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FACT : I’m not the kind of girl destined to live in Barbie’s Malibu Dream House

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  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) Life_is_42 2008-08-08 03:07:31 PM

    Ah, dude, tacos are awesome!! And so is jon walker. You’re so lucky you got to speak to him.
    You know what’s cool about the jwalk fans? They don’t just want in his pants. They genuinely think he’s the coolest thing since sliced bread, you know?

    ~Logan responded with immediate concern, hurrying to the sink before quickly doubling back ready to perform the Heimlich.~

    hahaha. Emergency repsonders!! I had to laugh, because I would probably end up be ing killed by the Heimlich, rather than whatever was choking me.
    So regarding Cassia and Logan, idk for some reason I really liked how he has a saving people complex. Because it shows that it truly is ingrainded in his character, and not JUST his profession. Plus it makes me wonder: once he ‘saved’ her (not that, I think, he could), wouldn’t he just get bored and move on to another DID (damsel in distress).
    So yeah.
    Ooo she’s having jwalks baby. xD I can’t WAIT to see what happens, especially if they go on tour…. I can’t wait to see her and jon run into each ot her again. =D.
    Alas, a chapter without Jwalk, is like a day without sunshine (except I’m just kidding, because I happen to LOVE your chapters: you write SO well =) )


    Author's response

    I totally understand what you mean about jwalk fans. He is in fact the coolest thing since sliced bread. And I'm pretty sure the chance to talk to all of the panic guys was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my summer.

    I'm glad you noticed Logan's need to be a "savior'. I wasn't sure if anyone was going to connect that to his profession. It may or may not come into play later in the story, even if Logan isn't that big of a character from here on out.

    Sorry about the lack of jwalk in this chapter (as well as the next), but don't fret too much because starting after that there is surely going to be plenty more Jon Walker! Whether or not that means Cassia goes on tour, you'll have to wait and see.

    Thank you so much for your great responses!! I hope you continue to enjoy the story. :D
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) Life_is_42 2008-08-08 03:08:05 PM

    btw, Ethan is a prick and Cassia DOES deserve better than some life sized Ken doll.

    Author's response

  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) medicatedlives 2008-08-08 06:42:18 PM

    :O Dun dun dunnnn! JWalker baby, perhaps? I am definitely loving this. Update again soon, please please!

    Author's response



    It's a fact I can't hide.

    Cassia won't be able to either.
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) infinite-oddity 2008-08-08 11:36:16 PM

    I can't wait to read more.
    Also, the choking on a grape thing made me smile.
    Can't wait for an update!

    Author's response

    I kind of love that. You should probably patent that term because everyone's going to be using it. haha.
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-08-09 04:25:32 PM

    OH MAN.
    If she's preggers, then what about the tour? Will she still go? Or will this be a reason for her to stay behind?



    I wanna slap Ethan. May I?
    I'm going to, anyway


    There. He sucks, beause he hurt Cassia. And Cassia is awesome. And he can't hurt awesome Cassia. Because Paige [me] is gonna whoop him. :D

    So, I'm assuming that this is, in fact, Jon's baby. Unless, she had some other random one-night stand in Vegas that you haven't mentioned yet. Otherwise, she has a tiny Jon in her tummy! xD

    Mmmm, I love your writing. Tis' so very, very beautiful. I just can't get over how truly amazing it is. I guess that's why I say it so much. =/

    I am going to rate! Even if I only have two points left, this chapter was just too awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Update soon!

    Author's response

    I can't give away all of my fantastic story line/twists just yet. All I'm going to say is the fate of Cassia regarding the tour will be revealed in a near-future chapter (but not the next one).

    I'm very glad you slapped Ethan. I was getting quite ready to do it myself, but then I realized I created him that way, so I it would just be silly if I did. It definitely needed to come from an unbiased source. haha. Feel free to whoop him as much as you would like in the future, believe me, he's going to deserve it.

    Also, you're assumptions are correct. I've mentioned all of the one night stand's Cassia's been a part of, and by all I mean ALL ONE of them. As for a tiny Jon in her tummy, that sounds endearing and slightly creepy but that's just the way I like it haha.

    Enough with my lame attempts at jokes, I swear this stuff sound way funnier in my head than it does when I type it in this little box! Anyway, your rating point REALLY means a lot to me!! Thank you for your continued support...after reading your responses I definitely get more and more excited about writing this story. :D

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