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Chapter Eight

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Shortly after his 15th birthday an event occurs that alters Alan Tracy's life forever and leads him to uncover the greatest secret of the Tracy family.

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A Tracy Secret

A Tracy Secret

Chapter Eight


Tracy Island, Sometime Later

Alan and John talked for awhile completely oblivious to the dusk gathering around them. As he'd promised John hadn't laughed when Alan had told him what was bothering him about his inevitable second werewolf transformation nor had he thought it stupid. Instead John had been understanding, sympathetic and reassuring and had soon convinced Alan that he had nothing to fear.

Though the conversation had been largely dominated by the discussion about being werewolves Alan and John had talked about a few other things that were troubling Alan mostly about school. John was the only person that Alan really felt comfortable talking about such things with. His father was too unapproachable and to Alan's mind wouldn't listen anyway and his other brothers - especially Gordon - would just take his worries and use them as another thing to tease him with. He knew John however would keep whatever he was told in confidence.

"You'll have done fine," John reassured him when Alan confessed his nerves about the finals that he'd gone through at the end of term.

Ever since spring break he'd put a lot more effort into his schoolwork. Alan freely admitted that the events of spring break and the battle with the Hood had changed him, matured him and taught him that there was much more to being a thunderbird than cool missions. It was as much if not more about commitment and discipline as adventure and excitement. And he had carried that realisation back to school with him.

"It won't matter if I don't get A's," Alan replied.

"You can only do your best Alan," John told him. "I guess that we look like such a hard act to follow."

"You think," Alan replied. "Try like impossible."

"Alan all anyone can ask is for you to do your best. You're a very smart and determined young man Alan if you do your best then the results will surprise you."

"You really think so?"

"No. I know so." Alan smiled feeling happier.

"Thanks John," Alan said.

"Anytime," John replied with a smile and then looked at his watch. Fifteen minutes to moonrise they had to leave the villa now. John looked up from his watch to see Alan suddenly fidgeting uncomfortable obviously noticing again the feelings inside of him stirred up by the approaching full moon.

"We need to move," John said as he stood up. "Come with me Alan."

"Where are we going," Alan asked as he also stood up. John smiled.

"Somewhere we all go when the time to change comes around," he replied as he started to walk away. Alan raised an eyebrow even as he followed his older brother. He wondered where John was taking him though he knew most of the island having explored it extensively since they'd first moved here. Still he got the distinct impression that John was going to take him somewhere that he had never seen before.


Alan followed John along a jungle path that he had never known was here, though he was very curious as to where they were going he didn't ask even though it would distract him from the strange feeling inside him that was now getting somewhat uncomfortable.

The jungle path gave way to a clearing and Alan blinked surprised realising that they were on the east side of the islands western peak. He continued to follow John as his brother walked across the clearing to what looked to be another entrance to one of the many caves and old lava tunnels that honeycombed Tracy Island, a silent reminder of the islands distant volcanic past.

Upon entering the cave after John Alan noticed that John had opened a heavy metal door in the wall and had just gone through into somekind of room. Trying not to fidget uncomfortably Alan followed him inside and saw that it was a changing room of the kind you would find in a gym or leisure centre.

Alan really didn't pay that much attention to the layout of the room as the sensation inside him was now extremely distracting and very irritating. The sensation inside him was now extremely distracting and very irritating. It was starting to drive him crazy as it was almost as bad now as what he had felt last night in the tent back at the school camp struggling futilely to resist the call of the night and the power of the werewolf that had been emerging from its long dormancy within him.

John looked at Alan sympathetically knowing what he was going through. They'd all been through it, though they all still felt the moon approaching and felt the instinct to change they were all able to ignore it. Alan wasn't yet able to because it was his first cycle and not all the changes were complete in his body yet.

"It's alright Alan," John said reassuringly. "It won't last much longer. The moon will be up in another few minutes and you will have release from it."

"I'm glad of that John," Alan replied. "This feeling is driving me crazy. Is it always like this?"

"No," John replied as he glanced at his watch. "It's almost time. You better take your clothes off before we go back outside." As he spoke he started to undo the buttons on the light short sleeved shirt he was wearing.

"You mean strip naked," Alan asked nervously.

"You don't have to get undressed if you don't want to," John replied finishing undoing his shirt and taking it off before hanging it up on a hook. Then he sat down on one of the benches and started taking off his trainers. "But it will get very uncomfortable if you don't and your clothes won't be much good to you afterwards if you don't."

Alan thought for a moment and remembered how tight his clothes had gotten before they had torn off last night when he'd first transformed into a werewolf. Nervously he started getting undressed himself.

Moments later they were both completely naked without a strip of clothing anywhere on there bodies.

"It's time," John said heading back outside, Alan followed and in seconds they were both standing outside just as the moon appeared shining its brilliant silver light on them. As the light shone on them Alan felt energy flood into his body and at the same time felt the feeling inside him changed becoming just a warmth that gradually spread outwards from the centre of his being.

