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Beautiful Boy: Lulu

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Lulu considers the legendary guardian she has just met.

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Auron,Lulu - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2008-06-11 - Updated: 2008-06-12 - 549 words

Beautiful Boy


It was a feeling that caught her by surprise. Even in her youth, she had only experienced attraction, temptation at best. Chappu had charmed her, but she had never felt the inexplicable magnetism towards him that this man seemed to wield as effortlessly as the sword on his shoulder. He fascinated her beyond words, with a force that seemed to bore a path through her eyes into the depths of her soul. Her chest was flooded with infatuation, drowning every heartbeat with a stronger pulse that threatened to overwhelm her. Anyone who cared to look at her would have seen it in an instant, but all eyes were fastened on him.

He had happened upon them by chance, it seemed, but Lulu had ceased to trust in the accidental nature of fate. She felt awed by his presence, overcome by a rare moment of intimidation. His face was carved of stone, his flesh marred by the crevices and scars of a thousand battles. It was his eyes that drew her gaze. Hidden behind glasses that revealed only her own reflection, they seemed to defy reality; they held every colour and yet none, they roved over the scene and yet stood frozen. The right eye was forced shut, slit by a hard grey line of scar tissue that slashed down past the high collar that concealed his cheek.

He seemed so impenetrable. His entire being was a mask of cryptic words and inscrutable sighs. Lulu suddenly felt that her position of the cold, emotionless guardian was being usurped, but she was powerless against that most legendary of legends. Auron was a fortress, protected from within by quiet fury and guarded on the surface by his scathing blade. She wanted to pry into the recesses of his consciousness. She wanted to shroud herself in his past, entangle herself within the smoky lines of his memory, and fade into the darkest corners of his memory.

Lulu slipped away to the back of the group, fearful that her emotions might escape the cage she had spent years building. Her fascination with Auron seemed to stretch through the air to where he stood, and as she glanced over her shoulder, his eye fastened on her. One enigmatic orb slid into place as though it had locked into some secret keyhole in her spirit that she had never been aware of. Amethyst lips parted and closed again. She did not move. She could not breathe. Her heart seemed to leap into her throat and pause there, letting her pulse shudder to a halt as her veins ceased to flow. His gaze held her in his grip, and she suddenly realized that he was breathtakingly beautiful.

Sir Auron. It is truly an honour.

Please, I wish no honour. I only wish to fulfill my promise to Braska.

But he was isolated, an island of strength that refused to be infiltrated. She had no hope of captivating him the same way he had captivated her.


"Beautiful boy
Tell me your name
I’m in love
Oh yeah
With a boy I just met on the street
In the dark
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Where are you going?
Beautiful boy,
Where are you going?

Where are you now?
Beautiful boy,
What are you doing tonight?"
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