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Something Needs to Be Done

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not a story.

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That. Right there, is what I'm fucking talking about.
If you read my previous post, 'I Hope The Media Rots To The Core' then you'll see what I'm talking about.
These kids are going out and doing an excellent job at protesting and what not, but totally fucking contradicting everything they're protesting for by calling themselves emo.
To be fair though, I also noticed the red haired girl and what she had to say, and that the maker of the film had cut most of it out.
Because that just wouldn't get the ratings, would it?
It just wouldn't meet the liking of mainstream society.
And did you notice how big and strong and tough those guys with the masks were? Bagging out My Chem IN masks. I hope they knew that if they didn't have masks on, they would have been severely bashed.
But that just makes them all the much bigger, doesn't it?

At first I was so happy about this protest going on, but fuck me dead, this video just ruined it completely I'm sorry.

"And this, is emo."

.. no.
just no.

I wonder, what Gerard would be thinking right now if he watched that? He probably did, it's second on the list as soon as you type in My Chemical Romance on YouTube.
Are those fans proud that they're turning around everything he's said and labelling themselves with a single three letter word that basically sums up the band as well?
It's fucking unfair.

Everything he's worked for, everything Frank, Ray, Bob and Mikey worked for as well is going down the drain.
And we need to fucking help.
I live in Sydney personally, and I think that we need to have our own protest. Or at least an internet one.
Because if My Chem can make the fucking effort to come to OUR countries and see US, then we can make the effort to discuss issues in other countries that effect THEM.

I honestly don't know what to do anymore, it seems what I say on Ficwad just doesn't seem enough.
Although, thank you so much guys for the support and reviews and ratings. You're all fucking amazing and I'm fucking glad you agree.

So, what to do?
Start a protest?
Start an internet protest?
or leave it and somehow hope that My Chem know that they're still fans out there that love them for who they fucking are and know them for what they're worth?

It's up to you guys, now.
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