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  • Deception

    by KeepItCute 1 Reviews

    Gerard Way always gets what he wants, at any expense...

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2009/09/14 - Updated: 2009/09/15 - 199 words

  • Wakeup and notice you're someone you're not

    by beccahmelecka 2 Reviews

    Frank is the new kid at school in Jersey. He thinks that he is going to be alone when he gets there.. but he ends up meeting his best friends. Awww! (haha) Anyways- Frank and Gerard end up happen...

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Bob Bryar - Chapters: 4 - Published: 2009/08/19 - Updated: 2009/09/14 - 2975 words

  • Your Starless Eyes Remain

    by RinXFallenAngel 3 Reviews

    frank is hooked on drugs and cant quite, gerard is trapped in an abusive relationship which is pushing him to suicide. can they save each other before it is too late, FERARD

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Erotica - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Chapters: 3 - Published: 2009/08/21 - Updated: 2009/09/13 - 3551 words

  • You Know what they do to guys like us in Prison

    by kattychatty5 1 Reviews

    MCR goes to jail, and lets just say Gerard and Frankie are the new hit, being put in drag by their cellmates....!!!!! some Ferard

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Chapters: 10 - Published: 2009/06/23 - Updated: 2009/09/13 - 3022 words

  • Skittles, Coffee, Fangirls!

    by MyChemicalFangirl 6 Reviews

    This is the result of boredom...

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Chapters: 7 - Published: 2009/07/26 - Updated: 2009/09/13 - 5163 words - Complete

  • If Life Ain't Just A Joke

    by Jaxxy 3 Reviews

    A freak accident occurs in the Way family. :O oh no. :D

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009/09/12 - Updated: 2009/09/12 - 831 words

  • Chickens,Crop Hops and Newbs

    by melike123

    As a young boy growing up on a secluded mixed farm in rural Virginia, Frank had a thing for baby chicks. Yes, he knew that they would eventually develop into ugly, loud chickens, but he couldn’t ...

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Angst,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Chapters: 7 - Published: 2008/06/21 - Updated: 2009/09/12 - 28314 words

  • The Translucent Eyeball

    by melike123

    Normal teenagers have normal problems. Frank's never been normal. He's got a journal full of issues and an unadulterated hate of odd numbers. He spends most of his life “Thinking to himself” an...

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Chapters: 5 - Published: 2008/06/21 - Updated: 2009/09/12 - 8538 words

  • Touched by Angels (Though I Fall Out Of Grace) Frikey One-shot.

    by ElaLovesYou

    Mikey has looked after Frank for a while now and vice versa. What happens if Mikey decides he likes Frank?..

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2009/09/11 - Updated: 2009/09/12 - 1471 words - Complete

  • In this Pool of Blood, as We're Touching Hands

    by kattychatty5 1 Reviews

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2009/09/11 - Updated: 2009/09/12 - 616 words

  • Underground Prisoner

    by xelcius2518 1 Reviews

    “Listening again, are you?” came Mr. Gerard Way’s sneering voice. “Iero?”

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Sci-fi - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009/09/11 - Updated: 2009/09/11 - 1373 words


    by Iero_My_Hero 2 Reviews

    :D we all know whatday it is!

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres:  - Characters: Mikey Way - Published: 2009/09/10 - Updated: 2009/09/10 - 34 words

  • Just A Big Thank You Note

    by E-JayLovesGerard 1 Reviews

    Thank you! Specially to Rose!

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2009/09/10 - Updated: 2009/09/10 - 26 words - Complete

  • Well You Can Come With Us Now

    by nuerue 0 Reviews

    Skye thinks that getting kicked out of her house is a bad thing, when really it leads to her being taken by two vampires, a demon and an angel... Hmm ok maybe it is a bad thing

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Chapters: 2 - Published: 2009/09/09 - Updated: 2009/09/10 - 4168 words

  • You'll Never Make Me Leave, I Wear This On My Sleeve, Give Me a Reason To Believe

    by MadiLuvsGeebear 1 Reviews

    Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob, and Mikey all go to Brea High School. What happens when Gerard meets a girl who has the same interests as him? My first story so bear with me, people.

    Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [!] - Chapters: 26 - Published: 2009/06/18 - Updated: 2009/09/09 - 22810 words - Complete


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