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Recruiting Tseng

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Tseng gets the call after a routine hit as employed assasin. Really short one shot... bleh

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It wasn’t possible to say who started the little spat but it was certainly possible to say where it ended. The bullet to the right temple as his boot held the head in place against the pavement floor. His jacket bloodied, shirt ripped on the pocket where the guy had feebly reached to try and fight him off had just annoyed him one step too far.

The gun was casually deposited in the dumpster after he had wiped it down and looked around a couple of times. He grabbed the body and threw him in the trash too. Then happily making it obvious it was a hit from his specific people he popped the small silver coin over the left eye and shut the lid of the trashcan. Job done.

“It’s done.” He said as the phone to the large estate was picked up. There was only one man allowed to answer it, the head. “No more squealing.”

“I’ll tip the cops.” The voice replied. “Money will be with you by tonight.”

“I know.” He snapped the phone shut.

Another night was due to begin where he would watch the TV from the modest motel room and look for signs that it would be heavily investigated. If the coast was clear he’d be out of there an on the next plane to his home country and if not he’d be lying low until the boss told him to move.

The nights TV was quite utterly the dullest thing he had endured in months but the target had to go and that meant a period of waiting after. He felt quite secure with his job, the revolver was his gun of choice, the casing stayed in the gun so the ballistics trace was harder and he had kept the gun at a decent level to avoid the GSR spreading around on the body too. He was a pro and not a cheap amateur trying to play at it.

He was just dozing off when the telephone rang on the bedside. It was not a welcome sound as even it was the reception to the place it would not be something he was likely to want or need. He grabbed the handset and turned over in bed, facing the ceiling and looking up at the fan overhead, he wondered why it wasn’t working…


“Tseng I have a proposition for you.”

“Not interested.” Came the blunt response from the Wutai based assassin.

“You don’t know what it is…” The voice was smooth and calm.

“Not interested. How did you get my number?”

“Well I thought you weren’t interested… not much point in explaining if that is how you feel now is there?” The voice had turned mocking on the phone.

“Look you and I both know there’s only going to be one reason you are seeking me out and I am not going to discuss it over a motel telephone.”

“Then come outside.” The voice said and if he could have seen the guys’ face he would have sworn he was damned well laughing at him.

He swung the door open, a fast paced move but it worked to put the other person on the cell phone off their stride for a brief second. Outside it was drizzling with rain, nothing serious but it didn’t help him escape the feeling he’d stepped out of the motel and into an almost b-movie-esque horror.

Tseng was an assassin, a good one and he enjoyed the jobs he was undertaking when it suited him due to good money investments. He didn’t have a great deal of goals past the next hit and the chance to get on with what he needed in life, a roof and food. He had most of that back at home but the wanderlust had taken him.

“I’m not here to make it difficult simply agree to my terms and we’ll not take you in for more questioning.” Verdot smiled at him.

“Who the hell are you anyway?” Tseng looked at him and then saw the discreetly hidden logo on his side, ShinRa. “Ah…” Verdot sat down at the desk nearby. The foreign man looked at him. Verdot shifted and pulled out his phone and dialled.

“We have him. Yes if necessary I shall bring him in myself.”

“Bring me in?” Tseng looked at him a little confused. “Did I agree to anything?”

“You got caught. My way or no way at all.” Verdot looked at him before he quickly moved to his gun. The other man was surprised by his speed, it was unnatural and then found no time to protest before someone knocked him out from behind. “All right then… my way.” Verdot smiled.
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