please don’t be surprised if I refer to Kylantha as Quianna from now on. Quianna is the current Princess of Theed, as of the end of the Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio!

(And yes, I realize that Adrastia “Tia” Organa’s name is very close to Keiana Apailana’s last name of Adrasteia. Just take it as yet another sign that the people Naboo and the people of Alderaan are related, okay? I also know that “cielle” is not how you spell “sky” in French, y’all. I’m just weird and I prefer it this way, alright?)

As mentioned in the Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio, Surana Barakis, a handmaiden and body double for first Chanté and then Ellie, is modelled on a blonde, blue-eyed version (think of the character Sue Storm) of Jessica Alba. (This is why Lyxé Barakis’ name indicates that she is the second-born girl-child in her family.)

Similarities in the spelling of last names among the handmaidens indicate blood relations. Sometimes sisters will be trained as handmaidens for the same person (or, in very rare cases, for two different people), but generally the Queens and Senators of Naboo try to avoid taking more than one person per immediate family for training as a handmaiden or guard, given the high mortality rate of both professions, the rarity of large families on Naboo (given the difficulty often involved in gaining them), and the importance of family on Naboo. Thus, unless specifically stated to be sisters, handmaid(en)s who share the same last name are more likely to be cousins than sibs.

Please note: Names listed here will make a lot more sense when read along with my post on the differences between my AU’s Sabé and Dormé and the Sabé and Dormé in cariel’s AUs (who have, in some way, influenced the characters of my Sabé and Dormé), over at http: /polgarawolf.livejournal. com 97633.html

(Shelané) Winama Tannis Naberrie: Greta Garbo

Lataré Madeva Nabishu Najaffa: Vivien Leigh Leigh

Keibhan Naberrie: Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier

Aldron Vísudeva Najaffa: Errol Flynn

King Muruka: Spencer Tracy

Adeé Russe, Princess of Theed and Queen Ashtara Adeé: Katherine Hepburn

Cianus Tammesin: William Hurt

Lady Illyn Leshra (Jaffa Ginborjo) Tammesin: Monica Bellucci

Edren Janren’s father, Lugale Janren: Rik Young with slightly curlier hair

Illyn’s mother, the Lady Duchess Lesharia Aymaru Nanureen Jaffa: Zita Görög

Illyn’s father, Duke Raghvin Sargonus Jaffa: Giancarlo Giannini

*The first wife of Duke Jaffa, Ehnduanna Imelda Barashi Jaffa: Julia Dreyfus

*The three children Duke Jaffa had by Ehnduanna all died within the first two years of their lives (hence, their mother’s eventual suicide, after miscarrying of a fourth child, a daughter, so violently as to render herself barren), but I suppose that readers may imagine that, if Ehnduanna’s children had all lived, they might have grown to resemble Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nigella Lawson, and Rena Sofer, and their names would've been Amarshue, Sharruss, Ylexai, and Resharyn Jaffa.

Edren Janren (rapist/murder-for-hire): Rufus Sewell

Druthma Jaffa: Mark Strong

Katerol Jaffa: Lambert Wilson

Remilla and Jherumee Ginborjo: Anjelica Huston and Jeroen Krabbé
Rusilla and Marrité Ginborjo (eventually, Ginborjo Jaffa): Virginie Ledoyen and Audrey Tautou

*Dormé’s siblings: Laborue Tammesin; Ioannes Tammesin; and Yseultai Tammesin.
1.) Leonardo DiCaprio (jerk brother, born ~16 months after Dormé)
2.) Thomas Dekker (good sib, born ~32 months after Dormé)
3.) Sophia Myles (spoiled *itch sister who thankfully eventually learns better, born ~45 months Dormé)

*Dormé is her childhood name. The name given to her at birth is actually Ryseidas, which breaks with Nabooian tradition for names, as do those of her siblings so long as it is acknowledged that she exists and was born prior to them (otherwise, her siblings’ names all fit perfectly with tradition). For more on Nabooian names, please see my post “Rules for Nabooian Names (as they currently stand)” at http: /polgarawolf.livejournal. com 106978.html

King Veruna: Marlon Brando

When Lucas came up with the names for his major characters in SW, they were generally created to evoke certain associations with similar names/words or else were just flat-out picked for the significance/meaning attached to that specific name/word. I’ve been worrying off and on for a while about a possible regnal name for a certain future Queen of Naboo in my SW AU series (as I’m sure some of y’all will know), because I want her to have a name that fits in with this pattern of significance. So. After much long thought, I’ve arrived at a possibility that I think I actually like for Sabé Dahn’s regnal name: Kandala’mikama. It’s quite a bit longer than the other regnal names of known Queens of Naboo in both the films and the EU, but then, Sabé is going to be a Queen unlike any that they have had lately - a Queen of a slightly more mature age, chosen for her wisdom and experience, rather than her believed innocence/purity. The name has been chosen for four reasons: it fits a similar pattern of names for both Padmé Amidala and Shmi Skywalker (look up various associations with the padma or sacred water lily [i.e., lotus blossom] and the goddess Lakshmi, if you don’t believe me); it basically contains the name of Kamala (“she of the lotus,” which is a common epithet of goddess Lakshmi); it essentially contains the name of Kamalatmika (the goddess Devi in the fullness of her graceful aspect - i.e., shown as seated on a lotus, symbol of both purity and the life force that pervades creation); and it also contains most of the word that is the sacred mandala (i.e., a circle metaphysically/symobolically representing the cosmos, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective), a symbol that is often employed as a sort of spiritual teaching tool for focusing the attention of aspirants and adepts, either by helping them establish a sacred space or as an aid to meditation and trance induction, and which has ties to the chakra (as in, the divine circle or wheel, which in turn ties to the notion of the wheel of history/time, which I think is a concept that would be not unfamiliar to those in the GFFA who make a study of the Force). (Note: In Buddhism, the lotus is sacred not only because it transcends the darkness of the water and mud where its roots are, but also because of its perfectly symmetrical petals, which resemble a mandala). This name may or may not be shortened in everyday use. I haven’t quite come to a decision on that, yet. I get the feeling that regnal names are tied in to the Force-centered spirituality that pervades Nabooian culture, in which case a Queen might or might not be given more than one name, as time passes, as a sort of epithet (in the metaphoric sense, essentially as a reduced or condensed appositive either attached to a person’s name or given in place of a proper name, as what might be described as a glorified nickname meant to specifically conjure up a certain quality/attribute of said person) . . .

In keeping with cariel's and bloodraven77's vision of Dormé, it looks like Dormé regnal name (or at the very least the core of her regnal name), as a Senator for Naboo and the Chommell Sector, is going to be Innana.

Nabooian characters who have recently cast and for whom I’d appreciate it if anyone has any input/suggestions, as my brain is only semi-functional right now:

1.) Palo Tilera, Padmé’s first ever crush, described as “a dear sweet boy . . . who, having apparently gotten more than enough of politics during his time in the Legislative Youth Program, moved on with his life to become an accomplished artist, in Theed” and as being “very cute . . . dark curly hair . . . [with] dreamy eyes” in AotC. http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Palo
Tentatively cast as Paul Campbell

2.) Ian Lago, Padmé’s first serious boyfriend, the son of King Veruna’s Prime Counsellor of State, Kun Lago, who threatened to disown his son for “consorting” with King Veruna’s most visible political enemy (the then still Princess of Theed) until Padmé finally broke the relationship off, certain that she could not, as the newly elected Queen of Naboo, risk such a potential political liability as a relationship with the son of the former Prime Counsellor of the newly abdicated (Veruna having chosen abdication over being forced to resign, on charges of corruption and incompetence) King of Naboo. Ian is described as “a tall youth, with lovely bright red hair, the most shockingly beautiful indigo eyes (dark blue from one angle or in one kind of light and violet in the next), and a mouth simply made for kissing,” a description I mostly based off his appearance in the EU. http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Ian_Lago
Tentatively cast as Rupert Grint

3.) Kun Lago, King Veruna’s prime counselor and the father of Ian Lago, who is rather oddly depicted as being bald and dark-eyed and somewhat short and heavy-set, from what I can tell, in the EU drawings I’ve seen of him. http: /starwars.wikia. com wiki/Kun_Lago
Tentatively cast as Telly Savalas

