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General wangsting between Wakka and Lulu. Set pre-FFX during Zuke's pilgrimage. No real spoilers...nothing you won't find out during the first hour or so of gameplay.

Category: Final Fantasy X - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Lulu, Wakka - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/04/05 - Updated: 2006/04/05 - 593 words - Complete


  • Pyreflies

    (#) helluin 2006-04-05 02:57:53 PM

    Ouch. Short, sweet, perfect. It sounds exactly like them, and is painfully plausible. I had the shaky impression that the Father Zuke pilgrimage was before Chappu's death -- our two items of info are that Wakka was still distracted and thinking about the game, on his last pilgrimage, and Chappu died a year ago, just before Wakka's last tournament, after which he sort of retired -- but I am not 100% sure on that. At any rate, I liked this piece; welcome to the tiny FFX fanfic fanatics corner!

    /Author\'s Response: I've always been a little leary of writing anything pre-FFX because the timeline has never really been concrete. I remember when I played through it the last time, Chappu had died a year ago, and Zuke was a summoner up until half a year ago. I wasn't sure if the events would be able to coincide at all, so I just kinda winged it. :3 It'd be nice though if any info online could say definitely when things happened in the game.
  • Pyreflies

    (#) helluin 2006-04-05 03:04:48 PM

    D'oh! Thought I recognized the author name! I should've checked your other stories before saying welcome, as you've been here much longer than me!
  • Pyreflies

    (#) fyre_byrd 2006-04-08 08:32:15 AM

    You write the interaction between Lulu and Wakka quite well in this scene. I like how Wakka is so oblivious to the fact that Lulu has other things on her mind.

    And Wakka is so ridiculous, trying to just kiss Lulu without any warning. I like the way he wants to cry too, for being rejected and pushed away. I imagine that Wakka as you write him would think that Lulu will NEVER RETURN HIS FEELINGS now even though really all she did was push him away from her once when he kissed her at an awkward moment. I mean she even lets her comfort him afterward, so it isn't too bad at all. But Wakka strikes me as really naive here. I like that.

    "Lulu looked up at the stars, holding back the tears that tried to come everytime she thought about her love." I would add a space between "every" and "time."

    "He'd never really noticed how much she'd grown up since they days they used to torment each other up and down the beaches of Besaid." This should read "since the days."

    ""What are you doing!"" There should be a question mark here.

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