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Something was pounding on the door and something was pounding in my head. I was on my couch passed out. I looked up and saw two empty bottles of Jack Dnaiels and a half empty bottle of vodka and another half empty bottle of tequila. I kept hearing pounding on my door. My eyes stung and my wrists hurt. I got up and I felt blood rush to my head. "Phoenix?!" Someone on the other side of my door was screaming. "Phoenix, I know you're here!" It was Michael.
"Hold on!" I shouted not very loudly. My throat was dry and my voice was mostly gone.
"Phoenix!?" I guess Michael didn't hear me since he continued to bang on my front door and scream my name.
"Hold on one fucking second!" I screamed louder. I got up. My head was spinning along with the room. But I managed to make it to the door, twist the doorknob and open the door. I was fucking lucky it was a cloudy day. I didn't have sunscreen on. I would have freaking burned to death.
"Hey, best buddy!" He shouted.
"Shut the fuck up!" I shouted. I heard myself and I sounded like shit. My voice cracked all over the place.
"I know you're hung over. The way you took forever and yell for me to shut up as I just said, not shouted, my greeting and your voice. All the way down to your breath and your eyes." He smiled at his sagacity.
"That's great." I shut the door in his face.
"Phoenix!!!" Michael kept banging on the door. It was loud and it hurt my head.
"STOP!!!!!!" I screamed as I fell to the floor and covered my ears. My voice came back and Michael stopped banging. He opened the door, as I didn't lock it, and picked me up off the floor. My ears still covered by my hands tightly. Michael was saying something, but I kept my hands tight over my ears I couldn't hear him. He tried removing my hands from my ears but failed as I was too strong for him. So, instead he slowly pushed me towards the couch and laid me down. I shut my eyes tightly. He pulled on my hands again and failed again. I finally let loose of my ears and opened my eyes. Michael sat beside my on the couch.
"You are weird." He smiled. I just glared in my bad mood and clenched my fists. "I see you've been drinking." He looked at the bottles on the ground. "Jack Daniels? Seriously? This stuff is grody! I don't know how people can drink this piss!" He had picked up a bottle and scaned over the label.
"It sooths my lonliness from inside moving on out." I mumbled.
"I would rather drink my own piss than this shit." He made a face of disgust.
"Can you just shut up and let me sleep. I feel like shit and I intend to stay on this couch all day sleeping my hang over off. You can go now." I shut my eyes and rubbed my head.
"No." Michael said simply.
"What?" I asked. I hated when people didn't listen to me. All my life people didn't listen to me and I'm sick and tired of it.
"No." He said again.
"Can you go please? I need my sleep." I asked as politely as I could.
"No." He said again!
"Fine, stay here and waste your time sitting on your ass staring at me and saying no." I just sighed and tried to get some sleep with Michael there looking at the Jack Daniels bottle.
"C'mon. We are going outside in the real world and inhale the fresh air." He nudged me.
"No." I groaned. I needed sleep and bad.
"You are so not cool right now. Get up. I have had many of these damn things in my life and it sucked. You need to stop drinking and see the world." He got up and I opened my eyes. "Now, what we're gonna do is get rid of every bottle of booze in this house and sober you up with some coffee and water." He started picking up the bottles and throwing them in the trash.
"What the hell are you doing? Are you insane?!"
"No, I have just seen too many of these retarted things people do when they're wasted and I've done some and it got me into some deep shit." Michael searched my cabinets for more.
"Well, I am a grown adult and I can do what I want when I want. Okay?" I hated the mothering of people. I am just about 1000 years old. I can take care of myself.
"I know you are an adult. Just...some people need help. And you need help." He continued to search the apartment for more booze. "Where do you keep your drinks? We need to throw them out."
"I'm not telling you. You're insane!" I yelled. Who would through away perfectly good booze?
"Well, then we have to go and get coffee and some pain killers for that headache you have now." He grabbed my wrist and I winced in pain. I pulled it away quickly and inspected it closely. I had a pinkish-red scar across it. Actually, a few across it. Michael came up and saw it.
"Why do you cut? And what did you cut with?" He asked.
"I don't know and I don't remember." I kept my eyes fixed on the scars.
"We need to get you to the doctors. Let's go." He grabbed my shirt this time and pulled on it.
"NO! I can't. I hate hospitals. I can hear things humans can't here." Did I just drop a hint? Dammit! What if he suspects? But he can't. He's not that smart.
