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Heaven Is Dark and Unforgiving

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Mrs Lovett knows she can never have Mr Todd. His heart is locked away and she cannot reach it. Very angsty.

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proof of heaven. as your living.

The sorrow sky, grey and asphyxiating with regret had darkened into a midnight layer, smothering the stars. The day was done. Mrs Lovett headed up the stairs, her bones tired and delicate fingers bruised from the days work. She opened the door to Mr Todds room and was not surprised to see him standing at the window sharpening his razors, or shall we say his friends.
She knew that she was not one of them.
Goodnight Mr T... she said. He rarely replied.

His head turned and she stared at him for a minute. His messy black hair hung over one side of his face and he stood in the moonlight, his slight build thinner than ever. His pale complexion was ethereal, except for the darkness around his eyes, which had seen nothing but sadness for the last fifteen years. He was cold-hearted but she could not help but ache for him as she saw glimpses of pain and innocence in his sad eyes.
He gave a very subtle nod and went back to his razors. Mrs Lovett left him to his thoughts and returned to the parlour downstairs, collapsing in her tattered brocade chair. And thought

Oh my love. Ive saved my aching heart for you. But youre tearing it apart. And the bloodstains are adding to those of the meaningless victims on your floor. Maybe if I let it bleed, my longing for you will vanish. But how can I live with a drained heart? How can you live with a hole in your heart when I am here? Am I that indifferent that the only words you speak to me are of hostility? We all deserve to die
Im so sorry Im not beautiful and pale with yellow hair. You sing for Lucy and those you once lived for. But you never sing to me. I spend my days holding on to a sparkle of hope that you will. I hope. Even when your brooding eyes are looking right through me. Because if I don’t have hope—
What do I have?

It would be lovely to believe that love is around. But life is cruel. This love is different. All the grudges and unbearable pain hovers between us. Being with you is harder than ever.
Every night you call her name. I am forced to listen to the agony of your nightmares. I hold you till you are peacefully at rest once more. But you dont know.
When you push me away I fight back the tears and wish you would grasp my icy hands like you do your razors.

Sometimes we dance. You hold me close. Pale long fingers entwined in mine. We twirl about the room like intoxicated insanity and the madness pulls you even closer to me. It is during these moments that I am incandescently happy. And you are ignorantly blissful.

But it doesnt last for very long. Your revenge-ridden heart has not room for me. And I know this. It kills me inside to admit it.

Ill always be here Mr T. I carry on living beside you. Insignificant in your eyes. And hope for the day when you press your cold lips against mine and tell me that someone cares

Mr Todd was leaning against the doorway. Watching the other half of his sinister partnership. Her closed eyes were dark and tired. Just like his. Her tattered black dress trailed along the floor. He wanted to tell her she looks beautiful. If she only knew. But the guilt of banishing his duty to Lucy attacked him. Constantly. Causing his cold and livid expression to consume him even more. Their entwined lives are so tragic and futile.

Walking over to where she rested, he kneeled down ever so softly beside her. He noticed her tear stained cheeks and the beauty of her ghostly complexion. He stroked her hair gently, careful not to wake her. No-one can know his true feelings. As tears ran down his face, four words escaped from his lips ---
Forgive me, my love

And then he retreated back to his room upstairs, the remains of his black heart hiding themselves away from the world.
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