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FACT : He was the very last person she expected to see.

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  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) medicatedlives 2008-08-22 01:07:59 AM

    Ah, Jon Walker.

    More soon, pwease?

    Author's response

    so it might not be as soon as you hoped, but the next chapter will go up very shortly :D
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) falloutbaby89 2008-08-22 02:40:27 AM

    Okay, it is of utmost importance that you update real soon. I was literally on the edge waiting for Cassia to tell Jon. I cant cant wait. Brilliant chapter by the way. You write well in first person or third. I love both.

    Author's response

    I'm glad you didn't mind the narrative change. I was a bit worried.

    And don't worry, you won't have to wait too much longer, she tells him SOON

    like in the next chapter ;)
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) MrSz-Or3o 2008-08-22 07:45:54 AM

    I hope she tells Jon
    And if she tells him he'll take it well...
    but ofcourse he will I mean, he's Jon Walker!

    Author's response

    She will, in the next chapter in fact. I'm excited for everybody to read it.
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) Life_is_42 2008-08-22 11:51:14 PM

    well i loved how the chapter ended on a high note/positive hint there . =D

    and i LOVED...nay ADORED the reintroduction of Jon into the story!!!!!
    and my heart cried a little bit to see Jon sitting there dejected (or...rather READ jon sitting there dejected). very moving!
    JON WALKER IS AMAZING, especially in this story :)

    i like how you hinted that he'd handle One Night stands well. i thought that was a nice little detail.

    oh goodness. ican't wait to see what happens next! (how greedy of me! just got a fantastic update, and yet i want more! XD you're just that good of a writer!)

    Author's response

    I'm glad you like Jon in this story. I try very hard to do his amazing-ness justice. Because he is indeed quite amazing. I hope I won't make your heart cry in the next chapter. You'll have to let me know if I do.

    As for Jon's handling of one night stands, I guess that was just my way of reminding everyone that I love him...haha. I feel bad writing something that made him look like a jerk. I'm glad it jumped out to you.

    Thank you for all your kind words. I'll try not to make you guys wait so long for the next update.
  • You Stole My Breath

    (#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-08-23 10:52:11 AM

    Oh gawd. I am so incredibly lame.

    Annnnnd, the perspective change is fine. I actually like it a little better. It gives off the thoughts and feelings of all the characters, instead of just one. :D

    I like your details. They are just so vivid. The diner, the car ride, all of it, was just awesome.

    Awhe, poor Jon, feeling rejected and left out. That made me a little sad.

    YAY FOR AMAZING CHAPTERS! I loved it. No lie. :D

    Update soon!

    Author's response

    Not lame at all. It actually made me smile quite a bit. I like the new perspective quite a bit too. This chapter and the one I'm just about to post were hard for me, just because everyone had so many emtions going on at once. Besides, this opens up the option to write scenes that Cassia isn't present for, if I need to of course.

    Thank you again for your kind words. Encouragements like this definitely keep me motivated with this story. I know usually I've gotten bored by this point in a story and just move on. Like that one FOB story I keep meaning to go back to. haha. Anyway, with such great readers, and characters, and ideas, i don't think i'll be abandoning this story anytime soon!

    And don't worry, Jon won't be feeling so left out in the next chapter. Things are finally starting to fall together for this story. :D

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