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Chapter 15

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Gerard gets pissed off.

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I was nearly going to dose off to sleep in my Ancient History class. Although I love ancient history… things can get boring. I nearly fell of my seat when Gerard nudged me awake. I looked at him in fury and sighed.

“Pay attention young lady.” He whispered.

I gave a sarcastic smile, “Like you are.” I whispered back and pointed at him blank page with a single cartoon character he drew.

He poked his tongue out at me.

“Melody and Gerard.” Our teacher called out.

I froze. “Yes miss?” I asked.

“You two have better quiet down.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “If I hear another disruption from you two again I’m going to have to separate you.”

“But…” Gerard protested.

“Gerard please, I know you’ve made a new friend but please quiet down both of you.”

My face glowed red as I tried to hide my face from the students in the class looking back at us. Great people will find out. I sunk into my seat and slowly nodded. I gave a dirty look to one of the girls that was whispering to a friend next to her and looking at me with her piercing gaze. She quick turned around and paid her attention to the teacher. I looked at Gerard who mouthed ‘sorry’ to me. I just ignored him and pretended to write notes.

After the bell rang for the end of the class, I swiftly packed my thing and moved out the room. Gerard hurried behind me.

“I’m sorry Mel, I didn’t mean to…” he started off.

“It’s okay.” I quickly said.

“Okay… why are you hurrying like this?” he asked.

I stopped walking and turned to him, “We just made it obvious Gerard. So I’m thinking that we don’t talk in school… well at least for now. I’ll see you later.” I said and hurried off leaving Gerard frowning.

“So Mel, I see that you’re getting close to that emo faggot.” Kate eyed me.

Everyone in my group looked at me suspiciously and waited for me to say something.

I sucked my bottom lip. “Oh you mean about the Ancient History class?” they had their sources. “Well Gerard I mean the faggot was asking me about this question.” I lied.

Kate gave a sarcastic look, “Oh really? No I was talking about for the last couple of months. We hear that you are hanging out with him in the library.” She smirked.

One day I will kill her. “That again is because of Ancient, I have to help him with his work.”

“Can’t someone else do it for you?”

“No… Ms. Low specifically asked me. I can’t wait till I have to stop helping him; I mean I wish Ms. Low didn’t even choose me to help him. He’s such a loser.” I scoffed. No I actually am happy now that Ms. Low made me help him or otherwise I wouldn’t have had a perfect boyfriend of 4 months.

“Then why don’t you get help from Matt. He’s so good at bashing guys.” her face gleamed.

“Hmm.” I said.

“Two-faced whore.” I heard someone say.

I turned around and saw Gerard stalking off.

Kate laughed, “He heard!”

I stood up and gazed after him.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m just going to tell him off. I’ll be right back.” I said and ran after him.

It was hard catching up to him since there were crowds everywhere and he was walking pretty fast. I didn’t call after him, I didn’t want any attention. I quickened my speed when I saw him slow down as he turned the corner. I accidentally smashed into him when I turned the corner.

“Gerard, I’m sorry!” I tried not to be loud.

He looked at me, his once happy hazel eyes now held poignant and dullness. “Mel, remember what you said earlier? No talking in school because people will find out about us.” He said.

I groaned in misery, how could I have treated him like that. He’s so innocent. I looked up at him with my eyes filled up with tears. “I’m sorry Gerard, I was being a bitch. I just… I just don’t wanna ruin my reputation.”

“Your reputation eh?” he looked furious. “Is that what you always care about? Am I like your out-of-school romance or something?” he looked furious.

I shut my eyes for a moment. What do I do? Sacrifice my reputation for the guy I love? I opened my eyes and hugged him –something that we have never done in school- for once I didn’t care if people saw us; I just didn’t want to lose him. “Please don’t leave me.” I mumbled under my breath.

“Mel, you gotta stop hugging me, people will see. We’ll talk about it after school okay?” he mumbled back.

“Just don’t leave me.” I still clung onto him.

“Okay, I won’t leave you, I promise. We’ll talk after school okay?”

I let him go and nodded.

He quickly waved at me and walked off.

I am such a terrible girlfriend.

I quickly packed up after the bell rang merely a second ago.

“Hey, why are you in such a hurry?” Kelly asked.

“Um… I just need to catch up to someone.” I avoided her eyes and looked busy.

“The emo right?” she asked.

I sighed. “Yea.”

“It’s really surprising that you guys have been together for this long. I cant even last in a relationship that long.”

“Well I think it’s not gonna last any longer.” I blurted out.

