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The Rings

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Childhood marriage, would it last long? (Frerard one-shot)

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A simple easy story based on a childhood marriage. Enjoy!^^ xxx

Frank 9 ; Gerard 11

“Hey Gee! This side!”

On their way home, Frank noticed there was someone holding a wedding ceremony. He held Gerard’s hand, asking him to take a look.

“It seems wonderful, isn’t it? They’re going to spend the rest of their life, that’s sweet.” Frank faced Gerard, “I want to get marry too.”

Gerard chunked Frank’s head with a kind smile, “you’re just a kid, no one is gonna marry you.”

Frank narrowed his brows and shook Gerard’s hand, just like the way he ask his mum to buy him a toy, “but neither you aren’t?”

Gerard glanced on the couple over there, thought for a second, “Well, I think you’re my beautiful bride now.”

These two little kids grinned at each other. Wonderful childhood.

“Whoa Gee! Where did you get it?” shouted Frank, while Gerard took out a pair of rings.

“I got it from aunty Jane.” Gerard answered with a sly smile.

“Oh you- ” Frank cried out, but before he could finish his sentence, Gerard covered his mouth with his hand. “Shh… don’t shout it out!”

Frank took away Gerard’s hand, “you stole it?” said quietly.

“I just borrow it. I think it would be better if we have a ring since we’re married.” Right after, he took Frank’s hand and put it on his finger. “you’re really my wife now Frankie.”

But after this process, the smile on Frank’s face gradually faded. “Gee…if you got a girlfriend, will you abandon me?”

“No! Why would you day that?” Gerard got nervous because Frank had said something Gerard would never thought of.

“Because I saw that girl slapped that guy.” Frank started to pour out tears.

“Who are ‘that girl’ and ‘that guy’?”

“The couple we saw yesterday. When she slaps him, I think that would probably be the reason.”

Gerard wiped out Frank’s tears, “trust me, I’d never do that. How about you Frankie? Would you?”

“Never.” Frank slowly took Gerard’s hand, put on the ring too.

*back to reality*

“Hey Frank!”

Frank 14 ; Gerard 16

They were at school, during recess time, Gerard went to find Frank.

“I saw you hung out with a girl yesterday, who was she?” Gerard asked with a smile, wondering who the girl was. Because this was the first time he saw Frank with a girl, only two of them.

“You mean Kris? My girlfriend!” Frank answered excitedly.

“So…you eventually got a girlfriend.” Some weird feeling running in Gerard’s stomach when he heard the word “girlfriend. But why? Gerard bit his lower lip and looked down.

Frank noticed Gerard looked a bit odd, but he didn’t say anything, and he nodded, “she’s a nice girl.”

Gerard was obviously a bit upset, but he’d like to hide the sadness. “We’re going to the comics’ books store today, you remember?” both of them are comics addicts, they used to go to the store to see if there is any new comics or some related products twice a week.

“Oh I forgot! You know the exams are coming; I and my classmates formed a study group. We’re going to study after school today.”

Gerard wide his eyes, “study group? Why don’t you ask me if you have any questions like you always do?” Gerard was a smart guy, plus, he was older than Frank, he seemed to be the tutorial teacher of Frank. But now, Frank seemed had grew up. He could manage himself, maybe he didn’t need Gerard any longer…

“I don’t want to disturb you. You too will have exam soon. This test is rather important for you. ” Frank tried to convince Gerard, “And I think I can handle my works. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“It won’t dis-” when Gerard was going to answer, he heard someone was calling Frank.

“Frank!” they turned around, it was the one Gerard didn’t want to see at that moment, Kris. Gerard glared at her, he couldn’t help, an angry growing bigger in his stomach. Kris was a blonde, with brown eyes and pretty tall in stature. Taller than Frank.

“Hey Kris!” Frank waved his hand happily. Once Kris stepped closer, Gerard felt more annoyed. His palm even formed a fist.

“I’ve something to ask you, come here.” she grabbed Frank’s sleeve, wanting him to go with her.

“I’m sorry man. We’ll go next time.” Frank’s apology made Gerard felt better, but wouldn’t reduce the sadness.

“Study group or private date Frank?…” Gerard muttered and sighed.

*Next week*

“Comics store today!” Gerard patted Frank’s back happily. It was the recess time again.

Frank turned his head, “hey!” he was glad to see Gerard because last week his refused to go to the store with him, and Gerard got a bit angry. He was afraid that he wouldn’t forgive Frank. But luckily Gerard wasn’t that kind of person.

While Gerard was grinning, he saw the one he didn’t want to see, again, sitting next to Frank.

“Hi!” The innocent Kris didn’t know anything, and she was greeting with him simply.

The smile on Gerard’s face disappeared while he was taking a sit in font of Frank. “Why are you here?”

“Huh? This is my classroom.” Kris answered confusingly. But no doubt she was right.

Gerard gave her a “whatever” face and turned to Frank. “So, I’ll wait for you at the entrance of school, okay?”

“Aw…I can’t go.” Frank gave him a puppy eyes, hopefully Gerard wouldn’t get angry again. But, thing doesn’t go whatever you want.

“I have- ”

“Study group again?” Gerard interrupted. He ran out from the classroom. Frank followed him without hesitation.

“Gerard!” he ran so fast, they were already got out from the school building.

Gerard eventually stopped, he started shaking. Frank approached, “Gerard… are you angry?”

“Am not!” Gerard cried out, scared Frank a bit.

“But you obviously are…”

“Cause you broke the promise!” Gerard faced Frank, he was sobbing. Gerard wiped off his tears, and started to take out the ring which was around his fourth finger.

He threw it into some flower shrub. “Remember five years ago, you said you won’t abandon me if you got a girlfriend. But look at you! What have you done? You’re just refusing and refusing me!”


“Step off! Go find your Kris!”

Frank bowed his head, and picked up the ring that Gerard had thrown away. Then he took some more step closer, gave Gerard a warm embrace. “Gerard I’m sorry.” Gerard was shocked; he couldn’t manage to say a word. Frank broke apart with him slowly and continued, “It was actually a plan that Kris has suggested for me…”

“Kris knows that I like you. But I’d never have the guts to tell you, and I’ll never know how you would think of me. So Kris suggested if I did something, like pretend to have a girlfriend, and start to ignore you. She said if you get mad, then that means…” Frank started to feel a bit awkward to continue, nevertheless, Gerard gave some help.

“I like you…”

“That’s really how I feel.” Gerard stroked Frank face, leaned down to kiss this kid.

“Frankie, we’re not divorced yet, are we?”

Frank smiled and took Gerard’s hand; the ring was now gone back around his owner finger. And it won’t leave easily.
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