4.) Ian Lago’s older half-brother, Graehme, described by Sola as “a rather illegitimate older half-brother, conceived from a dalliance that violated the terms of his father’s contract with Ian’s mother and would have caused a horrible scandal for old Kun Lago, if it had ever become widely known. Graehme, as it happens, was quite keen on keeping that little fact a secret, so he could continue to receive the tidy sum of hush money that daddy dearest sent to him every year” and used by the Sith (and possibly also by Sola) against Padmé at least once, on account of his resemblance to Obi-Wan Kenobi. (See Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith Book III: The Promise of a New Order, chapter four, for more details regarding this.)
Tentatively cast as a young (think 18-20ish) and very red-headed David Wenham

5.) Kun Lago’s unnamed wife.
Tentatively named Elindca Reddai Lago and cast as Angelica Bridges

6.) Kun Lago’s unnamed (former) mistress.
Tentatively named Larenda Kelson and cast as Karen Elson

*Originally, I wasn’t sure that the wives (and family) of Dormé’s mother’s two cousins would ever be cast, seeing as how they were for their crimes not only ruined but legally banished from Naboo, their names and rights to the planet legally stripped from them and their name – and so also the name of Illyn’s blood family, the Jaffa clan – ritually blacked out of the records of Naboo, recorded only in the infamous book of traitors and exiles. To distance herself from all that had happened to her, Illyn (Dormé’s mother) gave up all right to her own family name and demanded that it never be spoken where she could hear it. However, I made the decision to cast these characters when I chose to write about Illyn. For more on Illyn and for an explanation of the characters and such listed in the section with Dormé’s siblings, please see the following post to the LJ, where I have explained some of the differences I know exist between my AU’s Dormé and Sabé and the Sabé and Dormé of cariel’s various Sobiwan and Dormékin AU fanfics: http: /polgarawolf.livejournal. com 97633.html


Differences between Sabé Dahn and Dormé Tammesin and Dormé Jaffa and Sabé Nabish of cariel’s AUs

For anyone confused by my recent references to the fact that I’ve been influenced in my writing by certain ideas found in the fanon (concerning possible ships in the GFFA) and also specific details that I’ve come across in the work of http: cariel, this is the list of explanations (mentioned before elsewhere on this LJ) for the differences between my AU’s Sabé Dahn and Dormé Tammesin and the Dormé Jaffa and Sabé Nabish of cariel’s various Sobiwan and Dormékin AUs, including those co-written by bloodraven77 (who, as I’ve been recently informed, is largely resposible for the initial creation of Sabé Nabish and is the voice of Anakin Skywalker in all of the Dormékin AUs that were co-written by her and cariel). While reading, people might want to consider the following (whilst keeping in mind that my Gaelic-based made-up languages are the non-Basic native tongues spoken on Naboo. And Grizmallt. And Chandrila. And Alderaan):

There’s a hierachy among the handmaidens for any given Queen/Senator of Naboo that gradually (re)developed during the course of Amidala’s first four-year term as Queen of Naboo (and is partially based on some of the oldest customs for the handmaidens/chosen companions of a monarch of Naboo). The Queen’s First or Senator’s First is her primary decoy, and the Queen or Senator may and often will refer by such numerical titles to her first through fifth or so. However, among the handmaidens themselves, ranks are given thus:

Céauntaónîs dævítru eisharti or divine-elect attendant upon the Lady (which is the name that the handmaidens ritually give to their Queen/Senator)
Aónes dævítru eisharti or first attendant of the divine-elect
Dvâuins dævítru eisharti or second attendant of the divine-elect
Tráyeís dævítru eisharti or third attendant of the divine-elect
Ceáthvôras dævítru eisharti or fourth attendant of the divine-elect
Cóinthreus dævítru eisharti or fifth attendant of the divine-elect
Saíhsés dævítru eisharti or sixth attendant of the divine-elect
Séachtáns dævítru eisharti or seventh attendant of the divine-elect
Oíchtaúns dævítru eisharti or eight attendant of the divine-elect
Naóines dævítru eisharti or ninth attendant of the divine-elect
Déçháumhs dævítru eisharti or tenth attendant of the divine-elect
Aóinedéachs dævítru eisharti or eleventh attendant of the divine-elect
Aóindháréans dævítru eisharti or twelfth attendant of the divine-elect
Trídhuinsáuns dævítru eisharti or thirteenth attendant of the divine-elect

This core of thirteen comprises the main attendants upon their sworn lady. The remaining seven within a handmaiden coterie are technically of the second rank, meaning that they are handmaids as opposed to handmaidens. They technically attend to the needs of the first rank handmaidens as well as to that of their sworn lady, so that everything will get done and daily tasks will be accomplished with as little effort and fuss as is humanly possible. There is a second system of rank within the handmaids, based on skill and the ability to move up to the rank of handmaiden, if necessity calls, but only the first – the ìonaid dævítru eisharti or alternate attendant of the divine-elect – is generally named as such.

Readers should note that this method of internally dividing the handmaidens from the handmaids did not come into widespread use until after the recruiting classes for potential handmaidens had been increased from ten to twenty, and that the first five groups of handmaidens for Padmé Amidala were instead generally known according to the order in which they had been recruited and accepted into the various training classes they belonged to (i.e., the first through tenth recruit of the second class, the first through tenth recruit of the third class, and so on), with special distinction being paid to those few (generally no more than two from each recruitment class of ten) who were singled out for extra training as decoys for the Queen.

Superficial Differences:

#1.) Ages.

Basically, the Galactic Standard Year goes as follows:

Month 1: Elona
Month 2: Kelona
Holiday 1: Tapani Day
Month 3: Selona
Festival Week 1: Expansion Week
Month 4: Telona
Month 5: Nelona
Holiday 2: Productivity Day
Month 6: Helona
Festival Week 2: Shelova Week
Month 7: Melona
Month 8: Yelona
Holiday 3: Harvest Day
Month 9: Relona (The Freeworlds Region of the Tapani Sector also recognizes Relona 10 - 15 as Independence Week.)
Month 10: Welona
Festival Week 3: Winter Fete

In the GFFA: 368 days = 1 year; 60 seconds = 1 minute; 60 minutes = 1 hour; 24 hours = 1 day; 5 days = 1 week; 7 weeks = 1 month; 35 days = 1 month; and 10 months + 3 festival weeks + 3 holiday days = 1 full year.

Because of when events are said to happen in canon/EU (and when I figured out that they actually had to take place, datewise, sometimes in spite of what the EU said) and me trying to keep things as close to canon/EU as possible right up until around the timeframe of the Clone Wars and RotS, Sabé ended up being about a year older than Padmé because Padmé’s age is so close to Mon Mothma’s is stated as being in canon/EU (with her being the youngest ever elected Senator, before Leia). Basically, Padmé’s born near the end of the year in 47 BBY, not in 46 BBY, which is what’s usually given as her birthdate in the canon/EU. We know, though, that she has to have been born no later than Relona of 47 BBY, probably early in that month, because A). TPM takes place roughly five standard months or 175 days after she’s elected Queen of Naboo in 32 BBY according to canon/EU and Padmé was elected after having just turned fourteen, and B). Naboo is freed from the Trade Federation about halfway through the fourth month (Telona) of 32 BBY, pretty much just when Anakin turns ten, and his birthday is said to be around or just before 16 Telona in canon/EU. So Padmé had to have been born sometime in the first half of Relona, the second to last month of the year 47 BBY, which makes her just over four and a half years older than Anakin (not just four, as so often stated in canon/EU). Elections in Naboo therefore have to take place near the end of the year, no later than around the middle of Relona, since she’d just had a birthday when she was elected Queen.

Now, Sabé Dahn is appointed interim Senator (not only for Naboo but the whole of the Chommell Sector) in Palpatine’s place after Amidala instigates the vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum and Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic in his stead and the people of Naboo unit behind a rather righteously indignant Horace Vancil (a member of the Royal Advisory Council of Queen Padmé Amidala - specifically, Amidala’s political and economic advisor) to unilaterally vote to refuse to allow the patently prejudiced against non-humans Janus Greejatus of Chommell Minor (a Force-sensitive and rather bigoted human male) to represent them in the Galactic Senate. (In the EU, Greejatus actually is elected for two years but the people of Naboo protest so much that Vancil soon replaces him, with Padmé eventually replacing Vancil. Greejatus goes on to become one of Palpatine’s advisors and later to undergo basic training as a Dark Side Adept under the Emperor, becoming a member of his Imperial Ruling Council and going on to found and lead the Imperial Department of Redesign, an agency tasked with the subjugation, and sometimes outright liquidation, of non-human species. He’s a very bad man, in other words, and the Republic is much better off without him ever being a Senator.)

