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Professor Potter

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Harry starts his 5th year - AU, eventual H/Hr. MildlyPowerful!Harry, Smart!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry. See chapter one for more detailed summary.

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Chapter Thirteen – Professor Potter
Monday, 22 April 1996
DADA Classroom
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry took roll, and stood at the front of the room, looking out at the Hufflepuff and Slytherin 7th years.

“You all know who I am. You can call me Harry, Professor, Professor Potter, or Sir. All except the first still sound a bit odd. Now, I assume that Umbridge left out the practical half of the class with you as well?” At the nods and yeses, he continued. “Well, welcome to the accelerated track for Practical Defence. We have a semester’s worth of material to go through in just over a month. You’ll have to help me teach, since I’ve been given no information regarding what you need to learn whatsoever. I’ve skimmed the first three chapters of your textbook so far, so let’s start on…”
Monday, 22 April 1996
DADA Classroom
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry was pleased with the progress he had made in his first class. He had the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor first years next. He would have to see what they had learned from Umbridge.

As ten thirty arrived and he shut the door, he walked to the front of the room and took roll. Setting the roster on his desk, he looked out at the class.

“As you all probably know, I am Harry Potter. I don’t mind if you all call me Harry, and Professor Potter still sounds odd. Can anyone tell me what you covered in this class? I was not informed of where you were at in the material.”

A Ravenclaw in the back raised his hand.

“Yes, Mr. …? Sorry, I hope to have your names down soon.”

“Higgs, Sir. We’ve covered the whole first year book, leaving out the practical portion.”

Harry grimaced. “I was afraid of that. What have you been doing in class since you finished the book?”

“Work for other classes.”

“Luckily first year is mostly magical creatures, so you aren’t too far behind. Well, let’s get to work on the practical portion of the class, shall we?”
Monday, 22 April 1996
DADA Classroom
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry was sitting at the desk in the DADA classroom, waiting for students to arrive.

My Classroom. I’d have never guessed I’d be teaching when this year started. he thought, as students started to file into the room.

After the last students entered and nine o’clock arrived, Harry stood up. Taking roll, he looked over his peers.

“Well, this is a switch. As this class contains many people who are my friends, and everyone is in my year, I won’t object to being called Harry. Professor Potter still sounds more than a bit odd.” he said, to a few laughs.

“Now, thanks to the toad who was teaching this class, I have a semester’s worth of practical lessons to fit into slightly more than a month. We will be setting a rapid pace, and if you fall behind, ask your friends or myself for help. This will be mostly review of spells that can be on the OWL.” Harry paused for a moment. “This is just weird. I’m preparing a class for a test that I still need to take. Anyway, let’s start with…”
Monday, 22 April 1996
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Joining Ron and Hermione at the Gryffindor table, Harry looked rather tired.

“How’d your first day of class go?” asked Hermione.

“Fine, considering. I had to get the 7th year text from the library to find out what they needed to do. I’m basically winging it, since I got no information about what the 7th years will need to know for NEWTs from anyone. I have to mark and assign homework. I haven’t had to discipline anyone yet, thankfully. Tomorrow, I get to see what I should have learned in second year. Still, I find I enjoy it. And, I have a staff meeting to attend in an hour.”
Monday, 22 April 1996
Staff Room
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry had found the staff meeting rather boring. He cornered Snape after the meeting, hoping to clear the air a bit.

“So, Professor Snape, I was wondering why you seem to despise me. I can’t recall doing anything to you to warrant it.”

“Potter, I personally have nothing against you, and I think you’ll find me much more personable in private. I have an image to keep in public, thanks to my role as a spy. If word was to reach certain people that I was less than hostile to you, I would likely find my life expectancy rather shorter. I once did dislike you, thinking you were a carbon copy of James, but that view was destroyed long ago.”

“I can understand that. Hopefully, you won’t need to have that role much longer.”

“I can only hope.” agreed Snape.

Harry made his way over to Dumbledore.

“What is going to be arranged for my OWLs? If I have to teach and take OWLs at the same time, there will be a problem.”

Dumbledore looked pleased that Harry had noticed this.

“I plan to cover for you that week, Harry. I was going to tell you before you left tonight, but you seem to have beat me to it.”

“Ah, good. Thank you for covering, by the way.”

“I rarely teach anymore, and this is the first time we’ve had a full time teacher who was also a student.”
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