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My Heart

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What happens when Cid wants Vincent to go with him to visit his parents.

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My Heart

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Final Fantasy or Square Enix.

“You want me to meet your parents?” Vincent asked. Cid shook his head an unlit cigarette hanging from his lips.
“Why not you have asked many times about them.” The pilot walked over and slipped his arms around the gunman’s shoulders.
“I know but have told me may stories about them. Are you sure that would be a good idea? I don’t think they would appreciate it if I came. I don’t exactly look friendly. I am different from most people and that’s what they don‘t like individuality.” Cid exploded into laughter.
“No. It would be a fuckin’ nightmare.” Vincent shook his head sadly. He hated that Cid and his parents didn’t get along.
“Cid do you really want to go?” Muscular arms released him as the pilot turned away.
“No but t got a letter from them wanting me to come so I guess I am obligated to go.” Sighing Cid looked down at the floor. Vincent was beginning to sense that something was bothering the dragoon.
“Truth is that I don’t want to go by myself Vin.” Vincent raised an eyebrow at this.
“Cid tell me what is bothering you.” The aviator shivered, closing his eyes and the gunman was quick to his side.
“Cid? What is wrong?” Vincent asked now extremely worried.
“I lied Vin. All those stories were lies. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth.” Vincent took him by the hand and lead him to the edge of the bed. Pulling the pilot down into a sitting position he lifted Cid head with his human hand. Azure eyes opened meet the apprehensive stare of crimson.
“Talk to me my love. I am not mad at you. I just want to know what is going on.” A single tear slipped from the pilot’s right eye. He looked away.
“I’m scared Vincent. I don’t want to go back. Remember when I told you that we don’t get along. Well that’s an understatement. They hate my guts. I really don’t know why they would want to see me now. I left when I was sixteen and never looked back.” The more Cid talked the more upset he got. Vincent’s chest began to tighten in sadness for his lover. It had been several minutes since he last spoke.
“Cid remember when I asked you if they had ever hurt you. You said no but it was a lie wasn’t it.” The blonde nodded confirming Vincent suspicions. Squeezing the aviators hand he stood.
“Deep in your heart you do want to go don’t you?” Cid looked up at him.
“Yes I do. Maybe things will be different now. I wan to go and try at least.” The gunman leaned down and pressed his lips to Cid’s. When he finally came up for air he smiled.
“Then I will go make plans for the trip. Where do they live. They moved to North Corel now that its expanding.”
“Do you want to go today or do you want to wait for awhile?” Suddenly cid threw his arms around Vincent’s waist lying his head on the gunman’s stomach.
“I want to get this over fast.” Vincent nodded and left. Cid sat in his room dreading the visit. He was more worried about Vincent than himself. How would they react to him. Honestly he hoped they would just scream at him to leave and that would be the last of it but he knew better.

