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Chapter 24

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Here For You

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Joe, Nick, and Chelcie continued to talk about what they thought, but I decided that it would be better for me the see for myself what exactly was going on. Getting away from the three of them wasn’t hard since they were so consumed in their conversation. I walked down the hallway. Downstairs, I could hear Denise and Paul talking things over, but I paid no attention.
Brooke’s door wasn’t completely shut, so I barely knocked and then walked in. “Hey Brooker.” I said softly. I tended to call her Brooker when I was attempting to calm her down. “Hey.” she mumbled. I sat down beside her and just wrapped my arms around her. Out of two of us, I was always the one good with words, but this time…there was no amount of beautiful words that could help.
Brooke sobbed, and was embracing me so tightly that her nails were almost digging into me, but honestly I didn’t care. She needed me, and there was nothing in the world that would stop me from helping her. I let her cry and I even cried with her. Tears seemed popular with Brooke and I.
“Brooke, whatever you need I’ll get it.” I pulled away. “I know.” she nodded, wiping her face. “I’m always here and you better freaking know that by now.” I smiled faintly. “I do…I do.” she spoke as I hugged her again.
We talked seriously about things for awhile, trying to plan. She had told me that Kevin said it was up to her whether or not to keep the baby. I already knew that she would keep the baby, but I asked anyways. In that conversation, Brooke and I had probably broken out in tears at least four or five times. Covering everything that we could think of, the conversation finally came to an end. Brooke sniffed and wiped off the tears. It was then that it became silent. I felt the need to lighten the mood with a joke or sarcastic comment…or something. “So how was he?” I asked, trying to hold back the giggles. Brooke smiled at last. “I knew you’d ask that at some point…you pervert.” her laugh trembled a little, but was none the less satisfying. “Hey I’m just saying, people don’t have sex with a Jonas Brother anytime they want.” I grinned mischievously.
We both giggled a little and then once again it fell silent. “So seriously, was he good?” I asked jokingly. “I don’t know.” she looked at me strangely. “He was that bad huh?” I questioned. “I didn’t say that! It was unexpected and I don’t remember a whole lot.” she shrugged. “It’s ok, because I really would’ve hated having to hear about you and Kevin banging.” I made a sour face. “Oh thanks.” she rolled her eyes. “No problem Bud.” I pursed my lips and nodded.
I was happy that I managed to make Brooke smile, that was my main objective. “So you’re not going to kill me over this?” she looked over at me. “Well, I thought about it and I decided that if I killed you then I wouldn’t have a bestie anymore.” I nodded. “I’m glad that you’re not going to kill me.” she chuckled. “I couldn’t kill you…well unless this was like Joe’s baby, in which case I could and would kill you.” I patted her back. “I can assure you that it’s not.” she laughed. “Ok then we have no issues.” I nodded. My lecture to her could come later, but for now she needed support.
“Aubrey, I’m so scared.” Brooke spoke after a few moments of silence. “It’ll be ok.” I nodded. “How can you be so sure?” she asked. “Because you’ve got all of us.” I smiled at her. “We’re going to have to tell my mom…” she sighed. “I guess that we’ll be making another trip home.” I mumbled. “Do we have to take everyone?” she made a face. “Nope, how about we just take Kevin, you, and me?” I asked despite the fact that I didn’t want to be away from Joe. “That sounds ok.” she bobbed her head. “Alright then.” I hugged her once more.
We both looked up when the door opened. Kevin stood in the door with his face tear stained, but he had obviously stopped crying. “Did I interrupt?” he asked politely. “No Kev, come on in.” I motioned with my hand. He walked in and sat down on the bed beside us. “Aubrey and I decided that both of us and her should go and tell my mom about it.” Brooke stated. “What about everyone else?” he asked quietly. His voice seemed to be having trouble working properly. “I would rather that everyone didn’t go.” she faced him. “And there was no way that I wasn’t coming.” I added in. Kevin weakly smiled at me. “Ok, well we’ll have to tell everyone.” his voice cracked. “I’m…uh…going to leave now.” I excused myself and left the room. They needed some time.


I watched as Aubrey left. “I’m so sorry Brooke.” Kevin choked out, holding back his tears. “Kevin, you have nothing to be sorry for.” I kissed him. I wrapped my arms around him. I noticed that we both started crying together. There was a part of me that knew we could do this, but there was also another part that more scared than Aubrey was of moths. “Brooke…I love you so god damned much.” Kevin broke me out of my trance when he pressed his lips on mine roughly. I kissed him back, tears still rolling down my face. Even though we were in a bad spot in life, this kiss made it all go away for a while. Feeling his lips on mine like this was a small escape.


