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Yuffie strikes again.

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything Final Fantasy or Square Enix.

Cid had just made the biggest mistake of his life. He had finally admitted to Nanaki that he was in love with Vincent. The fire cat had been hounding him for years to admit it but much to his dismay there had been someone eavesdropping. It was even worse than he expected when he caught sight of the spy. He had chased Yuffie all over the Highwind. Cid shook his head as he entered his room tired and out of breath. Pulling out a cigarette he lit it hoping the ninja would keep her mouth shut. Oh, but Cid knew better than that. What would Vincent say when it was Yuffie that told him. The pilot sat down on the edge of his bed wrinkling the blue comforter and heaved a sigh. All he wanted to do was hide away from everyone, now that his secret was out. Deep in thought Cid barely heard the knock that made him look up at the door terrified. Slowly he stood allowing the person to knock several more times. Deciding finally that he should open it he made his way over. The door swung open and Cid immediately wanted to just leap out his widow into the clouds. Maybe he could fly.

Vincent stood in the doorway looking at a very flushed pilot.
“Cid, Yuffie told me you have caught some kind of bug. Are you alright?” He questioned, noticing Cid flinch at Yuffie’s name. He’d ask later.

Inside Cid was screaming. Shit what do I do. What if she told him. I can’t tell because he always so damn calm. What if he is really angry and has just come here to shoot me. That’s it he has come to shoot me. Shit.
“Cid are you alright? You look awfully flushed. Maybe you should lie down.” Suggested Vincent as he placed a hand on Cid’s shoulder as the pilot allowed himself to be guided to his bed, his shoulder tingling from the contact. Once he was sitting he was finally able to speak.
“I’m fine Vincent.” He managed as Vincent kneeled down in front of him. Cid blushed even more, his stomach felt as if it had butterflies in it.
“Are you sure? Your acting quite strange.” The gunman placed his hand on the aviator’s forehead.
“You are so hot.” said Vincent and before Cid’s mind could stop him he blurted.
“So are you.” Vincent jerked his head up.
“What was that?” He asked. Cid slapped himself mentally. What the fuck am I thinking? What is wrong with me?

Vincent watched the pilot draw into himself. Had he heard Cid right? Did the pilot just say he was hot? The gunman smiled a predatory smile. I think its time to have some fun. Glowing crimson eyes locked with azure almost seeing straight into the pilot’s soul. Vincent smiled again causing Cid to stare even more.
“Cid lay down. I don’t want you to get worse.” Cid nodded deciding it was just better to do what Vincent wanted him to, instead of continuing to embarrass himself. He quickly laid down and kicked his boots off. Much to his surprise Vincent crawled on top of him, straddling his hips. Cid could feel the tingling down further. Oh shit! Shit what do I do. What is he doing?
“Let me take off your shirt so you will be more comfortable.” As the gunman took to the buttons Cid was thinking of the nastiest things he could think of to calm down his on coming erection. Barret naked. Uhh no good. Puke. Shit. Uhh… uhh…another meteor. Damn it … Yuffie naked. There. He sighed heavily. Meanwhile Vincent had been watching him intently. As he unbuttoned Cid’s shirt he felt the pilot sigh, relaxing. Well he couldn’t have that so he decide to push it. The gunman grinded into the aviator’s hips causing Cid to groan. Vincent smiled up at the blond. Cid could see the triumphant look in his eyes.
“So Yuffie was right. You do have a bug.” He laughed lightly. Cid squirmed underneath him.
“So the brat told you, huh.” Vincent shook his head.
“No you did with your actions. I’ve known for awhile but I wanted to wait until you were ready.” Cid smiled up at the raven haired beauty.
“So what kind of bug do you think I have?” The gunman leaned down close to the aviator’s face.
“A love bug.” he crushed his lips to Cid’s in a earth shattering kiss.
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