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poem about flying...wish i could...this is how i imagine it'd feel..

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I unfold my white, leathery wings.
I start off at a run, my heart pounding in my head.
Strong air currents lift my wings up.
Pretty soon, my feet are no longer touching ground.

Warm air thermals lift me up,
Higher and higher.
With each powerful stroke of my wings,
I take another breath of exhiliration.

Soon I am higher than a jet plane.
I hover in the sky for a moment, beating my wings.
Then I tuck them against me.
I take a nose dive.

Faster and faster I plummet,
And my eyes are slits.
The ground is coming up fast now.
At the last possible moment,
My wings unfold, and I come to a halt.

I hover, gazing at the sky longingly.
But I must go, he is calling me.
I fold my wings against my back, out of sight.
I walk down the street, as if nothing has happened.
My world, is yet agian, mundane.
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