I walked downstairs; Denise and Paul were sitting on the couch talking. They were obviously upset and surprised. Carefully, I walked into the kitchen to get something to eat. Personally, I didn’t want to disturb them. My foot caught the edge of a chair and I ended up knocking down bowls, fruit, a picture, and broke the leg of another chair. “Ow.” I muttered under my breath. Nick, Chelcie, Joe, Denise, and Paul all ran into the kitchen. “My bad?” I looked up at them. Joe and Nick helped my off the floor. “Are you alright?” Denise asked. “I’m fine…ish.” I nodded. They all stared at me, awaiting some words. I took a step away from the mess and felt this throb in my left leg. Not again, I thought to myself.
Joe must’ve noticed, because he immediately put his arm under mine to help hold me up. “What’s wrong, babe?” Joe asked concerned. “My leg, I must’ve bruised or twisted it…or something.” he helped my back over to the couch. Denise took a look at it and said that she doubted it was broken. “Nick will you take her to the hospital to see if its broken, I’d rather not just assume.” she stood up. “Why can’t I take her?” Joe questioned. “Because you don’t have your license.” Chelcie answered. “Fine, but I’m going along.” he helped me limp out to the car.
I was kind of happy that Joe sat with me in the back seat. “I’m such a klutz.” I sighed. “Nick tell her she’s not a klutz.” Joe rolled his eyes at me. “Aubrey, you’re not a klutz, you’re just balanced challenged.” he glanced back at me. “Oh thanks Nick.” I rubbed my hand on my leg. I was praying that I hadn’t broken it…again.
At last we were at the hospital. The nurses got us in a room fairly fast, but there was no doctor yet for me. “So…what do you think about Kevin and Brooke having a…you know.” Nick looked over at me. “What does it matter what I think, it’s already done and over with.” I stated. “Ok you have a point, but still.” he replied. “I think that-” a doctor came in. “Alright we can get you into X-ray now.” he announced. Joe aided me in getting to the X-ray room.
I was lucky enough to get a good X-ray person. “You’re a pro at this. I haven’t had to tell you how to place your leg at all.” she smiled at me. “Yea, I’ve had some X-rays before…a lot of them.” I laughed lightly. “I know what you mean.” she showed her scarred arm. “Wow, what happened?” I asked. “Let’s just say the Army can be pretty rough.” she smiled. “How many surgeries?” I asked another question. “Fifteen.” she answered. I looked at her amazed. Whoever this nurse was, I was sure that God had wanted her to be a hero.
Joe, Nick, and I only had to wait for a few more minutes before we found out that I had just pulled my calf muscle and slightly twisted my ankle. “Now that I can deal with.” I sighed out in relief. We drove back home.
Once we got home, my leg was feeling a little better. Although, I still let Joe assist me around since I liked it, and it made him feel strong. Brooke and Kevin had finally came downstairs and were talking to Denise and Paul about going and seeing her mom. They all looked over at us when we walked in the door. “So did you brake again?” Brooke asked. “Nope, just a pulled muscle.” I sat down beside her. “Well back to what we were saying, are you alright with that Mom? Dad?” Kevin finished. “I think that would be alright, if you really don’t want everyone to come along.” Denise responded. “It will just make things a little easier for me.” Brooke added in. “Well I can get you three plane tickets for in the morning.” Paul nodded. “Thanks Dad.” Kevin half-way smiled.
That night, I was so glad to get to bed. After all the stress that happened today I was more tired than I usually was. I had convinced Joe to sleep in his own room; I wanted to be alone for a while. Of course, I didn’t go straight to sleep since my mind always had something to think over.
I found myself thinking about when Brooke and I were younger. There were so many memories of us laying on my bed and looking at posters of the Jonas Brothers with so many plans for the future and Brooke getting pregnant this soon wasn’t in ANY of our plans. It wasn’t that we hadn’t ever talked about it happening earlier than what it should, but we were never really being serious. In some ways I almost wished that I was back home living with the normal stresses of a teenager (with the occasional stress that wasn’t normal…for anybody). Then again, I couldn’t ask for more than what I had. Even with everything as crazy as it is, how could I want to leave it all?
I was finally granted with sleep. My dreams were filled with the weirdest things, and I had multiple dreams. It felt like I was never going to wake up and then I heard the loud obnoxious alarm go off. Oh yay, another stressful hectic day…
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