Sabé is then elected Senator after serving the remainder of what would’ve been Palpatine’s term as Senator, but again Mon Mothma was the youngest Senator ever to be elected the post (before Leia), so that means that Sabé has to be a little bit older than Mon Mothma, who’s supposed to have been born in 48 BBY, according to canon/EU sources. As Naboo’s elections/inaugerations occur on even years in the given SW dating system and monarchy terms are four years long, but the elections/inaugerations for the Galactic Senate are stated to occur in odd years, and I’ve assumed that Senate terms run six years (as they do here in the US), it makes sense for the election/inaugeration of Mon Mothma to have either been either in Month 1 (Elona) or in Month 10 (Welona) of 29 BBY. I decided that it probably should be Month 10, since Naboo elections are in Month 9. This gives Padmé time to end her second term as the monarch of Naboo fairly early in Month 9 of 25 BBY (not in the following year of 24 BBY, as the EU actually states, since she’s only Queen for eight years) and to then take Sabé’s place in the Galactic Senate late in Month 10, as requested to by Queen Jamillia (since Sabé fully planned to retire from the Senate and take up her duties as a handmaiden again), close to the following year but still in the same year she was Queen (which also therefore does not occur in 24 BBY, as actually stated in several SW sources), pretty much two-thirds of the way through Sabé’s elected term. This means Mon Mothma’s birthday should be fairly late in the year, either in the same month Padmé’s birthday falls or in Welona.

For the sake of convenience, I decided that Padmé’s birthday is 5 Relona, the Naboo elections are 9 Relona (which is 187/188 days before 16 Telona of the following year, and therefore over five standard months [or 175 days] after her election), Mon Mothma’s birthday is on 30 Welona, and Senate elections are 35 Welona, literally at the end of the month, with the ceremonial inaugeration happening during the festival week at the end of the year, during the Winter Fete that follows Welona. That would technically still be in 29 BBY, but would be in that week between the final month and the first month of the next year. Mon Mothma would therefore be 19, just barely, when sworn in to the Senate in 29 BBY, if she were born near the end of 48 BBY. Mon Mothma is therefore not quite a year older than Padmé - most of two months shy of being a year older than Padmé, actually. Sabé, to be older than Mon Mothma during the swearing-in at the close of 29 BBY, would need to be born in 48 BBY, in the later half of Welona, so that she would be just shy of a year older than Padmé, but a little bit older than Mon Mothma. For convenience’s sake, the date I chose for her natal day (birthday) is 20 Welona 48 BBY. Dormé, on the other hand, is a little bit younger than Padmé, as I decided to make her be born on 5 Elona 46 BBY, to reflect the fact that she’s from among the third round of prospective handmaidens chosen to serve Padmé after her election as Queen.

This is all stuff that I worked out a long time ago (I think maybe about two years back, now, actually), way before I knew for sure what kind of roles Dormé or Sabé were going to play in my AU series (other than that Obi-Wan had seen, in a far-sight vision, that Sabé could/should be elected the next monarch of Naboo, after Apailana, and that Dormé should be the one to replace Padmé as Senator of Naboo and for the Chommell Sector), and before I’d become aware enough of what else was being written in the prequel-era and PT-influenced fandom to be really all that aware of the idea of either Sobiwan or Dormékin. It’s a pet peeve of mine that the dates for a lot of events in SW just don’t make any kind of sense and that sources in canon and the EU often contradict the timing of events or make the timing of things outright impossible based on certain inflexible dates set in stone by Lucas (such as Anakin’s birthday falling during the tail end of events in TPM and being around or just before 16 Telona), and there are a lot of dates for things in my EU that I hammered out so that they made sense to me whether they all agreed with the actual canon and EU information or not (like Padmé being said to be born in what’s actually the wrong year and elected in the wrong year and having her paternal grandmother die right before her first election as Queen in the wrong blasted year, because people apparently forget that the galactic standard calendar works on a ten-month instead of a twelve-month cycle with months lasting 35 days and that her being Queen for half a year before the events of TPM means that she had to’ve been elected fairly late in the year before the year in which the events of TPM actually occur, etc.).

#2.) Their last names. This, as it turns out, is actually due to changes in their backgrounds that are fairly important and will be explained in further detail a bit later on in this list.

#3.) Their relationships with Padmé. Sabé grew up as a childhood friend and “twin” of Padmé’s (they thought it was a wonderful game, pretending to be twins and confusing people who didn’t know them well enough to be able to tell them apart) and deliberately picked a young (and not yet having hit the growth spurt that would eventually make her taller than her Queen and later Senator) Dormé out of a pool of several hopeful handmaiden applicants to replace herself as the decoy Queen, after she accepted her Queen’s wish to become the interim Senator. Sabé and Padmé were practically joined at the hip, before Padmé decided to accept the nomination for the monarchy election, and she fought with Padmé over reinstating a lapsed Nabooian custom known as the chosen companion/handmaiden (and guardian of the monarch) program. Captain Panaka was given credit for creating the handmaiden program basically to keep him happy and busy instructing some of the first, more hopeless handmaidens in the finer arts of defensive and offensive personal combat, but Sabé (and later also Eirtaé and Saché) actually was responsible for getting it started and for establishing a lot of the particulars of the program and some of the more almost ceremonial/ritualistic aspects of the process of becoming/being a handmaiden. So she’s something more like a best friend and ex-lover of Padmé’s and both a mentor figure and a good friend to Dormé, as they commed on a regular basis (after Sabé became interim Senator and Dormé became Padmé Amidala’s primary decoy), asking and sharing advice on various aspects involved in protecting Padmé and becoming the mask of Queen Amidala, etc., and the Naberries have for so long considered her essentially a part of their family that Sola’s children have been calling Sabé their aunt ever since they could talk.

Dormé was among a third pool of hopeful handmaiden candidates who’d been brought to the Palace for testing when the Trade Federation invaded. She has, essentially, considered herself a handmaiden since the events of TPM (though technically she was not formally made a handmaiden until about a month after TPM), and she regards Padmé as something like an older sister and mother-figure and role model and hero all rolled up into one. She adores her fiercely and would have gladly done anything and everything in her power to keep Padmé safe and happy, and Padmé has relied on her a great deal, more than once laughingly referring to her as Sabé’s second coming and her own other, better half. Though Dormé was bitterly disappointed in her lady when Padmé secretly handfasted Anakin, her loyalty to Padmé remained unwavering (and, if anything, she grew increasingly more and more worried about her lady’s safety and her future happiness), and so, though she grew somewhat apart from Padmé during the Clone Wars (largely because her duties kept her increasingly busy with the handmaiden trainees), she is, rather like Sabé, essentially considered a part of the Naberrie family, and Sola’s children have been calling her their aunt ever since they were old enough to talk.

#4 Their relationships with Obi-Wan and Anakin. Sabé and Obi-Wan have been established as good friends since TPM, and she was a regular fixture at the Jedi Temple during her stint as both interim and elected Senator, as she often visited Obi-Wan to ask his advice and to talk through things/argue things out with him. She’s been attracted to him since the moment she first saw him and in love with him pretty much since the first day on Tatooine (during the events of TPM), and she’s never tried to hide either fact from him, but he hasn’t reciprocated her feelings past the level of friendship, though it’s a friendship that is a lot closer to what a bond of blood-kin might seem, to others. He loves her and there are few things that he would not do for her (and damn the consequences!), but he does not desire her or to be with her in the same way that she has wanted him. (And the situation was much the same for Obi-Wan and Padmé, actually.)

Dormé and Anakin became good friends soon after the events of TPM and Dormé’s appointment as the replacement decoy Queen, as one of the duties she was given was to respond to any attempts at correspondance that might come to Padmé, any of the handmaidens, or any of the guards and pilots Anakin new and fought against the Trade Federation with during the events of TPM (after Obi-Wan requested that Padmé not stay in touch with Anakin, after basically being ordered to keep the two from corresponding in any way by the High Council). Dormé came to think of him as her younger brother and to care for him fiercely, but it wasn’t until the events of AotC that she actually met him face to face, and it was . . . a bit of a shock to her, to find her honorary little brother to be a handsome and desirable young man. She faced what she now considers to be a personal trial of character by way of her unreasonable crush on him and eventually managed to come to terms with the fact that Anakin’s love and life were focused so completely around Obi-Wan and the Jedi Order that it would destroy part of what it was that made him Anakin, to ever attempt to come between him and that focus. (In other words, she did as Padmé should have and loved him enough to just love him without selfishly asking anything of him that could cause him harm.) Despite the fact that their relationship has suffered since his secret marriage/handfasting to Padmé, the two are extremely close, like real sibs, and Dormé is probably his best friend in the world, after Obi-Wan. She’s never told Anakin about what she considers to be her temporary madness and isn’t looking forward to ever having to do so, though she knows she’s probably going to have to, at some point . . .

