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That Night

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Laying in my bed I thought about what happened today, I met two really cool guys, hung out with my friends, and kissed the guy I was madly in love with. I looked over at my clock to see that it was 11:00 PM, 'Cool it isn't to late to call Fin!' I thought grabbing my LG Chocolate and dialing Fin's number.

"Hello?" I heard Fin answer, sounds like shes playing some sort of video game.

"Hey Lala, I couldn't sleep and I wanted to call you." I said rolling over to my side.

"I can tell, your usually dead by now. What's on your mind Squeeze Muffin?"

"William...teeheehee." I said

"Ah, why didn't you just call him? He's up right now." She said, the sound in the background told me that she just lost a game, "Damn it!!!! I gotta go Jenny Pie! Later." Click

"Uhm, okay? I guess I will call William." I started dialing his number when I got in incoming call from, guess who, William!

"Hello?" I answered.

"Jennifer, I can't stop thinking of you! Your just amazing!" He said, I just sat up on my bed with my mouth open.

"Jen? You still there?" He asked.

"Uh...y-yeah I'm here, I'm just...William, I feel the same way." I barely managed to say.

"Good, I thought you thought I was a creep." He sighed.

"Why would I think that? I've liked you sence 4th grade, when I moved to Barrington, you just stood out to me! I mean while everyone was wearing Spiderman and Batman shirts that there moms picked out, you were wearing stripped V-necks with skinny jeans that you made your mom buy." I said remembering that I was one of the people that picked out her own clothes.

"Yeah, I remember a little 10 year old Jen teasing her hair and putting a bow in it." He giggled.

"Yeah my mom saw it and hated it, but I just ignored her and walked out the door with my plaid capris and black skull V-neck t-shirt." I laughed while picking out my clothes for tomarrow.

"I remember that day, you had that creep Pete chasing you. I hate him, good thing you punched him in the nose."

"Didn't I hit him and run away to the class room?"

"Yeah, you did, that's when we talked for the first time. Remember?"

"Yup, I almost passed out and hid behind my glasses and book."

"You needed a friend and I wanted that roll, Fin and Alex were conjoined at the hip and Gabbie wasn't even here yet. And you accepted me, as a buddy."

"I did, and then I started liking you."

"And I had a crush on you."


"Yes, I have a question."

"What is it, William?"

"Will you go out with me?"

"Yes, of cource!!!!" I practically shouted.

"Yes, I love you Jennifer, I really do!"

"I love you too."

"Well I'm gonna go to sleep now, I've finally told you how I feel and we have school tomarrow, sucks being a Junior dosn't it?"

"Mhmm! I'm gonna go to sleep too, night."

"We have that test in World History and I wanna be well rested."

"Okay, bye" I said hanging up, as soon as hung up I called Fin again, "William just asked me out!!!!" I shouted.

"Are you serious!?!?!?" She screamed.

"As serious as my cat is fat!!!" I laughed.

"Wow and that's fat. Isn't Spencer like 30 pounds?" She asked.

"35 now, he won't stop eating my breakfast, I'm wasting away." I said patting my growling stomach.

Thanks for reading these stuff guys! My friends got a hold of my laptop and started attacking me with questions "Where did you get teh inspiration?" "Why am I not in there" and the ocasinoal "Your a dork Jenny". Okay I edited it a little cuz some jerk put the story as '-1 boring' and I thought...dosn't every story, or book have a boring chapter? Yes it does!!!! If you don't like the story, STOP READING IT!!!!!!!

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