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Taking Care of Baby

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Eiri and Shuichi find a babysitter for their new baby

Category: Gravitation - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Mika,Shuichi,Yuki - Published: 2008-06-07 - Updated: 2008-06-07 - 350 words - Complete

Title: Taking Care of Baby
Author: EIRI-CHICK (-_-)=~
Pairing: Mika X park bench
Description: Eiri and Shuichi find a babysitter for their new baby!
Category: Fanfiction
Subcategory: Comedy
Rating: All Ages
Disclaimer: If Gravitation was mine, I’d be there to watch and giggle!

As always, I once again thank my wonderful beta, KageOtogi, my OTB (One True Beta!)

Taking Care of Baby

Tiring in the hot sun as she walked down the path in the local park, Seguchi Mika sat on a bench, placing the carriage she was pushing next to her.

“Damn it Eiri! This is not what I signed up for when I agreed to babysit!” she sighed as she regretted wearing the expensive high heels gracing her feet, leaning against the backrest. Its sun-heated wood felt good against her sore back. After first glancing around to make sure no one was watching, she wiggled her butt slightly against the bench seat, enjoying its firm surface, then sighed as she pulled out a cigarette from an ornate silver case.

“If I had known exactly who or what “the baby” was, I never would have agreed to take her for a walk! Shuichi had BETTER appreciate this, or I’ll wring his skinny little neck!” she fumed as she relaxed further and lit her cigarette.

“Eiri and Shuichi had better hurry back from this meeting with Tohma! I’ll kill them both if I have to miss my manicure appointment!” she growled at the baby in the carriage.

Fast asleep inside the carriage next to a pink tennis ball was an extremely exhausted Labrador puppy, her shiny black coat gleaming from the recent spraydown her hyperactive owner gave her prior to placement with the grumbling woman. The gold tag attached to the pink collar around her neck read “Baby” in elegant kanji.

Looking closer at the park bench, Mika’s eye caught a small gold placard attached to it as she sat. It read “This park bench cared for by Y.E., S.S. and Baby.”

She tried hard not to grimace, but failed.


(The End)

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