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The truth of my forever

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A girl is remembering her time in feudal japan.Oneshot Pairings:Sesshomaru x OC

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Erotica,Romance - Characters: Sesshoumaru - Published: 2008-06-14 - Updated: 2008-06-15 - 2140 words - Complete

Away beyond the looking glass I see him. I see him but I cannot touch him. He is too far away for me to say I love you now. I wish he were here with me. That he could hold me like he used too. In times before, I remember him watching me from in the trees. I would walk on pretending not to notice him. He knew I knew he was there. He was smart that way.

I miss the small things the smell of him when it rained. I miss the way he kissed me behind my ear when I slept. I miss how I could curl up in his softness and dreamed for days. Now the winters are cold. There is no softness to fall into.

There are days in which I will remember forever. And one I will never forget; the day he came from the shadows. I remember it so clearly, that sweet day. I stood by the brook that circled the place in which I resided, the wet dirt cold under my feet. I knew he was amongst the shadows. He had been there for quite a while just watching me. I didn’t mind. I never do, but this evening seemed different. I dipped down and let the water flow into my hands. It was cool from the autumn wind. I turned towards his direction and smiled. I had only seen his face but once and feel in love with it.
So many things separated us, he being a full blooded youkai of royal birth, bearing the weight of upholding his lineage. And me being nothing more than a human who slipped through the hands of time into a forbidden world I was never meant to see. But today, the only thing separating us where the trees. The sun was starting to set and I knew my companions would worry if I was not back by now. I had gotten lost from the group and now took refuges alone. My friends would come from me eventually and until they do I will wait. I will wait with him here with me, alone.
I went to the springs in which I knew he would not follow. He was a gentleman and had no intentions of disrespecting me. I slid deep in the water; my mind wondering to things I wished would happen. To things I wished he would do. My mind running free with expectations that my never get fulfilled. I finished and quickly wrapped myself for the wind had started to blow harder. I escaped into the old cabin and tried to start a fire. I was wet and cold and the fire had yet to work. My clothes had yet to dry and all I had was a simple wrap to keep me warm. The door to my cabin started to open. I quickly stood to protect my fire. My body relaxed when I saw the frame in the doorway. I knew it well. But I tensed instantly as he drew nigh to me. I don’t know why I back away but something about him coming close made me nervous. The flames cast a shadow on his face that made him glow. I reached back and felt the wall in my hands. He was coming closer and I was running out of room. He stopped suddenly and so did I. Our eyes locked and though there were no words I could hear everything he said. And as he stood I walked closer until he had to look down to see me. I reached up my hands and caressed the face I had wanted to touch for so long. With the small cracks in the old cabin, the wind made small sweet whistles as it blew.
The flames flickered on our forbidden moment when his lips came down on mine. They were softer than I had imagined and he was much gentler. I could feel him holding back for a reason I did not know. My hands held fast to his face as his made their way around my waist. The only thing now holding up my wrap was our bodies connected. I pressed my hands to back of his neck; he was loosening up. The thing that held him back was holding back no more. I could feel it letting go as he kissed me harder. His tongue caressing the outskirts of my mouth, begging to be let in. I refused at first but the shocking touch of his hand caressing butt made my mouth open with a gasp. He eagerly took the opportunity to glide his tongue in. I tried my best to fight back but his natural dominance took over and his tongue won the battle. Little tender kisses he left along my jaw line, slowly sliding down to my neck. His hands, oh those hands, touching every curve of my legs. His hands delving my thighs as his claws light tugged at the wrap. Everything was light; a light touch, the light kiss that made me shiver. I felt his claws dragging up my thighs to my hips and up my torso. I clutched his shoulders while he tugged at my wrap. “Sesshomaru.” I whispered in his ear when be bit down on the crease of my neck. He went rigid and I closed my eyes in hopes that I did not disappoint him by saying his name aloud. The heat of his mouth flooded my ear and his fangs nipped at my lobe. “Say it again.” A husky voice called out but I would not comply, not this time. I dragged my teeth across his neck and allowed my hands to guide themselves along his haori. I pulled at it until it came out of his ha-kama. His chest was hard and formed from years of fighting. I lift my head to look at that which I touch and I could almost hear his smirk. I kissed his shoulder and up his collarbone until I reached his lips. I do not know what took over me after then but as I glazed up into those forbidden eyes I felt a surge run trough me and I pressed my lips against his in a violent kiss. I threw my body onto his