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Legacy of Jafar Book 2 The Battle of Senfew

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Jafar has entered the town of Senfew and is looking for 4 children.

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Legacy of Jafar
Book 2
The battle of Senfew

Jafar entered the town of Senfew’s square. Nergel was surely attacking tonight because the assault had already started!
Some of the guards from Mercenary Fort, armed with axes, were fighting some of Daien’s soldiers, who wore red armor with Daien’s symbol on the chest plate and were armed with lances.
The soldiers were falling to the guards might. But Jafar kept on running. As he got farther into the town, he saw more and more of Daien’s soldiers and more of the Mercenary Fort guards fighting them back.
After a few more minutes of running, Jafar found the 4 children that he was looking for. They were surrounded by Daien soldiers. Jafar rushed in to help the children before they were captured.
His blade, the Regal Blade, flashed into his hand and, in a flash the soldiers lay dead on the ground.
“Thank you, Jafar,” one of the children said. Jafar turned and saw that it was Ninan who spoke.
Ninan was 5 7”, with long, green hair, green eyes, and white skin. She wore a dress that had no sleeves.
“Yeah, thanks a million,” Nils said. Nils was Ninan’s younger brother. He was 5 5” with short, green hair, green eyes, and white skin, like his sister. He wore a green shirt and blue shorts. “Who’s that,” one of the other children asked. It was Mikaya.
She had silver hair, white skin, and is 5 7”. She wears a crimson dress and has gold eyes. Behind Mikaya is Cormag.
Cormag is 5 8”, with blond, shaggy hair, brown eyes, and mixed skin. He is in full blue battle armor, and holds a wicked looking lance. His dragon, Drake, is 8 feet long with huge wings.
Cormag and Drake look ready to fight to the death with anyone to protect the other 3 children. Jafar said to Cormag “So you’re a Wyvern Knight. I see you have a Killer Lance. You must train a lot.” Cormag replied “Yes. I learned from my brother, Glen, who is one of Daien’s generals.” “Anyway, we need to leave right now,” Jafar said. Cormag questioned “How can we trust you?”
“We know him,” Nils and Ninan answered. “I also trust him,” Drake said in thought speech. “Yes Cormag. Trust you dragon,” Jafar said. Cormag was stunned. He started “How can you-“
Jafar cut him off “Hear you dragon? Well I can read minds. And second, dragons can hear each other.” Cormag yelled “But you’re human!”
“No. He is human and dragon,” Drake said. “He looks human, but has the traits and presence of a dragon.”
“Now that I’ve found you guys, we have to find Geril and tell him to sound the retreat. Then, we go to a new base in Gallia,” Jafar said.
Jafar and the children started running, but some Daien soldiers overheard them talking and started following them.
Jafar found Geril and Ike, fighting in the town square, against horde of Daien soldiers. “Kids, go to the Mercenary Fort, while I tell Geril to sound the retreat,” Jafar said. He then told the kids where Mercenary Fort was, and how to get in to it, and they set off. Then, Jafar drew his blade and jumped in to help Geril and Ike.
He came up behind a solider and wacked him in the back of the head with the hilt of his sword. One solider threw a javelin at Jafar, but he caught it and threw it back, hitting the solider in his stomach. He turned and slashed a solider in the chest.
After that, the few remaining soldiers in the square ran away. Geril walked over to Jafar as he put his sword away. He said “Thanks for the backup.” Jafar replied “You’re welcome. I need you to sound the retreat. Were finished here.”
Geril left to sound the retreat, while Ike covered him. Jafar went back to the Mercenary Fort, where he found the children there waiting and Scar talking to them. The base had been empted for evacuation.
Suddenly, a mass of Daien’s soldiers appeared in the Fort. As Jafar was about to draw his blade, Scar said “There are too many.” Jafar replied “There is never too many!” Scar yelled “We must save the children! To the Warp Point!” Jafar replied “I thought it wasn’t finished.” “We have to try it,” was Scar’s response. They ran to the Warp Point, shouted “Gallia” and, after a bright flash, they were gone.
After a while, Nergel and Ephdel appeared in the emptied Mercenary Fort.
Ephdel said “Sire, the children, Scar and, Jafar got away,”
Nergel replied “No matter. We shall get them soon. But for now, Onward to Renis Castle!”
Coming soon Legacy of Jafar Book 3 Captured!
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