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The Icing On The Cake

by littlemissbrownstone 10 Reviews

In which our heroes plan a surprise party, but not without the predictable screw ups…

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  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) sophia666 2009-01-18 08:21:04 AM

    Hiya, I don't usually write reviews on here (just rate instead) but I've read all of the stories about GN'R on here and I have to say, this one is definitely the funniest of the lot! Made me laugh out loud so much, very well done!

    Author's response

    Wow! Thank you so much! I'm glad my story made you laugh so much you came out of hiding! My goal with all future stories will be to get a review from you again =p So happy you enjoyed it!
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) Slash_Addict 2009-01-18 09:32:50 AM

    AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! XD "You spelled 'Birthday' wrong." Beautiful. Truely a masterpiece of a fanficiton! But I must say... if Axl's voice got any squeakier than it already is... don't you think when he'd sing, he'd really sound like a chipmunk?

    Author's response

    I would pay good money and possibly a few limbs to see a GnR concert with Axl on helium. And the word 'masterpiece' makes me blush =) Thank you so much!
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) roxy_foxx 2009-01-18 10:29:49 PM

    now this was yet another masterpeace but littlemissbrownstone. well done and i loved the innocence in axl is was so adorable. having izzy blow up was interesting, go izzy!! lol duff is so hilarious gawd how i love him and slash and Steven is just the lovingest lil thang, i dont care what he does i love him! evern with what he's gonig through now i still wanna hugg the life outta him evertime i watch sober house or celeb rehab

    Author's response

    Aww thank you sweetie! You're as adorable as Axl =) And I agree, no matter what trouble Stevie's going through, he is always a 'Hug Me' teddy bear in our eyes.
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) RocketQueen1 2009-01-24 05:39:37 PM

    Haha, I loved that! You're honestly one of the best fan fiction writers I've read! Your writing flows really well, and there's no spelling mistakes or anything.

    Poor Axl, mucking everything up. I felt bad for them when Izzy was yelling at them xD. But it all turned out all right.

    I love how you make their personalities kind of different to their real ones, but also similar in a way. You're very talented. :)

    Author's response

    Thank you! blush
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) Magicaru 2009-02-18 12:41:11 PM

    This story was definetly good! So good that I want to know if you´ll let me draw out a comic for this and post it on deviantart please write back at or thanx
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) slaxls 2009-03-22 12:44:47 AM

    That was so flippin funny. Too many funny moments to mention them all, but Axl's helium voice I'd love to hear! Lol!

    Author's response

    Thanks! Glad you liked it =D
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) TammyTein 2009-04-05 04:04:28 AM

    Amazingly hilarious
    Poor Axl, he needed a hug :( and he misspelled 'birthday' (how do you misspell that anyway?)

    Author's response

    He needs plenty of hugginz after that methinks! And only he can misspell 'birthday' because he's ultra special =)
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) HollywoodRose 2009-06-03 09:10:16 PM

    Wow, this is as Slash Addict said a nfanfiction masterpeice!! I love how Axl is portrayed so innocently, haha this story made me laugh out loud so many times, everyone around was giving me weird looks :P but frig I love howyou made the Gunners...I dunno in character but out of character. Like Slash and Steven and Duff had their personalities down perfectly but its neat how you kinda switched Izzy's and Axl's personalities ya know. I really really love this!!! :D

    Author's response

    Thankyou! The best compliment has to be when people say they laughed out loud! That makes me happy =D
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) iloveGunsNRoses4ever 2009-07-17 12:59:08 PM

    the squeaky voice thing! lol! that made me laugh my head off!
  • The Icing On The Cake

    (#) moccactus 2010-08-25 02:22:35 PM

    your fic made me laugh SOOOO hard!
    gonna check your others stories...
    sorry for my english but I'm french^^

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