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Who Could Ask for Anymore?

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Brendon's POV

I began shifting. I was somewhere between a dream and my dream that was a reality. Paper thin streaks of sun shone through the hotel window. I opened my eyes more and shifted a bit. Maddy was still wrapped tightly against me. The sun shone against her creamy skin, and made her bronze waves shine. It looked like diamonds were gracing her face and hair. She looked so peaceful when she sleeped, peaceful but lost. No matter how much of a smile she put on I knew there was some hint of something in her eyes. It wasn't sadness, but it wasn't positive. Maybe nostalgia. I think she missed the past, when things weren't complicated. Although we've only been in each other's lives for 3 years, we've done a lot of growing together. It feels like when we first met was so long ago. It seems like we really were kids. I don;t know what's going to happen next. I mean when we finish touring we'll get her stuff ready to move back to Vegas, and then she will begin producing for the cab while I'm busy recording the new album. Then when she is done producing I'll probably be touring again. I always wonder if we will ever have time just to ourselves. I mean I love my job and my life, especially since Maddy is back in it. It's just that I eventually want to start a life with her, start a family, down the road of course. However, I don't know if I'll ever be able to turn my back on my career and I don't know how I'll ever manage both. Maddy began to shift in her sleep, with out a doubt she would be up soon. I slipped out of the bed and put on a t-shirt. I made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I was going through my bag with my toiletries in it I felt a pair of arms snake around me.

"Hey there," she whispered.

I turned around and kissed her on the cheek.

"Morning," I smiled.

"Have you been up long?"

"Nope. 10 minutes tops."

"Oh, okay. You want me to order something for us from room service."

"Nah, lets go to the restaurant down stairs for breakfast."

"Okay," she smiled.

"Oh shit, did you bring a change of clothes?"

"Yeah, actually I have my luggage with me. I was just going to stay here until tomorrow when you leave. I hope that's okay?"

"Perfect," I assured her as I walked out of the bathroom. We changed and quickly exited the room. I reached for her hand and we walked hand and hand to the elevator. The door opened to reveal the last person we wanted to see.

"Hey Brendon," she greeted,"and Maddy."

"Hi" Maddy replied meekly, being nice as always. I decided not to respond, just pretend like I didn't hear her.

"What are you guys up to?" she asked looking at me the whole time.

"Just taking Maddy out for some breakfast," I looked over at her and smiled.

"Hey guys what's up?" Ryan approached us from the other hallway.

"Nothing just getting some breakfast, wanna join us Ry?" Maddy asked him.


"How bout you Natalie?" Maddy asked as she faced her.

"S-s-sure," Natalie replied with a look of what seemed to be shock. I flashed Maddy an angry glance and she caught wind of it, but she pretended to ignore it. I had no idea what she was doing and that pissed me off. All four of us gathered in the elevator. Maddy was still holding on tightly to my hand.

"So what's new with you Ryan?" Maddy asked.

"Eh, nothing much. Touring, well you know. Can't wait to get home and see Hobo. How's Ella?"

"She's good. She is with my parents right now while I'm packing my house up."

"You already began packing?" I asked her in shock.

"Yeah, didn't I tell you?"

"No! No you didn't tell me," I said beginning to get angry.

"I'm sorry. I just started, I guess it slipped my mind. Is there something wrong with it?"

"I just need more time to look for a new place for us."

"Well as soon as the tour is up I'll go to Vegas with you."

"Okay and what about after?"

"Can't we discuss this later?" Maddy hissed as her face grew with anger.

"Fine." I growled back. The elevator lead us into the lobby and the four of us made our way to the restaurant. All of us sat down at a circular table. Ryan was across from me, Maddy at my right and Natalie at my left. Breakfast was tense. Especially between Maddy and I. Ryan just looked uncomfortable and Natalie seemed to enjoy it, no surprise. I hated when we fought because it was always over dumb things. I wasn't mad at her for starting to pack her shit, but I was mad that she had started to make plans without me. I guess now that I had her I didn't want her moving on from me. It was a scary thought. Especially since she was starting to make a name for herself. Just last week I saw her in a tabloid walking around New York with her brother Vince. What if she realized she deserved better than me? I'm happy for her and I always want her to follow her heart, but will her heart lead her away from me. I reached out my hand in search of hers and when I found it I grasped on to it. She turned her glance towards me and I smiled at her. She smiled back. We were done with the argument, for now at least. The rest of breakfast went smoothly.

Maddy's POV

After breakfast Brendon and I were hanging out in his hotel room. He only had to do an interview today and that was in 2 hours. After that we were planning on going out to dinner or to the movies. Just a date, basically. We hadn't been on one in the longest time. I didn't like the idea of leaving him again tomorrow. For three weeks! It doesn't seem long, but it is. I especially didn't like the idea of Natalie being around him without me there. Now she had a reason to try harder to get him, and I didn't like the way she acted towards him. I invited her to breakfast today to make a point. The point was that Brendon and I were together and in love and that was final, however that argument may have sent her the wrong message. I decided to talk to Brendon about it.

"I don't want to leave you again tomorrow."

"Then come with me," he smiled, and he was serious.

"You know I can't," I sulked.

"Why not? Ella is with your parents and we have plenty of room on the bus."

"What about clothes?"

"You have some and I'll buy you new ones," he pleaded.

"No you don't have to buy me anything," I laughed. He let out a sigh. I was half kidding, while he was completely serious. Now I felt bad.

"What about Natalie, we would never get along."

"Speaking of her, why was she invited to breakfast this morning."

"I was making a point," I state matter-of-factly.

"And what might that point have been?"

"That you were mine and she needed to keep her slimy hands off of you."

"I really can't wait til tour is over because of her."

"I don't like how she throws herself at you."

"She doesn't throw herself at me," he laughed.

"Yes she does, and I know you've noticed."

"Well maybe, a bit. But I ignore her."

"Yeah you do and I noticed that, but she going to try harder now that I'm in the picture and I just don't want her getting you all, all....stupid."

"You don't trust me?" he asked anger in his voice.

"I do trust you, it's her that I don't trust."

"Well don't you trust me not to do anything with her."

"Yes, just the whole situation makes me unconfortable."

"WHY? I mean if you trust me-"

"Brendon, I trust you, okay? I'm just being a bit possessive. Can we stop arguing?" I asked in defeat.

"Sure," he replied and got really quite.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

"Why are you always so sorry?," he asked," You've never done anything wrong."

"I just always feel like I'm hurting you."

"How so?"

"Well, for starters I made you lie to all your best friends for a month. Then, I make you feel like I don't trust you. What's next? How else am I going to make things harder on you?"

"You don't make things hard on me. I understand the whole Natalie deal. If a guy were acting like that towards you, I'd feel uneasy too. And as for keeping our relationship private, well that's our business. I wasn't lying, I made a choice to keep our relationship between us."

"You always know what to say, huh?" I giggled.

"Yeah I guess I do," he replied with a cheeky grin.

"Bastard," I laughed.

"The bastard you madly in love with," he corrected.

"Now how could I argue with that?"

I walked over and plopped down on the bed. He followed suit. I snuggled into him.

"I've got an idea."

"What is it?"

"I'll go home for the rest of the week, finish packing, get more clothes, and then come back on tour with you or the remaining 2 weeks. And while we are on tour we can look for an apartment."

"That's actually a really good idea. When did you get so smart?"

I flashed him a glare.

"I'm just kidding." he laughed.
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