Vincent was staring out at the town. Cid was right it had been expanding. It was at least four times the size it had been when they were still chasing meteor. He turn as he heard the footsteps of the pilot. Cid looked positively frightened witch scared Vincent even more.
“Lets get this shit over with and whatever they say I will always love you. No one will change that. Ever.” he said as slide down the ladder, Vincent close behind. They made their way through the center of town and out toward the ruins of the reactor.
“These tracks remind me of when I was trying to stop the train. I was really freaking out and you just calmly talked to me. You told me that I could do it and everything would be alright. You were right Vin I did do it but only because you were there.” The gunman smiled to himself. He knew that in his own way Cid was saying I need you. Once they had passed the reactor and made their way into the mountains did they finally stop. There were several row of homes and he followed as Cid approached one. Hesitating, he looked back at the crimson eyed man then turned back and knocked once. He could hear footsteps inside. Cid’s stomach began to churn. Slowly the door opened revealing a short woman with black hair and cerulean eyes that matched Cid’s.
“Who is it Trisia?” Came a harsh voice from inside. The door swung open further.
“Your son.” She replied. A tall man with blonde hair came into view and Vincent could see why Cid had been concerned. His father was taller than Vincent and bigger than Cid. He looked cruel. As the man made his way to the door, he looked from the pilot to Vincent. Cid seemed to shrink back against the gunman.
“ Well looks like the fuck up has brought his faggot lover.” The woman turned to the man.
“John!” she scolded and turned back.
“We are glad you came Cid. Who may this be?” Vincent took a step forward.
“My name is Vincent.” She smiled at him.
“You were one of the one who fought with my son.” The gunman nodded. Trisia motioned for them to come in. The house was spotless and organized, so very unlike Cid. They were lead to the dinning room to sit.
“You like tea don’t you Cid. I hope I remembered correctly. Cid looked at her confused.
“Aren’t you going to answer her boy?” John said sternly.
“Yes I do. Thank you.” Cid took the tea he was served. Vincent hardly could stand the tension in the room. It was more intense then when they tried to surprise Yuffie for her birthday. She had walked out into her room fresh from a shower naked. He had thought they were all dead for sure. Trisia turned to Vincent smiling.
“I’m sorry but do you mind if we talk to Cid alone. I promise it won’t be to long.” John snorted.
“He can take his gay ass and leave. I don’t want that shit around.” Cid stiffened.
“Then I guess I should leave to since I am the same kind of trash.” As cid made his way to leave also John stood.
“Then get the fuck out. I didn’t want you here anyway. Your not my son. I have no son so just fucking die already you sick sack of shit.” he screamed at Cid making the pilot flinch.
“ John stop this now! We did not ask him here for this. We promised we would apologize to him. You promised.” He turned on her and began yelling.
“You are such an idiot woman. If there is anything I want it is to kick the shit out of that poor excuse for a son and his whore.” It seemed Cid was at his breaking point. He stalked over to his father and punched his squqre in the teeth. Vincent heard the crack of bones and teeth breaking. John retaliated with a punch to Cid’s eye. It was hard to concentrate with Trisia screaming in the background. Vincent moved quickly as Cid was thrown toward the woman. He managed to spin the woman from harm and catch the pilot. Even though the woman had been cruel to Cid in the past, she was trying to make things right now and didn’t deserve to be caught in the fray. It was only seconds later that Vincent realized that John had pulled a knife. Cid jumped back avoid slash that would have slit his throat.
“John stop this please. Cid stop fighting him.” Cid looked at his mother and obeyed her wishes. Once again john slashed this time catching the aviator across the chest. Trisia screamed as a gun shot rang out. John screamed and grabbed his bloody hand. Vincent rushed over to the bleeding pilot.
“Don’t worry Cid I’ll take care of things from here.” Vincent turned to Trisia.
“I suggest that you leave this animal and when you have settled down call on Cid again. So you can make you apology a sincere one.” He turn to John.
“You are a poor excuse for a human let alone father. I hope you burn in hell.” Vincent went to Cid and examined the wound. It wasn’t to terribly deep but he needed to get back to the Highwind. Vincent lead the silent pilot from the house and back toward the Highwind. A few yards from the ship Cid slumped onto the gunman.
“Cid are you alright?” Vincent thought it was a stupid question but had to ask. When Cid didn’t answer he looked down to find the azure eyes full of tears.
“Oh Cid. Lets get you back to your room.” Vincent swiftly pick the pilot up and carried him the rest of the way. One of the crew man spotted them before they entered the captains quarters and rushed to bring him some bandages.
“Thank you.” he motion for the boy to go. Vincent cleaned the wound and rubbed some healing salve across the long gash. It would scar terribly.
Cid opened his red eyes, looking at the gunman.
“I’m sorry you had to see that but I couldn’t go alone. I would have let him kill me.” Vincent leaned down and kissed Cid gently.
“Don’t worry. You only need me. I will always be here for you.” Cid smiled exhausted.
“You’re the only family I need. I love you so much Vincent Valentine. You always save me.” Vincent kissed him again this time with more fervor.
“I love you too my pilot. You are my heart.”
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