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Chapter 24

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School Time

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I felt a pair of hands lightly shaking my shoulder, “Aubrey sweetheart it’s time for school.” I almost thought it was my mom but then I realized that I was still with those Jonas boys. “Ok…” I mumbled and drug myself out of bed. I looked through a bag finally finding what I wanted to wear. Then I drug myself to the bathroom and put on makeup. At last I was ready. I walked downstairs just as Brooke did. “You ready?” I asked. “As ever.” she nodded her head. “Kevin will you drive them?” Denise asked. “Ya mom I was planning on it anyway.”
Our first day of school outfits looked like this:

I was wearing:
Brooke was wearing:
Joe was wearing:
Nick was wearing:

We drove for a while until we pulled into a huge parking lot in front of the biggest school I have ever seen. I glanced around seeing all the fancy clothes and such. “Ok one thing before you guys leave me.” Kevin started. “Aubrey NO screaming, squealing, hyperventilating, or whatever else you do.” Kevin warned me. “I know I know I will be on my best behavior today.” I nodded even though I knew that before the day was over I would probably scream. “Ok now get out of my car.” Kevin said. Brooke kissed him as she got out.
The first thing I seen was a handsome, blonde boy walking over to us…oh my god…its Jason Dolley! “Hey Jason!” Joe said shaking his hand. “What’s up?” Jason asked back. Brooke coughed loudly. “Oh ya Jason this is Brooke and Aubrey.” Joe pointed to us. I held my breath, I could feel a scream coming. “Aubrey what’s wrong?” Nick asked looking at my face. “need…to…scream…” I squeaked. Joe laughed, “Jason do you mind if Aubrey screams a little?” he asked still laughing. “Nah” Jason smiled. I screamed/squealed. “Ok I’m better now…” I breathed out. Jason laughed. “So do you greet everyone you meet with a scream?” he asked playfully. “No I really don’t just…” I paused before I said something about cute guys, “Just people I admire a lot.” I reworded carefully.
“Joe!” I seen Chelsea Staub walk over to us. “It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever.” she batted her eyelashes. I looked at her in disgust. “And Nick its awesome to see you too.” she hugged him. Jason slipped away before she could hug him. She looked at me, “And you are?” she said in a snobby tone. “This is Aubrey and that is Brooke.” Joe said before I said something regrettable. “How are they famous?” she asked while looking at me as if I was some sort of creature. “They aren’t…yet.” Joe said catching my eyes. “Then how did they get in the school?” she asked. “My mom pulled a couple strings and got them in.” Nick cut in. “Oh.” she said and then with a flip of her blonde hair she walked away.
“Bitch…” Brooke and I both whispered so only we could hear. “I can’t believe she would act like that.” Joe said shocked. “Um…Sorry to burst your bubble Joe but just cause he’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s nice.” Nick said patting his back. “Ya I guess your right…” Joe sighed. “Well maybe I could just give her another chance I mean everyone has there bad moments.” Joe said perking back up. I couldn’t help it…I was completely and utterly jealous…why must I be so stupid?
“Thank goodness she’s gone.” Jason said walking back up to us. “Hey be nice to Chelsea, she was probably just having an off day.” Joe said defending her. Jason just rolled his eyes, at least he got the message. “So what do you all have first hour?” Jason asked changing the subject. “I have some Music class.” I shrugged, at least I actually liked music. “Me too!” they all replied. “Awesome we all have first hour together!” Brooke laughed.

1st Hour:

It was a little shocking as I looked around the room at all the celebrities. I knew exactly who all of them were, Cody Linley, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Alyson Stoner, Chelsea Staub, Taylor Lautner, Emma Watson, Aly, AJ, Ryan Sheckler, and of course Jason Dolley. It was crazy, all my star struckness was now officially maxed out, with the exception of Chelsea Staub I actually was interested in all the other people.
“Hello students I’m Ms. Juniper but you may call me Ms. J and I’m your new music teacher!” the short woman with short spiky/fluffy blonde hair and bright red tips said writing her name on the board. “Today we are gonna have a more simple assignment, all I need for you to do is write me some lyrics in your own words, no copywriting, and then turn them into me at the end of class. You make move and talk or whatever you need to do to get those imaginations running.” she smiled revealing her pearly white teeth. I could just tell I would like this teacher.
Jason, the boys, Brooke, and I all pushed our desks together. “Man this assignment is hard.” Jason complained. “No its not just keep trying.” I encouraged him. Soon I remembered a song that I had written over and over again so many times and began losing myself in thought as I wrote:

In case your wondering why I haven’t called
In case your pondering so much it drives you up the wall
And in case your wondering what's really going on

It got to hard to love you
Even though you loved me too
Your love just wasn't meant for me
I guess we weren't meant to be
It hurts me even now
To think about your smile
Even for only a little while...