"What do you mean you hear things? And why did you say humans?" He asked suspiciously releasing my shirt and slowly walking towards me. I tried to break through that barrier in his mind, but he was too strong. I never had this problem with reading minds before.
"Uh.." Was all I could choke out.
"You're freaking me out, dude." He stopped.
"You need to leave. I'm thirsty and you can't be here while I thurst." I left another damn hint. He surely suspects something.
"Thurst what exactly?" He asked. He was onto me. I really need to shut up right now.
"GO!" I screamed. I covered my ears and shut my eyes tight again. He needed to go. I can smell, I can hear, I can see, and I can taste that which flows through his veins. He reached out, I could feel him moving around me. "LEAVE!" I felt my fangs come in and my eyes change. He just ran and slammed the door behind him. The room was spinning now as I opened my eyes, but still kept my hands clamped around my ears. I stumbled across my living room and made my way to the bathroom. I managed to turn on the water and splash some all over my face.

I wake up. "What the hell?" I whisper to myself. I look all over the living room from the height of my couch I was napping on. There were two empty bottles of Jack Daniels on the floor with two other bottles. One half empty bottle of Jose Cuervo and another I didn't remember buying from the store last night, but it was there. The label was facedown on the carpet and all I could see was vodka. Whatever. I didn't care now. All I cared about was the killer headache that had grown rapidly as I sat up on the couch. I felt a wet stop on the side of my mouth. "Gross." I wiped the drool from my mouth with the sleeve of my sweater. My senses were kicking in now. I needed to feed now. I was getting fucking skinny from lack of food. I slowly got up and made my way to the kitchen opening up the freezer. There was no meat I could suck. I will ahve to go to the store to buy some. So, I went to my room and got dressed. Some black skin tight skinny jeans, old Misfits tee and a black hoodie pulled over my tee. I just had to wear some gloves and put some sun screen on. Just incase.
After I put some sun screen on I headed out the door and locking it behind me. I shoved my hands in my hoodie pockets and felt something. I pulled it out and it just so happened to be my iPod. It had a full battery and new headphones. The fucking thing was brand new! I remember putting some songs on it I had bought a long time ago. So, I turned it on and turned up the volume. Today by the Smashing Pumpkins. Classic.
I was just walking around now that my hunger died down a bit. I was just looking for a meat shack or something. It was cold and it was windy. Everytime a breeze whistled by I could smell fresh food walking past me. But I resisted to attack them and just kept on walking.
I was looking down at my feet pulling my hood over my head as it began to rain lightly. Still, looking down at my feet as I walked I didn't notice a tall guy standing right infront of me, so I bumped into him accidently. I looked up to apologize to the innocent pedestrian, but just saw Michael smiling. His mouth moved but I could hear nothing coming from it. Just the song Holiday by Green Day blasted through my ears. I pulled out my earphones and shut off my iPod. "Hey, Michael." I smiled.
"Wondered when I would bump into you again." He giggled.
"Yeah." I responded.
"Where were you headed?" He asked.
"Just to the store. I need food." I said looking up at his slim face.
"Me too. We'll walk together. C'mon." He nodded and started walking forward. I just followed him as he led us to a grocery store. It had started to rain heavily and I was drenched. Michael had a waterproof coat on so he was safe from the rain, but his hair was all wet. He had no hat on to protect his thin brown hair. "What are you exactly getting here?" He ased once they were in the store and safe from the rain that washed down from the grey clouded sky.
"Just some steaks and some vegies. Maybe." I smiled. Just to cover for what I was really here for.
"Maybe vegies? I love vegetables." He glanced down at me.
"That's because you're abnormal." I said in monotone. He chuckled.
"How did you know?" He gasped with sarcasm.
"I have a way of knowing things." Really, I do Michael.
"Sure ya do. Just like I can read people's minds." He smiled in sarcasm again. It's possible. I thought. "I need milk, green beans, and yogurt." He said looking down every aisle for what he needed. He finally found the green beans and grabbed two cans. "Are you gonna get some?" He asked.
"No. I don't really like green beans much. But I like corn and lettuce." Not really though.
"Well, let's go get some." He motioned with one hand while he held the two cans in the other. I nodded and we headed to the produce section. There I got lettuce, tomatoes, apples, oranges, and strawberries. And don't forget cherries and bananas. He got just apples. Then we headed to the deli where they had all the meat. I headed in one direction while he in the other. I could smell the blood from the meat in the packages and resisted, yet again, the urge to tear apart the packages of meat and suck them dry. And people too, as they walked past me I could tell their blood types. Type O was my favorite, but it's a little rare you find it out in public. I was fighting an internal battle of what humans would do between my kind. The death dealers.