#5.) Their cultural background. I made the decision a long time ago to pattern Naboo and the cultures of a few certain other planets I considered to be populated by cultural “cousins” (like all the various Gaelic tribes - Scotch, Irish, Welsh, Manx, etc. - would be considered something like cousins of one another, in the real world) of the Nabooians after what most people would consider to be an idealized, fantasy-type version of the Celts. Historically speaking, the Celts are Indo-European and probably either originated somewhere in Eastern Europe and migrated west across Europe as far as they could go (i.e., all the way to Ireland) as well as east across Asia Minor into Anatolia (the area around Turkey) and India (given the linguistic evidence that links ancient Gaelic and Sanskrit). As pertains to my “Celtic” SW cultures (which includes the human populations of Alderaan and Chandrila and Grizmallt and Naboo - it might help to consider Alderaan to be a more of an Iberian Penninsula or Spanish-influenced Celt; Chandrila to be a more traditional modern Gaelic Celt; Grizmallt to be a more of an Anatolian/Indian Celt; and Naboo to be the result of colonization by Grizmalltians and later alliances with Alderaan and Chandrila as well as the peoples of other colonies in and around the Mid Rim), these people tend to be peaceful and to live in harmony with their environments and to be inclined towards humanitarianism and work in the arts because of their spiritual values but they’re also fiercely protective of their freedom and capable of fighting and waging war in a highly proficient manner, if sufficiently provoked.

The human populations of these four worlds tend to channel their aggression into more productive means that fighting, when given the chance. Alderaan has perfected blade-dancing as a functional artform and tends to champion the causes of other downtrodden peoples in a manner that’s borderline crusading. Chandrila is famous for its debaters and champions of humanitarian works. Grizmalltians adapted the ancient martial arts form known in the EU as Teräs Käsi into what I’ve called Joustavia Käsi and Joustavia Keho (which are pretty much a SW version of all kinds of yoga and Tai Chi). Naboo - well, I think fans are familiar with how those peaceful people managed to outwit the Trade Federation and protect themselves. Shrugs They can take care of themselves, if they have to. They just prefer to channel their energies towards making things better for others (either by championing certain just causes or by creating beautiful works of art that enrich the lives of many people), rather than fighting, if given a choice.

On Naboo, there are lots of traditions that I’ve come up with that are influenced both by what I know about the Celts, historically, and by what I’ve read in fantasy novels that deal with Celtic or Gaelic peoples. For example, they have laws that allow for different degrees of marriage and/or handfasting, which legally sets terms of marriage by contract that can either be or not be legally renewed or expanded into a more permanently binding contract. Traditionally, rights to children tend to go to the mother and her family, and children are often more associated with their mothers or with a strong female of the line than with a father or any other male. There are strong laws with strict(some might say harsh) punishments for crimes of personal/domestic violence, and molestation and rape are considered taboos so vile that rapists and child molesters used to be killed immediately by hanging via strangulation (deliberate strangulation, mind. The angles of trajectory used to be worked out so that those being hung were in no danger of a quick death via a broken neck) but instead are now stripped of possessions and names and all right to ever set foot on Naboo again and exiled from the planet with pretty much nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

Despite its love of tradition (which some outsiders sometimes take for insularity and/or backwardness) Naboo is an extremely tolerate and liberal world. Nabooians are neither surprised nor offended by such things as the notion of male/male, female/female, and human/alien pairings, and they, in fact, have several anti-discriminatory laws on the books to keep outsiders who might move to Naboo from trying to cause trouble about such pairings. The Nabooian outlook on love and marriage is essentially that, if it harms none of the beings in the relationship and leads to a strong and loving partnership, then it should not matter what gender or species beings in such a relationship are. There are actual laws in place to allow for beings in same-gender or in not reproductively compatible different-species relationships to legally contract out to another party, in a sort of specialized temporary handfasting, to allow for procreation, so that children can be raised by the two who are in love. There are also laws that allow for longer-term legal contracts (consorting in the traditional term) if one or another in a handfasting or marriage has proven to be infertile or is for some reason constrained (by career, by health, etc.) not to have children and the couple desires to have children that are at least partially of their own blood, just as there are laws that allow for what can essentially amount to a permanent three-way marriage, so long as each of the three members of such a marriage is willing to legally marry/handfast with the other two and, if necessary, can prove consensual intimacy with both parties.

Nabooians tend to be extremely spiritual in a manner that draws heavily on such Eastern religions as Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism as well as on concepts found in Celtic shamanism. They are not precisely religious, as such, but they in essence venerate a personified concept of the Force that they call their Great Goddess, Lady of life/light/the seas. (The concept also draws on several real-world variants of both historical and modern goddess worship.) They respect life and natural harmony and growth because their Great Lady is the mother of all and an agent of growth and life, and there is an almost mystical aspect to their love and care for the land on which they live and for the concept of family, since a loving and fertile family is regarded as a natural reflection of the loving face of their Great Lady. The elected monarch of Naboo traditionally is meant to be a living avatar of the Great Goddess who has willingly shouldered the responsibility to care for and protect the peoples of Naboo as a loving parent would. The chosen companion/handmaiden program originally was a semi-religious following of devotees who tended to and guarded this living avatar of the Great Goddess (as elected by the people), so there are aspects of the program that almost echo the real-world phenomenon of living goddess cults, regarding the level of faith and devotion and love that handmaidens feel/practice towards their chosen lady, their Queen or Senator (whose role is considered similar to the monarch’s, only on a wider, more galactic scale).

The various beliefs and practices associated with this Great Goddess of the Force are all regarded essentially as heretical by the Jedi, but so much of the population of Naboo tends to be strong in the Force and the Jedi’s chances of being allowed to recruit from among the children of Naboo is often so slim (unless they are dealing with second- or third- or later-born children) that the Jedi Order long ago decided to refrain from fussing about the Nabooians’ view of the Force so long as the Nabooians would refrain from attempting to “corrupt” any of their Jedi. The Nabooians rather think the Jedi are short-sighted and misguided but that they mean well and usually accomplish a great deal of good in the galaxy (even if they are rather narrow-minded in their views of the Force), so they exist in a sort of uneasy state of alliance wherein both regard the other with a high degree of respect that’s nevertheless seasoned with more than a bit of an amused (and sometimes sliding towards condescending) sense of superiority.

In the time-frame for the prequels, Naboo has not quite recovered from the aftereffects of an extremely nasty hive virus that spread through the human and Gungan populations of the world when the two species were still inclined towards fighting one another instead of coexisting peacefully and which had the nasty side-effect of rendering many of its survivors sterile or semi-sterile. Children are especially protected and considered a gift/boon because it was so hard, for many years, for the people to naturally have children of their own. (In the immediate aftermath of this plague, Nabooians would, for many years to come, adopt and cherish orphans and refugees from various disasters on other words, making them their own children.) Losing a child is considered a grievous blow and deliberately harming a child is considered a terribly heinous crime on Naboo. Family is so very important that one’s duty to one’s family is culturally and socially considered to be so sacrosanct that many steps have been made to allow for individual family members to balance family and careers by encouraging parents to work out of the home and to participate in a lot of high-quality, state-sponsored (and therefore essentially free of charge) child-care and education programs.

Those who chose to devote themselves to political careers or to careers of support for highly prominent political figures must be willing to either forego their sense of responsibility to their families in lieu of a responsibility to a larger “family” of a population (as of the population of Theed or of the whole of Naboo or of the Republic itself) or to the representation of family and life found in the specific political leader they serve. Handmaidens, for example, are sworn to their lady for life or until such a time as their lady formally rescinds her claim upon them. They cannot marry and have children unless they have been released from service, but they are encouraged to form ties among each other that are similar to family ties – including the ties of the handfasted, which is why most handmaidens work in pairs. During their training, they each find one other who is naturally most compatible with themselves, and they form partnerships that eventually become (semi)permanent couples. Those who are chosen as decoy Queen (or decoy Senator) or Queen’s First (or Senator’s First) tend to be somewhat exempt from this general rule, because a First spends her time primarily with her lady, but they are technically not prohibited from forming such a romantic attachment with another, so long as she is also a member of the handmaiden program and both involved in the relationship know that their love is dependent upon their duty to their lady (in other words, their lady always comes first).

