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monster. (teaser chapter)

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A few rioters poisoned the water, and now this? The creatures had killed off almost everyone on Earth, and they were still growing in number, and strength. Gerard isn't sure if they'll be able to l...

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This is dedicated solely to "Katie":, for being there to talk to, giving me advice on strange topics, being the manliest men in dresses on earth with me, and putting up with my long rants or annoying and wannabe-philosophy. AND HER BAND PWNS. --even if I've never heard it. I've just been scared to comment on their MySpace. Haha.

So, here is the teaser chapter of my upcoming fic, monster. It will contain mpreg--yes, a man carrying a child--, language, violence, disturbing imagery, and homosexual relationships. And, most likely (since you can't have a kid with out it--well, not naturally), teh buttsecks.

And, here is the promo banner I drew before I even had a plot:
And, since that's my lj name, it' icrashcars. And, I'll be posting that on here too, if that's more convenient. (It's not friend's-locked or over 18 or anything, because I sneak on those too, hahaha, so I know how it feels to be small and left out...)
I really have no idea if the banner is even relevent to the plot anymore, but we'll see...


Part One

Gerard watched the sun go down, sitting silent on the roof of the fort as the horizon turned pink, and then faded to deep blue and purple haze. The smoke was still rising from the other end of town, making a sluggish trail against the thick sky, and trickling off into the distance as he gazed out. He dropped the butt of his fourth cigarette off the side of the paneling, digging in his jacket pocket and lighting another. He surveyed the lot, as he did every night, looking for the slight possibility of a change in the environment. The area was littered with heaps of trash, rubble, and carnage; so much as it looked like a twisted sort of garbage dump although it was in the middle of the town. The crooked, makeshift bars that surrounded the shack stuck as plainly and erratically as ever, but he knew he was thankful they were there and sturdy, nevertheless. He looked up quickly as a flaming, rusted car sped down the street coming toward the building from the right and swerved sharply, yells, shouts, and screeching rubber echoing through the court. Gerard did not know whether to assume they were shouts of enjoyment, or torment. It raced down an adjoining street and disappeared as quickly as it had come, silence returning. Gerard didn’t move when the creak of the roof door sounded out, and then soft footsteps broke the stillness once again a moment later. He took another drag off the cigarette and stared out at the blackening sky.

‘Why don’t you come in, now; it’s almost eight.’

He waited a minute, and then slumped his shoulders back gracelessly, tipping his head backwards to look behind him. Frank’s upside down face was the first thing that came into focus as Gerard’s eyes darted momentarily. Frank’s arms were wrapped around himself, his sweater sleeves pulled up over his hands. He was shivering and his cheeks were flushed even though he had been on the roof for little more than thirty seconds.

‘How about you stay and sit out here with me?’ Gerard muttered around the cigarette he had since placed back in his mouth, returning his gaze toward the skyline. He heard Frank breath out heavily behind him, and a second later Frank was dangling his legs over the side of the roof next to him. Gerard passed the cigarette to Frank, who took it gratefully and then looked over coyly at Gerard, his head tilted gently to one side.

Gerard looked at him. ‘Five more minutes.’

Frank sat back, pulling his knees to his chest and smoked the remainder of the light before throwing the remainder off the roof to join the pile already smoldering below. His eyes were glassy from the cold and he was sniffling every few minutes, but he stayed out all the same.

‘C’mere…,’ Gerard said when Frank flinched at the first inhuman shriek that resounded through the city. Frank curled into Gerard’s embrace quickly and pressed his hands to his ears quickly when more screams filled the air.

Gerard looked on past Frank as the creatures started appearing from the warehouses around the town square. The only light in the plaza was from the industrial lanterns Frank had hung up on the posts encircling the fort. The things were swarming now, crawling around and hissing. Frank pulled at Gerard’s shirt when the creatures started grabbing and shaking at the gates fiercely; they were only a few yards away down below.

‘Let’s go…,’ Gerard finally said, standing and helping Frank up when he heard gunshots in the distance. There was no reason for them to fight back tonight.

To Be Continued…
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