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My Way Home Is Through You

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Gerard goes looking for Frankie and his home... but not in the form you'd expect.

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So lately, I've been wondering
Who will be there to take my place.
When I'm gone, you'll need love
To light the shadows on your face.
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I'll go wherever you will go

And maybe, I'll find out
The way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days
If a great wave should fall
It would fall upon us all
Well I hope there's someone out there
Who can bring me back to you

Runaway with my heart
Runaway with my hope
Runaway with my love

I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart and your mind
I'll stay with you for all of time

If I could turn back time
I'll go wherever you will go
If I could make you mine
I'll go wherever you will go

Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

The sound of acar honking its horn woke me up. I shook my head trying to get rid of the remaining signs of sleep. My ears flapped around my head as I did so. I yawned opening my mouth as wide as it could open. Blinking several times, I saw ahuman jump out of his car angrily and begin arguing with another human in a car in front of him who was apparently blocking the way. Silly people.

After a few stretches from my back legs and another shake, I began to jog happily down the sidewalk. I was on a mission. I didn't know what it was exactly but home was calling me. I could hear it loud and clear. As loud as the two maniacs that were yelling.

I admired the view along the way. It was a bright and sunny morning. The crisp air smelt of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers. I stopped a few seconds to smell some daisies I found along the way, but then continued forward. I had to reach my destiny, after all.

A sleeping cat laid on a porch and I had the sudden and strong urge to take advantage of the unsuspecting creature, but I reminded myself yet again that I had a mission. The urge to complete the mission was stronger than the need to chase the cat. Iwondered what my mission was, exactly. All I knew was that I had to be somewhere, and that was where I was going. Rain or shine, I'd go there. Lucky for me I got shine.

I passed awoman pushing a cart along the sidewalk. The little person in the cart began pointing at me excitedly and babbling something I couldn't understand. Her mother smiled at me fondly. I wagged my tail happily at them in response and continued to jog along. I wanted to arrive as soon as possible and take advantage of the sunny day.

I traveled all day, always knowing which way to turn and in what direction to go. It was as if I had been there before. More than that, it was as if I had known the place pretty well. I didn't mind the long trip. As the sky began to darken, I arrived in front of a small house. I was sure it was extremely cozy and pretty inside. I stood looking at it with my tongue hanging out; the sun beating down on me all day had made me hot. Flowers were aligned in front of the porch. The porch itself had one of those big chair swings. I liked the place instantly and wagged my tail at it. It smelled like... home.

I jogged to the stairs that lead to the porch. With difficulty, I managed to hop up the three steps after falling down a few times. Nothing could discourage me. I was where I had to be and it made me happy. I reached the door not knowing what to do next. I stood wagging my tail impatiently at the door expecting it to open. It didn't. I sat continuing to stare at it. Maybe that way it would get the message. Still, it resisted. So I began to bark. I barked and barked, determined to annoy the door until it decided to let me in. I then began to howl. Although I was just a pup I could howl just fine.

To my relief, the door finally surrendered. I stood up instantly and began wagging my tail furiously as the door opened and a man appeared. He must have been trapped inside. He'd surely be grateful that I had saved him and offer me some water, at least.

He had looked abit sad when the door had finally let him free, but upon seeing his rescuer asmile spread across his face. I knew I had seen him before. I was glad to have found him again. He didn't remember me from the looks of things but that was okay, I didn't remember him exactly either. I just knew I was where I was supposed to be.

"Hey little puppy, what're you doing here?" I continued to wag my tail in response.

"You must be thirsty, come on in," he said giving a pat on his leg. I understood the gesture immediately and did a running jump, barely reaching his knee and then bouncing back. I entered the house not needed a second invitation. I instantly began smelling around the corners, taking in the wonderfully familiar smells, until the man whistled. I ran towards him and his grin widened. It was easy to make him happy and I liked that.

To my delight and as I had hoped, he placed a small bowl of water down on the floor for me. With a pat on my head he said, "Here you go, pup."

He watched me as I drank. I paused once, looked up at him, thumped my tail on the floor and continued drinking. He giggled. I liked his laugh. It was easy and sounded funny.

When I was done I lapped up the remainder of the water around my mouth and nose and looked up at him with my head cocked to one side. Now what?

The man crouched next to me and I instantly took the opportunity to run over to him, slipping on the wooden floor along the way. I dropped to the floor and turned belly-side up so he could rub my belly. He understood what I wanted and did so. He was obviously a smart man. Training him would be easy. He then looked around my neck as if searching for something. "No collar... don't you have a home, pup?"

I responded by jumping up and giving him a quick kiss on the nose. He fell back from his crouched position to the floor from the surprise. He was a funny man. I began prancing around him, wanting to play. He tried to grab my playfully but Ijumped out of the way and crouched, yapping at him and wanting him to try again. He did so and this time I tackled his hand, giving it soft nibbles. My tail wagged as much as the man giggled.

He then scooped me up with both his hands. I had been captured! I wiggled around wildly trying to get free, still wanting to play. I began licking the man's face, hoping to force him into surrender. He was obviously stronger than he looked. He continued to giggle madly while trying to brush my nose away from his face.

Suddenly, we stopped our play. We both grinned at each other. I was panting from the little exercise.

He took me over to a giant cushioned chair type thing, where he sat down and placed me next to him. He watched me attack a cushion that was also on there with us. I tackled it, making it fall off and hit the ground. Standing on the edge of where the man had placed me, I looked down at the cushion, still wagging my tail while daring it to come up for a second fight.