The Queen/Senator is, frankly, expected to make the people who elected her and who she’s supposed to serve her family, and it is a rare monarch or Senator who will marry while in office (unless the joining is a handfasting meant to cement a specific political alliance) and an even rarer one who will find a way to effectively balance a personal family with the many larger responsibilities that are inherent in such a political position. (Technically, Padmé went counter to the directives and duties of her office when she handfasted Anakin, because her action required her to place someone else and her own selfish desires above her duties to the peoples of Naboo and the Chommell Sector and the Republic and she was in danger of selfishly removing one of the galaxy’s greatest warriors from his protective duties as a guardian of peace/democracy/etc. in the galaxy, since Anakin could not be legally, openly bound to Padmé while also being a Jedi. Oddly enough, if she had been Queen and made such an alliance with a Jedi, this would have been a different matter, as she would have been regarded as bringing a mighty warrior to the defense of herself and so also her people.)

Political terms on Naboo are, in part, limited in the way they are not out of any fear of a dictatorship arising or a political coup of some sort as they are to allow political figures to have a career while young and then retire or semi-retire from that career in order to have a family later on in life. Technically, handmaidens/chosen companions are not bound to their lady (or lord, in the case of a King or male Senator) once that political figure’s term of office has ended; however, in some cases, handmaidens (especially those among the upper ranks, who are often called upon or trained for the possible eventuality of being called upon to play their lady’s decoy) will stay with their lady either for life or until their lady’s family has been raised to the point where the children are of age to be able to protect themselves. Such handmaidens are often regarded as second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.) mothers to those children or as aunts by right of love/loyalty. (Note: this has not been known to happen with a male chosen companion and his lord for most of the past two hundred years on Naboo, but a similar outcome is not historically unknown.)

It takes a certain kind of extraordinarily dedicated and loyal and selfless/loving person to be a successful handmaiden, and so it is perhaps not surprising, given the high level of Force-sensitivity among the human population of Naboo, that so many of the most devoted handmaidens are actually strong enough in the Force that they could have qualified (or at least been very close to being able to qualify) for training in the Jedi Temple, as children.

(Note: There are various reasons to explain the higher than normal degree of Force-sensitivity among the human population of Naboo, just as there also are for the Alderaaians, Chandrilians, and Grizmalltians, but most of these reasons pertain to plot arcs that are planned for exploration in the prequels and sequels to my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio, so I’m going to avoid trying to explain them here, so I won’t spoil people.)

(Note: Padmé’s paternal grandmother, Winama [Shelané being her childhood/shadow name. It’s a custom of Naboo explained in the TtRotS trio – newborns are given names other than their legal first names to be used by family and friends while those children are young, to confuse any evil spirits that might wish to try to possess them and so keep them from being able to successfully possess them. It’s half superstition and half something inspired by an only dimly remembered method for driving out the mind/soul of a Sith or Dark Jedi wishing to possess another’s body. Padmé’s childhood/shadow name is actually Sabia. I haven’t come up with Sabé’s other name yet - Dormé’s childhood/shadow name actually is her name in the canon/EU. Her given, legal name I decided to make be Ryseidas, which breaks with Nabooian tradition for names {and is a reflection of the fact that she might be the issue of rape and attempted murder} - but if you have suggestions, I’m willing to listen! I’m horrible at coming up with names!] Naberrie, was the Queen’s First for the last of the rare monarchs who married in office. Lataré Madeva Nabishu Najaffa reigned roughly sixty years prior to Padmé Amidala Naberrie Skywalker, married Aldron Najaffa – who went on to become King immediately after her elected reign as Queen ended – in her eighth year to close a rift that was threatening a political uprising, and bore three children to him during his eight-year reign as King. When Lataré’s youngest turned fifteen, her First, her beloved Shelané [Winama Tannis], finally felt free to marry her long-time suitor and former chosen companion of Aldron Najaffa, Keibhan Naberrie. They had three children, only one of whom lived long enough to marry, and it was he who became Padmé’s father, Ruwee. As she married so late in life Winama, like Lataré and her husband [who were essentially of an age with Winama], should be considered as belonging to the generation prior to the generation that birthed Dormé’s mother, Illyn. And yes, similarities in certain last names to other known family names on Naboo are deliberate on my part and meant to reflect bloodlines that converge at some point in the past. The Najaffas are distantly related to the Jaffas, just as the Nabishu and the Nabish [and likely any other family with a name similar to Bishu or Bish] are. I’ve cast a brightly blue-eyed, curly haired Greta Garbo as Winama – though she often kept her hair smoothed straight or into very large, loose curls, to more closely match the appearance of her lady – and Vivien Leigh as Lataré Madeva Nabishu Najaffa. Keibhan Naberrie I’ve cast as Sir Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier, and Aldron Najaffa as Errol Flynn.)

Specific Differences:

#1.) Dormé and Sabé are alternate versions of the Dormé and Sabé of the canon and EU, just as they are alternate versions of the Dormé and Sabé of the various AU versions of canon/EU that I consider to be an established part of fanon (specifically as with the Dormé and Sabé of cariel’s various AU Sobiwan and Dormékin series). They are alternate not just in that they live in a version of the GFFA where events went in a different direction than in the canon/EU (and from the way they did in cariel’s and cariel and bloodraven77’s AUs based on the varying outcomes of certain possible points of divergence from the canon/EU), but because they inhabit parallel universes that I believe exist in according to the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics/quantum indeterminancy. (This would be the theory of multiple universes existing in parallel dimensions, birthed by the varying outcomes of events in which it was possible for many different outcomes to result. Did y’all ever see the tv show Sliders? It was technically based on this physics theory.) The concept is basically the same as that of the multiverse, as explored in some kinds of comics. What you get is essentially the same basic soul/spirit of a person, only shaped/influenced by an environment and by circumstances that differ in some respects from those that shaped/influenced the same character in canon/EU or in a different AU.

Thus, Dormé is Dormé Tammesin rather than Dormé Jaffa. This is so because another of the deadly hive viruses (which were only just beginning to be something that science/medicine could control/combat in the prequel-era) brought to Theed by an infected spacer swept across Naboo roughly forty-five years prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars (which in my AU occurs on Productivity Day 1,000 ARR [After Ruusan Reformations] or 25,001 ARF [After Republic’s Founding], since you can’t very well use the EU BBY/ABY dating system used in the post-OT era in an AU where the Empire doesn’t ever really exist), and it essentially wiped out almost the entire extended family of Dormé’s mother – said family being an extremely wealthy and traditionally politically active or influential member of the unofficial aristocracy of Naboo. The only survivors were Dormé’s young mother (who was around two at the time the plague struck) and two slightly older male cousins – dependents of the family, who’d been taken in and adopted to keep them from being raised by other family members (i.e., their fathers, after the deaths of their mothers) considered to be unsuitable by Dormé’s mother’s family.

To make a long story short, another family – middle-class and ambitious enough to crave connections to the unofficial nobility – took in Dormé’s mother, Illyn, and her two cousins (currently tentatively named Katerol and Druthma) in order to marry the two male cousins to their two daughters and so be able to claim both the name of Illyn’s family as theirs and the vast majority of the wealth and property left behind by the family’s untimely demise. Illyn was essentially cheated out of her inheritance and treated like both an unwanted burden and drain on their resources (as this foster family had only two children by blood, both daughters) and a charity case dependent entirely on their largesse and whims. Illyn, being a strong-willed woman and self-educated enough to know what she was being robbed of, did not take this kind of treatment very well, and fled from this family as soon as she was able to, at the tender age of twelve, by secretly securing a scholarship in the city of Theed and then stowing away on a convoy bearing grain bound for Theed. Once in the city, she presented herself at the Palace on a day when the monarch and ruling court were traditionally opened to the people for petitions and complaints, and testified against the foster family that had unlawfully appropriated her inheritance and treated her badly (neglecting and even abusing) her entire time with them, demanding that she be repaid both what she’d been legally due as well as damages for what she’d suffered with them most of the past decade, so that she’d be able to set herself up independently in Theed and support herself as she pursued a higher education.

