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Zen Remix

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Aki has been suffering for three days from writer's block. Ichiro comes up with the perfect solution. I'm back, baby!!!

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Zen Remix

Aki sat at her computer stressed out. She had writer's block again. This was the third day in a row that this had happened to her. The woman hated it when she got it. It seemed like all of the good ideas left her head at random. Aki sat at her desk feeling like she wanted to scream. All that came out of her mouth however was a groan and half-scream. "Damn it!" she yelled aloud. "Why can't I think of anything here?!?" She gave out another groan/half-scream to her stress.

Outside, Mark, Ichiro, and Natsu were all peeking into her room. They all knew that sound too well.

"Oh dear," Natsu said. "She's stressed again. It's been three days now and she still can't think of anything!"

"So what do we do?" Mark asked the siblings.

"Give me a moment," Ichiro replied. The three of them went silent. A clock was ticking loudly for a few seconds in Ichiro's head. Natsu and Mark waited patiently. Finally, an idea came to the older brother. The light blub snapped on bright on his head.

"Got it!" he announced happily.

"Can you keep it down in there?" Aki asked aloud from her room. "I can't think when you make so much noise!"

"Sorry!" Ichiro yelled to her. Mark and Natsu looked at him confused.

"Got what?" Mark asked softly the brother. Ichiro held up his finger to quiet his audience down before explaining. A huge smile came across his face.

"Right here," Ichiro whispered to them. Then he leaned in close to the other two. The other brother whispered to them his brilliant plan. Within seconds, Mark and Natsu were grinning as well.

"That's a good one!" Natsu chirped.

"Exactly!" Ichiro replied. Then, the trio parted to take their positions in the great plan.

Aki was still at her computer trying to come up with a great idea for a new article when she heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" she called. The door opened wide. Aki sighed aloud stressed.

"What Mark?" she asked aloud. Her "boyfriend" froze in his tracks.

"How did you know it was me?" he asked in surprise.

"Because," Aki said without turning around. "You make such a squeaky noise when you walk!" Sweat drop on Mark's head "She can tell that easily?" he thought nervously.

"What do you want?!?" Aki snapped at him. Mark quickly smiled as he remembered the mission.

"Any luck on the article?" he asked lightly. Aki turned to him glaring.

"Ha-ha!" she said sarcastically.

"Oh sorry," Mark said kindly. Aki sighed and turned back to her blank computer screen. Her "boyfriend" straightened up taller.

"You need to get out more," he suggested innocently.

"No, I don't, thank you!" Aki barked.

"Right!" Mark replied strongly. Then he walked closer to Aki, picked her up, and carried her out of her room. Aki tried her best to fight him to put her back down, but it proved to be useless.

"Hey!" she screamed out. "Let me go! Put me down you bastard!" Mark didn't listen to her at all.

"Sorry Aki!" he yelled out. "But this for your our go!" His "girlfriend" kept fighting him until she just gave up in the end. Mark carried Aki all the way to the living room. Natsu and Ichiro were waiting for them by the door. Her siblings were all grinning at the "couple." Mark grinned back at them.

"I've got her!" he said.

"Great!" Ichiro replied. "Let's go!"

"Right!" Natsu and Mark replied. Then they all headed out the door.

"Put me down!" Aki yelled out again. "Where the hell are you guys taking me?!?"

Ichiro's plan was to show Aki that yes there was still life outside of her room. The day was pretty much cheap and simple. ("No point of blowing a huge sum on one day! Ichiro told them.)

"So," Ichiro said aloud. "What shall we do first?"

"How about putting me down, first?" the journalist yelled out.

"Right!" her brother said. "You can put her down now, Mark. But hold her hand like a little child so that she doesn't escape that easily." The Scottish man did so. Aki just glared at him again.

"Now," Ichiro said. "I say we talk a tai-chi class first, then some yoga, and then lunch." He turned to his crew.

"Any suggestions?" the man asked.

"Home!" Aki yelled out.

"Any other suggestions?" Ichiro asked.

"There are a couple of movies I want to see," Natsu added.

"Okay," her brother said. "Tai-chi, yoga, lunch, movie. Anymore?"

"The arcade is open until ten!" Mark announced.

"Perfect!" Ichiro said. "Tai-chi, yoga, lunch, movies, arcade, and then home! Great, we're set! Let's go!" Then, the group all headed out into the city.

The day was pretty decent. Despite Aki's griping, the whole afternoon/evening went something like this:

Tai-chi: Ichiro all signed them up for classes for a whole semester. The teacher was pretty cool to Natsu and Ichiro. Mark wasn't too sure about him. Aki was just pissed off that she was here and not at her computer. The first was nice. Ichiro proved to be at the head of the class. He even got to teach the class some moves that he knew. Aki was a little rusty with her moves. ("It's been years!" she reasoned to the class.) Mark and Natsu, on the hand, weren't doing so well! They were named the slowest in the class. The teacher, Ichiro, and the top students had to try and help the two out. But sadly, there was no way to help those two. Mark and Natsu were just screwed. Tai-chi didn't help improve Aki's mood or her writer's block.

Yoga: This was another one of Ichiro's specialties. He signed the crew up for a class here for a semester as well. Again, Ichiro proved to be the best in the class. He even got to teach this class as well. Natsu was good at this class as well. She was pretty quick to learn and became the teacher's favorite right away. Aki just fell asleep during class. The music was just too peaceful. A couple of the students had to tap her awake because she was snoring too loudly. Natsu was pretty embarrassed by her older sister's behavior. Mark, on the other hand, was a lost cause. He just couldn't get into the right positions no matter how hard he tried. It was just no use! Mark was just stuck. The nap in yoga made Aki a little better, but she still had writer's block.

Lunch: This was the part that everybody liked. The crew all went out to a steakhouse for lunch. The whole meal was on Ichiro. He, Mark, Aki, and Natsu ate well. Kobe beef was the main feature of the day. The crew ate it by the pounds. The shrimp hibachi was wonderful as well. Mixed with tempera vegetables, beef, shrimp, and some fried rice, they were all in pig heaven, baby! Aki was actually smiling here. Ichiro, Mark, and Natsu were happy to finally see some progress. They all ate themselves sick in the steakhouse by the time they were finished. Aki's mood was improving fast and the writer's block was starting to die away gradually.

Movies: Natsu chose the movies see wanted to see. Sadly, they weren't kung fu, action, sci-fi, or a comedy as the others hoped they would be. Oh no, my friends. Natsu wanted to see purely sappy romantic movies. Only she was into them. Mark and Ichiro were dead asleep during the whole of both films. Aki just let her mind wander around freely. Her head was at work. She was building up new ideas for her latest article. Her mojo was coming back in a flash. "Oh yeah!" she thought. "I am the queen!!!" Needless to say, her mood was great and her writer's block was dead.


The arcade was just typical of Mark. It doesn't even need to be fully mentioned. They all just played video games there until closing time. Aki played some games and practically wrote down new ideas. on any piece of paper she could get her hands on. Her mood was the best and she was in a lovely mood. Ichiro smiled to himself at the end results. "My work here is done!" he thought in victory.

That evening, Aki was typing like mad on her computer. Mark, Natsu, and Ichiro were all satisfied with the end results.

"At least now, she can actually be really working!" Natsu stated.

"Uh-huh!" the boys agreed. Because of them, Aki got an A on her article days later.

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