I looked up at the man; he was still smiling. I sat and looked at him wondering why he seemed familiar. He stroked my head.

"Well, pup. Looks like you're gonna have to stay the night. It's already dark and there's no way I'm going to throw you out on the street by yourself."

I cocked my head at him. He laughed. Whatever he was saying was probably good. He was smiling. Smiles were always good.

"We should introduce ourselves, shouldn't we? Well, I'm Frank. Seems to me you need aname. 'Pup' just won't cut it after awhile," he stated still smiling.

I sat still, looking at him. He began saying words, and seemed to be waiting for some kind of reaction from me.

"Rover? Naw, that's too common... Spike? Ha you're too cute for that... I could call you Blackie since you are black but it doesn't seem right either..."

He suddenly looked a bit sad again. He lowered his eyes to his lap where he was fiddling with his fingers. "I know what I'll call you. I'll name you after a very special person to me... someone I think about every day. I'll call you Gee."

I barked. It was a single high-pitched bark and it came out almost involuntary. Of all the things he said to me that word was the only one I recognized.

The man was looking at me surprised. He also looked a bit frightened. I cocked my head wondering what was wrong. I saw him gulp several times as he shot nervous glances at me. I walked over to him, crawled into his lap and laid down. Looking up at him, I began wagging my tail softly. I didn't like it when he was sad.

He forced asmile. His heavy hand stroked my head while the other reached for a plastic thing with buttons. The screen in the room turned on, alarming me slightly, but the strokes of the man calmed me down instantly. He watched the screen. He needed a distraction.

After some time, when the streets were pitch black, the screen turned off. The man put the plastic thing down on the short table in front of us. The sudden lack of sound woke me up. I looked up at the man with sleepy eyes and smiled; he was still with me. I yawned.

Smiling, the man picked me up from his lap and placed me carefully on the floor. He then walked out of the room, whistling and snapping his fingers for me to come. He didn't say my new name. I followed him happily, swaying from side to side the way puppies did sometimes. We entered another room. This one didn't have ascreen. It had a giant and very tall bed. Upon entering the room, I jogged into the walk-in closet. It was full of clothes for the man to cover himself with. There were also shoes and slippers on the floor. I recognized a pair of Spiderman slippers instantly. Biting the heel of one of them, I dragged it out of the closet; I wanted to show it to the man. The man froze. I dragged the slipper over to him, let it go and then sat next to it, waiting for him to see the slipper. I recognized it. I think it had been mine. The man's face took on the same look as before: a look of surprise and fear. I wagged my tail at him.

The man picked the slipper up and took quick steps to the closet. He placed the slipper where I had gotten it from and closed the closet door. My ears dropped.

Seeing my sad puppy eyes, the man patted me on the head. I smiled. He picked me up and placed me on the giant bed. I was alarmed at first but then began to run around it.

The man pulled off his clothes and only remained in some kind of shorts. He then entered aroom where water sounded. I was extremely tired from the long day. The nap hadn't done its trick. I yawned loudly. I looked around the bed for a good spot to sleep. There were two pillows. One of them belonged to the man, I knew, but the other was mine. I walked over to the pillow on the right, crawled on top of it, and after walking around in a circle a few times, laid down to sleep.

The man walked back into the room yawning and still shirtless. He walked over to the bed while rubbing his head. He seemed to be tired also. He saw me on the pillow and stopped. I wagged my tail lazily at him. He got in bed, not taking his eyes off of me. I was having difficulty maintaining mine open. He was laying on one side to be able to continue look at me. Cautiously and with a hint of hope in his voice he whispered, "Gee?" I let out a single yap. He looked alarmed once again. I got up lazily from where I was laying and dragged myself over to him. I laid alongside him so my back was along his chest. It felt right to sleep that way. He put a hand on my side and stroked it softly and that felt even righter.

"Oh, Gee..." he whispered miserably. I turned my head up and gave him a quick kiss on his chin.

I didn't know what had happened or who we were exactly. The only thing I knew was that I was where I had to be. Everything felt perfect. The man was a bit sad still but with time he'd get better; I'd make sure of it. I fell asleep listening to the man's rhythmic breathing and knew that I was home.

Can you hear me?

Are you near me?

Can we pretend

To leave and then

We'll meet again

When both our cars collide!

Helena- My Chemical Romance

Well. There you have it. Considering Gerard was dead, this ended on a happier note, didn't it? So tell me, who loves the song by The Calling as much as I do? Its so beautiful, its one of my favorite love songs ;)

I idea of this story came from two things: the first part is obviously inspired by the song "This is the best day ever" by MCR. This second part, however comes from aconversation I had recently with a friend. We were talking about ghosts and such and he asked what I thought happened when we died. I told him what Ibelieved, that we just die. Our body dies and that's it. The end. Turn off the switch. Pull the plug. Dead. He told me he believed in reincarnation. We began talking about it and I told him I hoped his theory was right, and that mine was wrong. How beautiful it would be to return as someone else, or as an animal, even.

So there you have it. Gerard died and came back as a puppy to find Frankie and help him live on. It's a romantic way of thinking about death. I just really hope it's what really happens to us. Recycling souls sounds good to me ;)

For those who are waiting for the next chapter of the Savior of the Damned, I don't know when I'll be able to post it. I'm having my finals until the 25thso... yeah. We'll see what happens. By the way, I thin you should all read the oneshot written by Asherschick, /Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me To Sleep/. Its and awesome Frerard, you'll seriously love it. Here's the link to it:

Anyways, review and rate and I'll love you forever and ever. ;)

< 333333
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