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DAY 16

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"It's like I never had to see it in your eyes or feel it
I could tell when you smile
It's like I didn't need to say anything or do much
I could tell when you smile"
("When You Smile" – The Flaming Lips)

A/N: Day 16 was a good day. Sorry it took so long to write it.

DAY 16: AT 9:05AM

Kat and I had woken up about the same time and just lay in bed in each other's arms. It felt like heaven just to be close to her – to share the first moment of the day like that. I'm not sure how long we stayed like that. I might have even dozed off again at some point. But it was times like this that made waking up a good thing. For a short while, I forgot all about my problems and just focused on the feel of her body against mine.

Finally we decide to get out of the cozy comfort that was the bed and into the shower. Oddly enough we were still both on the same page that we just wanted to feel close and nothing more. I don't know why exactly, it just seemed "right". Sometimes just showering with someone can be more intimate than having sex with them. For me, I have to really trust someone just to get naked, then there's another level of trust involved with running your hands all over someone else's body to wash them. It's a give and take. It's kinda what life is all about in a way.

We got out of the shower and got dressed then decided to go out for breakfast.

DAY 16: AT 11:32AM

We rolled up to the IHOP restaurant. We weren't really concerned about the time and that it was way past breakfast, because the place was known for serving that shit all day long. I ordered the double blueberry pancakes and Kat had the strawberry banana ones. Of course I had to have a bite of those. They were awesome. They're like eating dessert for breakfast and I'm sure whatever nutritional value the fruit had was completely nullified by the amount of sugar involved.

High on sugar, we both decided not to go back to the apartment but to head across the river. We drove over to the ferry station and were lucky enough to catch a boat right away. The weather was perfect, so we stood out on the deck. I felt really alive - like I didn't have a care in the world. I was really just focused on the present. To feel the sun on my face ... to hold Kat's hand ... to look at the New York city skyline ... to just breath.

DAY 16: AT 3:48PM

I'd never made out in Central Park before. It wasn't like we went there specifically to make out. Since it was such a nice day, we just wanted to enjoy it, so we figured we'd go walk around the park. I don't know what got into Kat but at a certain point she took my hand and pulled me up this small embankment towards a pile of giant boulders. There was nobody in sight. In fact, all you could hear was the random bird and the breeze in the trees. It felt like we were miles away from another human being.

I had my back up against one of the large rocks and was situated in such a way that I could see anyone coming up the same way we did before they saw us. I smirked to Kat, who just stared into my eyes then kissed me. Of course I returned the kiss, which quickly became more than just a kiss, but I kept an eye out for anyone coming up the trail. I would never want to be caught really making out in public, but just the thought that we were doing it and there was a possibility we could get caught was really flipping my switch.

I ran my hands under the front of her shirt and she moaned into my mouth. In the back of my mind I knew what we were doing was crazy. I stopped for a second and voiced my concern that we shouldn't let things get out of hand, but realized that was a bit hypocritical as even she could feel how far I'd let myself go when she pressed her body against mine. She asked me if I wanted her to stop. That was a hard question. I felt like I was in high school again. The more we continued our little session, the more I had to focus and tell myself not to bust a nut in my pants.

We did eventually cool out and managed to not spill and bodily fluids in the park. I also knew exactly what we were going to do when we got back to the apartment so I wasn't too broken up about it.

DAY 16: AT 6:57PM

We weren't dressed up enough to eat somewhere really fancy for dinner and for some reason I was really craving cannoli so we ended up going to this mellow little Italian restaurant over in Little Italy. I'd been there once before so I knew the food wouldn't disappoint. It was the perfect dinner though. Between the food and the ambiance and being there with Kat, it was just perfect. I didn't want it to end. Okay, I did want it to end because I was dying to get back to her place.

DAY 16: AT 9:04PM

You know what the best cigarette is? It's the one you fumble around for in the dark while your whole body is still in that magical, "I just had the most amazing sex" place and then you manage to put it to your lips, find a lighter and suck down all that lung killing smoke.

A/N Part II: I just felt like ending it right there. LOL Now ... onto Day 17!
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