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Oh How I WIsh You Knew

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One Shot - Frank and Kendra were best friends since high school but what happens when Kendra falls in love with Frank?.,.,.,this is a lame summary.,.,please.,.,just read it.,.

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Frank Iero. My Everything. My only hope. My only strength. My Best Friend...... And I’m in love with him. I love him with all my heart but he doesn’t love me back and you know what really hurts the most? He has a girlfriend and I’m just his best friend. He’s best friend who loves him since we were in high school. The one who helped him with all his problems, The one who stood up for him, The one who fights for him and The one who never leaves his side when he’s in pain but what do I get in return?

I was crying in my room....just crying and crying until I ran out of tears. My parents just died on a car crash. I’m all alone now. I’m in my own little world with no fucking people who cared about me. I think there’s no point for me to live in this world. I cried so hard and the door in my room suddenly creaked open. A dark figure appeared and slowly approached me. I looked up with teary eyes and I knew he was here for me. He sat down beside me and hugged me. I cuddled with him and he gently stroked my hair. I closed my eyes thinking of a word to say.

“Frank” I croaked


“I wanna die” I whispered and I felt his hands trembled a little.

“Don’t think of that.....I’m here you know that” He said and held me tight.

“I know.....but.....I don’t have any parents now Frank....No one cares about me anymore” I sobbed and he sighed.

“That is not true....I’m here for you......I love you Kendra” He said and kissed the top of my head

“You love me?” I quietly asked.

“Of course Kendra.....I love a best friend.....I’m always here for you....That’s what friends are for right?” He asked and I sobbed even harder. He loves me.......but only as a best friend......There’s nothing more. I whimpered and just nodded at him. At least he loves me.

After High school, I enjoy my life with him, We would always hang out, Watch movie, Go to the park, spend some time together......and that’s when I fell really hard with him. My worst fear is..........he might find someone else so I took an opportunity to tell him how I feel

“Frank.....Can I tell you something?......uhmmmm.....privately?” I asked

“Oh Cool....I want to tell you something too” He said and laughed. He pulled me at the corner and I smiled.

“So, what do you want to tell me?” He asked.....Ok, Here it goes.

“Frank.....I-I.....uhmmmmm.......I-I L-Love---” I said and trailed off. This is so hard....I’m actually nervous, scared and confused right now. What if he rejects me? Oh....that’s worst.

“I Love....what?” He asked ushering me to continue. I open my mouth to speak but then close it again.

“ first...” I said and took a deep breath.

“Ok.....I really like that girl....the one who was sitting right there.....I think her name is Kathy? Or Katie?...ugh, I forgot....I really like her and I want to ask her out” He said and I suddenly felt weak. He likes someone else.

“So...what are you gonna tell me?” He asked while smirking. I just stared at him and I felt my heart break.

“I....uh.....uhmmmm....I ....L-Love band I s-saw.....on Fuse a while ago....D-do you wanna....c-come.....with their new album?” I asked while holding back tears. I love you Frank. I wanted to tell you that but you like someone else.

“Sure!” He said and smiled. I gave him a weak smile and he started to babble about the girl he was talking about a while ago.

Their band got big now. He’s famous. People want him now. Girls are all over him. Everybody loves him.......until she met Katie. They become lovers, He loves her and she loved him back. They are a perfect couple but it still hurts to know that he just love you as a best friend. I love him more than a best friend. I’m in love with him but he’s in love with another girl. So what shall we do then? Of course, I’ll sacrifice. I took all the suffering. I pretended to be happy when he talks about her, I feign a smile when they’re together, I pretended to be happy for the two of them but deep inside......I’m dying. It breaks my heart to see them holding their hands together, Hugging and kissing each other.....

What hurts the most is when you’re with him and all he talks about is how beautiful her girlfriend is, how sweet and caring she is, that they’re perfect for each other. I just nod my head and put on my fakest smile just to show you how supportive I am even though I’m dying on the inside. You always hang out with her, You’re always with her.....and no I do not forget that you have a girlfriend.