Sometimes my mind wanders to you
Although I wish it wouldn't
I think about how it used to be
Always together just you and me
A lot of things have changed
Our lives got rearranged

It got to hard to love you
Even though you loved me too
Your love just wasn't meant for me
I guess we weren't meant to be
It hurts me even now
To think about your smile
Even for only a little while...

I wander if you care that I stopped loving you
Because loving you got to hard to do
Do remember all the laughs we shared
And how much I really cared...but

It got to hard to love you
Even though you loved me too
Your love just wasn't meant for me
I guess we weren't meant to be
It hurts me even now
To think about your smile
Even for only a little while...

Well I guess this is my good-bye
Now you never have to wonder why
I'm done trying to be your girl
‘Cause honey you ain't my whole world
So in case your wondering why I haven't called
In case your pondering so much it drives you up the wall
Here is your answer

It's not to hard to not love you
Now that you don’t love me too
Me and you aren’t meant to be
Now I'm off to find the real guy for me!

I looked up, “Well that went fast.” I smiled. “You’re done?” Joe looked at me. “Ya…” I said. “How?” Jason questioned. “I just used a song that I had already written.” I shrugged and went to turn it in. “Done already?” Ms. J asked. “Ya I used a song I had already written. “Oh…well just stay right there while I read this.” she said putting on her bright red reading glasses. “Wow…this song is wonderful…I love it! Do you mind me keeping this?” she asked smiling up at me. “No I don’t mind at all.” I smiled. I can’t believe she actually liked it!
“So how’d it go?” Nick asked as I sat back down. “Spastastic! She liked my song.” I just couldn’t get over how happy I was. “Awesome well got to go turn mine in.” he patted my back lovingly. Soon the class was over and most everyone was done whether their song was good or really bad. I heard the bell ring, “Have a good day everyone!” Ms. J said as we were walking out the door.
“Aubrey will you hold on just a moment?” she asked before I left. “Ya.” I nodded walking over to her desk. “I really like your song and I wanted to know if I can post it on the wall so everyone can see it?” her eyes pleaded me although her face kept a polite fix. “Ya go ahead and put it wherever you want.” I grinned. “Thank you! Well you better get off to your next class.” she sat back down. The next few hours were a blur, I barely remember them. Before I knew it lunch was coming and I was finally halfway through my day.
“Brooke!” I said happily. “Aubrey!” she exclaimed as we almost ran up to each other. “OMJ today has been so weird!” Brooke gave me a wide-eyed look. “Ya same here.” I nodded. “So your name is Brooke right?” I seen Cody Linley walk up to us. “Ya…” Brooke just looked at him. “Well I’m Cody.” he smiled but there was just something not right. “Ya we know.” Brooke said with her typical smartelic voice. “Well I was just wondering if such a pretty girl like yourself would mind sitting by me and my friends at lunch?” he asked pulling off a charming face. “Well…” Brooke began but I gave her the death glare. “Sorry not today I’ve already got plans to sit with other people.” she shrugged and we walked away.
I looked at the food and was quite surprised…how come normal schools don’t have good food? “Hey pretty ladies.” Jason walked with us as we went to sit down with the boys and some others. I giggled but shortly stopped due to Nick’s alarmed face. “Just a joke Nick.” Jason reassured him. “Where’s Joe?” I asked seeing that he wasn’t with us. “Chelsea lured him to go sit with her.” Nick just shook his head.
For a while we just ate and talked quietly as Brooke and I soon got many new friends. I would’ve been fine except I knew that Joe was hanging out with the wrong type of girl…Chelsea Staub was a Barbie girl…perfect, pretty, and plastic. No matter how hard I tried to focus on the people with me my heart just kept pulling towards Joe…I can’t love Joe…I love Nick…what if I love both…
Lunch ended to quickly and the day managed to blur by again. I had some classes with people I liked and some with people I didn’t. At this point I couldn’t focus on school because all of my focus was on how I really felt or how I didn’t know I really felt I guess I should say. Finally the bell rang and we all met up outside waiting for Kevin to pick us up.
Cody pulled up in a nice shiny new car, “Brooke do you need a ride? Such a pretty lady like yourself shouldn’t have to wait.” his voice was charming but I could feel the coldness coming straight from his heart. “Cody get over yourself Brooke here has a boyfriend someone you might know as Kevin Jonas!” I said before Brooke could reply. “For now…” I heard him say a little quieter as he drove away.
Finally Kevin pulled up, “Sorry guys that I’m a little late Mom needed help.” Kevin said unlocking the doors. “I missed you so much!” Brooke said kissing him. Of course they went off kissing, “Um sorry to burst your bubble but there’s other people in the car.” Joe said rolling his eyes. “Sorry its just hard to not kiss such a beautiful girl.” Kevin stared lovingly into her eyes. Brooke smiled.
We got home and I was relieved. Who would’ve thought that celebrity school could be so stressful? “Hey, can I come in?” I seen Nick at the door. “Of course.” I smiled. “So what’d you think of school?” he asked sitting beside me on my bed. “A lot of things…it was way to much like normal school except everyone was rich and popular.” I laughed. “Ya sad but true.” he shrugged. “Well changing the subject, we have a small concert not to far from here tonight and I just wanted to know if you were going?” he asked. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world, but since I’m going you have to get out so I can do all my weird girl stuff to look nice.” I kissed him on the cheek. “Ok well I’ll see you when your done doing all your weird girl things.” he laughed and left, shutting the door behind him.

