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Motoki! If you're gonna lock Mamoru & Usagi in a closet together, don't forget that they're there! Add to that a bet of high stakes, a slightly bipolar Usagi, a couple of meddling spirits, and you ...

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Summary: Toki-kun ::wags finger at Motoki:: if you're going to lock Mamoru and Usagi in a closet together, don't forget that they're there! Add to that a bet of high stakes between two best friends, and you've got yourself a First Love Fic. Slightly AU because it's hard to write a Fist Love fic as anything but AU.

A/N # 1: In case you were wondering, the main reason I wrote this fic is because I'm always reading the "Let's lock Mamoru and Usa in a closet for five minutes and watch them fall magically in love and make out on the Arcade's hidden cameras" or something along those lines. After a while, this type of plot got really boring because, let's face it, nobody falls in love in five minutes, so I thought, what if....and this fic appeared in my head.

Disclaimer: Don't own it, don't sue; my plot, plagiarize and suffer greatly ::smiles insanely:: I also don't own The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the quotes at the end of each chapter. Those are almost always from coolsig, but in any case, they are cited.

If a character's conscience decided to annoy him/her, the text will be in italics and encased in '...' If one of the characters is talking to his/her inner voice, the text will be in /italics/. Dreams are also in /italics/. POV and setting information is bold.

Chapter One

-/You're On-/

-Tsukino Usagi
Friday Afternoon (4:45); Tokyo-

It was a beautiful day, by my standards. Not too hot, not too cold-just right. The perfect weather to make me appreciate the beauty of Spring and forget that April showers didn't bring May flowers, but rather May thunderstorms, which have been scaring me for as long as I can remember. The scent of Sakura blossoms hung heavy in the air, the trees that bore them already in full bloom. Haruna-sensei had just dismissed me, and it was about time, too! She'd given me detention for being late that morning, even though it was my first time all week. I had a strong suspicion things weren't going well with her newest boyfriend, but it wasn't my right to pry. Of course, there was also a chance that she had it in for me, especially, but that was a rather ridiculous prospect. After all, what could I have possibly done to deserve it?

'Um, well here's an idea: It could be because you're always late, you never give in your H.W., you daydream during class, or gee, maybe it's because she just doesn't like you.'

Who asked you?

'You did, darling.'

/You do have a very active imagination, don't you? /I mentally asked the voice.

/'Well, you'll be happy to know I get it from you, duckie, you and all your ever so stimulating video games.' /Even in my head I could hear the sarcasm, and it took every ounce of maturity I had for me to ignore it.

I wrinkled my nose. Duckie//?/ You sound about fifty./

'Well that's wonderful, considering I'm all of one thousand and thirty.'

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not completely out of my mind and yes, the voice in my head actually does exist. Has, in fact, since the battle at the Starlight Tower. Its, or rather /her/, name is Princess Serenity, and she absolutely, flat-out refuses to leave. Apparently, I amuse her.

'Speaking of amusement, dear, you'd better walk faster if you expect to spend any time at all playing video games at the arcade today.'

Nah, all the good ones are taken by this time, anyway.

'Well, that's too bad, I suppose. Perhaps seeing your precious Toki-kun will cheer you up. You haven't seen that stud muffin since last Saturday.' I resisted the urge to gag.

Stud muffin? Who on Earth still talks like that? /I shook my head in disbelief. /And anyhow, why in the world would seeing Mamoru cheer me up?

'Mamoru?/ Where in Selene's name did that come from?' /

Didn't you say...

'No, I said /Motoki/.' A laugh. 'Now I know what's really been on your mind lately.'

/What an absolutely preposterous idea! Mamoru-baka is an enormous jerk with an ego to match. It's a wonder he manages to walk upright, what with the size of his head as opposed to the rest of him. /Another laugh.

'Yes, he is a bit of a prick, isn't he? Nice smile, though...'

I wouldn't know, would I?

'Are you /bitter/?'

/Of course not! /If I had been speaking, the sentence would have come out a snap.

/'Somebody's in denial,' /the words came out in a sing-song tone typical of kindergarteners.

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

'I'm sure you don't. Oh, and you just passed the arcade, thought you ought to know.'

Ha ha ha. Very Funny.

'No, it isn't, actually. I saw the sign at least five minutes ago.'

I stopped and looked around./ Bloody much help you are, /I snarled, turning on my heel.

-Chiba Mamoru
5:15pm; Crown Center Arcade-

I sipped my coffee slowly enough so that I wouldn't burn my mouth but fast enough so that I didn't look like I was trying to avoid just that. Appearance was everything. And besides, I was having a bad enough week without alerting half of Tokyo to the fact that my coffee was too hot, but I was stupid enough to try and drink it anyway. I briefly wondered if Odango Atama was going to show up today. She hadn't been to the arcade for nearly a week, and I was beginning to wonder when the withdrawal symptoms were going to start.

