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My Brother Loves My Boyfriend (not as bad as it sounds) :)

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Aaron is a normal kid, with a semi-normal life. Well, that is untill Anne steps in!

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As I clutched my cheek I could feel the warm, sticky liquid running in tiny rivers down my face. I crouched down on all fours and tried to crawl closer to the door, praying I wouldn't be caught. I slowly opened the door to my freedom and let the col summers night fill me. I sighed and let the door 'click' behind me. I pressed my back to the weathered oak and slid to the ground. I sat there silently looking up to the heavens, thinking of the night's previous events for a while.
I stared up at the slight smile of the moon, and could feel the tears start to flow. The moon became a blur in the dark sky. My quiet sobs shook me violently. I choked for air and cried harder.
My dog ears were pointed back so far that it hurt. After crying for a while, I regained my composure. I stood up and brushed myself off. I threw my dark violet hair into a ponytail with the ribbon I had tied around my wrist.
I peered thru the primitve window to see the nightmare I had left. The pools of blood illuminating my parents in their death. Even though their thick, lusterous, black hair was now matted with blood, and their faces whre a paper white, they kept their beauty they had in life. They were all too young...Dog demons lead full lives, and it wasn't their time.
Nausea swept over me and I doubled over and dryly gaged. I could smell the stench of death and grief, but mostly the stench of a traitor...A crow demon I had once called 'brother'.
I needed out, before he came back for me.
I pulled the mirror out the pocket of my blood splattered pants. I whispered my destination to the mirror and closed my eyes. letting the mirror pull my into its realm. From there, all I would have to do was find the perfect mirror, the mirror to my safe escape.

Aaron awoke with a start. His body was covered in a thin coating of cold sweat, despite the hot of the night. He sat up, rubbed his eyes, and reached over to his bedside table and grabbed the Monster Energy drink and chugged it fast to rid him of his cotton mouth.
He heaved a sigh. This had been happening for the past week. Nightmares had all but flooded his dreams. At first Aaron just shook it off as end-of-the-year anxiety. However, lately he had been feeling some sort of pressence. Aaron was a reincarnation of a dog demon so he had inherited the blood of a half demon. Lately he had been filing the nightmares under some odd doings in the Demon World that he rarely visited.
He shook his head and laid his sweaty head back onto the pillow and let sleep take him.

"That's really weird, Aaron. You've seriously been having those nightmares that long?" Shawn asked as the two teenage boys stode down the crowded hallways of the High School.
Aaron looked up at the digital clock that glared red LED numbers at him.
'7:45' he thought, 'It's way too early to be moving and thinking, let alone thinking clearly.'
"Hello, Aaron? Earth to Aaron,"Shawn called, snapping Aaron out of his thoughts.
Shawn sighed and pushed his glasses further up on his nose, "Buddy, you gotta get some sleep."
Aaron looked down at his black and blue Vans, "Yeah, I know...But hey, schools almost out right? I can catch up on sleep then. I mean, as long as I can survive today and tomorrow, then I'm off."
But apparently, Shawn wasn't listening. Shawn was nowhere to be sen. Aaron looked around the throngs of people. Tall blondes with their Aeropostale shorts and shirts, and their burly football boyfriends in American Eagle shirts and dark washed jeans, that not-so-flatterinly showed off their boxers.
Aaron stood by the dark blue lockers. Besides him and Shawn, there were no others like him. They were outcasts.
Aaron stood out like a sore thumb with his red Naruto shirt and and love kanji necklace. He was in a deep sea of preps and jocks.
He sighed nd at down on the dusty floor. He might as well study for the end of the year exams he had today, or at least attempt to. Aaron pulled uot his Health and began to skim to chapters for the key points and as he did he eyelids began to shut...
"Aaron wake up! You gotta meet her!"
Aaron slammed his Health book shut an looked up. Shawn was back with a....A girl?
He stood up quickly, almost too quickly. He began to fall, but the girl grabbed his arm and let him regain his balance.
"Aaron this is Anne Hanto. She's coming here next year and is observing the classes today and tomorrow. Right, Anne?"
The girl nodded, "Yes, I have just moved here, and I need someplace to stay. is, and well, she lives on campus. We're the last two in our family....The rest died in a tragic accident," she looked down.
Aaron felt a pang of pity for the girl. He looked her over, she was pretty. She had dark purple hair and bright green eyes. She had an average body and wore skinny form-fitting jeans and a tight purple t-shirt that said 'Half Demons Are Hotter.' She looked like she had just stepped out of an anime convention and Aaron loved it.
"My name is Aaron Avery," he said while staring in awe of her. Her green eyes twinkled and she grinned.
"Aww...Aaron and Anne..." Shawn cooed. Aaron's face lit up like a Christmas tree.
"I-I-I...." Aaron studdered.
'Ding! Ding! Ding!'
The five minute warning bell rang and wveryone began to move towards their first exam classes.
"I gotta go," Aaron said, dismayed.
Shawn looked at Anne, "You're gonna be a Senior next year right?" Anne nodded.
Shawn nudged her towards Aaron. "She's with you, good luck!," and then Shawn left.
Anne walked over to Aaron's side,"I guess I'm with you," she hooked her arm with his. "So, where to?"
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