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The Interview

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A girl and a boy get into a fight... they love each other but he does something a little gruesome and we can't figure out why. (we is me btw )

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A girl about the age of 25 rushed out the door into the cold December air
"I loath him," she thought to herself.
But she could her that little voice in the back of her head,
“No you don't. You love him,"
She sighed a breath of defeat and continued to stomp through the snow. As she walked she relaxed a bit, but then shivered as she resurfaced to reality, realizing she had walked into the bone chilling air with no coat or gloves. She stopped Looking back at the house knowing it was too late to get one considering her marvelously angry exit after her and her boyfriend's fight. She could feel the bitter winter air sink into her skin and she relaxed even more knowing December was always on her side. After walking for an hour the girl decided to proceed home. As she walked up the driveway she could see that her boyfriend's car was not there.
"Thank god," she said out loud to no one except the crunching snow under her feet.
When she got inside she carefully took off her shoes and placed them neatly next to the door. She then hung up her keys and hat. The shivering girl sat on the couch rubbing her now numb toes back to life. She went upstairs to take a nice long hot bath. She turned on the hot water faucet and her favorite AFI cd, Decemeberunderground. As she hummed to the tune of Prelude 12/21 she slowly got undressed. She put on a robe and waited for the tub to finish filling up. As the water reached the top she turned it off and slid off the robe. When she started dipping her toes into the steaming tub The Interview came on.
The girl's boyfriend walked through the front door still fuming over their fight.
"I hate her," he thought loudly to himself as he threw off his shoes and ripped off his coat.
“No I don't hate her. I can't. I'm in love with her."
He heard the bathtub shut off upstairs. Then suddenly he became calm and relaxed. He took a deep breath and walked up the steps serenely. He carefully opened the bathroom door and crept in. He saw his girlfriend lying in the tub with her eyes closed. Almost if she was....dead. He slowly walked over the clothes and quietly slid next to the bathtub. He knelt down next to it. He suddenly grabbed her shoulders pushing her down. As she struggled for oxygen he whispered in time with the music "Hush now, don't you cry."
She stopped struggling. He got up and walked towards the door. He turned taking one last look at the love of his life. She was barely visible under the water but you could still see her pale hand gripping the edge of the tub. As he closed the door the last bit of that bitter, bone chilling December air left her lips and floated to the surface.
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