“Kevin stop!” I laughed out as I struggled on my bed while Kevin tickled me. “Please, please!” I laughed. “Alright…” he stopped tickling. I heaved and finished out a laugh. “Why must you be so immature, your suppose to be the oldest?” I joked. “You wouldn’t have me any other way.” he smirked and kissed me. “Ya your right.” I said as we broke apart, “but you forget that I can be immature too.” I grinned and tickled his right side. “Ahh…this is so…not…fair” he said between laughs. “Oh yes it is…pay back sucks doesn’t it!” we both continued laughing as I kept tickling him against his will.


I walked away from Aubrey’s door and headed off to Brooke’s room knowing that Kevin would be in there. Wouldn’t want him to be unprepared for the concert. I opened the door…why must I be so bad at timing? All I seen was Brooke straddled on Kevin as they were both laughing and lets just say it didn’t look PG. “YUCK! Why must you do that in the same house as me?” I made a face. “Oh get over it Nick we’re just having a tickle fest.” Brooke laughed as she got off of Kevin. “Well whatever you were doing it definitely looked wrong…well anyway Kevin mom said that you need to start to get ready for the small concert tonight.” I said. “Ok that’s a can do.” he said and I left the two love birds be.


I heard the horn of Kevin’s car honk repeatedly. Rushing downstairs I fell a couple times…of course. “Gosh you are pushy!” I said hopping into the back seat. “Well it would be a little rude to be late to our own concert.” Kevin laughed. “Valid point.” I agreed. “So you guys said a little concert…what does that mean?” I asked. “Well its more of performing at a party.” Joe said. “Oh so you are taking us to a party?” Brooke perked up. “Ya basically.” Kevin looked away from the road to look at Brooke. “On the way home someone else is driving ‘cause I don’t want to wreck because you cant stop staring at Brooke.” I shook my head. I seen Kevin blush.
We shortly arrived, the party seemed pretty big. We all stepped out and the boys seemed pretty famous even in a party full of famous people. The first thing we did was watch the boys play and of course they were wonderful as usual…but there was one thing. They only played three songs S.O.S., When You Look Me In The Eyes, and…Hello Beautiful. S.O.S. was fun as usual and When You Look Me In The Eyes was obviously Kevin and Brooke’s new song because they both were gawking over each other. Then came Hello Beautiful and I tried not to mouth the words but it came to natural and the worst thing was that Joe looked right at me through the whole song…
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