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Chapter 12 - A Mysterious Past Revealed

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Will DarkFire finally find out about her past?

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To Save a Hero - Sonic Fan-Fiction
By: Dragon-of-Midnight

Chapter 12: A Mysterious Past Revealed?

DarkFire stared at the man. "You're sure about this, right? Or are you from El Cheapo Actors or something?" She looked around at her friends. They all stood still, petrified.

"DarkFire" called the man. "You will need your necromancer's staff to use your abilities."

DarkFire looked peculiarly back at the man. "Did you say... My" replied DarkFire, laying heavy emphasis on the word my. "necromancer's staff?"

Espio stepped between DarkFire and the stranger. "Wait up there; DarkFire, you used to be evil, right? What is all of this about?"

DarkFire shrugged her shoulders. She stepped away; faced the stranger and Espio. "What will you say if I decide to find the staff and use my powers for good, now evil?"

Espio hushed. The strange man stepped forward to DarkFire. "Alright, then. Hold your hand up like this..." The man held his hand in front of DarkFire, hand curled as though he was holding an invisible rod.

DarkFire slowly lifted her claw to imitate him. "Okay, what exactly will this do?"

A vaporous rod materialised in DarkFire's claw. It was velvety black in colour with curled blue markings upon its surface. The rod was tipped with a large, spherical gem. The staff solidified with a shiny finish. DarkFire gazed at it with astonishment. "This..." she breathed "is mine, right?"

Kate glared at the scene. "Hm... How can we trust you? There is one untrue thing you said. You said DarkFire was very dangerous. Did she hurt anyone since we met her? No."

Crystal nudged Kate. She turned around. "What is it?" she murmured.

Crystal pointed at a small piece of charred fabric on the ground. Kate smacked her forehead. "Well, at least she only harmed others when defending herself!" she snapped. She strolled away. She re-emerged, wrapping her arms around WaterFang.

DarkFire tapped Kate's shoulder. "I think we'd better go now. The sun is starting to rise."

The man nodded. "Alright, DarkFire, I think I am going to take my leave now. You can exit first."

"Where the hell do we exit?" growled Kate.

DarkFire shrugged her shoulders. "We might as well stuff the place up, and blow up a concrete wall here. Crystal, you can freeze the wall and break the ice."

A chilly breeze swept the room as the whole of the concrete wall in front of the group turned an icy, crystalline blue. Cracks spread from all over the ice, swelling, elongating. The sound of ice cracking echoed across the room. The wall gave way; falling as a sheet of shards on a waterfall. Splinters of ice with concrete lay on the ground. "We'd better get going!" declared Crystal. Four discs of solid ice appeared in front of the group. "Hop on!" She stepped on the one in front of her.

Kate looked cautiously at the discs of ice. "You're sure they're safe, right?"

Crystal nodded. "Or course! DarkFire, I don't think you'll need one."

DarkFire eyed at her staff. "I'm not sure whether my staff will get in the way..." Her staff dissolved into thin air. "Wow, apparently, I can make it appear and disappear at will! Alright, we should REALLY get going now."

Kate shrugged her shoulders, and stepped on one of the discs of ice. Espio followed.

Crystal smiled. "We need to get back to the city pretty quickly; brace yourselves."

The discs of ice ascended into the air, carrying their riders up into the air. DarkFire leapt into the air, and beat her wings. She rocketed towards the sky. She stopped. Everyone was airborne. They all scanned the plains in front of them. As one, DarkFire, Kate, Crystal and Espio soared through the chilly air of dawn.
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