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Wish to be Love ( II )

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I went to school the next day, early as usual. The sun’s rays were being blocked by the thickness of the gray clouds above me in the sky. It seemed like it was about to rain, and me without my umbrella. The ice cold wind blew against my freshly cut hair. It was left the size of about a nail. I hate it, but it was pointless and too late to begin complaining.
I saw her there with her friends. Standing there with her long dirty blonde hair, gorgeous light green eyes. I did not know whether to just stand there or to say “Hi “to her. I decided to say hi. I began to walk toward her. With every step, my heart grew heavier and heavier. She looked up at me, and I just froze. Those gorgeous eyes that I fell in love with, those same gorgeous eyes that broke my fragile heart. She smiled at me as she put her hand in her pocket and reached out a bright white note that read “Perdoname” all over it (Forgive me in Spanish). I knew that it was not good, as soon as I first saw it. I grabbed it from her hand; I smiled at her, and then walked away to a bench nearby so that I could read it. I opened it and read it.

Dear Oryan,
I’m really sorry! I wasn’t thinking straight. I kind lied to you on the messenger. Itz not because of _______, well not entirely. The truth is that your knew haircut makes you look kinda like a lil kid and your short. I guess I’m not used to dating short guyz. It was really stupid of me to break up wit you cuz of that. I was thinkin maybe if your up to it, we could get back together and if you want we can tell everyone that were going out. Well thatz only if you’ll take me back. I understand if you don’t want to uz I’m so stupid of making a big deal out of nuthin. I know you probably need time to think about it and I know that itz just not that easy, but please consider us going out again. If you don’t want to then I understand. Again, I’m REALLY SORRY!!!
P.S I really do like you just stupid things get in my head

I did not know whether to feel really embarrassed at the fact that she called me short, or to feel happy that she is willing to take me back. Then all of a sudden the bell rang signifying that school had begun. I went through the entire day without saying a single word to her. Then 8th period Computers came and I just so happen to sit right next to her. Class started and we took our seats in front of our computers. Hers was computer # 13 while mine was # 14. We just sat there, not doing anything and I began thinking. Why not? Why not give her another chance? Everyone deserves another chance; she’s a terrific gorgeous girl who wants to be with me. I looked at her, smiled and finally told her “YES”, and she smiled back at me. Funny, how life seems to give you another chance at something you care about. Is it always worth it?
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