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Cradle Song

by Jurhael 1 review

This one is a Tales of Destiny Shounen-ai between Leon and Stahn. It's about the angst and suffering of Leon ("he"). It was inspired by a song and by the Draconis scene.

Category: Tales of Destiny - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Leon, Stahn - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2005-05-11 - Updated: 2005-05-11 - 295 words - Complete

Though he may never admit it,
The pain within him runs deep.
He treated you and your friends badly
Because his pain consumed him.
He, who was betrayed many times,
Would never trust.
He fears being hurt again.
He does not wish to be betrayed or
Deceived or used or abused anymore.
He comes across as a mature adult, but
The truth is, he is only a child who hurts inside.
He is a kid who has never heard the cradle song.
But, you have and you can pass it to him for
You have the strength and courage to do so.
Most people do not care enough to see the
Good boy beneath the brat.
But, you have the compassion to see him
For what he really is.
Remember, he carries within him
Desires that few tolerate and only you
Would understand.
You do not have his heart, but it is far more
Open than the hearts of many others.
Far more worthy of trust.
When you first try to comfort him, he will push
You away.
For he carries a solitary soul.
But, when he sees you for the kind,
brave soul you are.
He will open up to you.
When he does that, just hold him.
Rock him back and forth.
Kiss away his tears.
Just feel his heart beat against yours.
Just feel his breath mingle with yours.
Just let him hold you as well.
Sing to him the Cradle Song.
Then he will know peace.
For there is one truth in him that he
Cannot hide with all of his arrogance
Or skills:
He is much more fragile then he seems.
He needs your love.
And in return, he will give you the universe.
Though he may never admit it.
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