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Summer Rain

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Rain isn't always bad.

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The summer rain poured down on the two boys sat on the swings in the park.
Neither of them noticed.
The slightly smaller boy stood and moved to where the older boy was sat, slightly swinging.
He placed his small hand on the other boys cheek. The older boy gathered the little one up in his arms and gently stroked his hair, murmuring quiet words into his ear. The little one smiled and tugged at the black haired boys hand, signalling that he want to go home now, please.
The older boy smiled as well, and they both ran home together, hand in hand, through the summer rain.

Years Later.

"Do you remeber when we used to sit here in the summer rain?" Frank asked Gerard,looking at the sky. Gerard smiled and gently kissed Frank's hair. He swang slightly on the same swing he used to sit in, this time with Frank sat on his lap, his arms loosely around Gerard's waist and his head tucked underneath Gerard's chin.
"Of course I do" He murmured, capturing Frank's lips in a gentle, delicate kiss.
The skies opened and the rain poured down, just like it had all those years ago.
Gerard grabbed Frank's hand and started to run. Frank laughed and ran with him.

The two boys ran home together, hand in hand, through the summer rain.

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