Unfortunately for Illyn, her foster family, coffers swollen with misgotten gains, had allied itself with the currently reigning King (a King who ruled not quite twenty years prior to the reign of Padmé Amidala and for only one four-year term, due to many failures of justice during his time in office, who I’ve cast as Spencer Tracy and named Muruka [and by the way, I’ve cast Marlon Brando as King Veruna, the monarch prior to Padmé Amidala]), who would not be voted out of office for another three years. However, luckily for her, she caught the eye and heart of another petitioner – a member of the growing staff/guard of the young Princess of Theed (who would be Naboo’s next monarch) – and, after essentially being taken in by Adeé Russe, the Princess of Theed (cast as Katherine Hepburn), as an orphan/ward of the city (in direct defiance of the King’s ruling) and a somewhat tumultuous romance and courtship, legally wed this member of the Princess’ staff/guard at the tender age of about fifteen. Not long after her marriage to Cianus Tammesin (tentatively cast as William Hurt), the King of Naboo was soundly beaten by the Princess of Theed (who therefore became Adeé Ashtara Russe) in the election, and Illyn was finally able to file a legal claim and complaint against the foster family who had mistreated her so badly. Things went well for her, but unfortunately the family’s fortunes had suffered since the King’s defeat as well as on account of the profligate spending of its new heads (following the mysterious deaths of the former heads of the household in a boating accident during a summer squall) during most of the previous three years. It essentially would bankrupt the family to pay the damages that the courts awarded Illyn, and so, in a desperate attempt to avoid having to pay, the cousins and their wives decided to hire a locally known thief, kidnapper, extortionist, and rumored murderer-for-hire to get rid of the problem for them.

Illyn ended up being raped and beaten/tortured half to death before the early arrival home of her husband could put a stop to events. The hirling, caught and mortally wounded (from a combination of a dagger to the back from Illyn and a blow to the head by her husband that cracked the man’s skull and made it impossible to move him), confessed to everything, and the family was not only ruined but banished from Naboo, their names and rights to the planet legally stripped from them (which is why I refer to them only as “the family” or foster family. Their name – and so also the name of Illyn’s blood family – was ritually blacked out of the records of Naboo, recorded only in the infamous book of traitors and exiles. To distance herself from all that had happened to her, she gave up right to the name and demanded that it never be spoken where she could hear it). To compound the tragedy, it was discovered that Illyn was pregnant roughly a month after the attack, and it would not be possible to tell, without definitive blood and DNA testing, whether the child was the product of her loving marriage or of the brutal rape. Illyn resolved to keep the child and to suffer no such tests (as she could not trust herself to be able to bear the knowledge and raise the child as her own, if the child was indeed a result of the attack), after her husband declared that the child was his and, if she proved able to carry the babe to full turn, would be legally acknowledged as his heir, no matter how it might have come to be.

A full term of pregnancy (given the ten months of the galactic standard calendar) is not quite eight months, for most humans and near-humans. Dormé was born not quite six and a half months after Illyn discovered her pregnancy – a little early to be the product of the attack, but small and slightly sickly, as though perhaps born slightly before full term. So absolutely did she resemble her mother and her mother’s family – brunette, dark eyed, fair skinned, and slender of build – that it could not be accurately guessed, thus, who her father had been. She lacked both the coarse curly hair of her mother’s rapist and the surprisingly fair hair of her legal father. But at least two of her later siblings did not let this uncertainty stop them from using the knowledge of what she might have been (the child of a rapist and a killer-for-hire) to torment her, and her mother and legal father, for all their fine words and good intentions, never could treat Dormé quite as well as they did their two younger boys and precious youngest child and daughter, even though Dormé was an extremely bright and beautiful precocious little girl. She pushed herself both to succeed and to exceed all expectations of her abilities, to be the best at everything she did, in an attempt to earn the love and respect of her distant father and chilly mother, but it did not good, until finally an even more bright and beautiful young teenager named Padmé Naberrie ran for and became elected Queen of Naboo, and word went out across Naboo that the traditional program of handmaidens/chosen companions and guardians of the monarch would be reinstated, and volunteers were wanted . . .

As for Sabé, well, her mother (who I still need to cast and name, by the way)suffered a miscarriage not quite two years before she was born, and, following the death of her mother in a freak accident when she was about ten months of age, her father, who had only been in a three-year trial handfasting to her mother (and who I also need to name and cast, still), was so devastated and felt so ill-equipped to deal with raising a baby on his own that he arranged for another to become her legal guardian. Sabé therefore moved in with her maternal grandmother, in Theed (in a house just up the street from a certain lovely yellow-colored stone home), and her grandmother, Siraphé (who I still to cast), adopted her formally and legally changed her last name to Dahn. Sabé was a lovely little precocious four-and-a-half-year-old (who most often went about with bare feet, when she could get away with it) when the Naberries moved in down the street with an equally precocious child nearing her fourth year of age who looked so much like her that strangers would often mistake them for sisters and even twins, and the two girls quickly became inseparable. It was widely believed that the two would be legally handfasted by the time they both reached the age of consent/majority, at least until it became obvious that Padmé’s heart was so set on the realm of politics that any such legally binding action would have to wait. It was nevertheless believed by their families that the two would be life-partners and perhaps find a third willing to act as their legal consort, so that they could have children to raise together, pretty much right up until the point when Padmé became Queen and then Sabé became Senator, and the two seemed to drift apart somewhat, despite their status as sworn lady and chosen handmaiden.

In truth, Sabé and Padmé did not so much as drift apart as they stubbornly enforced and maintain a distance between them that one had become convinced was absolutely necessary, for the sake of propriety and morality (as Padmé feared somehow taking advantage of Sabé, as her sworn lady. She felt it would be wrong to have a romantic relationship with the woman who was essentially giving up her life in order to protect her and even pretend to be her, in order to draw the fire of any/all enemies), and the other was absolutely determined to respect and to hold to the limits that had been enforced betweent hem (since she was too proud, for one thing, to be the one to admit that the distance between them was wrong, and she was too good to push for something that Padmé did not seem to want – even if she did seem to sometimes still want what they’d once had). The story of Sabé and Padmé’s tragic and doomed love is whispered about among the other handmaidens, who often conspired to try to find a way to bring the two back together, and so the other handmaidens were all caught entirely off-guard and dumbfounded when their lady secretly handfasted Anakin Skywalker, especially since it was a not so very well kept secret (well, not well kept by their lady. The handmaidens guarded the knowledge quite jealousy, though, and there were few outside of milady’s immediate family and Obi-Wan’s circle of friends who were aware of the fact) that both women loved and desired Obi-Wan Kenobi and regarded him as the absolute perfect choice for a shared consort.

Sabé has essentially been regarded as an extension of Padmé by all of the handmaidens for Padmé Amidala, and those of the handmaidens who actively served for Padmé and are still living will easily and gladly transfer their loyalty and their love to Sabé. If asked, they would reply that they also feel perfectly at ease to transfer their loyalty and their vows to Dormé, who has been a tireless teacher of Queens Firsts and alternate decoys and has essentially been regarded within the handmaiden coteries as a second Sabé. Those who have been trained as handmaidens but who didn’t have a chance to truly serve Padmé before her untimely death are pretty much so equally in awe of both of the former Queen’s Firsts that they’re (mostly) just as thrilled with the prospect of becoming handmaidens for either Sabé or Dormé as they had been with the notion of becoming handmaids for Padmé Amidala. Their natures and convictions and interests and training incline them to a life of service to the people (whether directly through politics or humanitarian work or indirectly, through service to one dedicated to such things), and to be given the chance/choice to serve with Milady Sabé or Milady Dormé (rather than see all of that training possibly go to waste and not be given a chance to act on their ideals) is, essentially, a perfect solution to a painful problem, for them.

Let’s see . . . what else should I probably mention here . . . ? Sabé was born left-handed, yet, because Padmé was right-handed, she taught herself to be pretty much wholly ambidextrous by the tender age of about five and a half. Dormé taught herself to be ambidextrous at an even younger age because she was left-handed to her mother’s and her legal father’s right-handedness, and it seemed one more way to try to close the distance between them. Most of the handmaidens who have been true handmaidens and not just guardian handmaids (again, there is a difference. The first rank can serve either as decoy, if needed, or can competently help their sworn lady perform all of her duties, in essence picking up half to two-thirds of the load of work, to help ease her burden. The second rank is much more skilled in areas of combat/defense and perhaps also such tasks as the everyday running of the household – shopping, seeing to the clothes and the linens, preparing hot baths for their lady and seeing to it that she’s supplied with enough hot tea and food to get through even the longest of days, helping with matters of protocol and etiquette so that petitioners and such won’t embarrass themselves before their lady, seeing to wardrobe and makeup and jewels and such – and perform these tasks so that the others will not have to be troubled with such trifles) are therefore also ambidextrous, because their lady is right-handed and their most famous/beloved (and technically born left-handed) teachers insist that being able to use both hands/arms in combat is an advantage that they cannot afford to do without.