'Wow. A little harsh, no''

Right now, I couldn't care less.

'Ah yes, you nearly failed that physics exam, didn't you?'

I /don't want to talk about it./


-Furuhata Motoki-

"Mamoru, are you okay?"

Mamoru nodded an okay, his eyes looking slightly glazed.

"Mamoru, have you suddenly lost your ability to speak?"

Mamoru nodded.

"Mamoru, Usagi's here."

"Oh, that's great. Isn't she gorgeous?"

"Mamoru, I think you've been studying too much."

"You know what, Motoki? So do I. So do I."

"Mamoru, you're Tuxedo Kamen."

"I know."

"Mamoru, you're my best friend, and I want what's best for you."

Mamoru nodded.

"That's why I'm going to take you to the nearest mental ward."

Mamoru nodded.

"And on the way there, we'll both get abducted by aliens."

"That's nice Motoki."

You see, that's when I got more than just a little ticked off. Wouldn't you, if you had been having a conversation with yourself while your best friend daydreamed about only-Kami-knows-what?

I grabbed a cleaning cloth of the counter and brought it crashing down on his arm. I wasn't being abusive, just concerned. Really.

-Chiba Mamoru-

I saw Motoki giving me an evil look. "Okay, I'm afraid to ask, but what did I do?"

"Mamoru, I've been talking to myself for the past five minutes. Do you mind telling me what was so important that you didn't even bother to tell me to shut up?

"I just got a little lost in thought."

Motoki gave me a weird look. "Have you found yourself yet?"


"Uh, you know, you said some things about Usa-" I gave him a look.

"You've got to be kidding me."

"Yeah," he laughed. "Don't know what I was thinking."

"Speaking of Odango, where's she been lately?"

Motoki looked at me suspiciously. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm beginning to suffer from withdrawal symptoms-no verbal sparring for a week-can be very harmful to the psyche of your average seventeen-year-old male, you know."

Motoki rolled his eyes and went back to wiping down the counter. "You know what I can't understand? What have you got against Usagi? She's a perfectly nice person, yet you insist on making her life miserable. Is it because she's not a part of your personal fan club? Or perhaps because she's the only female on the island that will stand up to you?"

I frowned at him. Surely I wasn't that shallow.

Completely oblivious, he continued dragging the pink-and-green-polka-dotted cloth across the already gleaming counter. "Yes, she's not doing too well in school, but she's trying really hard, and yes, she's a bit clumsy, but she's gotten better lately. Have you ever really taken the time to look at her and see her for what she is now, not what you've made her out to be? She's matured in the past year so much it's like she's a completely different person."

"Different or not, she's not exactly normal, is she?"

"How so?" Motoki frowned.

"I don't know, there's just something about her..."

"Look," Motoki said impatiently, "here she comes now, so why don't you, for once, turn on the Chiba Mamoru charm and woo her like every other girl you've ever encountered."

"I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Bullshit. You're scared that you can't do it." I narrowed my eyes.

"You did not just go there, Furuhata."

"On the contrary, Chiba, I think I did." I quirked an eyebrow.

"Are you challenging me?"

"Perhaps." My head tilted inquisitively to the side.

"Go on."

"5500 yen says you can't get her by the end of the week."

"In what way?"

"Willingly dating you."

The automatic glass doors slid open, and Odango walked in, dragging her bookbag along behind her. No problem. Turning back towards Motoki, I grinned.

"You're on."

-Tsukino Usagi-

As I walked into the arcade, I realized that it was less crowded than usual. That meant that it was probably late, and sure enough, when I glanced at my watch, I saw that it was almost five-thirty. The arcade would be closing soon. Too bad I wouldn't have any time to try out the new Sailor V video game-just to chat with Motoki for a few minutes, maybe have a milkshake or two.

As I walked up to the counter at which Mamoru and Motoki were sitting, Mamoru, who I had just mentally vowed to ignore, opened his mouth. I clenched my jaw, glaring at him, ready for whatever flaw of mine he was planning on flaunting in my face this time. It never came.

"Usagi, you're looking particularly beautiful today."

My mouth dropped open.

"Come again?" I managed weakly.

-Chiba Mamoru-

Here she comes. All right, Chiba, time to turn on the charm.

'Do you honestly think you can get her to like you after the way you've treated her?' my inner voice asked.

I snorted mentally in reply.

"Usagi, you're looking particularly beautiful today," I said, making sure to wipe all traces of sarcasm from my voice. I inwardly smirked at the result. I'd actually sounded sincere.

Her mouth dropped open, and she looked down to make sure she was still wearing her fuku-like school uniform.

"Come again?" she managed weakly.

I smiled at her. "Surely this can't be the first time I've said it, for I've thought it everyday since I first laid eyes upon you."

