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Forgive and it really that simple.

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Chapter 20
Drew’s POV

“What time is Mikey picking you up for the movie?” Frank asked taking a bite of his pasta.

“Around 6:30.” Gee answered not looking at him, sipping his water. Frank just nodded and looked back down at his plate. It had be about three weeks since the fight about who betrayed who. Frank and I talked about and come to an understanding you might say but Gerard and I were still on death glares, smart remarks and one word answers to question that we “had” to answer.

Apparently I was going on to long about what him and Frank had done and I had no room to be upset since I did the same thing to Frankie. I was pissed at him being pissed at me though I think it went deeper then that and it made me even more mad that he couldn’t or

“So what do you two have planned tonight?” Gerard asked flatly looking straight at me.

“What the fuck do you care?” I replied as I got up and put my plate and glass in the sink. I saw Frank get tense and Gerard just glared biting the inside of his cheek.

I glanced at the both of them before going to the leaving room to read, about half and hour later the door buzzed and I let Mikey up. Gerard said good night to Frank then left, Frank sat at my feet quiet for several minutes before he finally spoke.

“Why can’t you just talk to him and get this over with. Me and you are moving on, me and him are why can’t you two?”

“I bet you two have “moved on” I replied not looking up from my book.

“Drew please stop this. I thought we all loved each other. I know sorry doesn’t really help, believe me, but it kinda makes things a little better. I love you..and he loves you just please don’t do this to yourselves anymore.” He pleaded pushing the book down and looking at me.

He sounded so sincere I knew he regretted everything that happened and was truly sorry

“Baby, I love you too. But you and I have talked about come to somewhat of an agreement about mistakes and never doing them again but he wont do it like I am supposed to be the only one at fault and not him. I think its something deeper then that but he won’t say.”

“You think he would the way you have been acting?”

“I have tried Frankie I have but..he just is so fucking stubborn.” I breathed and let my head fall back on the arm of the couch.

“So are you but I love you for it anyways..” He smiled sheepishly and leaned up for a kiss. Which I slowly gave into. What was it about this man, I could hold out on Gerard..well except that one time, and be fine with it. But every time Frank and I are together just us, I can’t help but want to no, need to be with him. I kick my self all the time for stopping us that night. I had no idea why I felt this way and it pissed me off even more.
“Drew promise me you will try to talk to him tonight when he gets home okay.” He smiled back as he pulled away from the kiss. I smiled and nodded slowly receiving another kiss. The two of us cuddled the rest of the time watching tv.
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