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And if I fall I just hope that you'll catch me

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Merl led us down a hallway, lined by wooden doors. The walls here must be paper thin as it was impossible to block out the noises coming from each room. Grunts, groans, orders, the creaking of mattresses and the begging for more. It was sickening me but it made Merl smile - I guessed the more she could hear the better her 'business' was doing. Finally she stopped outside a door, she went to knock on it when a man approached her.
"Merl." Merl turned and smiled and when she saw him, he was a fat man with little hair and a brown moustache streaked with grey. His skin was dirty and his forehead sweaty.
"Gary - Its so good to see you!" Merl embraced the man and I couldnt help but notice how his hands were practically on her backside. When they pulled apart Merl kept her hands on his shoulders. "Staying another night?" She asked. The man, Gary, nodded. I looked at Ray and I could see he was thinking the same as me - this guy was a regular. "Who do you want tonight then darling? Kellise again? Maria perhaps?" Gary shook his head and a sick smile twisted his features.
"Not tonight Merl, thought I'd try something new." He answered. Merl gave a grin.
"Really? Who are you thinking?" She asked. Gary looked at Ray and I before looking back at Merl and answering quietly.
"Well, I have a friend - A male friend, and he told me about a week ago that he's erm... more inclined to the fruits of the same tree if ya get my meanin?" Merl nodded and Gary continued. "Well, he was tellin' me he comes 'ere to get his... enjoyment so to speak. An' he told me about a young man he's often with - no real hard sex, just a few handjobs ya' know? 'Parrently the kids a virgin in the takin' it aspect. What did he say he was called again... Erm Freddie? Finley? - "
"Frankie?" Merl cut in. Gary smiled brightly and nodded.
"Tha' was the one. Frankie! Well anyways, he told me the kids a natural. That if he couldn' turn me no man could. So we 'av a bet on ya' see." Merl nodded and Gary smirked.
"Well... the only problem is its Frankies night off tonight..." Gary instantly pulled a small wad of money out of his pocket.
"£25 to let me have a night with him tonight." Merl snatched the money out of his hand as I tried to figure out how someone so... common looking could have so much money.
"Done. He's in this room right here, I'll get him for you now - Oh, but your friend was right. Frankie has never had actual sex with a man before. So you'll only be having -" Gary cut her off by producing another set of money.
"An extra £10 to ensure I get to do anything to him, including 'actual' sex." Merl stared at the money for a moment, chewing on her bottom lip as she considered. Gary waved the money about as if trying to tempt her. Finally she crumbled and grabbed the money off him.
"Fine." She sighed, turning and knocking on the door. A smooth male voice called 'come in' and Merl opened the door. She ushered us all into the room where a short man was lying on one of the two single beds, his face hidden behind a book. "Frankie darling - You couldnt do a huuge favour for me could you sweetie?" Merl cooed. The man put down the book he was reading to raise an eyebrow at Merl, giving me Ray and Gary a confused look.
"Sure I guess, what?" He asked. Merl began explaining about the flood as I stared in shock at this 'frankie'. He was younger than I expected, he couldnt have been much older than nineteen, he wore only trousers, his pale torso toned and rising and falling in time with his breathing. His hair was black, falling across his face to cover one eye, he had a silver ring through both his nose and lip - something I had not seen before. He was watching Merl with sparkling hazel eyes, subconcously sucking on that ring in his lip. He was nothing short of beautiful, I hadnt ever thought of another man like that before but it was impossible to deny. He was just gorgous.
" - So could these two gentlemen have this room Frankie and you take one with a double bed?" Asked Merl. Franks eyes lit up - Merl hadnt told him he would be sharing the double bed with another person and so of course he instantly agreed.
"Sure thing, I dont mind at all. But erm - wheres this other guy gonna sleep?" He asked, gesturing at Gary who was watching Frankie with a hawk like intent as he licked his lips. Merl bit her lip and tried not to look guilty as she answered.
"Well Frankie... He's a customer and would like to sleep with you..." Franks face fell and he looked with horror at the man.
"But... its my night off. You told me I could have a night off." He said, staring sadly at Merl who blushed.
"I know I did dear but you can have a night off tommorow, after all he has kindly given us a lot of extra money to have the chance to spend the night with you - and its rude not to accept Frank. I'll even give you a pay rise." Frank sighed and looked back at Gary, I couldnt beleive he was even considering. Gary was repulsive, surely money couldnt be so important. But then Frank nodded and Merl clapped her hands happily, Gary giving a satisfied grunt.
"Excellent, the only room is next door. Frankie - If you take him there." Frank nodded and looked down at the floor as he left the room, Gary following. Once they had gone Merl went over to the doorway, looking over her shoulder at me and Ray.
"Well you two, this is your room. I'll bring you some breakfast up in the morning. Goodnight." And with that Merl left the room, closing the door behind her. I glanced at Ray and he sighed with a shrug.
"I guess we should just get some sleep." I nodded in agreement but I didnt feel much like sleeping, I wanted to ask Ray what he thought about this whole Frankie thing. How could a boy so young and beautiful be working in a place like this? And how could he go into that room with that Gary? My stomach gave an uneasy squirm as I remembered that as far as Frank was concerned, he would be doing nothing more than a hand or lip job - Merl hadnt told him that Gary had paid her to be allowed to do whatever he wanted...

