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Chapter 7

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A few hours later I woke up to an empty bed. There was a gap where Gerard should be right next to me. I frowned and pressed my hand on the mattress. It was stone cold.
"Gerard?" I called out.
There was no answer. I got up and put on the closest jacket lying next to me. I opened the door to the hallway and checked outside. It was deserted.
"Gerard?" I asked again. There was no sign of him. I shut the door carefully behind me and walked along the richly decorated hall.
At the end of the hall was a door heading up onto the deck. I walked through and up the stairs on the otherside, checking every passage way for the tall dark haired figure of Gerard. Before I'd even gotten to the top of the stairs I felt the freezing air rush at me making me stop and shiver. The deck was almost deserted except for a few people walking along admiring the view in the light given off by the stars. The moon was hidden behind a cloud somehwere. Blinking, I looked up at the sky and breathed in the fresh air. Scanning the deck again I finally spotted Gerard leaning against a railing, facing away from me. Quietly I sneaked up behind him and put my arms round his waist, making him jump in surprise.
"Holy.. Alice you scared me!" He said alarmed. He put his arm around me and I giggled.
"Isn't it beautiful?" He asked looking back up at the inky-black sky, littered with small, sparkling little diamonds. I looked up at him.
"Yes it is". He turned to me and smiled. I went up on my toes and kissed his cute nose. His arm tightened around me as he pulled me round in front of him. I lifted my arms up around his neck and pulled him down closer to me so I could bury my face in his dark hiar. He rested his chin on my shoulder and I felt him sigh in my ear. I inhaled his scent deeply and snuggled my face deeper into his warm skin.
"I love you Alice honey" He whispered.
"I.." A sudden CRASH interuppted me followed by a series of screeches of machinery. The ship rocked violently and I tripped onto the wooden deck, Gerard hitting the floor beside me.
"What's happening?" I asked franctically. Gerard flung himself on top of me as the ship shook again, as if it were a dog shaking itself after a bath. I screamed as something huge and heavy clanged down next to us, barely missing.
"We need to get away from here NOW" Gerard shouted over the screams and cries of passnegers racing up to see what the commotion was about. He grabbed my arm roughly and dragged me to my unsteady feet. He pulled my arm but I couldn't move as I saw the waters around me. There were jagged icebergs everywhere and the rough waves were washing up over the sides of the ship.
"Alice MOVE!" Gerard shouted snapping me back into action. He pulled my arm again and I followed after him. He pulled me back over to the stairs leading back to our room but stopped abruptly, making me hit straight into his back.
"Gerard wha.." I started noticing the flames licking up along the door frame.
"Other exit" Gerard mumbled pulling me towards the other staircase. A man dressed in red uniform stepped in front of us blocking our path.
"Sorry sir, this is a one-way entrance only. Everyone must stay up on deck here and wait for the lifeboats.
Lifeboats? We're being evacuated?
Gerard let go of my arm and walked away from me.
"What's happening? Are we being rescued?" I asked hurrying along beside him. His face was frowning and he didn't answer me.
"Gee what's wrong? What's happening?" Still no reply.
"Gerard tell me!" I demanded louder. Gerard swung round to face me and gripped my shoulders.
"I don't know Alice okay?! I don't.." He trailed off. His eyes were watery and his voice was shaking. He sniffed hard shaking his head. I knew the situatation was a lot worse than I'd thought.
"Gee sweetie what is it? what's wrong?" I asked. Gerard shook his head again and rubbed his eyes quickly.
"They're evacuating everyone off the ship" He said. I frowned.
"Why? We only brushed against a few little icebergs" I said but Gerard shook his head.
"Alice, the ship is sinking" He said in a low voice. "We need to get off"
I nodded and he took my hand and lead me over to the queues of people waiting to get on a lifeboat. We got behind two women talking to eachother in high-pitched, worried voices.
"The whole lower deck is on fire" One said.
"Yes. They should be letting off the upper classes first I reckon. The scummy people should be last off or left here to drown along like the maggots they are" The other said turning around and glaring at me and Gerard. I opened my mouth but Gerard put his arm in front of me and pulled me back.
"Don't start Alice" He hissed.
Two stewards in matching red uniforms helped them onto the small rubber lifeboats. Me and Gerard stepped forward but one of the men put up a white-gloved hand to stop us.
"Sorry. Women only on first. The men are being let off later." He said. He pushed Gerard away and the other held out a hand for me to get on but I turned and ran away from the boat.
"Alice what are you doing?" Gerard asked.
"Im not leaving you" I said.
"Alice you have to, I'm getting off later" He replied but I shook my head stubbornly.
"Im not leaving you" I repeated. "No way am I getting off this ship without you". Gerard smiled half-heartedly.
"Alice you won't be leaving me. I told you. I'll just be getting off on a later boat." He said gently pulling me me towards the lifeboats again. I pulled my hand out of his grasp and stopped.
"Gerard I told you. I'm NOT leaving" I said frowning up at him angrily. Gerard sighed but then smiled weakly.
"Alice please, come on. I've told you already. You need to get off now" He said but I could see the sadness in his eyes.
"Gee I don't care. I'm not leaving you. If this ship takes you down then I'm going down with you." I said. He still looked sad but the corner of Gerard's mouth lifted.
"Only if you're sure sweetie" He said cupping my face with his hand and looking straight into my eyes. I nodded looking back into his.
"I love you so much Alice. Remember that". He said.
Then a pair of gloved hands grabbed me and pulled me roughly out of Gerard's grip. I sturggled as hard as I could but the unknown hands didn't let me go.
"Gerard! GERARD!" I screamed as the personpulled me further away from him.
"I'm sorry Alice. I'm so sorry" Gerard said.
"NO! Get off me! GERARD!" I screamed again thrashing against the person's grip.
"Alice sweetie I'm so sorry I swear I'll meet up with you again. I promise you I'll find you" He said as I was pushed onto the lifeboat.
"Gerard no I won't leave! Don't let them take me Gerard please! Gerard!" I tried climbling back up onto the deck.
"Miss please take a seat. The boat is leaving a steward said pushing me back.
"I have to get to Gerard!" I cried franctically. "I HAVE to!"
But the boat suddenly dropped down and hit the ocean with a loud SPLASH!
"GERARD!" I screamed. "GERARD!"
The boat began to move away from the ship that was slowly descending into the sea.
"GERARD!" I screamed louder. He leant over the rails.
"I love you Alice" He shouted, cupping his hands around his mouth.
"GERARD! I.." But my voice was cut off by the wind and the sounds of the waves.
"GERARD!" I screamed louder again, feeling my vocal chords ripping.
"It's no use dear. he won't hear you now" A woman sitting beside me said.
"No.. no no no no no. I have to go back. I have to" I mumbled shaking my head. My legs were shaking badly and I couldn't stand.
"Sit down please miss" The steward said again but I didn't need telling. My legs gave out and I fell onto the floor, my voice aching and my head throbbing. I curled up on my side and wrapped my arms around my knees, bringing them closer to my chest for warmth.
"Here's your coat" A man said draping the black material over me. I pulled it around me before realising that I'd picked up Gerard's favourite black jacket. I stroked the soft cloth and breathed in the scent, before the sobs escaped, racking my rib cage, threatening to rip my chest apart before eventually passing out with exhaustion.
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