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Chapter 8

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Sorry i haven't posted in agessss!! Ima gonna finish this story now cos its bugging me >

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Number Uno: Can i just say thank you to madzMCRMY for being so nice and giving my only review on Chapter 6. I've only just read it now and that's what made me decide to carry on with this story :)
We were on that boat for what seemed like days. I lay awake for hours after some people dragged a man out of the water a few miles away from the ship. He was screaming for hours on end and no matter how hard we tried we couldnt get him warm. He'd died a few hours ago but his body was still here, his cold, glassy eyes staring at me. Looking at them made me think of how Gerard's must look like. I couldn't imagine his eyes, always so bright and full of life could now look like the corpse's in front of me. I shuddered and looked away at the body. We were floating in the middle of the ocean with nothing around. There was a thick mist in the air and the cold was biting at me face. I pulled Gerard's jacket around me tighter and something fell out of the pocket with a soft thud. I felt around with my hand when my fingers closed around something small and square. I looked down and new tears pricked fiercly at my eyes.
It was a ring box.
I opened the lid with trembling hands and what I saw made a low gasp escape my lips. Laying on a small red satin pillow was the most beautiful engagement ring i'd ever seen. It was small and silver and had a huge teardrop shaped diamond in the middle. Neither me nor Gerard had very much money so he must have been saving up for months for this. Years. The edge of some paper was poking out from under the satin. I unfolded it.
You are the most amazingly beautiful person I have ever met.
Thank you so much for making me feel the way you do when I look at you.
I promise to love you forever, no matter what
Yours always,
Gerard xxx

Hot salty tears streamed down my cheeks smudging the ink on the note. I folded it again and picked up the ring. I slipped it on my wedding finger and looked at it. It was a perfect fit.
"Yes Gerard. I will marry you" I whispered and pressed the ring to my lips.
"You must be very lucky" A voice said to me. I looked up at the kind face of an old woman.
"Excuse me?" I asked shakily.
"Well you must have someone who cares about you very much" She said nodding at the ring. I nodded my head and my lip started trembling.
"Oh my dear" She cried getting up and sitting next to me and putting an arm round my shoulder. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you!" She said. I shook my head and sniffed.
"Ohh.. Was he one of the ones back on the.." She trailed off as I started crying again.
"I know just how you feel sweetie. Lost my husband 6 years ago to illness" I nodded like I believed her but inside I knew she'd never know the love Gerard and I shared. The woman looked out across the water and I saw her eyes widen in surprise.
"SHIP!!" She yelled waking up the rest of the people on the boat. "SHIP OVER THERE!" She pointed frantically over into the distance and started jumping up and down waving her arms. A few other people started copying, yelling at the top of their voices. The ship began moving across the water towards us as fast as it could.
It pulled up alongside us a few minutes later and people in lifejackets immediatley started pulling us onto the rescue ship one by one. There were almost 200 people already on there. Men, women and children. Some of them were with loved ones, arms wrapped protectivley around eachother. Most of them though were running round with worried expressions, searching us desperatley as we got on seeing if they recognised anyone. There were women rocking back and forth on the floor wailing hysterically. As soon as I got on I searched the faces of the men on board, looking for Gerard's face. The tiny shred of hope died inside me when i saw he wasn't there. A man came up to me with a clipboard and asked me my name. I told him it and he turned to leave but i grabbed his arm.
"Umm sir?" I asked "Did you pick up a man called Gerard Way? Tall, pale, dark hair?"
The man scrolled down the page and flipped back to the previous.
"I'm sorry miss he's not on here" He said sadly.
"Are you sure? You might have missed him. Check again!" I insisted. The man looked through the list of names again and shook his head.
"I'm sorry miss he's not on here. There are other boats out there though so don't worry. I'm sure your friend will be fine" He said before moving on to the next person.
"He's not my friend" I muttered to myself sadly. "He was so much more than that".
A woman bustled past with a tray full of mugs and handed me one. Someone wrapped a blanket around my shoulders (still wearing Gerard's jacket).
I walked over to an empty space by one of the ship's sides and sank down against it. I leant my head back and closed my eyes, praying harder than I ever had for the first time in my life that Gerard was safe. I slowly drifted off as the ship continued searching for survivors, my hand swirling Gerard's ring round and round my finger.
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