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“Yannis Kitsou Dooku: Jedi Master Extraordinaire, Count Dooku of Serenno, and (Briefly, Due to a Minor Fit of Grief-Induced Insanity) Darth Tyranus of the Sith”

by Polgarawolf 0 reviews

SUMMARY: This is one hundred and one random (but essentially chronological, if with some occasional overlap and a few memories deliberately placed out of order, due to their increased significance ...

Category: Star Wars - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Romance,Sci-fi - Characters: Amidala,Anakin,Obi-Wan,Qui-Gon - Warnings: [!!] [V] [X] [R] [?] - Published: 2008-06-07 - Updated: 2008-06-08 - 15198 words - Complete



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