My mind was racing with little pictures of my family and friends flashing past. I closed my eyes and let my mind roam about inside my skull. Memories driving by as I can smell Michael coming up behind me, but I couldn't pull myself from my thought. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I crashed my to reality. "Are you okay, Phoenix?" Michael asked with great concern strewn across his face.
"Yeah." I shook my head clearing my thoughts from my mind. "I'm fine. Just had a drive down memory lane. Nothing major." I faked another smile in my 1,000 years of eternal life.
"Okay. I've got what I needed so I'm gonna go pay. I'll wait for you outside, kay?" He asked with his hands full of food items he needed.
"Yeah. I just need to pick up some stuff. I'll meet you outside." I nodded and watched him leave to pick out the steaks that were the bloodiest. I went up to pay and after that I looked for Michael outside. He was nowhere to be found. I scanned the area and sniffed the air. I could smell him clearly. I followed the scent and found him behind the building of the store smoking. He was leaning against the wall, his eyes closed as he puffed the smoke from his mouth. I silently creapt up on him and stood next him. I poked his side and he jumped. "
"You fucking scared me. Don't do that." He had dropped his fag and almost pissed his pants.
"Sorry. Ready to go?" I asked. He nodded trying to slow his breathing down. I just giggled and led the way to my apartment. We climed the stairs to my floor. I realized Michael was still following me. I turned around and looked at him confused.
"Remember I was suppose to check on you today?" He asked. I racked my brain and then remembered last night. Well, what I could still bring up as fuzzy pictures.
"Oh, yeah. Wanna come in?" I asked. He just nodded and I unlocked my door and opened it. Pushing it wide open letting Michael in and kicking it shut with my foot. Michael made his way to my living room and I headed to the kitchen to put away my stuff.
"What's this?" He questioned. I didn't know what he was asking. I made my way to the living room and saw the bottles.
"Shit." I whispered to myself.
"What is it?" He asked.
"I was just..." I couldn't cover for this. What the hell was I going to say to the poor dude. I was feeling bad and just drank my pain away? NO! He looked back at me. "I just had a party last night. I forgot to clean the bottles up." I said the first thing that popped into my head.
"Yeah, it looks like a one person party. It doesn't reek of booze and it's took neat to be cleaned up that fast." He observed the apartment. He probably had a lot of experience with parties. "What really happened? Was it because of your ex-boyfriend?" He asked.
"No." I started to pick up the bottles. Throw away the empties and store the half empties.
"You can tell. I don't judge." He put down his grocery bags where he stood and walked to help me pick up the bottles. "I don't need help." I growled.
"Sorry." He backed up.
"I'm sorry. I have some what of a short temper." I sighed.
"I know I haven't known you very long, but if you need anyone to talk to or need help I'm here." He said softly.
"I have no problems. I'm perfectly fine. I need no one's help." I got a bit annoyed. Someone, in a really long time, was offering help and I didn't take it. I didn't know how to react. No one has offered help to me when I needed it. I know I needed help, but I had a feeling that I couldn't get close to any human. They will just die like everyone else. I couldn't get attached. They are just gonna leave like everyone else did.
"I'm offering help, if you are sure you don't need help I won't press the matter any further, but if you feel like you do, I'll always be here." His voice was so soft and reassuring. It reminded me of my brother. He was always there to take care of me whenever I needed it. But like the rest, he left. I was torn. I needed help, but didn't know how to say it. "Do you need help?" Michael asked. I pondered a bit. "It's a simple yes or no question." He stated.
"Can..." I gulped down the lump in my throat and sucked it up. "" I asked. I didn't know how else to ask or say it.
"Yes, I can. Only if you don't shut me out." He smiled at the progress he's made. We stared into each others eyes for a silent moment. I concentrated on breaking through the barrier he held in his mind to consume his thoughts, but I couldn't break through. The barrier was too strong for me to crack, I concerntrated too much I felt my eyes change. Everything got bigger and bigger as my pupils consumed the whites of my eyes. I broke eye contact snapping my eyes away from Michael's stare. "Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded.
"I just need to eat. I haven't had breakfast yet." I smiled slightly.
"I can make something. Pancakes are great!" He ran to the kitchen. I can't eat pancakes. I wonder how this will go down.
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