I took the bed by the wall that seperated this room from the room that Frank and Gary were in, while Ray took the bed on the opposite side. I was just falling asleep when a noise made me wake up. I recognised the man Garys voice as he moaned quietly. I groaned and pulled the pillow over my ears - I really didnt want to hear this. But the moans got louder and the thin pillow wasnt enough to keep them out.
" - Oh yeah... thats it boy... un... your so good at that..." I screwed my eyes shut, singing songs in my head in an attempt to stop myself from hearing - why couldnt I be deaf!? I checked Ray was still sleeping and saw that he was, I was wondering whether if I slept on the floor on Rays side of the room I wouldnt hear it. But I knew that wouldnt work, and besides the moaning seemed to have suddenly stopped - replaced by heavy breathing.
"I'm impressed kid. If I hadnt told you to stop I would have cum right then." More heavy breathing. "Geez just listen to me, I'm so out of condition..." There was a few more deep breaths before Gary cleared his throat. "Right then. Now I've got me breath back - go over to that bed there." I heard footsteps going across the room and the creak of a mattress as some one sat down on the bed - which happened to be right against the wall my bed was against. I heard a second person go onto the bed and then silence, after a moment the sound of breathing could be heard and then Garys voice. "Hm, Your a good kisser aswell Frankie. Is there nothing you cant do?" I heard Frankie give a nervouse sound, somewhere half between a sob and a giggle. And then there was silence again, I presumed that they were kissing and then there was the sound of some one being thrown back down onto the mattress.
"What are you doing?" Came Franks frightened voice.
"I'm undressing you silly." Garys voice was low and gruff, sharply edged by lust.
"W - what for?"
"Because I'm returning the favour Frankie baby. I'm gonna show you how much fun you can have with a real man." My heart began hammering painfully against my ribs, my stomach giving a sickening churn.
"No - its okay. Its just my job you dont have to repay anything."
"Oh but I want to." Frank began desperately saying how he didnt want anything, that he was fine. That he didnt want to do anything anymore. But Gary gave no reply and I could hear him sucking on something, something like fingers.
"Dont be so shy Frankie, you just lye there like a good little boy and I'll do all the work." Franks voice was cut off by a horrified cry. I slammed my hands over my ears, I didnt want to hear - I didnt want to hear!
"S - stop p - please. Please no, Stop it I dont want to. I dont want to! STOP IT! PLEASE! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE I DONT WANT TO! PLEASE - P - PLEASE." Franks begging was mingled with his sobs and I felt tears welling up in my own eyes. "MERL! MERL HELP ME! MAKE HIM STOP! SOME BODY PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP! MAKE HIM STOP!" The walls were so thin here it was like Frank was right next to me, screaming down my ear and I so wanted to help him but it was like I was paralyzed, trying to block out his desperate cries.
"Sssh now boy, no ones coming to help you. I paid good money for this and Merl herself has given me permission. So grit your teeth or bite the pillow or somethin' - cos this is gonna hurt."
Franks scream seemed to peirce my very ear drums, I could almost picture the scene right beside me - Frank lying on his stomach facing the wall, silver tears cascading down his flushed cheeks as Gary pushed himself inside him from behind, his head back in pleasure as he broke the angel beneath him.
I heard the mattress moving as that bastard began thrusting into Frankie, he was grunting and groaning in ecstasy paying no mind to the sobbing of the boy he was hurting.
"Put your hands on the wall - D - do it!" Gasped Gary and I heard Franks hands slam into the wall about where my waist was where I was sat, listening in horror. "Oh yeah, thats it... Un your so tight... Oh shit Frankie... oh..." I felt certain I was going to puke and could barely imagine what Frank was feeling right now. His sobs were heartbreaking and I struggled to hold back my own tears.
"STOP IT!... STOP IT!... I D - DONT WANT TOOOO!" His words wavered from his sobs and when he carried on his voice was quiet, broken. Like he had given up. "M - merl... someone... help me please... Please stop him... please... please." It was too much for me and the tears began to fall, dripping down my cheeks as my body shook with my sobs. I couldnt bare it, I couldnt bare to think of that poor angel - being taken so roughly by that disgusting man. That pig. I couldnt bare knowing he had lost his virginity in such a way. Crying quietly, Franks sobs and whimpers still loud in my ears I lay flat on my stomach and rested my hands in the place I guessed Franks were, I knew he couldnt feel them but it was the only comfort I could provide.
I lay there for a long time, my hands on the wall and sobbing along with Frank. When Gary finally belowed his release I thought my heart would break. I didnt know what I was feeling for Frankie but it was something, and I wanted to kill Gary so much. Especially after what he said next.
"Oh. You didnt cum... Well, I suppose thats typical of boys like you. Think your too good for a guy like me, afraid to have a good time. Bah, whatever. I'm getting some sleep, you may be too stuck up to have enjoyed that but lemme tell ya something - your a damn good fuck." I heard Gary flop down onto the mattress, Franks sobbing becoming quieter but just as painful.
When I eventually fell asleep it was from pure exhaustion, but Franks whimpers continued on through the night. Like some twisted lullaby.

A/N: That was actually a pretty tough chapter to write - I know its kinda sick and depressing but send some reviews and I'll update and then you can see if it all gets better. P.S - I know this is a frerard but for once I'm gonna attempt to write it so they get together gradually, cos usually I cant be bothered and they end up being in a completely strong relationship within the fourth chapter. Theres nothing wrong with that but I'm challenging myself :]
Anyway, reveiw and let me know what you think.
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