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chapter 16

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I sighed and quickly walked down the school corridor with my books held tightly to my chest. I tried to avoid everyone's eyes as I tried to walk as fast as my legs can take me. I heard two of the girls that was part of the group that I use to sit with laugh at me and started to ramble on most probably about me. I was relieved when I saw Gerard at the end of the corridor, I hurried to him with a smile on my face.

"Hey." I said in a positive tone.

"Hey." He hugged and kissed me.

"Let's shall we?" I slightly pushed him.

"Okay. I need to get some stuff from the supermarket though" he said.

"That's good, just go." I pushed him harder trying to get out of everyone's eye.

We arrived at the supermarket in 15 minutes. I was relaxed all of a sudden and held Gerard's hand as we slowly walk from aisle to aisle.

Don't get me wrong I love Gerard but I'm still getting use to the fact that everyone in school knows about us. It's been 3 weeks of jocks looking at me bad and bashing Gerard. 3 weeks of girls laughing and bitching about me. The other student that weren't popular just seem to look down on me. I heard that I wasn't in their fantasy anymore because I was dating what they call Gerard a 'loser' and 'faggot'. I'm trying to ignore everyone but it's getting harder and harder everyday. I'm hoping what Dan said was true, that I wouldn't be the main topic of gossip in a manner of time. Gerard does get worried about me at times where he sees me upset. I try to look happy around him but things do get hard. I just don't want him to blame himself for everything... like he did last time.

"Mel you want energy drink?" he asked.

"Why are you getting some?" I asked.

"Remember I told you? I'm having band practise today and I'm already tired."

"Awww sweetie." I hugged him.

Suddenly I got tense when I saw a group of student from school staring at us and whispering to one other.

Gerard felt me tense and looked where I was looking. "What? Haven't seen a couple before?" Gerard yelled at them.

They quickly walked off but still kept their whispering to each other.

I nervously played with my blonde hair while I had an arm around his torso.

"Mel?" Gerard said.

"Yea?" I answered him as I avoided his eyes.

"I'm really sorry about what you're going through. I'm so stupid I should have made you let everyone know about us. I mean look at you, your uncomfortable about it."

I looked at him. "Gerard don't say that! You didn't make me, I wanted to do this. Don't worry about me, I'm fine." I smiled at him to convince him more.

"You're not fine." He had sorrow in his hazel eyes. "Look what I'm making you go through. it's all because of me! I'm the blame for all of this! You're being upset because of me!"

I frowned at him and turned him to me. "Don't you ever say that Gerard! It's not your fault. It's no one's fault. Face it I fell in love with you and you can't do anything about it!" I clinged to his arms. "Got it?"

He seemed taken back at first then he smirked. "What you just said to me was really cute." He stroked my cheek.

I smiled at him. "Only for you." And kissed him.

We walked arm in arm down the aisle until Gerard halted.

I looked at where he was looking and felt my inside do flips and turns. I felt my face feel hot.

"So," Gerard smirked and looked at the shelf of contraception. "What would you like to use when you do it?"

"Umm..." I gulped. "I don't know."

"Come on it's not like we're gonna do it now. I just want to know." He gave me an innocent face.

I sighed. "Umm probably condoms." I said quickly.

"What flavour would you like?" he asked.

"Argh! I don't know. We'll figure it out later okay?" I pulled him away from that section.

"You don't seem comfortable with talking about this." He stated.

"You think?" I rolled my eyes. I still haven't forgotten about that incident with Matt.

"Sorry." He slowed down.

I slightly turned to him and showed a thoughtful face. "May I ask something?"

"Anything." He seemed curious and we stopped walking.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked.

He sighed and looked at me in that blank expression. "No."

"Oh." I nodded.

"But let me tell you something Mel. Don't do it when you're not ready and if you're ready, do it with the person you love."

I smiled. "Will do."

We headed out of the supermarket with our energy drinks as we loved at something funny, only that I saw a glimpse of Matt staring at me hungrily, only did I notice later when I was at home.

Ummm I know it's short. But I had to get somewhere with it didn't I? It took me ages to write this coz I'm on my phone. Please REVIEW!

BTW Cobra Starship, The Academy Is... and Panic At The Disco were so amazing last night!
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