Looking at John's back Alan watched amazed as John's hair changed colour going from its normal blond to silver grey. A ripple seemed to run down his brother's spine and a line of silver grey fur appeared behind it.

A tingling sensation accompanied by a feeling that felt almost like goosebumps ran down his own spine and Alan realised instantly that he was changing as well. Holding up his hands Alan watched as the muscles on his arms got more defined and then began growing bigger, much bigger. At the same time the tingling and goosebumps ran along his arms and he watched the hair there change colour turning a charcoal grey, before thickening and spreading but it wasn't hair anymore it was fur.

Alan looked down at the rest of his body to see that he was continuing to grow muscles expanding even as he somehow got taller and the dark grey fur spread all over his body. It felt so strange he could feel himself gaining weight and he could feel his increasing strength but at the same time it felt wonderful. And this time there was no pain at all, nothing except the feeling of warmth, power and strength. A sensation in his hands made him look at them again as they began to grow getting bigger and longer. Fur grew on the back of his hands and he looked at the palms as the skin there and on his fingers darkened to black and thickened until they were more like pads. He watched as his nails changed getting thicker and harder and then growing outwards but they weren't nails anymore instead they were now powerful claws. Looking down he saw that his feet had undergone the same change and were huge, furry and clawed and he could feel the padding on the underside of his feet and toes.

A strange sensation of stretching and pushing suddenly filled his head as his skull began to change shape as well. Alan felt his ears changing and shifting position on his skull moving towards the top of his skull. There was no doubt in his mind that his ears were now the pointed triangular ears of a wolf. Alan closed his eyes as he felt the very structure of his face alter. His nose and upper lip merging together while simultaneously along with his lower jaw growing outwards into a muzzle, a muzzle that was suddenly filled with sharp cutting teeth and a long tongue.

And then all the sensations stopped as with a final surge of warmth the transformation finished. Alan opened his eyes again to see he was once again looking down a muzzle.

Alan looked down examining his transformed body. His muscles were huge and powerful bigger than on a bodybuilder but there was a sleekness and leanness to them that bodybuilders lacked. His whole body was covered in charcoal grey fur and he felt powerful, he felt strong. Looking at his body he suddenly felt like he was now seeing his true self, the being that was normally hidden behind and inside a normal looking human. He could now easily understand why his father and brothers changed whenever they got the chance, it was an amazing feeling as if he had cast aside the burdens of being a human and could just be who and what he was. This feels great, he thought, I'm definitely going to do this every chance I get.

"How are you feeling now Alan,"
John's voice abruptly said into his head. Alan looked up and despite himself was still surprised when instead of a man he saw another werewolf the same height as him but with light silver-grey fur.

Alan replied as last night when Scott had spoken to him he surprised himself by talking telepathically. "In fact I feel better than fine. I feel absolutely fantastic. I know it's strange but for the first time I really feel like me."

"It's not strange at all Alan. I know what you mean and there is a freedom in this form that we don't have in human form."

Alan nodded though the movement felt a bit odd now but then again this was only his second time in werewolf form so no doubt many things about his body were going to feel strange compared to what he was used to.

"It feels strange. It's going to take some getting used to being in wolf form I mean."

"That's understandable and it does take time to get used to it and learn your capabilities. Now what do you say we go for a run?"
Alan wished he could smile as it sounded like a great idea, just going for a run appealed to him now.

"I would like that,"
he replied. The image of John smiling in human form flickered through his head startling him.

"Then lets go shall we?"


Without speaking again John started running, picking up pace to a run that few humans could hope to match, only Olympic sprinters would be able to match it and they would only be able to do it for a short time. Alan followed and found that it was incredibly easy to match John's speed and that as he ran a feeling of pleasure filled him. He was enjoying this more than he'd ever enjoyed a run before.

John glanced back at his brother.

"You enjoying this,"
he asked.

"Yeah I am,"
Alan replied and again a mental image of John smiling at him flashed through his head. "How do you do that?"

"Easy. Just think of the image that you want the other person to see and will them to see it. Try it."

Alan thought for a moment then pictured a formula one racing car in his head and willed John to see it. John chuckled - which naturally came out as a very soft non-aggressive growl - as the image flashed through his head. It was no secret that Alan had a love of racing, just like he himself loved space.

"Did it work,"
Alan asked.

"Yes it did,"
John replied sending the mental image of a smile at Alan and Alan sent one back.

"Can we do this when were human?"

"No we can't, why I don't know. Be a lot easier if we could but its just one of those things. The only advantage that this gives us when were human is we can't be telepathically controlled or manipulated."

"That explains why the Hood couldn't control me then during that incident in spring break,"
Alan said thoughtfully. "He tried to and I could feel him doing it but he couldn't do anything to me other than read my thoughts."

"Exactly. Though it wasn't really active at that time your werewolf side was protecting you from him."

"Guess I've got a lot to learn about being a werewolf."

"Yes. The abilities are there you just need to learn how to use them and we can help you with that."

"Thanks John."

"No problem."
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