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A billionaire gets stranded at Bob's mom's restaurant and makes an offer for Bob.

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William Trenton was a self-made billionaire. He had million dollar houses all over the world. But the one he loved coming back to the one he felt most home at was in a village just outside of Chicago called Kenilworth. One of the reasons he loved it was because it was the first house he purchased and secondly it stored his vintage car collection. He decided to take out his baby a 1934 Ford Victoria. It reminded of the car used in the ZZ Top video “She’s Got Legs”. He loved that car. He was traveling back home on route Veteran’s Memorial Dive to pick up Ronald Reagan Turnpike to head home when a storm hit. Stupid weathermen they never get it right. He loved Chicago, but sometimes the lake effect snows can be daunting. It was then he heard something very weird with his car. It wasn’t a noise it normally made, this was different. Suddenly it started to sputter. He got off the highway and pulled into the first parking lot he saw. It belonged to a restaurant called Omega Restaurant and Pancake House. He walked in and it was dead probably because of the storm.

“Can I help you?”

“My car broke down and well I needed a place to stay warm while I wait for a towing company. Do you know any by the way?”

Eloise Bryar looked at the man standing in front of her. He was about her age maybe a little younger. He had light brown hair and green eyes by all accounts he was handsome enough. He was taller than her son and much thinner, too thin in her opinion. He was wearing a Brooks Brothers dark grey sweater with black Ralph Lauren wool slacks with a pair of black Farragamo slip-ons.

She gave him the name of a towing company she had used plenty of times. As a matter of fact they knew her by name. She hadn’t needed to use them for awhile since Bob bought her a brand new car. He wanted to do more for her but she was a proud woman and wanted to support herself. He did always get her extra things that she wanted but couldn’t afford on her own. She was thankful she brought her son up right. He knew the value of a dollar and that you had to work hard to get what you wanted out of life.

William turned to Eloise, “They can’t be here for another two hours, lots of accidents because of the storm.”

“You’re going to have to order something,” she then pointed to the sign, “No Loitering.”

“Of course where are my manners?”

She showed him to a seat and gave him a menu. It had been so long since he had eaten in a restaurant like this. He might have almost enjoyed it if he wasn’t so worried about his prized car. He could call Verne his chauffer but he gave him the night off. Verne was taking his wife out to dinner and then dancing. They were having problems lately because he wasn't spending enough time at home. He decided that was out of the question. He guessed he would just have to take a taxi home, though the thought made him cringe. What would the neighbors think?

Since there was no one else in the restaurant and the snow outside was piling up he was wondering if he would get home at all.

“So where are you from?” asked Eloise.


“I thought I recognized you, you’re that Trenton fellow.”

Just then some teenagers walked in, “There she is, go give it to her.”

One of the girls who was no older than fifteen walked up to Eloise, “C-c-c-can you give this to Bob?”

“Of course sweetheart, now run along it’s getting bad out there.” She added it to the other three in her apron.

“Who’s Bob?”

“My son, he’s in a rock band. He really does hate it when they bother me at work.”

“Ah the rock star’s life, different venues everyday, different girls all the time, people waiting on you hand and foot, private planes and limos, and ample drugs and alcohol. You must worry about him all the time. How many times has he been in rehab?”

Eloise was shocked at the comment, “My son has never been to rehab.”

“I’m sorry that’s all you hear about these days, this one going to rehab or that one going to rehab.”

“Well that’s not my son or his friends.”

William remembered when he liked rock music but now his house is filled with classical and once and a while with the pop stuff his daughters listen to, but never rock. It was uncivilized just about loud noises being put together, at least not like the old days when the Beatles, Stones and the Who ruled the world. Back then the words had meaning. Not the garbage that’s being produced now a days.

“I have time tell me about your son.”

“He’s a drummer for the band My Chemical Romance, ever hear of them? They have sold million of records and have fans all over the world.”

“Can’t say that I have. If they have so much why are you still working here? Family dispute?”

“Nothing like that. I’m a proud woman and I’ve worked all my life Mr. Trenton. My Bobby didn’t have much growing up, he bought his drum kit used and bought each piece at a time. When he finally had the actual drums he couldn’t afford cymbals so he used pieces of cardboard until he could afford them.”

William seemed to like what he heard about Bob. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders.

“He was so proud when the drum kit was finally complete. He had always played drums in the school band and was in the jazz band. But his love was rock and he always went out at night and played, until he was asked to do sound at a show. He found he had a knack for it and since none of the bands were as serious as he was, he started doing that all the time. He went to school in Florida and came home and worked in the House of Blues. He met a band while working there and the took him out doing what he wanted to do and that was tour. The only problem he wasn’t playing. I could see as the years went by how aggravated he was getting. He just wanted to play so bad. The thing is he was so good at his job he worked non stop. Tours, video shoots, records he did sound for it all. Then one day in February 2003 it all changed. He called me after a show and talked excitedly about this band he met called “My Chemical Romance”. He said they were the best thing he had heard in a long time and if they ever needed a drummer he was there. He became fast friends with them and even worked for free for them just because he really loved them. Then one day in August 2004 he got a phone call and he was in. It was scary at first since he hadn’t really played for six or seven years, not only that he had a broken ankle. But he still went for it. When Bob wants something nothing will get in his way.”

“I wish my older daughter Madison had that passion. How does he treat the help?”

“The help?”

“The people that work for him?”

“They’re not help, they’re friends. The band is obviously the closest to each other, but everyone is treated with love and respect.”

“I wish Elisabeth would understand that. The way she treats anyone without a seven figure income is deplorable.”

“The whole band is like that. They’re a great bunch of guys. But they were a bit of a mess until Bob took over and got them organized and took the chaos out of their lives. He’s worked hard to get the respect from his co-workers. He’s down in the trenches with the rest of them carrying equipment setting up and all sorts of stuff.”

“If my daughters could just spend sometime with your son, maybe they could learn a thing or two. I’d pay him a very handsome price.”

“He doesn’t need anymore money.”

“How about this I offer two million dollars to their favorite charity.”

Eloise’s eyes popped out of her head. “Two million dollars?”

“Is that not enough?”

“I’m sure it’s plenty.”

It was then that the door opened to a gruffy looking man.

“Hey Eloise, I’m here to pick up a car?” said the man.

“Hi I’m William Trenton, it’s my car that needs to be towed.”

“So where are we headed?”


The man looked at Eloise and shook his hand in front of him with his fingers open. “Woah.”

“It’s the 1934 Ford Victoria.”


“Please be careful.”

“No problem.”

William turned to Eloise, “Here’s my card and tell your son about my offer.”

“I will.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you Eloise.”

With that William left getting in the tow truck, heading back to the highway.

Eloise felt something vibrate in her pocket. She looked at her cell and it was Bob.
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