and he kindly caught me. In one swift motion he pulled off my wrap and I was up on the wall. I shivered and tried to cover myself but he grabbed my hands and held them above my head. He looked at me with those glazed over eyes one last time before his lips captured my breast. I moaned aloud and through my head back only to meet the wall. He sucked and pulled at my nipple like a hungry child. His free hand grabbed hold to my lower back and pulled me closer. I bit down on my lower lip, holding back the feeling to say something. He pushed his hips into mine and I could feel the stiffness of him on my thigh. He came back up to my mouth and grabbed my bottom lip with his teeth. He sucked it hard until it swelled and pushed himself hard into my thigh. I squeezed him tight as the need to say something grew great. The hand that held my lower back now teased me by lightly grazing my things before violently pulling them apart. I gasped in his mouth and he all but stopped. That hand tickled my inner thighs making my stomach flutter. A heat started to build deep within me. I closed my eyes hard when that hand got closer to my heat. My mouth was abandoned as he once again attacked my neck with a vengeance. He pressed his pelvis hard against me and bit down at the same time, and I could not hold back anymore. “Ahh…Sesshomaru.” I said again to his satisfaction. He released my hands and I grabbed hold to him. That sweet feeling the pit of my stomach reached all the way down to my toes. His hands went to my butt and lift me only to place me down by the fire. He lingered over me only for a moment than leaned down and kissed me softly. He backed away and removed his ha-kama. I dare not look at him then although I’m sure he would not have mind. His hands took hold my ankles and propped my legs up. Then he kissed up my legs to my inner thighs. I shivered and fluttered my eyes. He was so close to my passion that I could not stand it. And then did what I would not have fathomed; he kissed me there. The heat from his out was overwhelming so that I let out a loud groan. His smirk pressed against my passion and only and it all the more pleasurable. I wiggled and tried to move from this overbearing sensation off his tongue but held me in place. Teasing at my most sensitive area, he grazed his fangs across it. I called to him again as he continued with this massacre to my heat. He did not waver only increased in speed when I called to him. I arched my back as the heat was ready to release itself. My hands took hold of his hair and my mouth curled into an obscure shape. My legs quivered and fought the feeling to wrap themselves around his neck. “Ahh…god…” I cried. The fire finally released into pleasure. He came back to my mouth and kissed me. The taste of me was salty and bitter but somehow sweet. “Do you want more?” he asked my ear and not me. I nodded but that was not enough. His claws clutched my hips and he growled in my ear. “Say it. Say you want more.” He demanded. “More.” I said in a small whisper and he nudged my neck. He kissed my lips and pushed his stiffness unto my wetness. “Beg.” He said in between kisses. I hesitated and he ran his finger across my wetness. I quivered under the touch. “Please,” I started “Please give me more. I want more Sesshomaru.” “Do you want me to fuck you?” “Yes.” “Say it.” “I want you to fuck me.” And that was it. He had had enough hand grabbed my thighs he threw them apart and without hesitation thrust himself into me. I screamed from the sudden fullness of him. He stopped to let me adjust to his size. His rhythm was slow and careful at first but became rough and hard. He thrust hard into me until he filled me up. I arched my back in response. He pulled out completely and did it again until it was impossible for him go further. My legs entangled around his waist and he thrust harder. “More…harder!” I proclaimed and he met my demands. Our sweet was now one as our bodies worked together to reached that ecstasy. “Shit.” He said in my ear and dug his claws deeper into my hips. I’m sure blood had been drawn by then. That fire had once again started to reach its peak. I pulled his lips down on mine. Our moved were complementary of each others as we both felt our flames coming to its high. I tried my best to hold it back but the feeling was too great. “I can’t hold it anymore.” I said and my fire released itself into waves of hot pleasure. My walls caved in around him and he also released his pleasure. Both of us heaved for air as he clasped on me. His body was heavy but not to the point I could not breathe. I remember how he held me afterwards. We curled up by the flickering fire; him being the thing that kept me warm. I had never left so safe and yet so open. He kissed that spot behind my ear and I turned to face him.
I remember looking into those ambers eyes and seeing my forever, but my forever was far from that. My forever would be me alone. My forever would be me being years away from him. My forever would be the fates releasing their vengeance on me by locking portal that allowed me to see him. So that never again would I see those eyes. Never again shall I kiss those lips. Never again shall those hands caress me so softly. Leaving me only with memories, that seem a lifetime ago. And even now as stand, thousands of years later, in that very same spot in which we proclaimed our love; my destiny my forever is clear. It is here in this lifetime, an eternity away from him. Away from his forever.
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