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The wicked self insert

by ann_arien 4 reviews

This is a little ramble about Feanor and a self-insert just as wicked as the author...

Category: Lord of the Rings - Rating: PG - Genres: Parody - Characters: Other - Published: 2006-02-19 - Updated: 2006-02-19 - 133 words - Complete

"Fair shall the end be, though long and hard shall be the road!" Feanaro cried passionately, trying to rouse rebellion in his people even further.

Feeling "roused" indeed, the incredibly beautiful but exceptionally wicked self insert walked to her Lord, openly appraising his many... assets.

"Long and hard is fine with me, My Lord." she said, giving Feanaro a lustful, dirty look.

Hearing her, father and sons exchanged knowing looks, Findekano snorted and Nolofinwe elbowed him, looking grim and not at all amused. Findarato could be heard snickering in the background.

Feanaro wrapped an arm around the woman's waist, pulling her roughly and pressing her against his magnificent body.

"The longer and harder, the better. Yes... we know." he answered, before kissing her savagely, while the entire host of the Noldor stared, open-mouthed.
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