I just want the old you. Where we always joke around and just spend the whole week end with each other but everything’s change. I guess she’s you’re best friend and girlfriend too at the same time. No more Kendra right? But you made me the happiest person when you invited me to have a movie night with you without your girlfriend. You said that you missed me. You said that you missed the times where we watch movie all night and fall asleep to each other’s arms. I missed those times too and you gave me hope when we were sitting here on the floor watching our favourite movie. Just you and I together. For you it’s just our usual hang out but for me it’s different.

“You know what I missed you Katie” He said and I smiled up at him. We’re watching Nightmare Before Christmas in his own living room.

“I missed you too” I whispered and he kissed my forehead.

“I invited you because I wanna hang out with my best friend” He said and my smile faltered. Yeah, you’re best friend. I looked up and he was staring at the T.V, He’s watching the movie peacefully while his arms draped all over my shoulder. I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. I’m just a best friend.....I’m hoping that one day you’ll love me too.

I regret the day where I almost told you how I truly feel about you. I wish I have told you earlier that I have feelings for you but then she came in to your life and that makes it really harder for me to tell you everything because you have no time for me now. You just talk to me when you’re having problems with her and how stupid of me to give you an advise. You come running back to her after I tell you that everything would be okay, that everything would be perfect in your relationship again. Yeah, I’m stupid. I didn’t want to give you some advise on the first place but then I don’t want to see you hurt either so I sacrifice again. You’re happy when you’re with her and it still hurts to see that I’m the one who’s suffering. Well, what can I say...Love is unfair right? Every night I always think of a way of how can I show you that I love you and then I got to the point where I would drop a hint from you and show you how really caring I am but I guess you’re too blind to see and too numb to feel. No matter how hard I try you really won’t let me in but I still have my hopes up. One day you’ll love me too, One day you’ll feel it too but that one day crashes all my dreams. How stupid of me for hoping that you’ll feel the same way too.

“Kendra! Hey! I have something to tell you” He said and he has a huge smile plastered on his face. I smiled sweetly at him knowing that I’d be here for him if he wants to tell me something.

“What is it?” I asked while smiling.

“Katie’s pregnant!” He said and hugged me. My smile faltered and I remained still. I feel like I have been stabbed from the stomach.

“I’m the father!” He yelled and he was smiling at me. That’s like a stabbed from the back.

“I proposed to her! And we’re getting married!” He said and he was still smiling at me. Ouch, Frank....It’s like you stabbed me on the heart. Wow, are you really that numb?

“Hey Kendra....say something?” He said while shaking my shoulders. I forced a smile and held back the tears that were threatening to escape my eyes.

“W-Wow Frank.....I’m s-so happy for you.....C-congrats” I said and I looked at him. I hugged him and I let out a sob from his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“N-nothing.....I’m just happy for you....” I choked.

“Thank you for being there for me Kendra” He whispered and I closed my eyes.

“Frank” I said quietly.


“Promise me one thing” I said

“What is it?”

“Promise you will never forget’re best friend....Promise me that you will never forget all the memories we shared......Promise me that you will continue to live” I said and I quietly cried.

“What are you saying?” He asked confused and I just shook my head.

“Just promise me okay? Please.....just promise me....and I’ll be the happiest person” I whispered and he just nodded.

“Thank You......” I whispered and I slowly pulled away. I walk out to him and he tried to stop me.

“Where are you going?” He asked and hold my hand.

“Home” I simply said and I pulled his hands away from mine. I walk out and locked myself inside the bathroom. I sobbed and cried in there. I’m nothing to you Frank. I’m just useless. I want to tell you that you’re the only one I’ve been holding on when my parents died. Thanks for letting me live longer....without you I’d probably be dead but I guess things will change now. You’re not mine anymore. You’re with her now. You have your own life with her, You’ll be having kids and you’ll be marrying her. Wow, that was one of my have kids with you and to live my life with you but now that you’ll be having your own life.....You won’t need me anymore. I give up......I don’t have any parents but you stand by beside me throughout those years but now that you belong to someone else.........I surrender Frank. I wish you knew that you’re the only one who’s keeping me strong and alive when my parents died. I wish you knew everything. I’ll be resting now......I will still love you even though I’m lying here on the floor.....Cold and Dead.

Oh How I wish you knew that I love you.....
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