Colors do have significance on Naboo, but I haven’t worked out all the specific messages that such colors could send yet, aside from the obvious mourning/grieving in shades of purple. And blue, depending on the color, can mean either penance and apology (dark navy blues tending towards black or dark indigo – which gives a whole new level of meaning to those dark blue and purple dresses Padmé wore in AotC and RotS, doesn’t it?) or else signify guardianship (lighter, sky or water hues). I’m going to adapt some meanings associated with the various colors of the lotus blossom into the color meanings for Nabooians, particularly when it comes to the traditional clothing and costumes worn by the handmaidens as well as by the monarchs and Senators. (The white lotus represents the state of spiritual perfection and total mental purity – bodhi – and is associated with the White Tara and proclaims her perfection. The pink lotus is the supreme lotus, generally reserved for the highest deity and so associated with the Great Buddha himself. The red lotus signifies the original nature and purity of the heart – hrdya – and so is the lotus of love, compassion, passion and all other qualities of the heart, not to mention being the flower of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. The blue lotus is a symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, and signifies the wisdom of knowledge, so it is the preferred flower of Manjushri, the bodhisattva of wisdom.) I’ve looked up some meanings that are generally attached to color in different real-world traditions, but have yet to sort through them all and get everything hammered out to my satisfaction, so that meanings will seem to match the colors observed in the films. If anyone has any suggestions to make regarding the meanings of colors, now would be a good time to mention them!

As stated elsewhere on this LJ, I recently decided that Sabé’s regnal name is going to be Kandala’mikama. That’s quite a bit longer than the other regnal names of known Queens of Naboo in both the films and the EU, but then, Sabé is going to be a Queen unlike any that they have had lately – a Queen of a more mature age, chosen for her wisdom and experience, rather than her believed innocence/purity. The name has also been chosen for five reasons: it fits a similar pattern of names for both Padmé Amidala and Shmi Skywalker (which evokes various associations with the padma or sacred water lily [i.e., lotus blossom] and the goddess Lakshmi); in my mind, all those K’s evoke the name of Keira Knightly, which I think is a nice nod to the actress; it basically contains the name of Kamala (“she of the lotus”), which is a common epithet of goddess Lakshmi; it essentially contains the name of Kamalatmika (the goddess Devi in the fullness of her graceful aspect – i.e., shown as seated on a lotus, symbol of both purity and the life force that pervades creation); and it also contains most of the word that is the sacred mandala (i.e., a circle metaphysically/symbolically representing the cosmos, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective), a symbol that’s often employed as a sort of spiritual teaching tool for focusing the attention of aspirants and adepts, either by helping them establish a sacred space or as an aid to meditation and trance induction, and which has ties to the chakra (as in, the divine circle or wheel, which in turn ties to the notion of the wheel of history/time, which I think is a concept that would be not unfamiliar to those in the GFFA who make a study of the Force), and which frankly makes me think of the symbol of the Open Circle Armada that Obi-Wan and Anakin were put in charge of and so makes me want to smile.

(Note: In Buddhism, the lotus is sacred not only because it transcends the darkness of the water and mud where its roots are, but also because of its perfectly symmetrical petals, which resemble a mandala).

Sabé’s regnal name may or may not end up being shortened in everyday use. I haven’t quite come to a decision on that, yet (though I’m leaning towards something like Kan’ama). I rather think that regnal names may be tied in to the Force-centered spirituality that pervades Nabooian culture, in which case a Queen (or Senator) might or might not be given more than one name, as time passes, as a sort of epithet (in the metaphoric sense, essentially as a reduced or condensed appositive either attached to a person’s name or given in place of a proper name, as what might be described as a glorified nickname meant to specifically conjure up a certain quality/attribute of said person) . . . Anyway, it took me forever to come up with a name I liked enough to finally stop waffling on, and I’ve yet to come up with a suitable name for Dormé. I’ve decided that, given the traditions that surround the monarchy and the way that the Senator acts as a sort of elected monarch who’s expected to intervene for the whole of the sector and perhaps even the whole of the galaxy rather than just the whole of the planet, regnal names are assigned to Nabooian Senators as well as to their monarchs, though a name assigned to a monarch is usually carried over if one who’s been a Queen or King of Naboo later becomes a Senator. (Which means, actually, that Palpatine is a regnal Sentaorial name and not a real, legal, given name in any actual sense of those words. Readers might want to tuck that little fact away in the back of their heads.)

I’m torn between trying to figure out a way to continue the whole lotus blossom/Lakshmi theme or altering the focus to maybe more accurately reflect just who Dormé is. The problem with the first is that everything I can come up with sounds either too much like names that carry too much baggage for me (because of other real-life people or other characters I’ve read about) or else they look/sound too much Padmé or Sabé’s regnal names or real names or else they’re too much like Shmi’s name; and, with the second, well . . . My brain keeps circling around the whole “dark angel” title that’s become associated with Dormé in fanon (because of cariel's Dormékin AUs) and coming back to Kali and not thinking that the connotations associated with that name or any name too like it will go over too well for a Senator in the SW ’verse. Snerk I’ve toyed with the names Sundari’maya or Maya’sundari or else Sundala’maya or Maya’sundala (from “Maya,” a word that means illusion but that connotes the veil that the goddess Lakshmi, as Mahamaya, casts over Brahman, and “Padmasundari,” an epithet for Lakshmi meaning “one who is beautiful as a lotus,” which would be appropriate for our Dormé, since she’s also Rose), but I can’t decide if I like any of the possible variants I can come up with any more than any of the others, and I want Dormé’s name to be something special, dangit, and not just something that’s two or three clever references all jumbled up in one name. So I don’t suppose anyone has a favorable opinion on any of these or a possible alternative, eh?

If there's anything else that should be added here, I can't think of it right now, so . . . Y'all feel free to ask questions, and I'll try to answer them if I can!
PS: A list of the customs/rules (tentatively) aassociated with naming children on Naboo can be found at http:/ /polgarawolf.livejournal. com/106978.html

PPS: I’ve recently been informed of a regnal name that’s given to Dormé in a (I believe) work in progress (or in the planning stages?) of cariel and bloodraven77, and it’s so perfect it’s practically the same name I’d initially chosen to give to Leia, as a traditional Nabooian childhood name. I like it so much that I’m altering my childhood name for Leia ever so slightly and, with the permission of cariel and bloodraven77, planning on keeping it in reserve to use for my Dormé’s regnal name. And I’m so happy right now I could just burst, so thank you thank you thank you to cariel, for letting me know about it!!!

PPS: The notion of epithets being so fitting on a world that deals in regnal names and in giving private names of honor to children when they reach adulthood (as referenced by Padmé in the second book of my Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith trio, when she refers to being given the “blood name” of Arianeira, “as is traditional when a girl-child of Naboo comes to the full flowering of her womanhood”), I’m fairly certain that Padmé Amidala will have been given two epithets while still living (one after the events of TPM, the other after the events of AotC) and one when dead, those being Maha’kamala, Maha’dhairya, and Maya’sundari (all variants of one kind of another of historical epithets for or specific aspects of Lakshmi/Mahamaya/Kamalatmika). This being so, I imagine that Kandala’mikama may be the final of several loving epithets rather than the core regnal name Sabé is given when first elected Queen. This may change, though, depending on whether or not I decide Kan’ama or something similar is too short for a proper regnal name and whether or not I decide her original regnal name might need to be something else entirely (less similar in tone to Amidala).


Rules for Nabooian Names (as they currently stand)

Note: This list of rules/customs is subject to change and will likely be added to as I continue to make up some names for some of my more minor original characters (and continue to discover the existence of more minor EU characters) from Naboo!