She blinked and then shook her head, setting her mouth into a hard, thin line. "I don't know what twisted game you're playing, Chiba, but you can be sure that I'm not falling for it," she told me coldly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Motoki grin and then wipe the smile of his face when Usagi turned to talk to him.

"How are you, Motoki?"

"Great, Usagi, and how are you?"

"I'm all right," she said softly, and I could have sworn there was a trace of sadness in her voice. "Haruna-sensei has got it in for me, as usual, but then again, so does the rest of the world, so I don't see why I'm surprised."

"Why would you think that?" Motoki sounded genuinely worried and now, I was wondering if perhaps he had a real reason to feel that way.

"Experience," she told him, trying to hide the sadness in her eyes with a light smile. It didn't fool me, and it sure as hell didn't fool him.
He opened his mouth, perhaps to ask her more, but she seemed to sense that there would be unwanted questions and interrupted him.

"Motoki, I should be getting home, but can I have a milkshake to go? Chocolate, with whipped cream?"

"Of course," he said and set about filling her order while she rummaged through her bag for her wallet.

Once she had the milkshake in her hand, Usagi smiled.

"I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

"Iie, Usagi. My family and I are going to the mountains for the weekend, so the arcade will be closed."

"All weekend?" she sounded so desperate, as if the arcade was her means of escape. Escape from what? I wondered.

"Hai, and I may close early today too, since we're leaving after a quick dinner, tonight."

"Oh." There was that soft voice again.

"Hey don't worry: you've got loads of friends. You can always go shopping with them."

"Hai, of course."

"Gomen nasai."

She shrugged and smiled. "Eh, I'm sure I'll survive."

"Hey, Usagi, you going to miss Motoki while he's away?" I tried to let a hint of jealousy creep into my voice.

"That would be my business and mine alone, Chiba-san." She had heard what I wanted her to hear, and it had put her even more on the defensive than I could have thought possible.

Motoki, on the other hand, said exactly what I had expected. "Jealous, Mamoru?"

I shrugged. "Perhaps."

-Furuhata Motoki-

I swore under my breath. I should have known he'd do that.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Mamoru-baka?" Usagi had apparently had enough.

"Whatever do you mean?" Mamoru asked innocently.

"Have you, oh I don't know...Been possessed? Had your brain replaced by aliens? Perhaps suffered a major head injury lately?"

Mamoru folded his arms across his chest. "Now what makes you say that? Are you implying that I'm not myself?" I shook my head. Had he asked, I would have been able to tell him right away that this was most certainly not the way to go about things with Usagi.

"That is exactly what I'm implying."


"Do you really expect me to melt into a puddle at your feet like every other girl you've ever smiled at after a few nice words?"

Mamoru shrugged.

"Well, you've got another think coming. I'm not just some girl you can hit on whenever you're bored, and if you thought so for even a minute I hope this conversation has proved you wrong!"

"Right," said Mamoru, rolling his eyes in exasperation, "because who would be interested in a clumsy, immature, cry-baby of a ditzy, blonde, fifteen-year-old who is so opposed to gravity that when she trips and falls, she takes the whole damned street with her?!"

"My point exactly," she told him, her voice so cold I could've sworn the temperature in the arcade had dropped a few degrees.

What happened next was a bit of a blur. Usagi stood up, ready to leave, Mamoru, for no reason obvious to me, grabbed her wrist, throwing her off balance, and her half-finished milkshake ended up in his lap.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she murmured, yanking her hand out of his grasp. I did not fail to notice that she didn't sound at all convincing. Looking just a tad upset, Mamoru reached for the napkins on the counter and failing to see his still-very-hot cup of black coffee, accidentally hit it with his elbow. I yelped as the scalding liquid came into contact with my skin. Mamoru began to apologize, Usagi tried to leave, and me? I'd had enough.

I'm rather ashamed to say that at that moment, I forgot about the bet and the 5500 yen that were riding on my winning it.

"I have had just about enough of your babyish quarreling," I snarled, and no more than a minute later, they were both locked inside of one very sound-proof closet.

When the time came to lock up the arcade, I had successfully forgotten that Mamoru and Usagi were still there. That was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. And it cost me 5500 yen.


A/N # 2: You may have noticed that Mamoru is 17 and Usagi is 15; author's prerogative, folks.

Anyway about the yen thing, no I am not Japanese, so basically, I went to Google and typed in yen. One of the results said that in December 2003, one dollar equaled to about 107 yen. I did the math and it came out that $50 was about 5350 yen, so I just rounded it off a bit.

Also, some will notice that later, the Japanese suffixes will be on and off. That's intended. I've seen quite a few The Karate Kid movies, and I know the basic concept behind the suffixes, but it's just a little weird for me to write because I can never be quite sure if I'm doing it correctly, and that kinda bothers me, so I'll just stick with using the Japanese names and maybe add a suffix when necessary.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

//A professor is someone who talks in someone else's sleep.///- Unknown/

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