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"I want you to join the Akatsuki, do you acctep?"

I stood there in total shock, me an average bored to death school girl, gets invited to join the Akatsuki. I HAD to accept!

"Ummm uh, yes... I accept!" I said with anoticablebit of determination in my voice.

"Well then," he said with a plane look on his face, "follow me to get your things. Oh and by the way, from know on you call me Leader Sama and that only."

With that I followed him to a large room with a big desk. He took a cloak, hat, nail polish, and a red ring with the symbol 'flower' on it and gave them to me.

"From now on you will wear these all the time, except for the hat." Leader said, then a white haired guy stormed in.

"Thats IT! If that fucking little brat Tobi runs into my room once more i'll kill him!! So you better fucking do something about it before I have to!!"

Leader sighed. "Fine, i'll punish him later. But since you're here i have a job for you." He pointed at me. "This is Sisongo, she is a new member and I want you to introduce her to every one. Then show her to her room."

The white haired guy looked at me, I could tell he was still pissed. "Fine, lets just get this over with." He rolled his eyes and walked ou the room, I followed.

We walked down the hallway, I was a little bit behind 'cause he was walking so damn fast. But I eventualy caught up to him. It's been 10 minutes and he hasn't said a word so I decided to attempt to talk to him.

"So, uh..," I paused for a few seconds, "whats your name?"

He didn't answer for a few seconds. "It's Hidan," He looked at me, "why'd you want to know?"

"Oh umm, just wondering." I said with a fake smile like this -> ^_^

A few minutes later we got to a large room with a couch, TV, ect. When I entered the room all the peoples were all looking straight at me. Tobi stood up and waved at me.

"Hi Pretty girl chan!!"

Hidan looked at me then looked at the group of people as they still stared at me, he sighed.

"Alright, this girl here, Sisongo, ia the new member of the Akatsuki. Okai well," he pointed at two men, one with black hair and one with blue. "those two are Itachi and Kisame."

The Itachi guy looked at me. "Hmm, just what we need, another anoying brat in the Akatsuki."
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