First-born child as a daughter: Ends in -a (Example: Sola Naberrie)
Second-born child as a daughter: Ends in -é (Example: Padmé Naberrie)
Third-born child as a son: Ends in -n (Example: Kason Gardia, Jarrisen Maurello, Davin [Naldona] Harwood, Corban Nepascia, Keibhan Naberrie, etc.)
Fourth-born child as a son: Ends in -a (or -ma) (Example: Druthma Jaffa)

First-born child as a daughter: Ends in -a (Example: Ayesha Jamillia Zyanya, Essara Till, Sabitha Aldona, Myria Veganis, etc.)
Second-born child as a son: Ends in -d (Example: Feyd Janra)
Third-born child as a daughter: Ends in -i (or -ni) (Example: Arani Korden, Mahuri Dixdi Zyanya, etc.)
Fourth-born child as a daughter: Ends in -m (or -rm) (Example: Yarm Najaffa, a Queen of Naboo born ~500 years before the Battle of Geonosis)

First-born child as a daughter: Ends in -a (Example: Keiana [Apailana] Adrasteia, Quianna [Kylantha] Alcmene, etc.)
Second-born child as a daughter: Ends in -é (Example: Aideé Gardia, Shelanné Glenn, etc.)
Third-born child as a son: Ends in -n (Example: Roshan Navaren, Dren Melne, etc.)
Fourth-born child as a daughter: Ends in -l (or -yl) (Example: Evenyl Yob)

First-born child as a daughter: Ends in -a (Example: Amesha Myman, Rigana Gyllen, etc.)
Second-born child as a daughter: Ends in -é (Example: Gwené Maranno, Maitané Aldona, Ellessé Veganis, etc.)
Third-born child as a daughter: Ends in -y or -i (Example: Lehari Nhaven)
Fourth-born child as a son: Ends in -io (Example: Sio Bibble)

First-born child as a son: Ends in -e (Example: Sharuke Zyanya)
Second-born child as a daughter: Ends in -u (or -nu) (Example: Rhiannu Naberrie, Ashæru Adrasteia)
Third-born child as a daughter: Ends in another vowel besides either -a or -u or any form of -e, whether accented or not. (Example: Ryoo Naberrie, Solei Rishima)
Fourth-born child as a daughter: Ends in -ja (Example: Pooja Naberrie)

First-born child as a daughter: Ends in -a (Example: Keiana [Apailana] Adrasteia, Quianna [Kylantha] Alcmene, etc.)
Second-born child as a daughter: Ends in -é (Example: Aideé Gardia, Shelanné Glenn, etc.)
Third-born child as a son: Ends in -n (Example: Roshan Navaren, Dren Melne, etc.)
Fourth-born child as a son: Ends in -o (Example: Palo Tilera)

First-born child as a son: Ends in -e (Example: Ruwee Naberrie, Líruwee Naberrie, etc.)
Second-born child as a son: Ends in -s (Example: Cianus Tammesin)
Third-born child as a daughter: Ends in -i (or -ai) (Example: Yseultai Tammesin, though readers should note that, in the naming of her three youngest children, Lady Illyn [Jaffa] Tammesin essentially ignored the existence of her first-born daugher, Ryseidas [Dormé] Tammesin)
Fourth-born child as a daughter: Ends in -n (or -yn) (Example: Illyn [Jaffa] Tammesin, Catárren Marchei, etc.)

First-born child as a daughter: Ends in -a (Example: Elynna Dahn Nabish, Shesha Grandin, Surana Barakis, etc.)
Second-born child as a son: Ends in -d (Example: Feyd Janra)
Third-born child as a son: Ends in -l (Example: Katerol Jaffa)
Fourth-born child as a daughter: Ends in -m (Example: Yarm Najaffa, a Queen of Naboo born ~500 years before the Battle of Geonosis)

First-born child as a son: Ends in -e (Example: Sammase Marano, Dallone Harwood, etc.)
Second-born child as a son: Ends in -s (Example: Darniss Maranno, Ioannes Tammesin, though readers should note that, in the naming of her three youngest children, Lady Illyn [Jaffa] Tammesin essentially ignored the existence of her first-born daugher, Ryseidas [Dormé] Tammesin)
Third-born child as a daughter: Ends in -i (or -ai) (Example: Mahuri Dixdi Zyanya, Yseultai Tammesin, though readers should note that, in the naming of her three youngest children, Lady Illyn [Jaffa] Tammesin essentially ignored the existence of her first-born daugher, Ryseidas [Dormé] Tammesin)
Fourth-born child as a son: Ends in -r (or -ar) (Example: Vidar Kim)

First-born child as a son: Ends in -e (Example: Graelynde Adrasteia, Taymore Larminta, Callume Nabish, etc.)
Second-born child as a son: Ends in -s (Example: Darvis Kolan, Reis Larminta, Kieras Nepascia, etc.)
Third-born child as a son: Ends in -nn (Example: Alenn Dahn, Shaunn Nepascia, etc.)
Fourth-born child as a son: Ends in -a (Example: Mitcha Larminta, Connla Nepascia)

First-born child as a daughter: Ends in -a (Example: Nyda Larminta, Amilla Alcroft, Lahura Boranys, Ellindra Ghende Boranys, etc.)
Second-born child as a daughter: Ends in -é (Example: Emmé [Naldona] Harwood)
Third-born child as a daughter: Ends in -y or -i (Example: Lehari Nhaven)
Fourth-born child as a daughter: Ends in -m (Example: Yarm Najaffa, a Queen of Naboo born ~500 years before the Battle of Geonosis)

Note #1: Rules vary when children are born as twins or triplets (or conceivably as quadruplets on up, though there has not been a multiple live birth involving more than three children among the native human population of Naboo for over a thousand years), though not all Nabooians follow the rules for multiple births if the births occur over a larger space of time than a few minutes (instead reverting to first-born child, second-born child, third-born child, etc., rules). And, of course, as these rules are only traditional customs, they are not adhered to rigidly, especially among families of mixed ancestry where adoptions of children from other worlds have brought traditions and customs of other peoples into the mix. However, the most common endings used for multiple births are: -a and -e for fraternal twins who're born quickly together (for a first born child as a girl and a first born child as a boy); -æ and -œ for identical girl twins born quickly together; and -y and -g for identical boy twins born quickly together.

Note #2: Children's names - traditional names given to a child after birth, to confuse any evil spirits (Sith ghosts, for example) and so protect the child from attempts at possession - generally don't follow the rules for those given to children legally, for life, for fairly obvious reasons. The custom has evolved over time so that the tradition is less about attempting to protect a child against possession than it is about differentiating between a child and a legal adult who has undergone the traditional coming of age ceremony. Childhood names - known formally/ritualistically as "shadow names" - are essentially given up after one reaches legal majority and/or undergoes the ritual coming of age (which occurs approximately around age thirteen for girls and fourteen to fifteen for boys), though one's family and close friends often use these as pet names or affectionate nicknames.

Note #3: It is traditional among the women of Naboo to give a private "blood name" when a girl-child of Naboo comes to the full flowering of her womanhood and/or reaches the age of legal adulthood. This name, known among men and boys as a "seed name," is given to a child who has been deemed an adult in a private ceremony among either all of the adult females or else all of the adult males of the family (or with at least one surrogate brought in especially for this purpose), and is generally never spoken again (save, perhaps, by its recipient), outside of extremely private family matters involving issues of faithfulness or treachery to the family and within the bounds of highly intimate relationships, where the trading of full names is seen as a sign of unquestioning trust. It is not common for a blood/seed name to be known beyond the bounds of one's immediate blood kin and legal spouse(s), and these names generally do not follow any set pattern, beyond a certain tendency for some names within a family to resemble each other.

Note #4: In the exceedingly few/rare cases of truly unwanted children (children, for example, who are or who may be the product of rape), it can often be observed that the mother of the child(ren) will deliberately break with the traditional rules of naming for her children in such a way as to skip over acknowledging the unwanted child(ren) as the issue of her body. The most famous example of this is likely the case of Lady Illyn (Jaffa) Tammesin, who, after being viciously attacked by a man hired by the sibling wives of her only two known living immediate blood relatives (in an attempt to avoid the bankruptcy that they knew would otherwise be brought about by a legal action taken against their combined household for the illegal appropriation of Lady Illyn's birthright and inheritance), gave birth to a girl-child who might have been a product of the rape she suffered or who might just as easily have been a product of any one of a number of the immediately previous loving nights she spent in the embrace of her husband, Cianus Tammesin, an aide/advisor and highly trained guard in the employ of the then Queen (Ashtara Adeé Russe) of Naboo. Unable to bring herself to allow to have the child's paternity tested, Lady Illyn agreed, with her husband, to raise the child as if she were their own first-born; yet, Illyn failed to adhere to the traditional naming customs, naming the girl Ryseidas (a name associated with darkness, tragedy, and heartbreak, in Nabooian culture) instead of giving her a name ending in -a, as is customary name for a first-born child who is a girl. This girl-child would later go on to become a handmaiden and decoy of another young Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala, and, oddly enough, it would be by her childhood name (the name traditionally given to a newborn child and used by close family and friends at least up until the time when that child participates in a ritual coming of age and so is recognized as an adult), Dormé Tammesin, that she would become famous for her courage, compassion, and wisdom . . .

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