“What? Why? What did he do to you?” she looked alarmed.

“nothing, it’s just me. I don’t pay attention to him much in school.”

“What do you mean?”

“As in, like, do you see me with him at school? Like as a couple? No. and he’s upset about that.” I paused. “Kelly, do you think I think about my reputation and what the people around me thinks too much?” I asked.

“I’m afraid to say yes. But it’s not your fault. Anyone wouldn’t want everyone to think as them being a weirdo you know. But I kinda understand where he’s coming from. Why don’t you just turn him into one of us? Like a jock or something.” She suggested.

I narrowed my eyes at her. “I don’t want him to change. I love him the way he is Kelly.”

“Well at least let him get rid of those black skinny jeans so he doesn’t look like a total drag.” She rolled her eyes.

“I love his jeans! It makes him look so sexy.” I sighed. “Should I give up my reputation for him?”

“Girl, I aint helping you in that one.”

“Thanks.” I answered her sarcastically and stood up. “Well I’m off.”

“Good luck.” She muttered.

I ran to the gates where I saw Gerard waiting for me eagerly. There weren’t any students around as much when I greeted him with a shy ‘hello’.

“Let’s go to that park that we went to last time.” He said.

I nodded and followed him.

It was a silent walk, probably because I was scared of people being witnesses of us walking together. It felt like years until we arrived at the park. We both sat down and I watched him play with the blades of grass.

“Gerard, I am so sorry about how I treated you today.” I started off.

“No it’s okay. I know how you feel about people in the school watching us.” He answered.

I tried to figure out if he was sarcastic or not. He looked serious though. “No it’s not okay…” I answered him.

“Well to me it is. I was just being a weirdo that’s all. I’m sorry about calling you a whore. I was just upset. Don’t worry I’m over it now.” He smiled which looked fake. Suddenly his phone started ringing, he answered it and when he heard the receiver speak he looked relieved and smiled for real this time. “That was Frank.” He said when he got off the phone. “He wants to meet me for some reason; he’ll come in a few minutes.”

“Should I go?” I asked.

“No, don’t. He’ll be glad you’re here.”

I nodded slowly.

It wasn’t even 2 minutes when Frank came to the park and skipped to us. “Hey all.” He grinned.

“Hey Frank.” I waved at him.

“Sorry, did I like interrupt anything?” he looked worried.

“No, not at all Frank.” Gerard smiled.

I nodded too.

We sat like that for half an hour before I decided to go home. Frank insisted to take me home but I didn’t want him to. He should just keep Gerard company.

As I walked home I started to think about how it would be if everyone knew about us. Well at first, I wouldn’t be popular anymore. Someone would take over my place in no time. People would hate me and I won’t have the friends that I have now. I nearly stopped walking at that thought. I don’t have real friends. I’ve only got Dan and Kelly, and maybe Frank too. The rest are like… fake people. So really, I won’t be losing anything at all. I mean, I’m only in high school. I can handle it… right?

The next day at recess I kept watched of the ‘friends’ that sat in my group. I carefully analyzed them with what they do and how they spoke to me.

“Mel, you’re so quiet today.” Kate smirked at me.

“Oh, no I was just thinking that’s all.” I muttered.

“What about?”

Like it was their cue, everyone turned to me.

“Nothing important.” I smiled.

“Hello sunshine.” Dan greeted me in my next class.

“Hey.” I smiled at him.

“You look happy today.”

I nodded, “That I am.”

“And why is that?” he asked, curiosity hitting his eyes.

“I’m just going to do something that I should’ve done long ago.” I replied.

“Oh cut the riddle! What are you going to do?” he asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” I grinned at him.

He sighed and opened his textbook.

I was so glad and nervous that my class was over and it was the start of lunch. I squeezed pass the talkative students and tried to make my way through the corridor. I saw a glimpse of Gerard’s hair and I quickly squeezed pass the students to him. “Gerard!” I called out.

He turned and was surprised to see me. “Hi Mel.”

“I’m really sorry about yesterday and everything.” I said and noticed some students that stopped in the middle of the corridor to watch me and wonder why I was talking to an outsider.

“Um… Mel, its okay.” He looked confused.

“No, I’m just a horrible person. I’m just here to tell you that I don’t give a fuck about anything now. I just wanna be with you.”

His eyes widened. “As in… your reputation doesn’t matter anymore?” he asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” I smiled.

He smiled back, “Really?”

I nodded and hugged him. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” He mumbled in his breath.

He let me go and we kissed.

I didn’t care about the students in the corridor watching us with awe.

I got over my writers block!
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