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Haru comes by to visit again. What happens when she sees Spud? Hate to inform everyone, but this fic is going on hitaus for a while. Don't know when I will finish Deep Space yet. But I will be back...

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"SPUD!!!! PUT THAT BACK THE WAY I HAD IT!!!!" Aki screamed out from the kitchen. "Okay. Okay..." he mumbled to himself. Then he put the vase back on the black and gold island. Aki got another e-mail from Haru. That only meant one thing. She was coming for another visit. When Aki looked all around her, she saw the place as a "mess." Thus the obsessive cleaning. Spud just sat down on the sofa next to Mark. Her "boyfriend" still had a black eye from the past three days. Spud turned to him. "What happened to you?" he asked. "Long story." Mark replied. "Oh," Spud said. Aki rushed out to them. She looked livid. "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS JUST STANDING AROUND FOR?!?" the journalist screamed out. "GET UP AND HELP ME!!!" "Why?" Mark asked. Big mistake! This only shot up Aki's anger even more! "GET UP AND HELP, YOU DUMBASSES!!!" she screamed again. Then, the journalist whacked them hard in the head. Repeatedly.

Soon, all three were cleaning the dorm. Mark and Spud were mumbling in anger as they did so. "What?!?" Aki snapped at one point. "Nothing!" both boys called out innocently. The journalist just glared at them coldly. "You better be telling the truth." she replied. Then, Aki went back to the dishes. "Bitch." Mark said under his breath. "I heard that!" his "girlfriend" snapped. "Good!" the Scottish man snapped. That resulted in a scrubbing brush in the head and Mark falling straight to the ground. Spud rushed over to him but Aki snapped, "Don't help him!" The poor guy backed away from him in nervous fear. "Way to go pal!" Mark hissed from the floor. "Sorry." Spud said in a small voice. "Get back to work!!!" Aki yelled again. "Yes ma'am." the boys said in a weak voice. Then, the cleaning went on.

Judgment day was fast approaching. All three people sat on the sofa in worry. (Actually only Aki was. Mark was annoyed and Spud was just out in a lost and confused daze.) The silence was a necessary evil. Too bad Spud couldn't grasp that little concept. "So what's so bad about Haru?" he asked. "Shut up!" Aki barked. Spud looked at her child-like. "Why?" he asked. He would've been dead if Mark hadn't wisely covered the poor soul's mouth in time. Right then, there was a knock on the door. All three became still. "She's here!" Aki gasped. She turned to Mark. "You answer it." she said. Her "boyfriend" rolled her eyes and got up to do so. Aki watched in terror. Spud just kept watching. Haru just stared straight at the Scottish man. "Hi Haru." Mark said boldly. "Where is my sister?" the Japanese woman asked. "In here." the Scottish man said flatly. Then he moved away from the door. Haru pushed him aside and walked in.

For the next few minutes, the woman examined the whole dorm. Aki felt sick all over. Spud just kept looking around confused. Mark kept quiet and annoyed. "Why must she do this every single time she visits?" he thought as he tried not to scream out. Haru came back to the living room. Aki sat up straighter. Spud to just looked around again. Haru looked at all three of her victims. Spud instantly caught her eye. "Who is this?" she asked sharply. The other Scottish guy rose to his feet. "Danny Murphy!" he exclaimed. "But you can call me Spud!" Aki sat there in terror. Haru just stared right at him. A silence passed. "Right..." the older sister said at last.

The rest of the day was awkward. Lucky for everyone, Haru didn't stay for dinner. One question haunted the journalist for the rest of the evening. "Why does Spud smell like harsh and booze?" Haru leaned over and whispered to her as she left. That, Aki could not answer!

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